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New Custom Job System!

This announcement is no longer active

Flustered Pigeon

We've added a new custom job system!

This system will automatically create custom jobs, just like the custom printer system.

You'll receive a custom job token in-game that can be used to create a custom job in the /jobmenu ui. The job will be added to the database instantly but you will have to wait for a restart due to how darkrp works. 

Existing jobs will still work the same way! You'll have to make a post in the custom job section to request a port over to the new system for your job.

Changes with the new system are as follows:

  • Custom job additions and ultimate jobs will now also be redeemed in the form of tokens. $1 will equal 1 addition token, which can be used to add several systems to your job
    • (I.E. 8 Addition tokens can buy you the chef system upgrade).
  • Buying the ultimate package will now give you a custom job token and an ultimate token
    • (redeeming the ultimate token on a job will give it all upgrades).
  • With this, you can also now edit your job on the spot.
    • You can add friends and change the name and color of your job, which will also automatically be applied whenever the server restarts.
  • We're also removing some of the old job additions and model restrictions.
    • All the existing additions and model restrictions will stay in-game, you just can't make any new ones.

Message either me or Jouaram if you have any questions. I also made a small guide in case you need some help! Along with this Custom Job Rules Have also been updated.


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