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    • Okay, so you've stated what you need to say about the new account. However, what about you not getting on ever since the Emma account connected?
    • Yes, I do lmao.   Her account is new cause she used to play on my account, we literally just bought a copy of garry's mod on her account a few days prior but never got to it then. I mean, does playing together count as one sitting next to the other while one is playing?
    • For the people here posting things to get a reaction... Thanks for posting something that amounts nothing to the situation at hand. Instead of saying " don't let your "sister" " play which if this situation is as claimed wouldn't be any of her control post something helpful, or information that gives not takes away from the situation.    I believe @Sullyツ said this... (Which is honestly a great idea) Make all 3 accounts public so higher-ups can check them. This allows us to better able to decipher the accounts and see their activity. I see the Emma account currently has 13 hours on GMod which is all dedicated to retribution. However, that is honestly not a lot of time. Another thing we can do is check connectivity times. Have these accounts ever been connected before? If you remember being online at the same time as the other account any day please let us know so we can check and see if both accounts have been on at the same time and active.   Here’s a good example of some helpful evidence towards the topic… From what I can see this ban appeal is fictitious regardless of how much you may believe you know me I will solely tell the truth from what I can see. I hope you can explain the following. Lillith Kseniya (STEAM_0:1:21435490) disconnected from RetributionRP on June 13th at 01:25 (PST), after this the account never reconnected. Emma sups.gg (STEAM_0:1:227859895) connected to RetributionRP for the very first time on June 13th at 03:12 (PST). The Emma account continued to play on the server through June 15 at 22:57 (PST) when they were banned. Then the Emma 2 account popped up so on and so on (idrc..) How could you claim your family plays on the server when the Emma account is completely new to the server. Also, you have never been connected at the same time as Emma…    Please Explain.
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