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  2. Damn, I remember the first time I met you, a sniper 1v1 with the oce sniper. I beat yo ass that day, damn I wish you could stay a little bit longer. Cya man. Hope u comeback, you were the GOAT.
  3. Your SteamID. STEAM_0:0:134936014 Custom job name. kitoos squad If the job is a ultimate. yes (I dont have my stun stick) Im not the owner but I spoke to Demon and he said it was probably fine, the one who originally bought the custom class quit the server about a year ago, and has stopped playing games in general.
  4. Rip, im going to miss you being staff tbh. on god was a legendary staff member and a cool dude. Hopefully you enjoy the rp life though as a normal player
  5. 7 Have a good one man, hope you enjoy the life of the player again.
  6. 4weird dude next time i see you ingame ill rdm you for old times sake
  7. bruh this better be some sort of joke
  8. I loved your bitties, I wish I would've gotten to suck them some more tho.
  9. Well here we are again, another Staff member resigning lol. Ive had this thought popup alot over the last few weeks, but ive fought it off because I thought a little break would help. Yeah it help a ton, cant say it didnt. But I got to thinking, why am I even staff? Im not a "outstanding" staff im average, so I feel like im at a dead end job. No way to ever move up the ranks from here. Im not upset about it, because like I said, I know im not outstanding. But who wants to be at a dead end job for the rest of their life? I dont so this will be my resignation, and ill be turning in my staff powers here and just be a normal ass player once more. If there is ever any hardships with not having active staff, ill definitely step in and help out if im able to do so. I love this community, I love staffing, if I didnt I wouldnt be here for as long as I am. But I will be super active ingame and on forums still, I just dont want the job anymore and I wanna chill wit the boys like the old days. Till then, luh you boys and girls.
  10. Yesterday
  11. i mean looking at his activity on the forums the comments are not really that low effort considering what he was posting on and compared to others it looks normal also taste the rainbow had 69 hours when he got accepted so i dont see the point for having that as a -1 reason seems kinda stupid also to add a point for both of these Taste the rainbows activity was not so solid he has 2 pages just like mooze here and the first page he wouldn't comment on anything for weeks but right before he was going to apply he had started to be more active i would say he was less active then mooze so i dont see the point of using that when he wasn't spamming posts and how most of his posts are normal posts also last of all people mess up in apps now he knows the right rules for basing and he might just not be on when you are, that's all
  12. -1 I haven't seen you much in game/ Interacting much with the community Illegal Base Part seems a bit off Hours In game a bit low Forum Activity is low If I were you I would use the feedback in this application to use towards you to get more of those juicy +1's
  13. -1 All of your forum activity is from the past 3 days, posting low-effort comments on threads looks bad. Especially just to raise forum activity. https://retributionrp.org/index.php?/profile/5759-moozeknuckle31/&tab=activity
  14. I also did a minus one because there's mixed opinions and im not too sure and haven't seen him much in-game. I can tell you it wasn't just that reason though
  15. Ret after dark fun times are had when the server is so dead, some of the best to be honest. The community seems so nice and caring
  16. I’ve only been there for 5 months believe it or not. the first 3 months are your probation period and they were just super happy with how i was doing, then i went to meat cutter for two months and now they just named me supervisor of meat department today! One of the youngest to get it ever! it also helps we are understaffed i think that played a role
  17. When I applied I had only just hit the hour requirements as well, didn’t get a minus one and got accepted? I don’t think only just hitting hour requirements should be a reason to -1 when I didn’t get a -1 for it although I was extremely active around staff members and interacting with others
  18. Congratulations, how much time have you worked there?
  19. LOOOL, expect the unexpected! All jokes aside it’s now salary not hourly so i can pay for your goodies. and i’m quitting that dump once i’m finished university
  20. I never thought I would get this far. Just keep your money friend.
  21. hmmmm what is it you seek Mr Immortal. I is happy to accommodate
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