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Prop Whitelist Phase 1

This announcement is no longer active

Flustered Pigeon

We are going to be re-going through all blacklisted props

Over the course of the servers lifespan a lot of props were blacklisted somewhere around 400+. Some of them were deserved but many props were blacklisted due to reasons such as propspam, precision tool exploiting, being breakable. These props were not the source of the problem nor did they solve those issues since if someone is going to exploit the server blacklisting a single prop will not stop them from just finding another one in the list.

In white-listing these props info about this will be added below including which props (the the full ID's I'm too lazy to copy all of those.)

  • Just because a few large props are added does not excuse prop abuse and you will be punished as such. Be respectful with the props.
  • All props are subject to being re-blacklisted
  • All of these breakable props have debris but we will only be blacklisting those whose debris de-spawns.
  • We will be pushing out a whitelist of these props over a unknown period of time since this is not a priority of ours but more of a small side project.
    • If I missed any (Which I 100% have) I will address them soon.

Prop List

  1. Bathtub
  2. Ar2 Ammocrate
  3. Metalcan 002
  4. Office White coffee mug
  5. Office crates_outdoors
  6. tides chair
  7. Prodigy crates
  8. Prodigy pushcart
  9. Concrete section floor 1B
  10. Concrete cornerpile
  11. Train clock
  12. Train Station Clock
  13. dust crate 64x64
  14. du_crate_64x64
  15. pallet_Barrells
  16. Assault Boxstack 1
  17. it-wndx1open
  18. Chair Skin 2
  19. Nuke crate large
  20. Nuke crate extralarge
  21. Train signal box
  22. Gas pump
  23. Gas can 001
  24. Gas pipe
  25. Playground slide
  26. playground carousel
  27. chimney pipe cluster 1
  28. chimney pipe cluster 2
  29. piranesi apc
  30. Prison archwindow
  31. window curve 360 2
  32. Handrail 1
  33. Handrail 2
  34. Wooden 2x4
  35. tunnel arch
  36. Plastic chair 01
  37. Plastic chair 02
  38. Fountain 01
  39. inferno brickpillar
  40. And a secret special prop. :HBCheeky:


If you have any questions or issues message me on steam/discord/forums and I can answer as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!


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