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  2. This is a JudicatorforSuper knockoff but he did it better
  3. PogchamPlease help he has all of us hostage!p!!!!!!
  4. It feels so good to be a staff member! I will be sure to make this server great for you guys! Trust me, I will support you all and I love you all! #TERRIOR4HEAD-ADMIN OR SUPER-ADMIN
  5. A very, hard to follow story. But deep in meaning. Before watching the capture of el puto I was shocked that it was only 2 minutes long. But after watching I found that it left a sweet taste on my tongue. A tickle feeling on my kneecaps. The capture of el puto was a very amazing story, that faces the challenges of hate, love, sickness, and greed. El puto the main evil in the story is short lived. But his words have meaning. Though they are impossible to understand, they seem to resonate in my mind. The actor Harvey had a great line where he screamed in his mic, and terrior playing the part of a man who lost his wife to the corona virus, and now he has it. It shows the struggle between the characters. 2 minutes of pure greatness Thank you for this short film. It is beautiful and an art piece. 11/10
  6. ^ This man is obviously out of his mind
  7. Me and Lemon are winning, but i am getting KFC bucket
  8. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:185653117 STEAM_0:0:177840116 STEAM_0:1:119324641 Custom Class Ultimate: Biggith Gay I bought this like somewhere between 2018-2019 I'm the owner of the cc and I have no problems using it, but the ppl I added can't seem to use it, they could use it like 2 days ago but it stopped working my IGN is No Senor heres my steam ID for refference: STEAM_0:1:5843005 I'm just asking to see if you can re-add them to my class to see if you can fix them not being able to use it I can use the rank in-game as proof
  9. Name of the event: Gunfight Duos Tournament Time the event is going to take place: Sunday March 29th @ 6:00 P.M EST (3:00 P.M PST) What is the event: This event inspired by Gunfight from Modern Warfare will be a really fun duos gamemode. To start off the game, I will add every team participating to a bracket which everyone will be able to publically view after being created and this bracket will be double elimination (meaning each time must lose twice before being out of the tournament for good). Each round, both teams will be fighting with the same loadout of weapons however every round the weapons used will change. This means that although all 4 players competing will have the same weapons as one another, you won't know what those weapons will be. To start off each match, both players on each team will stand on the green markers on the floor that are on their side. In front of the starting markers on each side is a green square (As shown behind the blue wall in the screenshot), I will give a countdown in chat and once that green square vanishes it's time to fight! This will continue until a winning duo reigns as the champions of the Gunfight Duos Tournament! The arena will look something like this: (It's a lot bigger than it appears in the screenshot obviously) What are the prizes 4head: The 1st place team will receive: Popcorn bucket, & KFC Bucket (If player's in the team can't decide amongst themselves which person wants which prize I will roll randomly to see who gets what) The 2nd place team will receive: Infiltrator & XM8 Compact The 3rd place team will receive: $500m & $500m The 4th place team will receive: $250m & $250m The 5th place team will receive: $100m & $100m If you wanna comment below the in-game name of you and your partner, I'll add you to the bracket ahead of time to speed things up. Extra: I hope you guys enjoy the event and can earn prizes while also having fun in different ways.
  10. Damn montay and keemo gone this server is losing the richest players o.O
  11. yes ~50 on downtown with around 20 players ~200 on this one with 5 (tested it with deathie so thats all we had) its actually optimized unluke downtown
  12. i realyl dont ,iek that anime stucl
  13. but does it preform better than the current map fps wise cause maybe then i can use my laptop to play
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