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    I haven't been around in ages (since like January of 2017) and I decided to come back and finally stick around for a while. Wanted to make this introduction post for the newer people who don't know about me. I used to be a Senior Admin (also technically Super Admin at the time, it was a weird and interesting time) before resigning for like the 5th and final time. I was also known as the night shift guy due to a large part of my time online being during the night. It's good to be back with the current community. A little bit about me: I like hot wings I have my own emote I also feel it's mandatory that I should just say this because I know some people will ask me to return to the staff team. The only way I'd make a staff app is if pigeon seriously thinks he needs more staff help, and if I feel like staffing again, which I really don't right now due to a couple reasons.
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    I resigned from staff for a couple of reasons that I don't really want to explain fully here, I will most likely stay pretty active but at this point idk, I might just fade away and become less active and less active just because there isn't much to do at this point. I just want to add that it was fun being staff and I had a fun time with a majority of the staff and wish you all the best.
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    As of now I will be posting a review of basically all content added for every month to keep a time stamp and transparency with you guys so you can also know what we were up to and what we will be working on in the future! This will also be a q/a discussion area of anything we've added if you had any questions. But with that here is your month in review! April In this month we have worked on and added a lot of cool content for you guys to try out but the main focus of this month was the staff team! We spent the majority of this month making changes to the ranks/layouts/systems that staff use and I will post all changes below. Work Completed Community Staples: Marki did a fantastic job of porting over the custom class system onto the server Propwhitelisting So far around 100 props have been whitelisted and I still need to go and whitelist the chainlink fences and regular gates. Another 100 or more props will be whitelisted soon Discord Revival Still in the works we will be adding and renovating it more so. Rank Changes: As many of you know we added the rank of trial mod! But not only that every other rank has had some form of change with it also. NEW RANK! Trial Moderator Trial mod will be taking the place of the first rank a staff member can receive as a staff member 12 hr ba INCREASED PERMISSIONS Moderator Ban time increased to 3 days INCREASED PERMISSIONS Administrator Ban time increased to 4 weeks/1 month RE-WORK Senior Administrator Senior is no longer going to be considered a higher-up rank and will now be more of a veteran admin instead. In doing this we won't be tracking activity and these members will be the juggernaut advisers of the staff team in-game. They will be the link in communication for the higher-up team and the rest of the staff team. This is the rank all staff should strive to be and earn. With this change and lowering of permissions we can double the size of the rank itself and really let great admins shine a little better. REMOVED Respected/Trusted/Janitor Trusted/Janitor: these ranks were added for the reason of problems with the staff team in general. These staff ranks sadly incentivized the idea of great staff retiring but keep staff privileges. We want staff to stay as staff and for staple ranks on the server but pseudo ranks were something that were sacrificed for that idea. Respected: This rank was removed to the idea that respect is earned and no rank should be shown for someone to have it. This rank has consistently been argued about and just a hassle in general for a meaningless rank. Just because amazing previous players lose this rank does not mean our respect to them will also disappear. New Mentoring System: The Trial-mod period will have 5 STEPS involved with the system what will be over the max time of 20 days. The Gauntlet though will take place only for around 15 days. Pre Trial-Mod Stage 1 (3-5 days) Stage 2 (3-5 days) Stage 3 (5-7 days) Post Mentoring/ Review Stage Pre-Trial Mod Member will apply for staff and will be reviewed by the whole community. If passed they will be given the mod test If failed they will be denied and can re-apply in 7 days. Mod test will be given under higher-up supervision and must have a 75% or higher to pass. If passed they will be asked to give 3 mentors they would like as their mentors with #1 being priority/then 2/then 3. If a staff member who retired within 4 months of apply re-applies and scores an 80% or higher they will be given moderator and no mentor given as an option. (Higher-ups can intervene.) If failed they will be denied and can re-apply in 7 days. The mentor and mentee will be given notification and the gauntlet will begin. The Gauntlet (Stage 1) 3-5 days (80% Structure 20% Social) Mentees will be a given a quick sheet of punishments and commands along with links to the staff handbook and an invitation to the staff-only club channel. The mentor will give a run down of all staff commands and permissions. Binds/Powers/Menu/Awarn/Hyrdologs/Extensions/Staff discord All sits will be conducted with the supervision of the Mentor in which the mentee will watch all sits conducted to learn how to properly collect all logs an evidence during a sit. Mentees should take the time to learn all staff ranks and members. The Gauntlet (Stage 2) 3-5 days (40% Structure 60% Social) Mentee will be conducting their sits alone with a mentor spectating. After the sits are finished the mentor will give a review of how the sit went The mentee will be quizzed on illegal bases and rules created but the mentor to find any weakness. Mentees have the ability to take sits when their mentor is not available but will be responsible for their decisions. The Gauntlet (Stage 3) 5-7 days (10% Structure 90% Social) The mentee will be left completely alone and will be silently spectated by mentors along with higher-ups. This stage is when mentees should be able to prove their ability to staff independently without help. This is the mentees final chance to prove they can be trusted with staffing powers. Post Mentoring/Review Stage Mentees will be given a survey about their mentor and the trial mod system in general. The 3rd stage of mentoring has not ended until the final review from higher ups has been given. Higher-ups will be giving the trial-mod a very detailed assessment of their gauntlet period of their strengths and weaknesses along with whether they passed or failed. If Passed they will be given the rank of moderator and have completed all testing! If Failed they will have their staff power removed and must wait 2 MONTHS before re-applying. Staff and mentor only channels: Now that the final admin apps were completed in the staff only channel it is going to be hidden and removed from sight. With this we will be taking advantage of the new club system to schedule events and staff meetings! Admin applications are now using the recommendation following these requirements: Must have AT LEAST 150 hours in-game. Must have held a Moderator position for minimum 1 week. 3 recommendations before applying. Reworking of moderator and Admin tests Staff Activity: We doubled the staff team size Staff team is now very active and a super strong fantastico group of members! (Proud of em) Though staff inactivity is still in the works we are trying are hardest to continually make staffing as fun as possible! Plans for May Now that staff has been mainly fixed we will now be hard focusing on fully reworking and fixing community issues/look/forum activity! In the coming month expect these updates to be coming soon! New Ret logo and vectors! New loading screens! The addition of the trading club! New menu layouts and advertisement of forums in-game! Placebo buffs to forum activity! Our main plan is to finish up all manual systems before summer starts and the burst of players comes in! I would expect to see a lot of old players + new ones coming in at the end of the month so get excited! Personal Comments: I haven't really said it to everyone but I want to thank all you guys including Jouaram and the other higher-ups for having so much trust in what we're doing. The amount of support and awesome community members over the past 2 months is fantastic and now even amazing old players are coming in to join the new bloods also. It's been a long time since I've seriously enjoyed ret and all you guys are what makes it so enjoyable not only for me but for every player who joins in the future. Thank you
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    @poslepoludnya I'm gonna format this so it's easier for you to read. I like it when you write a lot because it gives me more to throw in the dumpster. "This is my complete last post, this is it" I find that hard to believe The ploy worked. I joined the forums and got us off. It took a couple hours of work, but the glee of getting away with one of the biggest crimes was immeasureable. You think rdming and propspam on a server is an immeasurable crime? I can tell you for a fact nothing you have ever done would have been something of actually importance to what we deal with weekly. I didn't have a lot of friends in Canada. I'm surprised you have any with how you treat other community members. If you want more friends maybe try not to act like an entitled prick. Ret went from a bunch of stuckup rule boys who were gonna grow up to be cops, the pigs of the human race prima donna I felt like an uncle to some of you kids,and I saw a bit of myself in some of you. If you could tell me who those kids were so we can watch them more closely that would be great. And honestly, this will feel like a betrayal, and yeah it totally is, but also, you turned a minge into someone who, uhh, didn't do that anymore. So that's pretty cool. What interesting is most of your post is talking about how this is what you wanted to be and now your upset we made you feel this way. I seriously want you to re-read that post then look back at this statement. Your suggestions: Harsher punishments You ironically hate poeple who press down on punishments but believe we should have harsher punishments at the same time XD Your situation is exactly this where as much as we love people posting things they love you decided to make ret a platform for yourself. As much as you deny it, that and you playing piano are the only 2 things I have ever seen you do. Gun Proliferation You do realize you're on a darkrp server correct? This is a major focal point if it and as much as we're going to be editing this, it is a priority to make them somewhat accessible to people wishing to play thugs. Low staff numbers We literally doubled our staff team and is probably one of the reasons you got in trouble. Take the time to look at the staff trello before writing ill-informed opinions. Staff knowing the tricks that RDMers use to get off As much as this is important it would be better if we could automatically filter these situations through game-play and not sits. If we automate systems people rdm with such as mugging/basing and what used to be fearrp we can lower it to the point that anyone trying to cause issues is extremely identifiable. Yet again you wrote how much you hate this and like that at the same time. You are 100% an oxymoron of yourself. Conclusion In total you have written over 3,000 words the past two days and are clearly showing you have some insecurities about what we did. You call us entitled yet come in here and treat everyone in the community like garbage and as #'s to your soundcloud/spotify. You writing this just makes everything happening to you here karma. This is equivalent to having a breakdown in my eyes and I seriously hope you can find help elsewhere with it. I just hope you realize how hypocritical everything you're writing here is to how you act and what you've done. Can't wait to see you again.
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    I decided that I am going to resign, a lot of reasons for it. I will still be going in and out of the server though. See you guys soon
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    Verdict: Denied for Plagiarism Reasons for verdict: You spent 2 hrs copying someones app and stealing their work. Unlucky for you it only take 5 mins for us to notice it. @SoundPulserino congrats your apps been copied. Additional Notes: You may never re-apply.
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    After being on break for a while and lurking the forums im back. Keeping it short I was very sick lasted about 4 months, recovering. Send me good roblox memes or spongebob memes please thank you
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    Denied While you had this up you decided to propblock printers and AFK farm them. So once again, you must ask permission to reapply if you wish to in the future. Do not ask to reapply for at least 3 months.
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    This girl in my art class made this shit. Amazing.
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    A Mexican sombrero It can also be different colors and different sizes.
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    Denied I was honestly contemplating whether I should delete this or not. I'm denying you for 14 days because I need an extra week to recover.
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    I'll start this off by saying simply, this is my complete last post, this is it. The main reason I'm talking about this is to shut the book for good; me, Captain Pollution, and Twiggles the Dank are finished with Ret, and we want to stay off Ret because it simply isn't what we're interested in. I drew Captain back into things yesterday, and he told me that it's our time to go for good. Agreed, fair enough really, I mean three years is a long ass run, especially for us. We usually get bored of RP servers pretty quick, but Ret was sooo easy to exploit, we stuck around. Also, I eventually calmed down a little and joined the community. It was an odd case. Let's start things off from the beginning, me and Captain Pollution joined Ret in Q1 of 2016. Ret at this point was a completely different animal, and I mean completely different. Practially no perms, a less complicated log system, way less gun proliferation, a functioning economy, way different, unrecognisable. At this point, me and Captain (who I'll call Anthony or Ant for the rest of this) were looking for another server to settle into. We were permed from a server called Aurora RP for attempted prop spam, so at this point we were looking for somewhere to roost, and Ret was perfect because of the staff and newness of the server. Basically, the way me, Ant, and Blake (Twiggles the Dank) play DarkRP is to just cause as much mayham as possible, but not get caught. You see, we're different than a lot of RDMers, we're in it for the long game. A lot of people will get on, Mass RDM once or twice, but that's small damage, nothing in the long term as far as consequences for the server. We were interested in long term damage, true force. We started with Base Abuse, illegal bases. That's easy, people are drawn to bases and it isn't technically RDM, if an admin is called, there's no real punishments being administered; sure you might have made the base with the intention of getting tons of kills, but defending your base isn't against the rules, and if you get caught for fading door abuse or whatever, if you're good enough at playing dumb you can get out of it without even a single warn. When we started out, we were using the hotel manager job to effectively lock down the hotel by fountain. We had a few tennants, but really it was just an elaborate trap to get police to enter. We'd get tons of printers and get wanted, and just kill cops for a few hours. Good fun, tricky KOS lines made it really easy to rack up kills very fast. The server was also so busy, and with so little staff, sits would get so backed up that even though we were breaking so many rules, we could get away with it really easy, and boy did that get us off. Holy shit, it was the best. The golden years really. Eventually, perms and stim packs, or maybe health and armor drugs, I dunno it was hard to remember, eventually eliminated basing the way it was. Bases used to be everywhere in early Ret, and it was easy to get a few hotel tennants so that we could basically have a small army, but basing rules changed and were enforced harder, along with small basing going out of fashion and turning into party basing, effectively killing the old plan. Next for us was PD abuse; if basing rules change, easy, just abuse a different set. This case, it was curfews. If you haven't noticed, curfews, and lockdowns as well have pretty much vanished. Why? Because they were nerfed to stop abuse. At our point in Ret, I think this was still 2016, though it was definitely Q3 at this point, curfews could be held funtionally indefinetely, and with "proper warnings" which were a joke at the time, you could essentially KOS people outside during curfews that never ended. It was magic for us, we weren't really used to that kind of power, and it really got to our heads. Ant probably got 300 or 400 kills, basically RDMs really, and with me being mayor, I was the one who caused it. People would become police to trip with us, I mean I probably caused at least 700 or 800 RDMs right there. The rules were murky enough that we could keep doing it punishment free, and we never recieved any warns for that, or the hotel bases before last. Eventually though, the rules were fixed, effectively killing curfews, and making lockdowns toothless. We tried a few more times, but it never really worked out. We had to come up with a new plan. The new plan was actually just playing a different game, we were bored of Ret at that point, kind of felt like we won the server, so we moved on to other stuff, CSGO I think it was. We were gone for a long while, until July of 2017. When we had come back, things were comepletely different, stims had become popular now, and perms were everywhere. Weapons were somewhat common before, but at this point, it was assumed nearly anyone who wasn't a citizen had a gun. Easy game, this is when our RDM spree properly started. It wasn't loopholing the big rules, no this was true force, all the kings soldiers and all the king's men cannot put it back together again. Aside from a few upgrades to our tactics, our RDM basically stayed in this format, with the occasional minge, like with the introduction of miners, or the server switch when tons of guns were crazy broken. Our setup was this, get as many RDMs without getting caught. The goal was no warns, just cause as much trouble as we can. Tilt people. We devolved a simple system, don't kill the same person twice within about 30 minutes, don't kill anyone we know had extensive forum connections, and don't kill anyone who had supporter rank or above. Target people who were either minges like us, or probably couldn't defend themselves very well, like players with no mics or children. It's way easier to win sits if the other person is angry, so as long as you get the other person upset and stay cool yourself, if you ever managed to get caught, you could weasle your way out super easy. The thing is, the danger isn't in the RDM, it's in the sit. You get away with 100% of the RDMs that don't lead to sits, if you're really careful and only get in one sit or so for every night that we would get on and cause terror, we could remain relatively safe from staff. If you were called to a sit, it was easy, just say that they threatened you over VOIP, or that they shot in your direction. Everyone had a gun, so the idea that someone might have been trying to kill you wasn't uncalled for, and if it was a younger kid or someone new to the server, it was easy to say that they were attempting a mug in VOIP, and so we killed them for that reason. We could land about 150 kills in 2 or 3 hours, maybe more maybe less, depended on the night and how many staff were on. At this point, the numbers are in the thousands probably. Every Gmod night was filled with RDM, and we had very few warns to show for it. RDM is like a forbidden fruit, it's the most dangerous game, it has all the risk, it's so fun to get off scott free. I can't explain it in words, it's just one of the best experiences in Gmod. Try it sometime on a server you don't care about, you'd be surprised how fun it is. We were getting bored though, it was way too easy. With all of our extra pracitise, we wanted to do something really big, something really risky. Prop spam. Oh yeah, a crime that's hard to get out of, but has dire consequences, it affects everyone. And if you can get away with it, holy shit, what a heist. That's what we did, we spammed the iron from the old meth job, this was in August of 2017. Nearly crashed the server, we were close. Then Saad walked in on us doing it. Ant and Blake killed themselves. Ant got off free, but me and Blake, we got perm banned. Oof, but it wasn't over, we knew a way. The forums. If you play smart, and get emotional about your past experiences and how it was an accident and how we love the server and that it would be such a shame to get banned oh please unban us. We're good dogs really. The ploy worked. I joined the forums and got us off. It took a couple hours of work, but the glee of getting away with one of the biggest crimes was immeasureable. But, as fate tends to work, the more I talked to people on the forums about my problems, and about my projects, the more I started to feel involved. I had just hopped countries, and I didn't have a lot of friends in Canada. Ret moved into my life in a way I didn't predict. That's the reason I'm writing this, I want you guys to know about our tricks, our little game we played on you for years. In late 2017, I was too conflicted to RDM heavily again. Ret went from a bunch of stuckup rule boys who were gonna grow up to be cops, the pigs of the human race, and I must say, while that opinion stuck on some members, here, what I found was a refuge to put my art and my personal problems. A bunch of people cared, which was a rare thing, never happened when I was a sleeper agent on other RP forums. No no, this was different, I was one of them. Ant and Blake continued to RDM, and I bailed them out of trouble with my name a few times. With some staff, a simple eye witness testimony was enough to weasle an RDM verdict into our favour. I didn't RDM very much myself though, I knew some of these people and also had a repuation to build. I felt like an uncle to some of you kids, and I saw a bit of myself in some of you. And honestly, this will feel like a betrayal, and yeah it totally is, but also, you turned a minge into someone who, uhh, didn't do that anymore. So that's pretty cool. The final tally of rule bent killings, including, but not limited to: Base Abuse related Killings PD Abuse realted Killings Fail RP related killings NLR killings Straight RDM killings One prop spam attempt And multiple uses of exploits The total kills gained from these exploits numbers deep into the thousands, I predict maybe something into the late 8000s, early 9000s. We've killed a shit load of people. Also one prop spam attempt and broken bases, along with making people tilt. So, considering this is probably one of, if not the most aggredious breaches of rules in the history of Ret, if we don't count major staff abuse from people like MegantheVegan and Proper, how can we make sure this doesn't happen again? You don't need to figure it out, I gotchu guys. 1. Harsher Punishments The reason RDM sprees on Ret are so easy is because, even if you're caught, the risk is low enough that most of the time, a sit isn't called in the first place. A 60 second jail for one RDM? That is literally nothing. Even a mass RDM, a stupid RDM by the way, no one who doesn't want staff related troubles commits those, only gets you a week, sometimes even less. If the punishments are harsher, less repeat offenders like me, Ant, and Blake will RDM as much, and if we do RDM, odds are the victim will want to persue a sit for revenge purposes. 2. Gun Proliferation Everyone has a gun on Ret, perm guns usually. This makes it easy to give a motive to killings by simply saying, "I was in danger, I thought he was trying to shoot me/was going to shoot me". This one factor has made RDM on Ret crazy easy. 3. Low staff numbers Staff sits are time consuming, if there is only one staff on, then it's really easy, especially on busy nights, to rack up the kills. All the sits get lost in the static, and it's really easy to fade into the background noise. 4. Staff knowing the tricks that RDMers use to get off Hopefully this little post helps create some literacy, but honestly, some of the staff here need mentoring, bad. A lot of the time, the staff are far too soft, and while I can say that the link incident from yesterday might show things are moving in the correct direction, Ant still killed 35 people in about 45 minutes, rookie numbers really, but with 6 staff on it was actually pretty good. No warns, not even one sit. I don't have anything else to say. This is goodbye, and I mean goodbye goodbye. I guess I'm probably gonna end up like Proper or something, immortalised with the "banned" title. What a plot twist haha. Ret was good to me, and while this makes me sound kind of bad, I haven't gone on a Ret RDM spree in a pretty long time. I love you all, I hope I could change your guy's lives in some way. If you ever want to get ahold of me, my steam is a good place. I don't game very much, but I should be able to get back to you. Of course, some of you I still interact with sometimes, so you know, this "how to contact sender" stuff doesn't apply to you. Goodbye.
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    jesus christ nigga its a gmod server lmao, feel like i just watched a two hour long vice documentary about the Cambodian drug cartel
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    Internet man has breakdown on a garrys mod server over his 14 listens a month spotify.
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    is this because u got warned for soundcloud advertisment or what
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    Retribution is holding a cosmetic contest for players to suggest cosmetics they want added to the in-game cosmetic vendor! Post below with any designs of cosmetics you've designed or currently existing designs from other games/anywhere. A handful of designs will be selected and modelled to be added in-game as a hat/mask! If your design is chosen you will be given the cosmetic in-game free before it is added to the cosmetic shop. There are no rules to how many designs you can post, however you must post at least a few sentences describing the design.
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    Denied - You did not receive permission to reapply
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    Hello all, my name is TasteTheRainbow I know I already made an intro before but now I actually have my gaming computer working and also good and yes I am related to @The Anonymous Rainbow He is my younger brother. Trying to get on the server as much as I can to get to know people and also hang out with those who I have already met, but also meet new people and have fun on the server. If you have any questions for me then feel free to ask them
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    Hello, everyone! I'm Kyle Cisco. Some of you may have encountered me in the past. I have played on a number of different DarkRP servers in the past, but yours stood out among them all. I started out with OrangeRP (I think it was called that), then I moved to HooplaRP, and now I'm here! I have had some friendly encounters with Retribution moderators in the past, which is a rare occasion compared to most of the DarkRP servers I have visited. I'm glad to finally make an account on this forum! - Kyle Cisco
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    -1 You may act like a saint while playing on ret but you are extremely racist I personally don't think you are a fit for staff I also wonder how much of your ingame hours are just afk hours from basing since most the time you are just afk when I see you. I have some other things that I'm not going to put against you until I find out further about them.
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    Popped like 10 dudes got pulled into a sit ez ban cya in a week losers
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    Accepted Well, well, well Mr.Alpha. If I accept you ya gotta promise to not dip on me and break my heart again. Two times was enough already. But it is clear a lot of the community supports you. You did great as previous staff and I am sure you will keep that reputation. The rules have changed since then so before you message one of us for the mod test I would study up. But it's great to have you back. I used to sit at a fire alone in the woods at night to hear the sounds of the fireflies circle me. I remember feeling its warmth as silhouettes of black trees contrasted the orange light painting the landscape around me. It always led to a endless black abyss around leaving only the imagination to wonder what was beyond the wall. While alone in the woods I would talk to the fire who told me its stories. The bugs told me of where they traveled and the sights they've seen. The crackling wood told tales of its old age. The wind told me of the stories that traveled with it. The stars would tell me of what was beyond the horizons. But most important of all the forums on my mobile device would tell me of this amazing staff app being posted. Welcome back. Be sure to add @DaveThe2nd @Flustered Pigeon @nonamus @The Anonymous Rainbow on steam!
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    The forums is just going through a slow month, after this month the forums will get a boom of new/old players. Either wait like a month or regularly check the forums and post on the one or two new threads there are everyday.
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    n*ggas rly out here killing people on a gmod server and acting like they escaped alcatraz smh
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    That right there, is a thousand IQ play. On a serious note, what the fuck. I get minging and having fun on a server, but you guys literally just caused mayhem and somehow got away with it because people didn’t seem to care. I really have lost all respect for you. The fact that you have the audacity to come on the forums and complain about things on ret when you’re doing stuff like this, absolutely amazes me.
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    I'm sorry I love you dude, but I'm not reading that. It looks like my Organic Chemistry textbook.
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    So many of you know me, as I was admin about 2 years ago. I recently got on G-Mod again for the first time in a while and hopped on the server. I obviously had a lot of hours a while ago, and now since I just got back on, do I still need to regain all those hours for staff, or would y'all accept an application if I made one sometime soon? I got on and it said I needed hours for certain jobs so that's how I knew they reset. Tanks. @Owner @Super Administrator @Senior Administrator
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    (This is in the Discord too) Congrats to @SoundPulserino and @Logical® for staff of the month!!!
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    ok listen so i love cute things and the Dogo Hat is literally my favorite cosmetic in the game i really wanna see more cutesy cosmetics so i drew up some ideas really quick Also i think some Jojo's Bizarre Adventure hats or even kirby cosmetics would be super cool to have uwu I could design those later
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    Employee hat from SpongeBob. There are some models with it on already. Maybe you can exit the model and take off the hat from it and transfer it into the game.
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    Anyone can do that bro
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    I just bought a M4A1 for 120 mil and a icarus shotgun and i feel like i just overpayed alot what do i do?
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    So, I´m not going to be playing anymore in-game as much as I used to. My current Pc is to shit and can barely run a flash game. I should be done with getting all of the parts right before school ends for most students. So until then, the only thing I can do is be on the forums looking for things to post on. But when I get my new Pc, I will be playing tons of new games and be back on Ret. But for the time being, this is a ¨see you soon¨.
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    gonna cry about it? piss your pants? maybe shit and cum?
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    We aren't going to create rules to completely dictate everyone's speech as much as this isn't okay. He probably should've been muted for that but he isn't out here purposely trying to terrorize victims of columbine. The dude wrote that to mass rdm then was banned for it idk what else you want them to do out of that situation. A better solution is to make a chat filter system that allows us to block certain words like many other games do. That way we don't have sits for it and it's completely automated.
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    You know what’s crazy? You like never get on and make this bold ass statement like “Oh yeh fuckers my friend rdm’d like 35 people yeh?” Ok some people don’t care if they get rdm’d so why do I go and punish the guy, and the fact that you have the audacity to come and blast your mouth about all this shit is so crazy to me, you were once a staff but you never decided to bring up anything before? Like don’t get me wrong I thought you were a cool guy but all this shit makes me think less and less of you. Also, this stupid little “He shot at me!” Doesn’t ever fucking slide, I don’t know who ever does that but if I’m in a sit with them, it’s still Rdm. Low staff members? Get a load of this fucking guy man, more staff members on at all times then I’ve ever seen(Usually a solid 4-6 staff on at normal times, 3-12) we still don’t have the 1 staff on per 6 hours like when you were staff and it’s so crazy when you contradict your own point and say low staff but then go “When me friend rdm’d there was 6 on!” And yes, let me give a new player a 5 minute jail because he killed 2 people on accident because he didn’t know you can’t shoot people unless they hit you, what a marvelous idea. Just make the new players hate the server “Gosh I messed up one thing now I’m sitting in this jail cell for 3-5minutes this server sucks.” Finally, remove everyone’s guns! The golden ticket! No rdm how could we have not seen this, reduce guns = no rdm, but congrats, you made another post to cry about the server when I thought it was just to tell a story and for you to leave. Goodbye, please don’t make another post for the love of god.
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    50% of anyone saying over 6 ft tall is lying
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    Time for a golden age on Ret, so much shit has been done by you guys its amazing. The amount of toxicity being purged with all of these overhauls will definitely make Ret great again! nice job pigeon, dave, and all of yall staff bois, boi i luv u all
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    Accepted Would you look at the app above. Pretty cool right? That accepted looks pretty neat also. As you probably know we were pretty sad when you had to leave right before we were about to start renovations and thought you would be a major assets when we started but unfortunately life always intervenes. With the new system though you won't have to worry about that situation. As you know we are automatically bumping you to senior and will be discussing kind of all the new systems. To anyone who dislikes this then that really sucks. For you or course. I will just leave this below. ACCEPTED There comes a person every now and then that I take the liberty to show insane favoritism by accepting their application almost immediately. Meegan was the first and now you're the second. I see no point in leaving this application up for so long when you have established a name for yourself, quickly. You are mature, respectful, and active. Congratulations and welcome to the team. Review these documents before going on duty! Staff Only Forum Section Punishment Guidelines Retribution Handbook
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    rip the best staff member on the team
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    I have finals in like every class and work every damn day and I need to not fail anything so I can't really be on. I cant be on till at least Friday and cant most of the summer.... Sorry for shit typing I'm at church
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    No it's not, just like It's not a violation of your freedom of speech when I tell you that you're not welcome in my home if you are going to yell the N word at my children while they try to sleep. You're free to say what you like, and everybody else is free to react to it and to decide how much of it they want to hear. That's freedom of speech working 100% as intended.
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    Thanks man, I appreciate it. But at first I read the message as I'll never be a great addition to the community and I laughed before realizing that I read it wrong. I actually came back the day before I made this post, I just decided to actually stick around for a while yesterday and made this post. I'm not sure that I would qualify as a true OG as there are older players than me, I feel like I'm more part of the middle generation of OGs, not quite a true OG. But yeah, don't remember ya. But that's just more on me really, I focused less on meeting newer players towards the end of my time here. Plus, if I did actually know you, it has been quite a long time as well. I'm Mexican, so they're also amazing. Plus, anything Vlad likes, I like. Probably. I was just hiding my power level dood. Don't want to shock the rookies.
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    [Cloud]'s Moderator Application In-Game Name: Cloud☁ Age: 15 Timezone: -7:00 (MST) Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:92524694 Steam Profile (Link): https://steamcommunity.com/id/YeOldFartSlashCloud Hours on the server: 643 hours. Times Active: Usually around 1+ hours a day. When it comes to work I work 3 hours (due to legal reasons) during the weekdays, however during the weekends and summer I work from 10:00am (MST) to 3:00pm+. Some days I can have overloads of homework or things like such so that can be one thing that'd keep my hours down a little bit during a day. Why I want/should be a moderator: I returned a couple weeks ago and just missed the old vibe of being around friends as staff. I missed going around and staffing when I had nothing to do. Along with that I feel I can help make a larger impact on the team and maybe become a role model for future staff. Lastly the team we have currently is strong and I feel like I can be some sort of influence within it and also within the server. Have you read the rules fully, understand them and are wanting to enforce them as correctly as possible?: Yes Are you willing to listen to any Staff member chosen to mentor and guide you as a Staff, even if you feel you don't need to?: Yes Are you able to Staff actively on the server for several hours a week?: Yes SITUATIONS: The server begins to lag and players are complaining about prop spam: [How can you find the source of the prop spam? How do you determine what is or isn't prop spam?] From a mods standpoint, I would go into logs to find any sort of source of the lag. In this situation taking time in logs can be detrimental, so I would focus on anything that'd give a large clue. During this time I would freeze props and clear DC props consistently. Once I find a source, mattering on how much damage it's causing, I would kick the player and ban them from their SteamID and request an permanent ban extension (I could figure this out via spectate)(after proof is obtained). If the damage isn't too high, I would locate the player, get proof, and then ban the player where the scene lies after a short explanation was given. If it turns out to be a dupe being placed, then I'd try to consult the player just to basically let them know what happened and clear up any chatter or questions in OOC. People begin to complain about an "illegal base": [What process do you take to make sure the player fixes the issue(s) with their base? What if the player refuses or ignores you altogether?] First off I'd make sure that the player that is being accused is aware of the situation. After the sits been established and both players are aware of what is happening and what will happen, I would scout the base. If anything is found as illegal, then I would allow the player to make direct changes. At that point I'd usually end the sit (and return the other player(s)) and allow the accused player to fix their base. In this case I would usually watch the player do so, and also make sure others do not attempt to raid the base. If the player decides to ignore me or refuse to fix the base, I would give them a verbal warning (not documented in AWarns) to fix it or they'd be kicked. If the ignorance continues, the player would be kicked and their base would be removed through !cleardcprops. You see another staff member abusing his/her powers: [Example of staff abuse? What process do you take to stop it? Do you get higher ups involved, or would you talk to the staff member yourself? Both? Neither?] An example of staff abuse would be @Logical® walking up to me and beginning to swing me around with his physgun. In this situation, as a moderator, I would get as much evidence as possible. Once my evidence is rounded up, I would get it to higherups as quickly as possible. If it was minor abuse like such, I'd try to communicate with the staff member as I get proof. If it was a major case like random banning, I would get as much proof as possible while also trying to put sense into the staff member in a means to stop them, however I would try to hold back from potentially becoming the abuses next victim. Once I have all/any proof It'd be exported to a higherup as quickly as possible with a thorough explanation alongside it. A player is extremely uncooperative during a sit: [What do you do if a player doesn't like your judgement of the sit? What do you do if they start downright insulting you?] If a player is being uncooperative in a sit, I would try to get whatever I could out of them and figure out the sit from there. If a player decides they don't like my judgement within a sit, they're always more than welcome to request another staff members opinion. However I would try to work with them to see what they find fair and make a good conclusion on what the outcome will be based off a fair agreement or punishment. A player is excessively RDMing/RDAing and breaking NLR: [What is RDM/RDA and NLR? How do you determine if a player is breaking any of these?] * RDM stands for Random Death-match -- RDM is when a player kills another player without fair RP reasoning. -- Example: Logical meaninglessly shoots me while I attempt to buy a weapon off TradeCo. * RDA stands for Random Arrest -- RDA is when a player arrests another player without fair RP reasoning. -- Example: Logical arrests me for J-walking. * NLR stands for New Life Rule -- NLR means you must RP in a new life after dying in your past one. Breaking NLR would when a player dies in a certain area/zone, and continues to go back to that area/zone. Another form of breaking NLR is expressed through reenacting your past life. When you die, in RP terms, you forget your last life and what happened; so reenacting your past life (as in going back to your base to get revenge on the raiders that just killed you) would be breaking NLR. You can determine if a player is breaking any of these through logs, /nlrcheck, and /arrestcheck; however communication is a nice tool to use too, as those systems don't necessarily give the whole story/background. (Additional Comments): [Anything else you want us to know about you? You can remove this part from the application if you don't want to include anything.] I know I may not be the most active player currently, and I bet a lot of players haven't seen me much since I've come back. There's no means of this application being accepted, however it is a building block to see whatever else I may need to work on. Anyways it's nice to be back and I look forward to seeing everyone else on the server more.
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    This is me according to @CTW


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