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    -1 Yeah I don't trust you. Those screenshots of your conversation with Hotwings and the fact that you made a leaving post recently are bad signs. All this "improvement" that you have been doing feels really fake. If it isn't, seeing someone like you make such a turn around is very impressive. If you were trying to leave because you are bored with the server, like it says in your going away post, don't try to become staff to reignite your passion for gmod, it won't help. If you were to become staff you would likely only use your staff powers to help yourself and ultimately get bored again. We don't need staff members who are on their last legs with gmod.
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    -1 Yes, I think you have changed, no I don't think you should apply so fast. Also just afking in game is not rping. @yelsew352
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    "TYLER DESERVES TO BE BURRED UNDER THE FUCKING GROUND THAT'S WHAT HE DESERVES. THAT'S WHAT HE FUCKING DESERVES." Someone with anger issues worse than mine were does not need to be staff.. and trust me as a staff member I was a fucking pain in the ass. Looking back I was an immature raging twat.
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    Trying to impersonate an admin already? damn that was fast... https://retributionrp.org/index.php?/topic/4670-i-may-be-going-away/&page=1 Just look at this thread to see how much of an minge he is ^
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    I don't know why you keep claiming somebody was impersonating you, especially when you've admitted to your name being Michael J. Caboose. Plus, Aydan is a moderator - aka, the person recording - and was a regular on Ret when this was recorded (as far as I'm aware). Why the hell would anyone feel the need to take your name like that? There's no motive to impersonate you during this time. Why not just own up to your mistakes and move on? Trying to lie to cover it up shows you're not at all prepared to take on the responsibilities of a staff member, and only poses problems for the server in the future. Not to mention, you have a running history of flipping out on people that disagree with you, or accuse you of wrongdoing. If you're so willing to flip out and lie over your mistakes, why should you be trusted to moderate a server with much less mature players? On top of it all - why are you responding to all the negative comments with argumentative posts? Say you're not arguing all you want, but I can tell you're getting a bit riled up. There's no need to respond to people who are posting their opinion on your staff application. The whole point of a staff application being public is to invite criticism and people's opinions on you, so why are you trying to take them to PMs? Do you understand the function of a public staff application? Regardless of your history on the server - however terrible it may be - your attitude and responses on this staff application alone can really show how you would handle and treat a staff role; on past applications, too, you've shown a great deal of immaturity and lack of ability to handle issues involving yourself. At this point, I've said all that I've feel I've needed to say, so I'll stop posting. There is absolutely no fucking way in hell you've changed for the better in the least, and those who aren't morons know that very well, and will continue to point it out until you fuck off and stop trying. kthx
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    -1 I have encountered you in-game multiple times. the most memorable experiences I have with you are far from pleasant
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    -1 -Age -I haven't seen you ingame recently -Not active in Discord -Immature
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    -Good Forum activity -I haven't seen you in-game Recenetly -When I saw you in-game, ^. FINAL: -1 It seems like you may know the rules, but try to bend them in certain ways. Try to work on your activity/reputation in-game, and I may change my decision of a negative support. Also, a bad rep does affect a decision, even if it's small, there's always a reason. If it was just from someone downrepping you without a reason, it is rep abuse. -Caboose
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    -1 his attitude wont change hes just kissing admins asses to get +1's... the comment against hotwings shows how he really is
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    -1 Bit too young Seen you ingame a few times, kinda mingy Nice App
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    -1 Haven't seen you ingame much. your rep worries me. Not active on forums much/not active on Discord. (But i stall lav ya. No homo.)
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    Thank you for telling everyone.
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    Ok let me pop your bubble really quick . -1 Your attitude in game is horrible you clearly don't know the rules in , because every time i see you , your a swat going around rdming people without giving warnings because there is a law saying guns out kos/aos .... But that's no all your maturity is a big issue . You in my eyes and many others will not be able to take a sit correctly . Most mods and admins are told very harsh things to them and they have to take it like men and women . I don't think your ready for it . I've seen you around but in very bad ways . You also don't know the committee and your people to people relation skills are not the best . If you want a better shot next time . Work on the issues other people put down .
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    tell them you're not actually a mod and you're hacking
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    In-Game Name : Wolfy Name of the event : Deathrun Brief Description of the event : 1 team of players run through a course of traps that only "Deaths" can activate Rules of the event : 1. No drugs only deaths can use speed drugs. 2. Don't SHOOT DEATHS. 3. If caught in a deaths trap do not avoid gunshots, you have already been eliminated. How many participants would it require to start the event : 6 What do you require to host this event : increase of prop limit Would you be able to build the arena or stage for the event : yes I will create it as a dupe on my single player world What type of prize would you like to give out : 3 mil for 1st place Extra note : It's been done but i have some fun ideas for it @MrGeekabit@VladTheImpaler
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    -1 Sadly I only seen you once on the server Age concerns me The staff itself is really good! From other people it seems your attitude is not good My advice is you should work on your attitude and be more online on the server!
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    -1 You take things way to seriously Age is concerning -rep Ive seen you in game 2 times
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    -/+ - Never seen in game - No activity on Forums - Age The application is ok hope for the best.
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    Running With Rifles Insurgency Payday 2 and my favorite is Freedom Planet
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    You need to have 60 hours to apply. You will need to try again after you reach the hour requirement.
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    stop bumping your thread, we don't care and is not relevant to your mod app...
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    -1 I think you know the rules pretty well and in game I have never seen you yell or get frustrated but in my opinion, you can't be staff if your have anger issues, it just won't work because if a player is frustrated in your sit, you have to be calm at all times and by what I'm seeing from a video and other people's responses, it's very hard for you to do that. Things just wouldn't work out most of the time. But anyways, good luck bro. -Zeezy
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    it's not harrassment, just one of the many reasons to not accept his shitty staff app
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    No problem, I made the mistake i dont want you to be treated wrongly for what i said.
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    ill give him 1 week
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    +/- (neutral) I have met this guy many times ingame, and although i am a huge minge, this guy can sometimes be even worse than I in terms of personality. However, I have seen that caboose is trying his ass off to become a better person and is working hard to gain good reputation. He is also pretty fun to base with (not that this has anything to do with the staff app itself) Overall, although he may have a worse side, sometimes, Caboose can be a pretty nice dude
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    I did, and I don't care what you have to say. As I said, you're arguing with someone's opinion. Regardless of whether I got the facts wrong or not, your attitude and maturity shines through in your actions and have been since you've become a regular on Ret. Please sit down.
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    +1 - seems fun, I like death run
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    -1 -I've seen this too. So damn annoying. -If that's not enough, you are 11 years old. That's really young even for RRP standards. -You have -4 forum rep, which is an instant - for me. Sorry bud ecksDEE keep memeing on fella
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    -Dont see you in-game much -not active much in ts/discord -Amazing application, and great answers.
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    Do the right thing and resign. It's a lot more fun than it seems.
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    There are people who look good on paper, they have amazing knowledge, great attendance, great attitude to others. But then it turns out the real them is an asshole. This is Caboose. Hell, my first interaction with him was him being an asshole. My most recent was him being an asshole. This dude does not change. He acts nice to new people and continues being an ass to people who even slightly disagrees with him. My main problem was that you can see his behavior from when he first started here, until recently and he has always been an ass and people keep defending him saying he's "changed" when really Caboose was just nice to them.
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    + 1 for me Overall friendly person. is not a minge.
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    -1 childish,whines about everything. Minge, just check his last post saying he was "leaveing". I can not see him being an productive mod and not using his powers for his own good when well known people in this community have not seen improvements of him being immature, rude ex HotWings. Adding you to the staff team would be an step in the wrong direction for this server. You really think you have changed after 11 days? ^
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    I just want someone to talk to at 3 am, im bored
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    @[BLG1]KermitGotSwag you do not have enough hours to apply for staff. Also, most of your replies for each answer are wrong. @VladTheImpaler @MrGeekabit would Seniors be allowed to close applications that do not have enough hours? Or do you guys want to manage that? Even though the player doesn't have enough hours, let's keep it constructive please.
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    Congrats Aydan , my boy .. gg
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    You gave it like 7
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    -1 In game you seem like you're really trying to kiss up to staff. This may be just my point of view, but I mean it REALLY looks like you are. I will admit, I've changed a lot since I first joined the community here, but that's been over a course of almost 11 months, around 308 days. You say you've changed in a tiny fraction of that time, and you really could have. But I don't think you've changed. The personal experiences I've had with you over the course of your time here on Retribution basically involve you being an asshole, up until this past week. You all of a sudden started sucking up to all the staff, and putting up your "Contact the admins with @ binds". Yes, it's helpful, but there's also server messages that send the same thing, so there's not much use for it. Get a couple more weeks in-game as "Caboose!" and maybe we'll see about you being staff. For now, I only recognize you as "Michael J Caboose". also the new RvB season sucks IMO
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    I have Cs and I always seem to get annoyed at it and I'll have to try TF2 and Stardew Valley.
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    Stardew Valley was a good timesink for me when my computer was kaput, but TF2 is good for screwing around, and CS:GO aswell if you don't mind dying.
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    caboose fuck you thats low thats just low fuck you honestly don't ever come back find some other server to hate you
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    Papamid, I just joined the forums, you can't judge me that I am a newbie rank.
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