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    • This is your second long ban in a short period of time. You will eventually learn your lesson.       also I think the format for the ban appeal as more words than your reason to be unbanned.       denied.
    • -1 I did not scam you, the multiple staff members present for this sit agreed I didn't, I stole your printers there was never an agreed deal. You however were setting multiple hits on me with your friends and targeting me. You had a warning saying 1 month ban next warning and you got warned. " i put a hit on him it said hit failed so i did another"  You put multiple hits on me not just two, and from my understanding you set hits on me with your whole party.
    • remember when i got you and your gang banned dave said if you do anything like that again its a month ban. and you continue to do it   -1
    • i missed you man 😞❤️  (dw im getting your ppsh back)
    • My SteamID: Billy Eyelash My in-game name:Billy Eyelash Staff member who banned me: [If you have the name in your screenshot, you can ignore this] king doge the 3rd extended by goomy  Screenshot of ban: [Shows the length, reason, and issuer of the ban] idk how to get a url for my pic but its a 1 month ban What is the reason of your ban?:  Harrasment/Hitman targetting Why should you be unbanned?: i love playing on this server and i was pissed at ghoul for scamming me [goomy said it wasnt scam] i agreed to let him rent my printers and he stole them without paying so i put a hit on him it said hit failed so i did another i know it was dumb but At the time i was just really mad at him and ive already waited 3 weeks and ret is the only gmod server i play id really like to come back and play sooner. Proof: [If you have it, it is not necessary] Previous ban appeals: [Link to any previous ban appeals] @Owner @Super Administrator @Senior Administrator
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