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    The whole server got TP to one area and then the mass killing began. What a time to be alive XD Have a good day
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    I've actually finished quite a few tracks since my last posting. I mean I released an album. I though I told you guys, but I guess I didn't. These songs are inside of my most recent album, "Icebreaker". This song I just finished like 6 minutes ago. Thanks lads. I'll update if anything more comes out. I guess I am due to post some more visual art highlights. And I'm also due to do my fucking job on Ret. You know, the one I signed up for? I don't see much purpose in doing much moderator stuff on the weekends, because there's always like 3 people on. But hey man week days should become a thing again now that I'm out for 10 weeks. Honestly, if you want to be a school teacher, be warned man it's a lot of work. Good work, sure, but sometimes I wish I would have just been a janitor in an office building or a deckhand on a container ship or something.
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    Most of the stuff people say to me I could care less about
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    I should say I'm not trying to excuse my horrible attendence rate. Sorry about that by the way. I've just been sick and tired. To be honest, I don't know how you guys do it as much as you do. Even when I don't have Pnumonia and broken ribs (which finally recovered by the way, I still have to be careful for a bit but they're finally not broken anymore) being a staff member is exhausting. The amount of shit that's thrown at you kind of breaks my will. People just treat you like shit when you're trying to do your best. I know you guys don't have has restrictive of a schedule as me, or have to deal with what I have to deal with, but you guys have families and school or other jobs. I've been considering resigning to be honest. I'll give it a nice, college try next week. But to be honest it's a shitty job. I remember one guy was sending me PMs for like an hour about how he didn't RDM some guys even though it was in the logs and blah blah blah, and how he was gonna report me on the fourms (never did by the way) and how I was a retard and that my music was shit and all of this garbage. I can't remember his name, but it sucks to justh have to sit there and act like a nice old guy. To smile when a person spits in your mouth.
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    its nice to have more staff on because instead of everyone taking sits all the time, the staff can actually sometimes relax and rp or whatever when i got on today i had like no breaks because it was just me and kodey with like,, 60 people on if there were 2-3 staff with like less than 40 people on that would make sense
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    Andy, the staff has a different Steam name, in-retribution-game name, and forum name
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    im still around family , good to see you
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    dont play gmod on a potato
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    gmod isnt a good enough game to deserve an enb
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    Ok, so I've put a lot of thought into this, and I think I have to agree with @InfamousJeezy rip 63 mil here. He made some really good and in-depth points, so here will be our rank structure from now on. Donator Mod -> Trial Mod -> Temp Mod -> Junior Mod -> Regular Mod -> Senior Mod -> Trusted Mod -> Super Mod -> Head Mod -> Donator Head Mod -> Super Senior Head Mod -> Hans Mod -> Server Mod Trial Admin -> Donator Admin -> Temp Admin -> 2 Week Admin -> 1 Month Admin -> 6 Months Admin -> 1 Year Admin -> Senior Admin -> Super Admin -> Donator Senior Admin -> Donator Super Admin Anyway, back on topic here, there's really no reason why we need 50,000 ranks. We already have stages built in, and complaints can be made on any staff member you feel is not doing their job correctly. There's no real point in artificially separating everyone into separate ranks unless we want to cause a mass amount of confusion. You most likely won't get staff anyway unless you have positive rep within the community, as we take into account the feedback from members on all the applications.
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    Hallo guys my name is Zamberoni and here is a totally accurate image of me at my hIgH qUaLiTy gaming PC wearing my corsair headphones and using my turtle beach mic and corsair rgb keyboard. https://imgur.com/a/XWVC8KY
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