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Club Addition to Forums

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Flustered Pigeon


Today the club addition to the forums will now be accessible for all community members!

What does the club system allow you to do?:

The club system is basically a mini-forum system within our forums that allow regular members to create content & discussion threads/events/calendars over any content in a condensed format. With this it will allow you guys to really make the content you want to make and talk about with community members without having staff janitors involved.

  • Members will currently only be allowed ownership of 1 club.
  • We will still be regulating harassment/nsfw/exploitative content.
  • All shitposts/spam/comments are regulated solely by the club itself.

Where is the club tab/How do clubs work?:



Select the top tab of the dashboard labeled "clubs" and the screen below will be shown. Clubs which still are under approval (The ones in red) will be unseen until approved. You can change how the club tabs look through the club directory tab on the top right. Clubs will be listed to whichever clubs have the highest member count unless featured. Featured clubs for Staff/Special Events will always be located at the top. When you do join a club a tab will appear under your chat-box on the homepage for easy accessibility!


How do club Permissions work?:


Clubs have 4 sets of permissions below but Admincp users wills still have the ability to view the content of any club. Asking to join a club will send a notification to the club owner which will ask to either accept or deny that member. After the first denial of a member they must be invited from the club itself to join (Public clubs do not have this feature and will accessible to everyone).

How does the club tab work?


Every club will have an overview page and a member page. All clubs will also have the ability to change the Icon and Wallpaper of said club at any time. All topics threads can be created by the owner along with a calendar stating event times (Examples: Weeb night Aug 8th, TTT Night, Event on server night,) which will appear on the home page for all members of the club. You have the ability to reorder create and delete a large variety of tab BUT there is a said issue with the tabs which can extend the website screen (If found doing this your topic will be deleted and club may be subject to removal.)

Club content is only showed through the club tab and inside of said club. No club content is shown on the home page of the forums.

How do club ranks work?:

  • Owner:
    • The person who creates the club will have the sole power over every member of the club with full permissions. They will also have the ability to promote members to Leaders/Moderators.
    • Increased permission to create/delete topic threads.
    • Ability to hide/lock/move content.
    • Ability to remove members.
    • Just go to the members tab located in all club threads to edit permissions:
      • e2d41a5480031a0aba43fc27e891f1c2.png
  • Leader:
    • Increased permission to create/delete topic threads.
    • Ability to hide/lock/move content.
    • Ability to remove members.
    • Promote members to moderator.
  • Moderator:
    • Ability to janitor discussion threads but cannot promote members.

Additional Comments:

Along with this the amount of hidden posts in general will be reduced to only inappropriate or completely out of context posts. At some point in time I will look into integration of in-game/discord usage for clubs and see what other unlockables we can give for you guys. If you have any question on clubs please message me through pm's on discord/forums/steam. Can't wait to see what is made!

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