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  2. It's all about moderation, I used to fuck my sleep schedule but now I force myself to get off when I need to be able to actually go to work the next day. But the struggle is real regardless
  3. +1 Korean is friendly player and good addition to the community Is always willing to help out new players
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  5. I constantly skip sleep and end up having to go back to work without sleep, staying up for 24-35 hours at a time. Probably not very healthy.
  6. @Flustered Pigeon@Shogun4122 @Byte @DaveThe2nd @Goobermensch I love all of you no homo. I might actually come back. This will completely change the roleplaying experience.
  7. These fucking basing rules are gonna be wild, its encouraging me to go and try to make one myself especially after seeing one of the bases Pigeon was working on last night. This is definitely something that is going to provide a whole new experience to basing and in my opinion, could create a fun meta aswell. Definitely looking forward to new bases on ret aswell as helping those trying to make one.
  8. I mean I guess thats true, but in which case buff the mother weapons, or nerf the perma weapons and the vals.
  9. yeah i've been mainly playing other games since I got a new graphics card mines not that bad, i sleep at 2-5am and wake up at 10am-1pm
  10. tigs last 3 working braincells trying to force them to sleep fr though its not exactly the server for me, its like a mix between it and other games keeping me up lol.
  11. I haven't had a regular sleeping schedule in over a year now. To be fair, that isn't particularly due to this server though.
  12. I love you, and I’ll miss you *car noises*
  13. On Thursday I was up for 32 hours, Then yesterday I stayed up for 32. Best decisions of my life.
  14. One of the biggest complaints on the server is it is hard for new people to combat people with a TON of perms, why would we nerf the one shot they have at having a chance?
  15. Me and President N U T were messing around on ret this morning and we made a little short film with static images. I edited it, and rendered it, and now here it is. I'm not the best editor so excuse my mistakes. Anyways here it is THE RAID a short film by Lemon
  16. I don't know what it is about this server but god damn it's hard to hit the disconnect button. Everytime I think about getting off something else happens that just makes me wanna stay on for another 3+ hours.
  17. If you're gonna nerf any weapon make it the AS VALs, they're not perm, but they shred. I'm also loving the changes to how many people can base because damn those megabases were getting bad. I could see why newer players would be upset at the fading door shooting window due to their inability to make bases, but they have to learn somehow. I love how these changes give you more choice and I'm looking forward to playing more.
  18. Korean right now I'm sticking to a Hopeful +1 Now when I say this your application is a bit slim, but the answers are pretty decent to not make this long here's a list; - You're really kind in-game - Really Active in-game - You could work on forum activity - Your answers are a bit slim as I stated - You have a great attitude that could be put forth to help the community Overall I think you could be a great addition to the staff team, and I hope that others feel the same. Anyways have a great day, and good luck! ~ Your friendly Citrus Lemon
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