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  2. Like I said on discord, you seem like a very nice guy and I would love to have you on the team but you must be active on the forums and have 60 hours on the server to apply for trial-moderator. A good place to start would be introducing yourself in the introduction section ( LINK ) as a lot of people may not know you yet. Also try to reply to things like ban appeal, player complaints, discussions on suggestions and other things like that. You may reapply in 7 days. Also read these if you haven't already.
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  4. I live in Mansfield, so I can't help you there, pardner. Also HOWDY
  5. yeah i know you told me a long time ago that you live there can't wait to smack the fuck outta you lol honsetly if we meet it would be cool
  6. i meeeaaaan if the shoe fits....
  7. Ah where I live, finally i can kick your ass for talking all that shit.
  8. This is great to hear! I’m glad the warns system is being reworked, but I personally would’ve preferred to keep them until the new system is complete. also, don’t close the topic, i’m Sure other people will have questions
  9. In-Game Name: Luciifer Age: 23 Timezone: GMT+1 / CET (EU, Italy) Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:90721038 Steam Profile (a link): https://steamcommunity.com/id/Luciifero/ Hours on the server: 20 at the time of posting (joined 2-3 days ago) [200+ in game] Times you're most active: Anywhere from 2pm to 3-4AM my time depending on work. Why I want/should be a moderator: I have been a trial mod in the past on a UK DarkRP server, unfortunately the server itself fell short and the owner disappeared just when it was gaining traction. I feel like i know rules fairly well and i don't jump to conclusions, and i play passively nowadays anyway so i could be promptly aware to admin calls. Plus the whole timezone thing could come in handy, even right now at the time of posting (16:37) there's only 3 people online counting myself. Have you read the rules fully, understand and feel comfortable enforcing them as correctly as possible?: Absolutely. Are you willing to listen to any Staff member chosen to mentor and guide you as a Staff, even if you feel you don't need to?: Of course. My goal is to be helpful regardless, so i would be looking forward to any tip or correction from senior staff members. Are you certain you will be able to staff for several hours a week?: Indeed. Situations: The server begins to lag and players are complaining about prop spam: I assume the most relatively quick way to go about this would be to TP myself to the player calling for propspam. Either or check logs and see who's been spawning tipically laggy props and/or large amount of them. If the server is actually getting lagged by them, immediatly get rid of them and possibly freeze the player spawning them. Of course depending on how urgent the situation is, it is implied that i will be explaining to the player that what he did is wrong and what rules he's violating and kindly tell him not to ruin people experiences. If needed, i'll take action such as jail time, but it'll depend on the player intent and past caused issues (if any). You're involved in a sit where a player has said the base he's raiding is illegal: Have the player calling the base illegal explain to me what about the base is illegal, and then ask the base owner himself. If there's incongruences (either party lying) i'll take note of that. Go and check the base for propblocking or illegal building. If i find anything that is not allowed i'll let the base owner know why it's wrong and how to fix it. If he refuses to i'm afraid i'll have to get rid of it, but i'm sure that explaining nicely will get the problem sorted most of the time. You see another staff member abusing their power: An example of admin abuse would be to straight up ignore rules. This can range from propblocking, micspamming in illegal places, jailing/moving/deleting without notice or reason; In general, just being careless. My first guess would be to DM on discord a senior mod and let him know what's going on, possibly with screenshots or proof of any sort. A player is extremely uncooperative during a sit and is throwing insults at you: We're all well aware that some player will just not cooperate. In that situation i will obviously keep my cool and not give in into getting irritated. If he's being jailed and he's yelling/insulting me/other mods my best guess would be to tell him to calm down and leave for a bit then come back to see if he has calmed. If it's a regular player or a new player (both extremely valuable) i might ask another mod or a friend of his to help me calm him down (if the server can afford to move a second mod to sort a situation of this kind, otherwise it'd be a waste of resources) A player is excessively RDMing/RDAing and breaking NLR: RDA is just random acts of arrests by cops and swats etc. RDM is random death match, killing for no RP reason, and/or violating raiding/motd/job rules and such. NLR is new life rule, you can't come back to attempt the same thing you were doing and died trying to for at least 5 minutes. The only exception would be law enforcements, as if someone is raiding PD you are allowed to break NLR and come back to defend the station. Once again, i'll tp the player breaking these rules to me in a calmer space and ask him what or why was he doing that. Intentions are key, once again. Calm him down, tell him not to do it again, and give him a warn. Don't really have that much to say, but for any sort of doubt i'm almost always available for DMs and calls on discord. I'm in the RRP server, and this is my tag: Mephistopheles#7329 Take care folks.
  10. Still dogshit. No reason to remove it, because how much of a issue was it? You never hear about that lol. idk what you mean by party abuse being automated, unless you mean the thing that says someone has taken from your printer(unless something that I don’t know or was just added). That chat text doesn’t help our case at all, now if it said a name that’s a diff story.
  11. a licky boom boom banned
  12. YA BOI GOING TO TEXAS FOR THANKSGIVING and if anyone lives or know anything about texas tell me where to visit imma be in houstan with fam so idk
  13. i mean its informer what do you expect
  14. Hope everyone has a good week/weekend. Currently writing this in the slowest class I have. Stay Sharp Everyone! GOOD VIBES
  15. good luck akatsu- shit jk good luck man, you're doing the country a great deed. takes a real man to do what you're in for. salute, and see you soon
  16. alright bro i'll be on tomorrow! *Last Online 7 Years Ago*
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