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Forums have been fully updated and the theme has been slightly modified; you should notice better performance and some new features. 

If you don't like the background you can change it with the new background picker, be sure to mess around with that to your liking. 

This Theme is in a testing phase, if I find too many issues with it I will revert to a newer version of our previous theme. Report any bugs to me!

- Jouaram


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    Rule Update July 12th 2018
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    Restricting my loli model a very sad day now
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    Server Update July 7th, 2018: Bug Fixes: Updated bitminers which should fix multiple things such as server's being invisible/stuck etc. Advert should now be functional again. Modified Files/Content: Perma-props is now disabled indefinitely. Props spawned in spawn/prop-protected areas are now deleted instead of ghosted. Added Content: N/A
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    After I update when I wake up, ItemStore will be removed; however the data will still be there if in the future old players or people that missed the notification to move their items want to get their items back I can add it back for a day every now and then. I will be testing to see how much better performance runs without ItemStore along with this.
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    These will be sorted tomorrow.
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    Gunparts was not necessarily as RNG compared to rtd.