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    +/ - +super chill and fun to play and base with +decent ingame activity recently -kind of a minge goodluck man
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    Hello, here's some of the fruits of what I've been working on. Each of these are deeply entrenched with symbolism but I'd be talking about these things all day long if I went into that, so that's on you. I mean, unless you ask about it. For starters, here's the album cover for my eighth album, which comes out whenever I'm done with it. Here's one of a little pagoda. God is dead, but nice roofs are not. Here's a bush. Love those guys. A Rose Bush. More bushes ahead. Here's a dirty mattress by a dumpster for you. Hint hint the yellow means something. And here's another fucking bush. Well I think that's all I've got for now. Thanks lads.
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    After I update when I wake up, ItemStore will be removed; however the data will still be there if in the future old players or people that missed the notification to move their items want to get their items back I can add it back for a day every now and then. I will be testing to see how much better performance runs without ItemStore along with this.
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    DENIED Your application has unfortunately been denied We're still a bit concerned with your general attitude, and we don't quite feel comfortable putting you in a staff position at this point. Even as recently as this thread, you come across as kind of toxic at points. It's fine to ask for clarification, or to clarify things yourself, but the way you've gone about it here was often quite hostile and defensive for no reason, when it really didn't need to be. Even though for the most part you managed to reel it in before it got out of hand, it still shows a pretty clear issue when it comes to taking criticism. You're going to be getting a lot of criticism as staff, and we're not quite convinced that you'll handle it in the way that you need to. You may reapply in 7 days. Edit: I should clarify, we feel that you've got a attitude issues in general, and they go beyond what happened in here. I just used this as an example
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    + 1. Ive played with McGee quite a few times and never has an issue with him. In my opinion hes a kind and pretty helpful player. I've often seen him donate money to new players along with help them out in base building. Mcgee's voice changer shouldn't be an issue, people can hear me him just fine but maybe if he gets staff it would he smart not to use it anymore unless you're off duty.
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    Thanks for your opinion! I'll try and improve as best as I physically can.
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    +1 +Never had issues with you +Decent application +Good attitude for staffing
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    I don't see how that's mingey but thanks for the feedback!
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    the night time is so cool, wish it'd be longer
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    Get rid of the dynamic skybox. I don't think anyone will miss the shitty 2 seconds of night time. I'd be curious to know if performance increases.
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    Accepted You've got a good application, good activity, and some good community support Please review the documents below before taking sits, and don't be afraid to ask other staff questions: Staff Only Forum Section Punishment Guidelines Retribution Handbook Mentoring Staff Discord Server Make sure to add @Colours and @CrustyKangaroo
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    Why was i not here for this dildo . You SICKEN me! Love you.
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    12 Cheese And Bean Burritos 47 Soft Tacos And That Will Be It.
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    Going to have to add this. Bballer was trying to sell his ocelot SMG's then you started threatening to get him banned for scamming and shitting on him for pricing the weapons at 50 Mill. What is wrong with you ? You have not changed at all and you are extremely toxic.
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    cant tag you for some reason but, child with a gun @Night Hawk @2brady Made two versions for fun @Magical working on more right now so please don't harass me about them.
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    +/- leaning towards - your answers are iffy in places, like where you’d say you’d gag a player for making fun of you. Staff can’t punish for staff disrespect. Letting players change staff during sits unnessecarily just extends the sit time, you should trust your own judgement in sits. It’s fine if you need to get off, but sits should be finished as quickly and efficiently as possible. (this part isnt a negative) we have an extension system in game now, you just file it and you dont have to make a forum post. You have good game hours, but can come off as a little mingey. Good luck.
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    i was told its gonna be added back in the future, they’re just changing some stuff
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    @Kodey ? I have a busy ass schedule at the momento so if you wanna cheat yourself in an Icarus Shawty then in the future remove one from my inventory that'll be c00l
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