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    I've had my fair share of time here. Ever since I began playing other games and stopped being on frequently, I had been pondering resignation. No hard feelings for being moved down to senior, I wasn't doing anything at the time. I've been keeping Garry's Mod as my primary game for quite a while so I never really got a chance to play any other games. I'm just diving into my sophomore year in high school, things seem to get a lot busier around this time. There's too many things to use my spare free time on and this is a weight I would love to have off my shoulders. I'm still happy I was able to reach the goal of becoming superadmin. I've personally enjoyed doing other things outside of the server such as contributing to important discussions and revising select documents. Sits became stale over time and I wanted to do something else as a higher up. It was a big responsibility to take on and someone as young as me would have been prone to making volatile decisions. Glad to know I was trustworthy enough to even get the position despite the bumpy road I traveled on back then. I've held a staff position for about one year and a half, and I think I have reached the peak of the burnt out mountain a few other staff members are facing as well. There were many moments I enjoyed on the server as a staff member ranging from 2017 to now. I've had three staff lifetimes on the server and this one was probably the wackiest rollercoaster I have ever rode. @Jouaram I know we don't talk much, but you're a great guy. Keep this gem of a server running. @ImmortalxReaper Thanks for being a friend and keeping me company. Also I'm a better Hogwarts student then you >:) @CTW It's great hanging out with you in discord. You're a fun guy to be around. @Marki You're an amazing developer. Keep up the great work. You think we can watch Ip Man 4? @DaveThe2nd I know you've had to take the blunt force as a higher up when you did the clean sweep. I appreciate you for what you're doing. @King of Rats ⟁ It was nice to see a positive change around here. Thanks for taking lead in what could've been a bad time in the community. @The Anonymous Rainbow You're an amazing aussie. My rocket league skills are far superior than yours. @Colours We need more cat pictures around here. @ Yimo No more yiffs allowed! Hope you're enjoying that WoW grind. I need to hear that flute again. @KingDogeThe3rd I will still make fun of your Ford even though I don't know jack shit about cars @Mekki Stop making fun of me plz. Enjoy your Fireball in a few days. Wanted to keep this short and sweet, sorry if I missed anyone, there's too many to tag, still love you all . This isn't a quitting post, just a resignation one. Even if I decided to quit, I would just end up running back to it. I will still see you guys around on the discord, the forums, and the server. Can't promise to all current staff that I won't minge.
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    I'm sure all my friends and others saw it coming, but it's time for me to take my break. I haven't been on this server very long, but I really hope my time as staff did something good for anyone, even if it's just a little. I joined the server mid/late 2018, being one of the first servers I ever played on gmod. From then on gmod meant ret to me, nothing else, I loved it. I wasn't always intrigued with the idea of staffing, but here I am. My only actual break was around 1 week and somewhat inactivity before that week. I originally was going to take this break just because I have nothing to do for the server anymore. As much as I want to do something, there really is nothing for me. I greatly appreciate all the help I have been given recently, but I can't think of anything to do at this point. I also have SO much going on for me out in the real world. I have big dreams to chase, music to play, irl friends to be with, and rehearsals to go to. Finally, I don't really like the direction the server is going right now. Tons of good updates, also tons I don't enjoy so much. There is a lot of things I'm looking forward to that is planned, but until it comes I'm tired of the server being bland. That is just for me though. This is not a resignation post. This is not a leaving post. I don't know when I will return (hopefully not anytime soon). I will still be on the server here and there, but no where near as often. I will also be lurking the forums I thank all fellow staff for the work they put into the server, even if it's not a lot, I appreciate it. Time to hop on the trend of @ ing the homies @korbin THE PLUG, I'm so glad I met you man. I don't have much to say other than that you mean a lot to me, love u no homo. @poyo Holy shit we hated eachother so much Look at us now, one of my best friends I would have never met without ret, cya around @Demon. Nice balls. just know I appreciate you man, cya around as well ! @Zeus You are a fuckin idiot indeed. Go game gamer and stay out of trouble. Try not to flex on us too hard ^ @ImmortalxReaper what a guy, I'll be playing gragas @The Anonymous Rainbow I couldn't have asked for a better mentor. You are such a nice and funny guy, if there is a person out there that doesn't like you they can fuq off. Thank you for all the help and keep doin ur thing man @HeinzKetchup Pack in the mail, it's gone (Uh) She like how I smell, cologne (Yeah) I just signed a deal, I'm on Yeah, yeah I go where I want Good, good Play if you want, let's do it (Ha) I'm a young CEO, Suge (Yeah) Yeah, yeah) Try not to get banned bro, xd @yimo toe pics?? (idk how to fuqin @ you) @iBagelHole Poopoo diaper stupid face head @NiceGuyOffside Milk is good for the bones don’t diss milk mother fucker I’ll hurt you @KingDogeThe3rd Big pp or nah? tty soon @Flustered Pigeon You have done so much for the server, whether I disagree with it or like it I want to appreciate the work you have put into this shit man. You have helped me and others so much. Im going to run it down in ARAM >:) cya around @DaveThe2nd what a bully, same for you tho I really appreciate the help you have given me and work put into this stuff ! ! ! ! @SoundPulserino hmu for your lessons my son @Sullyツ dont beat dozer too hard Now for people that will never see this! @chicago & @classy Probably the best people I have come across on the internet, and to think we met over a gmod server Stay strong yall, much love I'll never forget yall @nendroid Uh oh @logical You are brain dead ngl I forsure forgot people, but see ya'll around.
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    I know some of you might be wondering why I'm no longer a Trial moderator, well I couldn't pass the first stage, I didn't get banned or got a strike, but I only failed my Trial moderator stage. -Does that mean I'm going to leave the server?: No, not in a long time at least. -Does that mean that I'm going to stop being active in the forums? No, of course not. I want to thank you all for helping me through my Trial moderator stage the past 3 weeks, this doesn't mean that I won't stop my goal of being admin, I will try harder next time to become an admin, also thanks for letting me be in the Trial moderator stage and experience what it feels like being a staff member. I will still play the server, hang out with the people I base with, and just do what I did before, be a miner, cop, or a thief. Also, I want to thank the people who have believed in me for these two weeks. Sadly, I will no longer be able to take sits, but the good thing is that I will be able to help you in things like the content pack, map missing, and more. -Info: This is not required after you finish the Trial moderator stage, this is just a quick note I wanted to make if you might be asking in-game to what happened to me. I want to thank a lot of people - @Sarrus?: Hamburger Cheese Burger BigMac Whooper - @Sullyツ Sully08/24/2019 u my dirty bitch hell yea - @ImmortalxReaper Give me the patriot and Super Shotty, or the enigma - @poyo : nice work with trails - @Xepharia : Although you don't play anymore you should come and visit the server at least one time. - @Flustered Pigeon: Y you retire? - @korbin: what type of bread are you? - @Korean: The Lotto Rig machine. - @Lemon©n: The friendliest citrus, the most charismatic person in the server. - @Yimo: Your garden is not cool. - @Static My third Mentor, thanks for the help chief. - @thog Thanks for banning me that day g - @SugarMuch : You play too much Fortnite - @Harry Death : Thanks for believing in me - @KingDogeThe3rd: Go work and stop texting. -@Trem0r : Keep helping out people in the server. - @Akatsuki : lets go raid someone - @Skill Gambino : good luck in your tmod app - @The Anonymous Rainbow : teach your bro everything - @DaveThe2nd : thanks for letting me be a tmod - @TasteTheRainbow good luck in your tmod stage - @Hey i remember the day i met you and @Jaymelow one of the best moments ive had in ret - @CTW nice in being a superadmin. - @nonamus your pfp is a frenchfries box? - @poyo congrats on senior admin - @Carlos :
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    Hi, I just found Retribution after browsing the DarkRP section Everything seems so fun I met a lot of cool people and got free money and guns I got RDMed and RDAed a lot, but it was still fun I look forward to playing more with you all, and maybe one day I can become staff
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    +\- It’s so hard to believe when you’re actually going to stay and when you aren’t. you had a staff app up and you left. you had staff for a while and you left again. now you’re back and once again applying for staff. you are a great staff member, don’t get me wrong but please for the love of god make up your mind
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    Weird, my will to live is gone now too
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    +1 this guy is a genius and dave is an idiot
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    Still more missed than you were
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    When I applied I had only just hit the hour requirements as well, didn’t get a minus one and got accepted? I don’t think only just hitting hour requirements should be a reason to -1 when I didn’t get a -1 for it although I was extremely active around staff members and interacting with others
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    GMO.'s Moderator Application In-Game Name: GMO. Age: 15 Timezone: CST Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:184684150 Steam Profile (Link): https://steamcommunity.com/id/gmolinamendez/ Hours on the server: 401 hours Times Active: Due to vacations, I'm all day long from 10 AM CST till 12 AM CST all days, but due to school coming, I will have 3 hours on weekdays, and all day on weekends. Why I want/should be a moderator: I want to be a moderator again because I feel like I didn't do my best last time as a trial moderator, I feel like I let too many things go away, and not be a good example, this time I'm going to be much better, get a better grade on the test, and an overall better grade. Have you read the rules fully, understand them and are wanting to enforce them as correctly as possible?: Yes I have red all of the rules and I understand each and one of the rules. Are you willing to listen to any Staff member chosen to mentor and guide you as a Staff, even if you feel you don't need to?: Yes, I will listen to my mentor, at all times. Are you able to Staff actively on the server for several hours a week?: Yes, in weekends I'm willing to be active several hours, and during weekdays I will stay available for at least 1 hour a day. SITUATIONS: The server begins to lag and players are complaining about prop spam: I can find the source of the prop spam by checking the prop logs, if I find in the logs that someone is spamming props too many times in the intent to crash the server and disturb the experience of other players, I would go to the player that is prop spamming, see his actions and if his/her actions intent to crash the server then I would freeze the player, delete the props spammed in the area and later I would ask them what are they doing. After asking the person what was he doing, I would check his/her previous warns, I would give the necessary punishment . If the prop spam is considered as a small prop spam, then the player must be jailed, or could be banned for a reasonable amount of time. If the player proceeds with the same intents, I would proceed with a ban and tell an admin to check the extensions and extend the ban time. People begin to complain about an "illegal base": If a player complains about an illegal base, I would ask them what is illegal about the base, and ask who is the base owner, ans show me where is the base. After he provides me with the information needed to check the base, I would teleport to the person who owns the illegal base, inspect the base, and if necessary teleport the person who is complaining about the base to show me where is the problem, he told me about, if the problem is identified then I will ask the owner of the base to remove/fix the part of the base which makes it illegal. If he fixes the problem, then I will thank the person and to not do it again, and if the base owner doesn't know the rules of basing, I would help him by giving him a link to the rules of the MOTD, and also helping him by making his base better. If the base owner doesn't fix the problem, and if he/she persists to ignore staff members, players, and even me, I would have to tell them that if they don't fix it I would have kick them, and warn the base owner. If the same problem is going on after rejoining, then I would ban the player for a reasonable amount of time, further extents may be taken if the player has more warnings that including the same or similar warns. You see another staff member abusing his/her powers: If I see another staff member abusing his power to other players by performing such actions such as jailing, muting, gagging, warning, setting model scale, giving other people weapons, and even dragging players with the physics gun with no justification at all, I would talk to him first, and tell him to stop doing it, unless he has a justified reason. If the staff member still abuses his powers, then I will gather evidence of everything that he is doing, then report it to super admins, and the owner to see what they need to say, if necessary, I can consult with trial moderators, moderators, admins, and senior admins for more investigation on the topic. After I have done all of these actions, I will post the complaint along with all of the evidence on the forums, and further actions will be taken with the super admins if to ban, warn, or demote the accused staff member. A player is extremely uncooperative during a sit: If a player is uncooperative in a sit to the extent that the player is harassing, being toxic, mic spamming, and even being offensive, I would gag/mute the player and let the player that filed the complaint tell me everything that happened, after it, I would tell them to say their part of the story, and ungag/unmute them, if the player starts to rdm, run away, or kills himself in the sit, I would have the player jailed during the sit, and proceed with further actions and extend the punishment if needed due to being uncooperative in a sit. If the player leaves the server during a sit due to him/her leaving the game, then I will complete the complaint that he was accused of and later ask my mentor or another admin to extend the ban time of the uncooperative player. A player is excessively RDMing/RDAing and breaking NLR: RDM: Stands for Random Death Match, punishment may vary as there are many factors included with RDM, such as first time warn, one RDM made, Mass RDM, and more, but If the player is MRDMing for the first time, then the player should be punished with a 12 hour ban first, and later call my mentor or a staff member to extend the ban time on the player. There is also RRDM, which stands for Revenge Random Death Match, if the player who does MRRDM keeps killing the same player just because they got killed once by them, then they may also receive a 12 hour ban first and later ask my mentor or any staff member to extend the ban time, if necessary, it can also be a permanent ban if it would be his 3rd time doing it. RDA: Stands for Random Arrest punishments may be similar as for RDM, RDA may bedone with only a few jobs, those jobs are only the law enforcement. The law enforcement classes are able to arrest any class except themselves, the reason why they can arrest is because they need to enforce the laws of the MOTD and enforce the mayor's laws . RDA is not counted if the authorities have a reason to arrest you. Ex. Police chief may arrest thief who is shooting in public, even if the person is testing the weapon, they may still be AOS. An example of RDA would be someone who is a policeman and start arresting people for not doing something, or for to ruin the experience of other players. If a player is MRDA the person would be placed into a sit, if it is the first time the person is accused of MRDA, then the player would banned for 12 hours, and later tell my mentor or another staff member to extend the ban time of the player. NLR: Stands for New Life Rule, a person may not come to the same place where he was killed for five minutes, except if it was a hit. If you come to the same place before the 5 minutes then you may be killed by the same player in the same area and also other players in the area. Punishment for breaking NLR has been reduced, now if one person has broken NLR once, then they are verbal warned, if they keep breaking NLR, then they are warned and depending the amount of times NLR has been broken by a player, the more severe the punishment may be. If a new player breaks NLR, and they dont know what it is, then I will explain the player what is NLR and how to avoid breaking it, for to not go and commit the same error over and over again. If the player just proceeds to break NLR more than 5 times, it'll be considered as mass NLR which is punishable by a 6 hour ban. Extras: So at this point, basically everyone knows that 2 weeks ago I passed from being a tmod to a VIP, many asked me why I was demoted, I told them that I didn't pass the test and that I could re apply in the future. Many people have also told me that I should become staff again, to help them with their sits. I want to help people more, and also want to cooperate better now. I want to thank @DaveThe2nd @The Anonymous Rainbow and @ImmortalxReaper for letting me reapply in 2 weeks instead of 2 months, I promise I will do better this tmod stage and get better grades than before. Thanks @Sarrus? @Sullyツ and @static for helping me in the tmod stage.
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    I can tell you one thing my friend, staff members do care. They care so much that sometimes they get overwhelmed and can't take every sit that is asked for; mainly because they are taking another sit. Either that or they need to take a break and stepped away from their computer. You have to remember they are humans just like you. I'm glad to hear that your first impression on the server was great. Sad to see your second one wasn't that great. As everyone else has said you should try to record the game every time you choose to play. A good program for that is OBS Studio, if you have a low end computer it doesn't lag while its recording, and doesn't take a lot of computer space when the video is saved to the computer. There are a lot of easy youtube tutorials on how to use the program; at first it looks like an impossible puzzle but it is rather easy to use. If you don't know a good place to upload the video, you can use youtube. If your video is to large to upload you can re-record your long recording, and make a video only showing the important part, and that should help you a lot. Anyways, good luck, I hope you enjoy your stay.
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    *sad cat doll noises*
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    this is a pensive moment
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    leaving because we're back, cowards
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    @goomy I don't need your input. I'll take it from here why thank you.
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    Nope I haven’t changed sorry
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    Bonjour, monsieur. The floodgates are officially open, the bois are back in town? Enjoy the return back to the server, kick ass and have fun. We keep the beer in the back of the fridge B)
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    In all seriousness, Informer and I both running for Super Administrator. Informer shares the same great passion and drive as me. We've been here long enough to see how far the server has fallen under poor leadership. We hope the Community considers us to lead them into greatness.
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    Not sure what you you are trying to get at by making this post other than potentially cause drama. Not all bans that Dave issues was based on his sole judgement, he asks his fellow higher ups for opinions in most cases. A lot of people like to jump on the "fuck dave" bandwagon but they fail to realize that the majority of people he punished deserved what they got. A lot of people were given multiple chances to fix their behavior, they chose not to and ended up getting a harsh / permanent ban. Then they complain and try to point all the blame on Dave rather than owning up to their own mistakes.
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    1st of all I’m gonna step in here, 1. I not because he is my brother but completely understand where taste is coming from. A trial mod stage it the most crucial stage of staffing. You have so many things to learn, and take on board and then act on it when your time comes. If you don’t have a reliable connection status to the server at this current time it will greatly affect your score and how you go. 2. This annoyed me big time, just because someone hours might be below yours as you’ve obviously “grinded” more doesn’t mean that they don’t have a say. I’ve been on the server a lot with you AFK but printing money (that’s obviously helped you gain more hours. 3. If your on vacation right now we would want you to spend your time with whoever you are with, don’t put Ret first in this circumstance. We appreciate it but I personally would’ve waited till I got back to apply as I would still be getting on the server regularly. 4. Just because I’m saying this doesn’t mean I’m against you it’s just a spot in your attitude Ive pounced upon, I think you would be a great staff but if you can’t dedicate your time to the server then I think your gonna struggle if you get accepted.
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    TasteTheRainbow's Moderator Application In-Game Name: TasteTheRainbow Age: 21 Timezone: Australia/GMT+10 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:124923278 Steam Profile (Link): https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198210112285/ Hours on the server: 69 hours Times Active: Everyday For 4 hours + Why I want/should be a moderator: i want to/should be moderator because since being on this server and being around my brother @The Anonymous Rainbow and @babydumptruck27 i have learned so much and have come a long way from where i was and i feel like i want to take my gaming experiences that i have had and had previously before Retribution to the next level. i am very dedicated and am eager to learn new things and am open to any and all suggestions when it comes to making myself and helping myself be better. I have been watching both these players whilst they go through numerous sits and just really been shadowing them in what they do and how they handle different situations and have taken a lot on board. i should be moderator because i believe i do have what it takes to be a good staff and be able to help others improve there gaming experience. Have you read the rules fully, understand them and are wanting to enforce them as correctly as possible?: Yes Are you willing to listen to any Staff member chosen to mentor and guide you as a Staff, even if you feel you don't need to? Yes Are you able to Staff actively on the server for several hours a week?: Yes SITUATIONS: The server begins to lag and players are complaining about prop spam: when i notice that the server has started lagging i would go into the prop logs and look for someone who is spamming props and start to investigate why this is happening. I would then TP to the player who is spamming such props and search for the spammed props, if i was unable to find such props i would go back into the logs and search through the prop logs again for the next player who has been spamming the props. If i found the player who is/has been spamming such props i would freeze them and gather evidence on the prop spam. Once all the evidence needed for proof of prop spam has been gathered i would ban the player and request a staff member with the ability to extend bans to jump on the server when possible to extend my ban period. People begin to complain about an "illegal base": if someone is making complaints about an illegal base i would teleport to the player making the complaint and ask the player to explain to me what they believe to be illegal within the base. i would then take into account everything they have stated about the base being illegal and conduct further inspections. if the base was indeed illegal i would teleport to the owner and explain what is illegal about the base and make suggestions on what they can change to make the base a legal base. If the player was new to the server and/or was new to building bases i would encourage to look at the basing rules so they get a better understanding of what they can and cant have and give them my opinion on what they could do if it was requested from them. If the owner new it was illegal and doesn't change what is illegal about the base and continues to not change anything i would warn them for the base being illegal and explain to them that the if they do not change the base further action will be taken. If they continue not to listen i would kick them from the server. You see another staff member abusing his/her powers: If i caught another staff member abusing there powers i would ask the staff member why he/she was abusing there powers whilst recording so i have evidence on what was said. i would approach it in a civil and respectful way so i do not come across as rude or aggressive and explain to them that what they are doing is not what a staff member should be doing as a role model for other players who aspire to be staff and look up to them for advice and also help. if what they have said is valid and a proper reason for using such powers, if the staff member could not provide a good reason i would make my way over to the forums and post the video of their abuse with them tagged into the post and explain on the post what they were doing and how it was abuse of powers A player is extremely uncooperative during a sit: if the player was acting out and not cooperating i would ask them to cooperate with me and help me get through the sit with no dramas and allow me to resolve the problems or issues that have been raised. If they continue to act out and are unable to cooperate with me and allow me to get through the sit without any issues and were mic spamming while i was trying to talk or chat spam i would mute them in whichever one they were using as not all players have a mic to mic spam so i would mute/gag them so i can talk to them and resolve the issues that have been raised. Once i have finished what i was saying about the issue i would unmute/gag them so they could tell me there perspective on the situation so we can get through the sit easier. A player is excessively RDMing/RDAing and breaking NLR: RDM is known as Random Deathmatch, it is where a players is killed by another player for no reason at all... an example could be that a player has just spawned and walks out of the spawn protected area and is shot by a player for no reason at all. RDA is known as Random Arrest, a member of the police force has made up a reason such as "you were standing behind me with your phys gun pointing at me and i didn't like it" and arrests the player with no reason for them doing anything wrong or committing any type of crime which would allow the player to be arrested for. NLR is known as New Life Rule, the new life rule is a rule that stops a player from doing something instantly that someone who would had a new life would not do for example a player been killed and runs straight back to where they were killed and interacts with the player who killed them. (Additional Comments): I know that my location in the world does not make it easy for me to play with everyone but i have done my best to try get around the server and meet as many people as i can. i hope i can meet many of you on the server at some point. Thank you for reading my application.
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    +1 One belligerent Aussie isn't enough, so let's make it 2
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    Hey I know very few people are going to come to this thread, but for those who did, hey my name Hey. I always thought I wouldn't get addicted to Garry's Mod, but after playing on retribution I got hooked. I usually play games like CSGO, League Of Legends, Maple Story, and a lot others. I see myself as a really chill dude as long as you are chill with me. I just always want to enjoy every moment I can, since were here for a fun time, not a rough time. I can't really explain myself to the fullest because that'll just sound like i'm conceited so when ever you see me within the server, come stop by and say hey. I'm always willing to meet new people and have a laugh. I don't really talk so be prepared to read a lot. I have a mic but I prefer to type. PS : Yes I am a weeb.
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    +1 -Looks like a good App -Seems pretty chill -Friendly af -You only need to have a bit of more forums activity, and youre good to go :)
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    thank you for post 500, glad to be here to shit post going for 10k joebama
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    -1 I don't think you're fit for staff. Some of the things people are saying here are really swaying my opinion of you negatively. Your very disrespectful to the higher ups as i'm hearing. (when they gave you permission to reapply lol) You should probably fix a lot of the issues that you have with people before re-applying.
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    welcome back Remember not to miss tea time tho its punishable by execution
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    Never got a chance to make one of these but here goes! What up guys/gals, its Vladimir Kosachoff, just wanted to say hello to all the forum goers and to everyone else. Hope all is well and hope to see you in game!
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    Lemon never got a strike, don't think we ever had issues with him
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    I'm not gonna lie, increasing the RTD egg drop rate doesn't sound like a bad idea either currently.
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    time to become cam girls me and u CTW
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    Im glad you arent quitting, youre a really cool guy to be around. Although I havent been around you as much as everyone else, I can still safely say you were genuinely a good person, Pigeon is definitely correct when he says that age doesnt define maturity though because for the longest time I believed that you were alot older than what you actually were because you just simply came off as such. It was pretty impressive to see how simple and straightforward you were when it came down to how you handled yourself and everything else. Let me catch you breaking some rules sometime >:^) Dont be a stranger amigo and good luck on your plans for life in the future.
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    Wish you the best man, Ya did good.
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    Well damn, I didn’t know it would be so soon. I’ll see you in the next life brother.
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    @ImmortalxReaper wish we talked more, we were always on the server together and I blame myself for not talking more to you. I hope you stick around retribution and we can chat some more. Thanks for the compliment too I do appreciate it.
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    ayyyyy computer science major also
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    Good to see an old familiar face again. I hope you stick around for a while and show others that you have become much better than your past self.
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    Giveaway has ended. People that I have entered, korbin Demon. gmolinamendez ΣStatic Unknownspy DashDog2014 Akatsuki Sponge The Great SoundPulserino Yimo Alpha The Korean TheHipsterNapoleon iBagelHole montay Lemon© Sullyツ CTW Winner is...
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    caca flavor i get it from the poop dealer for the low
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    Dave the whole community don’t like u even fucking staff.
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    Plasma rifle But for real, I’m pretty sure the star rifle is still pretty well priced and it’s a good body perm. Other considerations could be a double barrel, scar-h, icarus LMG. These perms really aren’t that cheap, but they are cheaper than many other other nice body perms. (This is all I can think off the top of my head I might add more later)
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    Clouds also fly
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    Wah wah it’s highlighted all of you shut ur dumb asses up you whiny whores
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