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New Gauntlet Edits + Info

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Flustered Pigeon


Now that the first wave of trial mods are reaching their conclusion I will be making edits that will affect all trial mods accepted from this point forward. Along with that I will show a grading system that will reflect whether or not we accept that play as a trial mod.


Gaunt System Itself:

Now max time of only 14 instead of 20

  • Stage 1 (Now 1-2 days)
  • Stage 2 (3-5 days)
  • Stage 3 (5-7 Days with review being posted sometime during that point.)
    • That review can be posted early during this session dependent on whether higher ups deem them fit to instant accept or fail.

Review Stage:

We will be using a grading system (A-/A/A+) on all trial mod reviews.

  • B- or above is a passing grade
  • Anything below a B- will result in a failure and will lose your staffing rank.

That review will be pm'd to the trial-mod privately.


I moved all calendar days to the appropriate 15 day time period for your mentees. You should be able to see the notification in the event tab under announcements! REMEMBER to write your review of trial mod BY THIS DATE.

Thank you for Reading.

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