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    It gets annoying when you get in trouble or someone makes a complaint and you keep bringing it up.
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    Bug Fixes: N/A Modified Files/Content: N/A Added Content: Lotteries now have a 10% tax, this is taken from the total winnings. If this rate feels like too much I will reduce it, but for the time being it is 10%.
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    Added Content/Modified Files/Content/Bug Fixes: Recently the server has been FILLED with minge's - part of this is a lack of staff issue and the other part is the ease of access to minge with. I've made some changes to assist avoiding this: SWAT, SWAT Jugg, Mayor's Bodyguard and Police Chief all now require 5 hours of playtime. Police, Gun Dealer and Hitman all now require 2 hours of playtime. Mayor's Bodyguard no longer has access to unnecessary sweps for their job (Contraband scanner, arrest stick etc) Police Trainee has been added for those that wish to play a PD job without getting the playtime, but with heavier restrictions. This job has no arrest baton or weapon and only has access to the contraband scanner, unarrest stick, stun stick and battering ram. (If this job wants a weapon, they'll have to find a Gun dealer and purchase one). A bartender job has been added with access to the radio, same rules as the Club Owner but with access to beverages. A bar waitress has been added to accompany the bartender on creating a better RP environment. Bartender and Club Owner now have access to Wardrobe, running around using Wardrobe instead of creating some form of RP environment or entertainment will result in a demote/job ban and if continued, a player ban. (This gives players more creativity when it comes to their RP builds, if you abuse this you'll be ruining it for others if I have to revert this.) Cinema Owner no longer has access to Wardrobe. A mystery perm weapon has been added to the RTD, this perm will be added to the store on Monday. If you manage to unbox this before Monday and you're the first person to unbox it, you will receive a free Care package from the Store! (Once unboxed, message me on Discord or Steam; this will be a first-come first-served situation.) As a side note; the RTD hub has been added back with very little changed to it, this is due to the bug fixes revolving around the errors it creates from time to time taking longer to fix than expected. However, Friday to Monday I will be bringing back the old RTD drops around the map as a limited-time event; be ready for the sirens and get your tokens/mystery perm.
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    Bug Fixes: Santa Hats/RetributionRP Trails that were stuck on trade-co are now removed. All jobs should now spawn in the correct areas (No longer having fight club owners spawn in PD, etc). Modified Files/Content: Minimum Mayor lottery set to 500k, with max lottery increased to 45mil. Minimum hit price increased from 2k to 15k. Warrants on players now last 10 minutes instead of 5 minutes to give more time for police to get in and back out of a base without needing to re-warrant. Shipments now take 1 second to be ready to break/inventory instead of 3 seconds. If you are demoted from a job or die as Mayor you must wait 10 minutes before joining the same job again. (Increased from 2 minutes). PD members now have an Agenda again, controlled by the Mayor. Removed the Police Vendor's option for Riot Shields which were removed a while back to avoid players wasting their cash. Cosmetic Vendor position moved to avoid players getting stuck when spawning. Added Content: N/A
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    Bug Fixes: Fixed being able to pick up perm items from an unlimited distance (you have to be relatively close to pick it up now). Modified Files/Content: Battering ram speed reduced from a 3 second delay to a 0.3 second delay to allow police to get through doors before they close on them. Added Content: N/A
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    this isnt like you jerry, you are supposed to have it on the store for 3 months for maximum profit
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    Bug Fixes: Bartender now correctly has access to wardrobe. Meth cook no longer has access to wardrobe. When firing a plasma cannon orb, players will now type in chat 'Firing a plasma cannon orb' so that Staff can refer to chat logs when dealing with sits revolving around this. Fixed a bug that let food from Bartenders take your hp over 300. Modified Files/Content: More hobo dumpsters have been added, including some in the sewers. Villain + Vigilante have been removed until a rework can be made possible. A new category 'Gang Rivals' has been added and within it the Russian + Italian mobs. This category has been placed at the bottom of the F4 menu above 'Other'. Amphetamine Cook has been disabled. Added Content: RTD token drops have been re-added for the weekend! These drops will last until mid-day Monday! These spawn every 2 hours 40 minutes. A new printer has been added, purchasable only for players who reach 60 hours of playtime. 'Tasks' has been added back which lets players gain access to the Member group and in-game cash by joining the Steam Group, Discord. You can access this menu by typing !loyalty A multi-core enabler has been added back. This is the 'FPS BOOST' you'd see upon joining the server before. You'll see this upon join once again.
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    Bug Fixes: N/A Modified Files/Content: Certain weapons no longer spawn with ammo in their clip. (This is a bandage on the game-breaking bug players have been abusing more frequently recently. Expect a proper fix soon) Added Content: N/A
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    Bug Fixes: Police Trainee is now a member of the PD party. Modified Files/Content: RTD Hub now drops tokens at 500k per token, down from 1mil per token. RTD Hub drops now have a minimum of 5mil to start a drop, down from 10mil. RTD drop events are now disabled again. Added Content: Marksman Rifle now available in the Store. (The Marksman and PPSH are both available on RTD also.)
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    Yeah that's an issue, I'll have to make it so if only 1 person enters it doesn't deduct anything
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    hey gamer update i like penis
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    It wasnt, also the main reason I removed it is because I had numerous complaints of people going on the job just to screw with wardrobe
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    bitch hit my phone im like blah blah
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    hey gamers just got done doing Spanish homework
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    I mean if you want to look at only the downside of it, sure I guess you could say that. And no, wanted lasts 10 minutes also unless it's bugged which I haven't heard of
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    all above completed, post below to get yours fixed.