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Prop Whitelist Phase 3

This announcement is no longer active

Flustered Pigeon


We are continuing are whitelisting of props on the server!

I would state that this is probably the last big whitelisting of props and any other whitelists will most likely not have a large announcement. Combined the amount of props whitelisted is equaling to around 220 props or so. With that though some disclaimers must be made about these props.

I'm  too lazy this time to show the id's and descriptions of all these fence props. A main line will be stated you can search to notice the props.

  • Fence props: These props are solely added for rp-only and cannot be used as defenseable parts of raidable bases. I might make exceptions to pd roadblocks later with restrictions but otherwise they are an rp-only purposed item.
  • Just because a few large props are added does not excuse prop abuse and you will be punished as such. BE RESPECTFUL.
  • All props are subject to being re-blacklisted.
  • All of these breakable props explode but cause no damage nor debris.
  • There are no set dates of whitelisting periods and in this time please do not message me about certain props I will get to them when I reach them on the list.

Prop List

  • All fence props!
  • All prison fence props!
  • 2 cargo_containers
  • transformer 01
  • militia chimney
  • Ceiling debris pile
  • wall_wires 2
  • gasmeter 001
  • train bumper post
  • lab generator
  • cooling tank
  • inferno confession box
  • inferno canon base
  • Explodable gas cans and propane tanks
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