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    I'm surprised you didn't plug your music
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    hey guys, it’s shalom again. remember when i said “but that doesn’t mean my time at retribution is over” on my resignation post? well, this does. i can’t connect to the server and modelling brings me no pleasure. this community has been negatively affecting my health for a while, and i think it’s time to take a step back and rethink some of my actions. i would rather hang out with my friends irl than sit in a basement and play Garry’s Mod all day, and something makes me come back each time and I’m not sure what it is. Even when my computer basically said “fuck you” and hasn’t let me reconnect to the server since, i’ve been decently active on forums and on discord, and i’ve always hinted that i was working on something when in reality i haven’t touched that project in many, many weeks. So I’m resigning from freelancer. There’s another whole host of reasons that I don’t really want to get into, but I’m glad the time I spent here was fun and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Not gonna tag anyone because who cares, seriously. If you’ve ever had more than five full conversations with me that weren’t in a sit, i probably don’t hate you and will miss you. I’ll still keep in touch with the people I like. It’s finally time I work on things I’m passionate about. I’d like to get better at singing and dancing and acting and pursue the theatrical arts. I’d like to continue streaming on my twitch and get affiliate or whatever the next step is. I’d like to break out of my shell and not feel awkward as fuck when speaking to anyone new. Who knows, I might come back someday, but it’s unlikely. Thanks for being a pal, pals.
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    im back for a fat minute also here
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    hopefully u have 7 mins to spare....dont get mad 4heads thnx for my amazing and sexi co-hosts @Logical® and @CTW tell me what u think about my tier list
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    So this will be my resignation post. I'm going to do my best to keep it short and sweet. As of today, I am resigning from my staffing position. It has been a very great time getting to know and be more involved in the community. A lot of people made this much for than just a video game for me and I will mention those people in a bit. Although, the community as a whole made this a really great time as staff and I would like the thank the community in general for that. I'm just gonna keep this as short as possible and this is no particular order. @Xepharia Man... You were everything I could wish for in a mentee. You were so excited to learn and just a great guy to spend time around. While I was teaching you I believe you taught me more. You showed me how a staffs mentality should be and you quickly became one of the strongest if not the strongest staff I have seen. I am so grateful for the time I got to spend with you during those 2 or so weeks. promote this man @Flustered Pigeon Thank you for everything you have done for me. Your plan with reviving the server was amazing and has made such a big difference. You drastically extended my time as staff and you gave me the will to play more. I can honestly say without a doubt, you are one of two of the reasons I was able to achieve what I did and for that I say, thank you. @iBagelHole I don't know if you will see this but, thank you. You taught me so much in the span of two weeks when I was your mentee. I really enjoyed spending all that time with you and I wish you never left. You are such a great guy and I want you to know that everything I've accomplished can be traced back to you. @The Anonymous Rainbow All I can say is, what a great bloke. I love this Aussie. You helped me so much during my time as staff and I always could rely on you whenever I needed help. You have always been such a great friend to me and you've made such a positive impact on the community. You will always be my cobba, with this message I guess you could say, "I tend to get in my feelings." @DaveThe2nd You always scared me before I actually got to know you. You're a really cool guy that is absolute shit at CS:GO, no offence. Anyways, you are a really good headadmin and are one of the reasons I stuck around. You have always been really patient with me and put up with my antics which only you could handle. Thank you. @Shogun4122 You stupid Canadian monkey. My local man. You were always such a good friend and it was great to see your activity just spike and have you back. When you came back you hit some crazy weekly hours which you were able to maintain for a month which just impressed me. You've always been a really good staff and I hope you continue doing what you're doing. @Byte You're a typing god but also an insane staff member. You have the experience of half the staff team combined and you are just a brilliant guy. You are such a good friend and I will miss working with you but I hope we can still play the occasional game of Deceit together. @ΣStatic You taught me a lot before I ever became staff. I really do appreciate that. The good old time in the courthouse are some of the highlights of my time on Retribution in general. Thanks, bro. @nonamus You are too good at staffing and geometry dash. @babydumptruck27 I don't know if you'll see this but, thank you. You were such a good friend before you left. You are such a good staff member and you could always make me laugh. It sucks that you got a job because we lost the chance to make a more great moment with each other. @Coloursrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr chess If I missed you, I am sorry. I just wanted to keep this short but I will likely be sticking around but I don't know how my activity is going to look. Also, feel free to message me at any time through discord. Well, that's it, thank you, everyone. nurkee#6097
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    Overview of changes coming This post will be going over new rework coming to basing. I wanted to make this post so you guys aren't going to be blindsided by these changes because every person is going to be affected by the upcoming rule/gameplay changes. These overhauls have been needed for a while so we will be testing new systems to see what works best. BASING @Shogun4122 @Byte @DaveThe2nd @Goobermensch and I have taken the time to sit down and find the core issues that hinder basing. I want you guys to understand that we have always known there are a lot of problems with basing but the direction every discussion has taken never got to any sources of the problems. Rule issues The rules are too long: Any set of rules that take longer than 3 reads to understand are extremely off-putting to most players especially new ones trying to solve a pans labyrinth of rules. This is caused from overtime patches of basing issues that result in an extremely long disorganized rule set. The rules are too confusing: No, we have not added any new rules. No, staff aren't purposefully giving you different information. What is actually happening is that it is nearly impossible for regular players to know all of the basing rules and it is way too easy to accidentally break them. It is frustrating getting in trouble for something you genuinely didn't mean to do. The key to fixing this isn't to add more detail to the rules for it will just make the motd even longer than before. Which in turn will ironically make it harder for new players to remember. The rules are too restrictive: Because of the size and generalization of the rules such as "holes in walls" or "materials that are easy on the eyes" it is way too difficult to make a base that doesn't break any rules without being as basic as possible. This hinders creativity and makes every base on the server the same. The same base means the same repetitive gameplay. Gameplay Issues Items are unbalanced: Yeah, we all know this is a major issue but it's actually the biggest issue that gun-play has. Items like remote fading door bombs and perm weapons are way too strong while other items such as lockpicks and grenades are completely left in the trash. Most base metas have always been revolved around the latest gun that trashes everyone and how to abuse it. While this will take a very long time to fully fix we are going to start hitting it off now. Party sizes are too large: When half of the server is in one base it makes a huge amount of issues for everyone. The base becomes nearly impossible to raid, there are less bases around the map, regular players are completely trashed by groups of 8-9 attackers where skill is then completely taken out the window. (Imagine in siege if you were 1 of 2 attackers attacking a bombsite with 20 defenders) Our Goals: Create more skill & roleplay based gameplay. Make a more accessible and creative basing system. Shorten basing rules by at least 50%. Allow for more bases across the map. IMPORTANT: THESE WILL BE THE NEW BASING RULES STARTING JULY 14TH. UNTIL THEN ALL CURRENT BASING RULES WILL STILL BE ENFORCED. Below is what will be the new rules for basing. These rules are subject to change over the course of the week. General Rules: Players/parties may only own one building and must own every door in that building. In a situation where more than one person owns the doors of a building, whoever owns the "front-doors" gains ownership. KOS signs must be clearly noticeable. (Ex: no tiny letters, hard to read text, etc.) You may not KOS people who are on public property (sidewalk, street, sewer system passageways, etc.) Apartments/hotels may only have one player/party per suite. Hotel managers may own entire hotels to sell suites to their customers. Having a hotel manager in your party/base does not exempt players/parties from this rule. Raidable Base requirements: All shooting holes/cracks must be at least plate075x075 tall & wide. (models/hunter/plates/plate075x075.mdl) Defenders must be visible from said windows. No non-collided/one-way/glowing/flickering/transparent/blacked-out materials or props. Bases may not force/restrict players from Jumping/Crouching/Walking/Running. Traps must allow at least 2 players to cross. There must be enough space for two players to fit side by side and back to back in every part of the base that the builder has control of. No zig-zag bases. No fence props. You may not use world doors (excluding garage doors) as defenses. Ex: Locking world doors open, placing props to influence the direction the doors open/close. Player props for bases cannot extend above/to the sidewalk. You may not store raidables in an area that is one by one or requires that you crouch/jump to obtain access to. Fading Prop Rules: You may only have 4 fading props. No shooting through fading doors. Must be a solid prop that disappears entirely when open. Players may not have fake/hidden keypads/buttons. Keypads/buttons must be placed next to the fading door they open. Players can have one keypad/button to open an entrance fading door and one on the opposite side to get out. Minimum 5 seconds opening time and cannot have a delay. No fading doors directly in front/behind/inside world doors. Major rules being removed: No more double stacked fading doors (REVERTED) Reason: This isn't fully set in stone for our system but this is to allow the use of certain tools again such as lockpicks & icarus shotguns while also nerfing items such as the battering ram (which will be talked about below). Though this change may not stay we will see in the future if we will add it back. Each stack of the double stacked fading door counts as a fading prop (Max 4 fading props per base.) No more shooting windows (REVERTED) Reason: I understand this may shake some feathers but we've come to find how many issues these actually cause. Shooting windows ruin gun-play: Imagine having a spammable magic forcefield that blocks bullets. There is no risk to defenders taking any duels in their base. Shooting windows ruin Rp: If we look at what darkrp is and the idea of cops vs robbers, raiding a drug making warehouse that has magic transparent forcefields blocking pd bullets has no place. Each shooting window counts as a fading prop (Max 4 fading props per base.) No more One-way props This is just an exploit of materials and such as above have only caused issues and magical one-way forcefields give way too much of an advantage to the point players were getting in trouble. If players want to know what is around the corner of their base, cameras are the perfect tool to add risk and small advantages to fights. Major rules being added: We are allowing maze bases (not zig-zags). Having fake halls leading to nowhere is creative and something we don't have an issue with. That does not mean you can create a zig-zag base and that rule will still be enforced We are allowing height advantage/Holes in walls. As long as where you are shooting from shows both shoulders and your head it will be allowed. We are allowing vertical fading doors. This is subject to what is stated above. We are allowing trap bases. Now there are VERY IMPORTANT parts of this you guys need to understand. Traps MUST HAVE a way to escape the trap following normal basing rules AND if a trap is in front of the door there still needs to be a way to access the door without forcing players to jump or use a grapple-hook. Fading Props: Instead of having 3 FADING DOORS we will be allowing 4 FADED PROPS. What this means is that if you wish to add a fading trap to your base the risk is you can only have 3 fading doors in turn. This will allow you guys to choose what you want to do with your fading props and how you personally want to create your base. Party Sizes: We are working on making a brand new party system for the server that will be making parties more squad-based. Parties will be a max size of 4-5 players which will allow us to spread out the players across the map and instead of having an impenetrable base we will have multiple strong, but not impossible bases. This will make it so you guys will have to make decisions on who is best for defending your base and cannot rely on a swarm of 14 players. Item Changes: Though not being added super soon we are going to be hitting items with some buffs and nerfs along with plans for more universal utility items for all players. This will allow us to add more depth to base raids and make it so that no raid is the same. Quick fixes: Remote Fading door bombs range will be severely reduced Lockpick will be able to lockpick doors in 5 seconds. Battering ram is having its cooldown increased to 8-10 seconds. Pulse Rifles push will not be as strong. Incoming Items: Flashbangs Riot Shields Beartraps/Tripwires Additional Comments: I understand these changes are going to affect every single person on this server and all previous players coming back. We hope that these initial changes will allow us to carve a path to a better system for everyone. With that though this is a discussion and I do want input from everyone on changes they'd like to see. Along with this the suggestions tab will be re-opened with these new rules being added also.
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    Its been a blast these passed couple years, and I enjoyed every second on the server. Thank you @Jouaram@Marki@DaveThe2nd! @Daddy Duncan < You keep on RP'ing till you can't, you're seriously one of the few players I'll miss. @ImmortalxReaper< Broseph, you've always been super chill to me, and becoming staff didn't change that. I hope whatever you do, you continue being as chill as when you staff'd Retribution. @The Korean < Thanks for all the good business with Minge-Builds™. I hope you find the best base you can in the future. @Epoo < @Demither < Thanks for being such a giving person, you legit are one of the reasons I continued playing. @Zeus < You'll make a great mod, keep on grinding fam. Thanks for the business too broski. @Sullyツ < Too good of a staff member not to mention. Keep staffin' on them bitches. @George The Clout God < Thanks for being so friendly bro. @OGNinJa < I know you've left the server forever, but if you ever return and find this here, hit me up on discord bro. @babydumptruck27 < Sucks you had to go, but props for being a dope friend and dope staff member, thanks for everything bro, and if you return hit me up on steam! Peace out everyone, I'll miss you all.
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    Verdict: Denied + A Week Ban Reasons for verdict: We already discussed about everything with you so I'm only going to write short reasons for this. Ret is not a platform to do business outside of in-game trading. Higher ups are to be listened to not loop-holed around when they tell you no. You should realize doing that will just make it worse for you and make us even angrier. Additional Notes: No one here is exempt from the rules especially people who thinks they deserve staff. You consistently trying to loophole head-admins and serious rules has concluded you will be blacklisted from applying for staff. While only head-admin+ can revoke though please do not ask any time soon. Along with this a week ban is being given even though any other player in this situation would be receiving a perm. The only reason you are not is because of the time you have put on the server, the issue for you though is that you are 100% expected to know better and abide by the same rules in place for the years you have played on ret. Thank you. Sorry this took so long to address. See you in a week.
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    I have had a lot of memories with this community. Some were good, and some were bad. I’m glad I got to come back, and spend time with people that I had thought were completely out of my life; glad that I could become a staff member and help people again; glad that I met a bunch of new friends. However, no matter how glad I am about those things, I’ve come to the realization that all of the things I worked so hard to change about myself has been slowly unraveling itself. It isn’t healthy for me, and it’s all because of the effect this community has on me. Therefore I will be retiring effective immediately, as well as taking a very long hiatus away from the community. I am not sure if I will be returning or not. I will be on the forums from time to time to see how the community is doing. I’m not going to play favorites and @ anyone, all I have to say is that every single one of you are special in your own way, even the people I never spoke to, or the people I got into fights with. Don’t ever let anyone tell you differently. Good luck.
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    Thread Update After a bit of discussion here are a few changes to the current rules: Rule changes: Increasing fading prop count to 4 We will allow shooting windows Each shooting window counts as a fading prop (Max 4 fading props per base.) We will allow double stacked fading doors Each stack of the double stacked fading door counts as a fading prop (Max 4 fading props per base.) No shooting through fading props EDITED TO: No shooting through fading doors. Clarification: I understand A LOT of you are already building new bases which is awesome! But with trap bases there needs to be an understanding of how they work. For each trap both of these rules still MUST BE FOLLOWED: For a pit trap there must be an exit that allows for players to escape said trap. If a trap is in front of a fading door when your trap is sprung there still must be access to said fading door that does not force players to jump/crouch to reach. Replies to some comments: From someone who was mainly a builder on the server and lost hundreds of hours of work just from one blacklisted prop I want to say I truly understand. I cannot see a way we can fully start repairing server systems without it affecting everyone. Saying that reworked basing rules are unwanted would be a lie though. The amounts of bases on the map have dropped severely and NONE of them are made by new players. I cannot count how many new players actually left the server or basing just from looking at the rules. Along with this most veteran/long-time raiders have always stated how bored they are because every raid is exactly the same and have voiced this opinion since early 2017. There are also plenty of previous forum discussions from groups of players being very vocal about how they feel about the current basing rules. No matter how well we change anything on the server long time players will ALWAYS have an advantage because they have spent more time here. While we can minimize it (which is the plan adding more strong universal items they can obtain) similar to rust a veteran player will always have the edge over someone new. These items will now be added for a period of time till maybe august. I wouldn't worry too much on the details of those items until we make a better inventory system. When they are added though we are set on making traps destructible and limit the amount spawnable by players. Like stated above it will be along time till that is added so I wouldn't worry so soon on it.
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    Yeah fuck you Dave thanks a lot.
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    What he thought he looked like What he Actually looked like ingame
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    Imagine not having RetributionRP.org as your homepage and bookmarked
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    Be a girl, ask for money The whiteknights will come flooding Boom you mad anywhere from 100mil-2bil Just be a girl its not hard If you aren't a girl? Give up.
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    pog fucking champ I know it couldn't have been easy to pinpoint these issues and find a way to fix them without causing some players to be upset, but I think you've all done a great job. There's been a lot of issues with raiding that were never really addressed surprisingly, considering basing makes up a lot of the gameplay on here. I'm hoping these changes will bring about a more refined and interactive sense of raiding for both old and new players. Really looking forward to seeing how this will play out.
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    Well aren't you just a rebel.... First thing i want to start with is my Congratulations to the to the administration for keeping this server up for so long! Be proud of your accomplishments. My Name is Arius, But my online Alias is Skyy.Tiger. I'm an avid fan of DarkRP and even more so of servers that last! I've been playing Garry's Mod since before it was Standalone. Back when Garry's Mod was just that, a mod. Trust me when I say, I've seen servers come and go. Some do well and fall off the fence for the wrong reasons and others slide under the radar ever to be noticed in the first place. It takes a lot of work, dedication, communication, and most importantly, A DAMN GOOD TEAM OF PERSISTENT STAFF AND ADMINISTRATORS! I'm happy to inform you all that indeed, you check all of those boxes in my personal opinion. I was the lead Administrator for Zoorik when he first launched HighVoltageRP many years ago. It was a stretch for the first few weeks but we got it off the ground. So if you've been playing DarkRP for as long as i have, more thank likely you know who Zoorik is and how awesome HighVoltage was all those years ago! However, when i first played RetributionRp. I was Skeptical! It seemed Hit and Miss for me. Not just because of the level of competence of a couple of staff members, but mostly because of the general lack of control staff really had on players. Chaos was always looming for this server. But that never made me loose sight of the servers potential. Now here they are! Having made an Excelent Come-back. They've really risen from the proverbial ashes and became a great community with a great Administration and Staff. I am proud and pleased to say that I am a satisfied new member of the community starting now! My hat is off to each and every one of you who have persevered and come out on top along side the server its self! Makes me very proud to see such organization and patients pay off for you all! NEVER GET COMFORTABLE! AND STAY ON YOUR TOES! and surely you will stay within the path of success! I wish you further fortune and most importantly, the fortitude in all of your endeavors. -Arius Arivali
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    VAC wants to know your location
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    Denied - The drama on this app shows us that the community is strongly against having you as staff - You have been extremely toxic and targeted players and staff on and off the server and we cannot have anyone on the staff team act like this - You have shown strong bias for friends in the past and continue to do so - You just came back The higher ups have agreed that we are not near ready to trust having you on the staff team, you claim that these actions you take do not represent you, but these are the actions you have taken since joining this server. You have in the past and have continued to show a strong bias for your friends and a tendency to lash out at anyone against you. Because of the seriousness of the work you need to improve yourself and to save you time from re-writing staff apps, we have decided that you will need to ask Pigeon or I permission to reapply in the future.
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    No, what this does is bloat the economy even more.
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    Free Him! #Freemyniggaroseoutthemothafukinprison #fuckthepolicecominstraightfromtheunderground #wheretfmyrank
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    Well done to the team involved for sitting down and working their butts off to improve basing in Retribution, To bring along such changes is definitely going to shift the meta of bases and we're gonna see something new arise. The changes scare me admittedly but who doesn't have a bit of a fear of change, I've been on and off the server and since coming back, I had to learn a new rule set and my thinking shifted to the new rules and it's gonna be hard to adjust right away again but it is possible and I encourage everyone else to also go into this with a clear mind and not to toss these rules to the gutter immediately, with anything new in gaming it needs to be play tested and I suggest thinking of this as a opportunity to play test and help make Retribution a fun experience for all There is 1 rule that I still think needs to be changed is the garage door exception for base defenses. I see the same build coming up that tunnels players through the double garage door warehouse that's down the road from gun shop. Unless this build has been restricted in a way that I am unaware of, i see this being the most viable base to build in with the new changes as it gives garage door protections with only two ways to bust them open, lock picks and breach charges. along with the most protection for prop usage ratio. I also do not understand why the exception would be garage doors either as they just produce a meta of garage door bases being the strongest options and whoever snags them first should have the best defenses. (I call this the Industrial basing meta) I just wanted a bit of cognizance on this, for a setup example is having a shooting window that is behind a fading door and as the fading door is opened, you open fire from the shooting window, I imagine that this is an exception and is allowed to still happen. I know this should seem pretty clear cut cause I can't imagine that this is part of the exception unless i'm wrong and this is now considered illegal. love to hear some feedback / if this is just a listed as a formality for Fading door windows. Nonetheless, Thank you @Shogun4122 @Byte @DaveThe2nd @Goobermensch @Flustered Pigeon for making a new and revised set of basing rules and I look forward to seeing how this plays out with the community along with shifting the basing meta and the weapon meta.
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    @Logical® The fact that you start shit with people on the daily and are now attempting to use Ghoul’s situation to push your agenda is actually amazing to me. I saw your messages, you were basically blackmailing the kid. He got you the printers and you still call him manipulative and shit on him yet you never even fully explained what you meant on his LAST staff app. He didn’t go behind Ghoul’s back, stop forcing your weird ideas onto this. Ghoul said he doesn’t have a problem with Zeus, why are you trying to force one? You’re the last person I want to talk to about trust when you did what you did. You’re manipulative and it shows here too. Edited to add this: If you wanna talk about it then you know where to find me, but you know why I feel the way I do about you, and I will never trust you. Sully is right, you’re allowed to say how you feel and have an opinion, but don’t expect me to take it seriously.
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    Treat another staff member like this and I don't think you will like the results
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    didnt capture my audio
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    This thread has gone four different directions. That's an illegal base.
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    Doxxes a girl and acts like they are champs or something.
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    I say we raise it to one hour so I can own your base.
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    Denied You literally just posted a ban appeal and lied out your ass, you may reapply in a month.
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    Man is this weird to make. Retribution was the very first server I joined when I opened Gmod for the first time. I had so much fun in the beginning hours that I couldn't wait to hop on the very next day. I wouldn't have kept on playing if it wasn't for the community and the good times that I've had. The main reason I'm not going to play is that I no longer have interest anymore in playing on the server. I've made money, I have the perms that I dreamed of having, I have customs printers and I have experienced everything there was to do. Now there is nothing for me to do anymore. The community is great and has been over the years. But there have been a great number of people that have made this a journey that I cannot list because there are so many. To all of the staff members especially the higher-ups, I wish you, the best of luck and give you a pat on the back for the commitment and time you have given for the players to have a great long lasting time on here. I'll be on the forums here and there but that might die out eventually. Thank you for everything.
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    To be fair, you are pretty shitty. I'm the real victim here.
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    I just watched 13mins of 3 apes that rippped off my video to give a me a C wut the actual fuck
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    @Flustered Pigeon ~<3 Hope you remember but hello everyone just wanted to say hi and it's really cool seeing a bunch of new staff members and members in general it's been sooooo long since I was last here so I'll be on a lot i'm getting that gmod vibe again and hope to see all you oldies around!!
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    To start off, my time on the server has been great but at the same time I’ve had some ups and downs with a few people. Although there can be some really nasty people in the server, that still doesn’t stop me from remembering all of the great people that have treated me nicely and recognized me as a person. The following is just a list of all the greats of the server that deserve some respect and recognition. To start, @Byte; Man don’t even get me started on how great this dude is. He is one of my all time favorite people. The moment I met him a while ago on the server, we literally roleplayed and hung out a crap ton. This guy is one of the kindest, most funny, and all around outstanding and surprising guys I know. The moment I met him there was no issues what so ever, in fact I can’t even remember a time we’ve spent together where there has been an issue. To go along with this, this guy never seems to surprise me. Like holy shit, this dude is a jack of all trades, he can sing, play music/instruments, he’s super cool, super nice, super respectful and overall one of my favorite people. (Hey dude we should talk some time ) Second, @stalerman Dude, to be honest, I can’t even describe how awesome of a person you were to all of us. In fact, I was kind of jealous of your singing capabilities. Even though you’ve quit the server, you will always be on this list no matter what. This guy was one of the funniest people I know. He always knew his way around a joke and could make me laugh at any second. All the times that we had together have been pure bliss! Have an awesome life brother! Third on my list, @SugarMuch; At first I know we haven’t gotten along lately but that’s perfectly okay with me. To be honest, my opinion about you will never change no matter which way you treat me. This guy is by far a 10/10 on the scale of chill. Plus, he’s one of the reasons I roleplay to this day in fact! I’ll never forget you as a friend and as an ally there in the server that’s there to help out. (I’ll never forget the LEGO king) Fourth on my list, @Sullyツ; Man, I don’t even have words for this guy. He is just a flat out amazing person. Even though I know he’s not much for words, he still makes it on here just for the soul purpose of his persona. This guy also never seems to surprise me when it comes to having fun. Even though staff on the server are given the stereotype as being “strict” or “super toxic” at some times, Sully in my opinion, will never fit this description, he is one of the most chill staff members I know currently and always knows his ways to have fun in certain situations and be strict in others. Man keep up the great work. If there’s anyone I didn’t mention it’s probably because it’s 3:19am right now and my fingers are getting tired but you all are great people within the community!
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    This has been a fun journey for me and well retribution is not so fun anymore i might return but it won't be anytime soon probably i will miss all the good players on retribution but most of the players are mean and i run my own server now this will not be permanent hopefully it may be my last goodbye from me to ret I hope you all the best! See you all later i'm not doing a perm drop cause i might still come back but This is my goodbye. See you all later Maybe.
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    I don't really know anything about you or what kind of stuff you've been doing on server, but if you've gotten bored of the repetitive base, print, and raid cycle, you should try doing something a little more RP-focused. It might keep you entertained a lot longer. It definitely did for me. I got bored of basing and raiding after my first week on Ret, and I literally haven't done it once since. It's a lot more fun in the long term to build interesting things and interact with the community in unique ways, because you can make it a different experience every time instead of doing exactly the same thing all day, every day. Build a hospital and give people psychological examinations, build a slave market and convince people to buy children from you, build a science lab and hire lab assistants to help build cool sciencey things. The fun here mainly has to come from the community interaction, so come up with ideas that will catch peoples' attention and get them to engage with you and/or whatever you've built. Otherwise it'll just be you sitting in a room doing nothing for hours, feeling like you've wasted your time putting in so much effort building.
  39. 4 points
    The amount of money isn't decaying at all. The total amount of money in the system has always been steadily increasing, and that hasn't changed. There's a lot more money being made through gameplay than what's being removed through the lottery tax.
  40. 4 points
    Wait so did Pink IRL trade for that crown?
  41. 4 points
    Fuk the higher ups and their corruption they suck
  42. 4 points
  43. 4 points
  44. 4 points
    I can say that I have plans for it to be updated early July.
  45. 4 points
    I can actually confirm that the situation was more than that. @Oplizard please take responsibility for your actions, you were being extremely toxic and I had to tell you to cut it out.
  46. 4 points
    Dude honest to god, ain’t nobody care. You’ve done so many people wrong. Please don’t give us this shit.
  47. 4 points
    Thanks for the explanation, whether true or not, I’ll just take it at face value. However, I do believe that for your own sanity (and ours), that it would be better if you just stayed away from Ret. I’m not trying to say this in a harsh way or anything, it’s just what I personally believe is best for everyone, including you.
  48. 4 points
    Damn, I am going to miss you. It was great having you around on the staff team, hope you at least stick around the community. But if I am shit at csgo, then I am terrified at what you consider yourself.
  49. 4 points
    Too many people looking for get rich quick schemes not realizing players stacked with perms are typically players who have more than a year on the server
  50. 4 points
    I really enjoyed the chance to play ret and it felt alot like old times again.... other than the way the staff treat you now. I felt like i fit on the server again and i was excited to see all the old buddies i used to hangout with. I liked the bases i made with all the new players inside, and even liked defending the bases with the max of 10 fps that u get when their are 20 people in ur party. Im glad i got to build a dupe or two while i was on and have a chance to test out the old ones i often used. I got to collect some illegal dupes i can probably use on other servers but i dunno. I had fully completed my door busting perm collection, my 2k17 cosmetic collection, and had obtained every single 500m monthly toy item to come out on the server. I feel like i made a nice little dent in the server while i was their and u can take that as u like, but it was still fun while it lasted. My only regret is not destroying the economy before i left because you all know i could've. I have played this server since 2016 and havnt stoped but two or three time and only for a few month at most... i begain this server when i was 12 and made alot of friends while i was here. I gone through puberty on ret and iv gone through serious life changing experiences on ret. I used this server as an escape for tough times and it probably ruined my life playing this much video games but it seems like a much better idea than the trouble im getting into now. I guess im going to go get a job or something... hope i see you guys again! Noodle ~ If u wanna play a game with me to tell me im a faggot u can message me on discord: Noodle ~#8683


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