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MOTD! Update

This announcement is no longer active

Flustered Pigeon


This update will go live this Saturday the 27th. All rules are still subject to change.

We will be continuing to make the !motd shorter and better overtime through re-wording/formatting the rules shown. We hope to improve the ease of gameplay for player and this brings a few notable changes that hopefully will take away a few restrictions set on players on the server. Along with this expect a job rules update coming early next month! Hope to see you all on the server and if you have any questions over these new changes do no hesitate to message me either here/on steam/ or on discord!

Besides Re-wording these are the notable changes added to the rules


  1. Changed to: No controversial flags/symbols.
  2. Changed to: The cinema is RP-only. (You may now base at the island but the property line starts at the front doors)
  3. Removed: Raiders must try to only harm those who own the doors to the base.
  4. Added: Permanent items dropped for a trade DO NOT count as raidables
  5. Removed: Police may own a building but only for the RP effect.
  6. Removed: Police roadblock defenses do not have to be wide enough for two people to stand side by side.
  7. Changed to: Roadblocks must be approved by the current mayor.
  8. Changed to: The back-entrance which leads to jail cells may not be prop-blocked but can have fading props to protect it.
  9. Removed: The mayor may not discriminate against a specific job (Ex. Making Hobos KOS).
  10. Reverted back: The mayor may not discriminate against a specific job (Ex. Making Hobos KOS).
  11. Edited: No zig-zag bases. (Over 4 hallway turns in a base)*
    1. Fake maze hallways do not count toward this limit.
    2. To: No more than 5 hallway turns in a base*
      1. Fake hallways do not count toward this limit.
  12. Removing: Police may only KOS after one warning unless their life is in immediate danger.
  13. Edited: No Politics, NSFW content, or malicious behavior towards and community members.
    1. To: No NSFW content, or malicious behavior.


While some of these changes may be reverted we will test it for about a week and see how it goes! All other rules will be the same just worded differently to help new players get situated. Have a good week everyone.

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