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    • I was the one to put him down... goodbye.
    • BLABLABLA: While I love Ret and it has been apart of my life for a long time it is time for me to leave... I have built many friendships and am looking forward to actually playing other games with you... My only request is for nobody to be toxic/post stupid shit... (and to be unbanned from discord)   @Informer While I give you shit all the time I really did look up to you... I wish I had the patience to stay and become friends... I honestly think you should be superadmin...   @Dean You are one of the most chill Admins I have ever met and I look forward to blasting American Boy in PB 1 Later...    @Sullyツ I think you gave me my first Ocelot shotty when I first joined and got me addicted... I really wish we could have sorted our shit out...   @333AKUMA I don't even know where to start... I haven't known you for very long but you have helped me deal with many absolute fucking retards the past couple months... I wish we could have staffed together...    @Jared B Lol...   @Modem You better keep that Infiltrator...   @Jouaram Im pretty sure you think I'm annoying so i guess this is a good thing...   @Skullmohawk Haven't seen you in a fat minuit... I hope your doing well... I don't think anybody's ever given me so many chances regarding RDM   @Canned mayo "yippi ki ya okay" 😂   AIMBOT: I would like to say something regarding my 'Malicious Activity' Ban... When Thog first showed me that video my heart sank... the truth is... I did have scripts... But the scripts I was using didn't have working aimbot... So fuck all of yall that kept trying to get me to admit to aimbot... almost gave me an aneurysm... I didn't want to incriminate myself even more though because I was scared of a Perm Ban for admitting to it Vs The Month Ban I was Gonna get...   Lonely Yippi:  As I looked over all my @'s I realised I don't have very many friends anymore... I don't know what i did to drive them away tbh... If i ever caused you any inconvenience ingame than I'm sorry... (except for a select few)   More @'s: JARED ZIMMERMAN, BLING BLING BOY, AND GREENHOUSE RDM HAVE BEEN THERE FROM THE START BTW! (I just couldn't find there @'s)   How Ret HAs changed: I remember before Montay and Bino when having more than 15 custom printers was crazy... And when there was no trading system... and when there was literally no way to make decent money without trading... and when grapples were better... and when everybody had like 300 health...    ASDASDASDASD: Yeah It's a pretty bad goodbye post but it is what it is... Also I permbanned myself soooooooo... @Sullyツ I swear to god if you ban me from Forums again I will fist you...     FOLLOW ME I WANNA FEEL FAMOUS!!!      
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