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    • They are amazing. It reminds of the basing rules in the summer which in my opinion is what made the server was so popular. I want to give props to all the staff that helped on the new rules.  
    • I love the new change it makes it to where you can actually defend your base lol.
    • Fair enough, however You don't have to suffice 6 props at all, infact most people with the default 45 prop limit usually only have bases with 2-3 fading doors and a tunnel, so they could use two shooting windows on each side, especially since we reduced the range of remote fading door bombs to be much easier and helpful to players who have a prop limit. They now reach a 3x3 tile, which is more than enough for a new player to have a base that requires two fading door bombs.  Also Yeah it is true that shooting windows are a bit harder on the raider but it's also not too hard to pop a couple of shots off on a raider when they open the window if you have good aim and if the op weapons get nerfed like Jouaram said they would.  Also no passive aggresiveness at all behind the thank you, just wanted to appreciate people for their opinions more because I feel like a lot of members aren't heard, and that's why the rules changed in the first place. jouaram has been working really hard to make it fair and fun for both raiders and basers.
    • You know what would have given raiders an even bigger advantage? If shooting holes were limited to 6, rather than making shooting windows mandatory. It is pretty easy to defend a base if I can open a shooting window for half a second and shoot a sniper, potentially 1 shotting a raider. There is very little counter-play to using shooting windows like that. Don't get me wrong, limiting the angles that raiders can be shot helps them, but adding back shooting windows almost negates that help.  On top of that, now people have to dedicate up to 6 props if they want to defend their base from inside. Non-donators will suffer the most from this as they already have a small prop limit to begin with. I know that free VIP can be claimed at the moment, but what about new players that join in January?      By the way, not sure if you meant it this way, but I would not recommend being passive aggressive as a staff members since you are supposed to be a role-model for other members of the community. 🙂
    • Everything is changed, every couple months the basing rules change, wow amazing right then you go in game and look for a base and they’re all the exact same design, a long hallway with a shooting window at the end and then a u turn. the long hallway is literally the most broken thing ever and the only way you can lose is if you’re afk or you constantly open your fading window. and once the raider gets to the shooting window, you can literally press e once and tap a gun faster than a fading door bomb can go off, if they plasma rifle the window they’re still stuck in a hallway and can be shoulder peeked instead. changing the basing rules does nothing and ngl the rules still suck i think height advantage should just be added, more reason to raid and base because of how many angles there are to shoot and be shot from 
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