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  2. i recently reached 2100 hours on ret i would like to thank @Demon. gay thats all
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  4. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2112088393
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  6. Unban him im sure if he was banned in the first place he totally didn't do anything wrong! (explain the reason you were banned bro, that's ur best bet)
  7. +1 from what ive seen both ingame and in the discord he is honest and is ready to staff Good luck bro
  8. This application has been put back up and will return to normal, the trade was originally charged back and Eymane will not be doing this again. This is a lesson to those people who do things like this, You RISK your own money. Just play the game to grind and have fun thank you. The address if seen again leaked in our platforms will carry a punishment if found so please let the past go and move forward. All of you have a good day and night.
  9. here's mine Deany weenie
  10. Grapple body perm is terrible
  11. Since the new update has crazy opportunity for sick models, send yours below. This is one of my sets Also first on the server to get ruby golden ring
  12. liking the people that are saying stuff like “haha yes it will bring the server back to max pop” sarcastically because i doubt that was really the point of the update, it was just to fix some annoyances and other general quality of life stuff and add some nice bonuses of course i could be wrong but i only post here at 2 am so who cares about my opinion while i wont personally try them because darkrp isn’t a fun or exciting gamemode to me anymore, they seem like good changes thank you deathie
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