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    We have recently promoted Marki to Super Administrator and Colours to Senior Administrator. Please congratulate them when you see them! We really appreciate what they've done for the community.
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    I personally would disagree with adding RTD things to a vendor. Here are the reasons: It is so much more satisfying when you land on a high priced item versus just going and buying it If you did add a vendor then the market would eventually influx, ultimately there would be almost no point of rtd other then getting stuff like Stimpacks. Yes you may overpriced them but in the long run if most of the people have a grapple hook for example, it'll decrease it's value exponentially and in the long run when people start selling those things on tradeco then the price overall of them will be lower because they are common items. If you think the RNG isn't right, then change the percentages of gaining something rather then just buying it, it's a lot more fun getting it off chance rather then grinding for it and would develop competition within the community. I personally have gotten an RU-556 off RTD and it was EXTREMELY satisfying. Last thing i'll say is if you do anything, add new weapons that are vendor specific and unique. If your going to overprice something, make it so the items you incorperate are the only thing you can get from that vendor, yes there are some vendors like that but to tell the truth. I don't see and vendors that sell amazing or just great guns that are unique to that vendor. Only one I know about is the basic guns that you can buy for low price and even then people can buy and ocelot shotgun for 10 mill on tradeco vs a rustic for 15 mill at the vendor. Ultimately, I'd ask you add variety but don't allow people to just buy things that are specific to RNG, those are the things that make it worthwhile when you win them in RTD. I will say though that the RNG is a bit unbalanced. It's extremely hard to get a rare or even a super rare. Even getting something such as an ocelot is not a common occurrence.
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    I don't have the motivation or effort to write a full reply so I'm just going to quote Geek because he's 100% correct., This is probably the advice you should follow unless you want to start triggering price wars over the value of items. @Jouaram If you just want to get more perms out into the system - or make them easier for new players to obtain, I really suggest taking advantage of Geek, Yelsew, and even Marki for strategic game-development efforts, you have really smart talent here willing to help you brainstorm and work on the server but they won't be able to work effectively if you're on different pages. To add onto this, this is EXTREMELY important that it's controlled by RNG. If you don't, the "giving away" of a perm is weighted towards some other factor. If you have people pay for them, you're deliberately making it so people with more money have an easier time obtaining them. Any other method other than RNG will utilize game time, player money, supporter/user affinity, or some similar method to exclude or make it more difficult for other people to obtain them. It's SUUUUUUUPER important these items remain 100% random, because then it secures the fact that ANYONE, regardless of time played, money earned, or whether or not they donated, having the exact same odds as anyone else on their roll. Right now, RTD doesn't discriminate. If you make them buy-able by a vendor, you're setting a floor for the items as well as making certain demographics have an easier time obtaining them. It's not like we haven't done this in the past, we've added store weapons that were also available on RTD, but you're talking about essentially dismantling the purpose of RTD in a way that affects every perm on that item table. ok im done
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    Im signing out for good. Goodbye see ya around
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    Server Update May 9th, 2018: Bug Fixes: Removed ability to knock out party members Modified Files/Content: Removed thiefs, professional thiefs from spawning with kidnap baton Added kidnap baton to BMD for $25k a pop Removed supporter plus's access to lamp tool Added supporter plus access to light tool Kidnap baton changes: Players can be woken up by pressing +USE Wake up making a startled noise Updated clientside UI Players who are knocked out, whether you are holding a baton or not, will display that they can be woken up. Save your friends! Players who wake up normally will make a groaning noise Can't knock out arrested players Players who are moving slowly may be knocked out, this value may be adjusted as needed. Added Content: N/A
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    RTD is a unique idea (well, not the generalization of it, but relative to everything else ON Ret, it's unique). I think it should stay that way. It'd be nice for people to be able to buy those weapons, but people with millions would be able to sell anything they get from RTD for even more money. Putting the weapons on a vendor would be a quick money sink that would become less effective over time as the prices of perm weapons rise even more. I don't think adding them as a vendor item will really benefit anyone but the people who want all the perm items. Like I said in the last post, I really think that the higher we try to sell these items normally, the higher the prices will get. New players hardly have a chance economically against veterans, understandably, but the more we widen this gap, the more players we're gonna turn off.
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    Gonna lock this since there's just shitposts now. A lot of productive posts have been made though and I've read through all of them and will keep them in mind when making changes in the future.
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    I've been thinking on RTD and how it's entirely up to RNG whether or not you get a new weapon or any permanent weapon that has value and was wondering; would you guys rather have the RTD weapons ALSO available at a vendor for a overpay? So this way if you're grinding money you will DEFINITELY get the weapon you want if you earn enough money. I would be talking a large % overpay for the certainty for receiving it, for example a Grapple Hook would be in the 400-500mil range. I feel like adding this vendor would give money a lot more value, as right now money in the server isn't going anywhere as 90% of purchasing items/trading is player > player instead of player > NPC (which essentially is a sinkhole for $$). This is completely open for discussion and not a sure thing yet, but I would like to hear some downsides of it if you've got any. Thanks. Any memes/shitposts will be hidden/deleted.
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    Minor Server Update May 11th, 2018: Bug Fixes: Force exit now exits players out of pianos. Modified Files/Content: Added Content: Mods now have a ulx command to clear disconnected players' props.
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    Some further changes that also include yelsew's changes Server Update May 8th, 2018: Bug Fixes: N/A Modified Files/Content: Prop Limit Changes: User Prop Limit: 45 -> 60 Member Prop Limit: 55 -> 65 VIP Prop Limit: 60 -> 70 VIP Elite Prop Limit: 65 -> 75 Supporter Prop Limit: 120 -> 125 Trusted Prop Limit: 120 -> 125 [Store Related] - Disabled the ability to purchase the 6-Month Supporter package. Added Content: [Store Related] - Added a new rank, 'Supporter Plus' which is an extra package that supporters can purchase once a month for a large array of benefits and packages at a discounted price. Supporter plus gives you access to the following: Lamp Tool 145 Prop Limit 1x Care Package 1x Custom Printer Credit $25,000,000 In-game Cash. After the month has expired, you will lose access to the prop limit and lamp tool; everything else is forever. On screen lawboard added, should no longer restrict use of permanent items menu when using the Context Menu. Experimental Kidnap Baton added to Thief and Professional Thief, normal kidnapping rules are still in effect; we're testing the waters with it. Report any bugs you find immediately.
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    how about we remove the roll and add challenges to obtain these weapons obviously varying in rarity.
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    I think it's a bad idea given the huge ranges of balances that players have. There would be people that have the opportunity to buy it all, and others who are daunted by the prices.
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    Bump because announcements were broken (?)
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    Job Name: Mic-Spammer Your STEAM ID [https://steamid.io/]: STEAM_0:0:98343519 Proof Of Purchase [Can Be a Screenshot From !donate]: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1384763839 2 Friends STEAM ID You Want Added To The Job[https://steamid.io/]: STEAM_0:1:47195878 STEAM_0:1:102148666 RGB Job Color [If you do not use RGB your color will be defaulted to red]: 255,255,255 (I think that is white) 2 Models To Be Restricted To Your ID [Workshop Link]: 666417939 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=666417939, 635658981 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=635658981&searchtext= 4 Free Weapons To Add To Your Job: Frag, Smoke, Knife, G3SG1 Increase Salary To $5k?: Yes Spawn With 150 Armor?: Yes Amphetamine System?: Yes Chef Food?: Yes Hit System?: Yes Bit-Miner?: Yes PD Raidable?: Yes
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    I'm not even close to completing the "event" system that I currently have not named. Currently I have somewhat limited time, but I plan on making that one of my primary projects as I'm sure many are interested. I have no idea about the rewards yet, I'd eventually like to make it so players can host their own events and offer up prizes of their own.
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    This is basically just helping the wealthy players even more by providing them an easier way to purchase them. Aren't we trying to even the playing field as best we can?
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    I've been working on an event system for the past few weeks but had to pause it temporarily because we started work on a non intrusive report system. I have to get back to it sometime, but we're working on multiple things for the server atm.
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    Server Update May 8th, 2018: Bug Fixes: N/A Modified Files/Content: Changed the overall font for the kidnap system The kidnapped screen now shows the amount of times you're kidnapped for. Added Content: Force exit, force respawn, knockout(kidnap system,) and unknockout have been added for staff.
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    What if we didn't raise the percentage AND we didn't add a vendor? The permanent weapons gained from RTD should be super rare, as they are pretty powerful. We also balance the fact that they are super rare with the fact that any player should be able to get them, which is why RTD is setup to be random, not caring about rank at all. I think with adding a vendor we would be creating a fixed price level, which really isn't what we want with a player controlled economy. See my previous response for more information regarding that point. I think raising percentage would just allow players to get a weapon faster, and in less RTD rolls. I think this is a whole other topic, as this relates to whether or not we want to increase chances and how much we want to increase the chances by.
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    I don't like the idea of a vendor because it promotes a fixed price concept. The market should be entirely dominated by in-game player marketing, which is why we have RTD and tradeco. None of those provide a "fixed" price for the weapon.
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    The RTD is a set up. Literally I know people that get like 5 perms weapons/items per day and I know people that got nothing since it came out. Honestly just make the vendor :/