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    Nothing better than a grilled cheese with some sliced fresh tomato season with pepper on a summer's day along with some pink lemonade. I love grilled cheese with tomatoes. I just wanted to share my lunch with you guys, thanks for reading. Love you all.
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    No you don't, you just want to seem mature on your app. Get real dude.
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    previously staffing with, or witnessing you staff has proved that you are problematic when a staff member and would not be a beneficial member of the staff team. on this server you need to be able to deal with a lot of shit and not crack under the pressure, i feel as if you have an issue with this from a handful of first-hand experiences, therefore, you should not be granted the staff rank you desire until you are able to mature and make changes to your personality
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    How does one man forget his age? I think you are just lying about your age and should just admit to lying.
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    Ghoul, we've had our issues in the past but I think you're a pretty good guy all in all I'm leaning towards a - but right now I'm neutral (the reasons are as follows) - You get angry super fast, and you escalate situations (like when melancholy or whatever their name was raided us and you got all mad with dave and that) - You are pretty toxic, although you don't always express your comments in-game, you vividly express those comments in discord or in PMs - You would be pretty biased in Admin sits, due to what I've seen from previous servers (with your current friend group, or allies) - I thoroughly doubt you know every rule on hand since you've only been playing for 3 weeks although you do have some redeeming factors such as + You're a fast learner, and a good adapter to your situations + If you're not mad, you're pretty chill, and also sometimes kind of funny. + You don't really spend lots of time elsewhere than your PC, so you could just be on constantly (like during the night when no staff is on) All in all that sums up my review, I've pulled this information from a previous server Ghoul staffed on (while I was a pretty active user) and a whole year of being online friends. (Not a lot is from ret since I'm currently traveling and haven't seen you with your new butt buddies) (also don't lie about your age like you are right now)
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    if he adds a bunch of fluff or repeats things, it just annoys others. his application may be on the shorter side but it’s straight to the point, which is a good thing
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    -1 Sorry man I thought you were cool at first and when I said that I was deleting the base you started calling people the n word and calling them pussies and you also rdm and do all that mingy shit.
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    hey everyone I just wanted to start off by saying never become staff it's cancer cause the player base has gone to shit, just enjoy being a player.
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    It doesn't make much sense to me that he would lie about only one year as It doesn't matter to any of us if you are 14 or 15 It's about you as a person and as a player, I Want to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he got confused. No need to accuse him of lying because of a possible mistake
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    Can we keep this on topic please? It doesn’t matter about his age, it only matters how mature he is.
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    I'll have to agree completely with Jives. +/-
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    ^^^^^ Just realized this
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    Makes a forum account just to tell us what he’s having for lunch ? what a legend
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    Alright so a while back I posted a topic about me making films and a series of RetributionRP.... I have caught myself up and have started to record and edit my own episodes.... I have already made 3 episodes that are 30 minutes long.... I would like to share the series with you guys later... If you would like to comment on the idea, you can!!! I just thought I'd like to catch you guys up with the idea!!! Thanks Guys!!!
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    ^ to voxin, if he has everything it doesn’t need to be huge but +1 Because of my recent inactivity, I haven’t gotten a lot of time to talk to non-staff, but when we talked this morning, you seemed mature. Your activity’s good, and most of your staff app is correct, except for one bit: You can’t punish for staff disrespect, but if he’s micspamming or saying racial slurs, it’s allowed. If he just calls you “a shit staff” or something similar (like most minges do), you cannot punish them. Other than that, your application seems good. Good luck Remember: don’t edit it to fix things that responses have pointed out its a big no no
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    + 1 Very active on the servers Knows the rules very well Has a short app but still has good answers - Short app
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    +/- Leaning Towards A + - Cool Guy / Chill In Game - Knows Rules - Short App
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    And the winners of the giveaway are! 1. @Hurricane Harvey Congrats you won the ocelot weapon set! 2. @ra.Just Some Guy [bg] Congrats you won the vaper set! 3. @Crusty Congrats you won the akimbo set! 4. @Shalom Congrats you won the Trail Set! 5. @ghoul Congrats you won the doll set! 6. @Kodey ? Congrats you won the basic weaponry set! I want to say thanks to anyone who joined the giveaway and Don't worry anyone who didn't win, There will be more to come ;). All the winners contact me ingame or on steam for your rewards. Video of the random name generator https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCXsR_tsxus
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    It doesn't surprise me that an old player would leave after actually dealing with some of these people.
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    +1 +one cool boi +has a sexy voice +he is the good side of memes +knows just about everything in this dank universe
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    just so you know if he over the age of 13 he fine so leave it at that pls
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    +/- i think ghoul is a nice dude but sometime around you and OGninja got in some beef that would effect your staff ap in some bit having but over all i think your a pretty nice person and friendly dude but you need to work on not having beef with other members of the server
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    Truth hurt like hell sometime mate
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    damm marki no need to be that savage buddy xD
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    you constantly keep saying you are mature, talking about it doesn't help man you have to prove yourself... look you aren't going to get accepting so focus the next 6 months on being mature, not just saying you are. Then reapply and all your bull shit might be over looked... im going to have to give you a -1 -From what i have seen from you in game, you are just annoying -short app -lying -threatening a staff jesus christ man Didn't realize dildozer said the exact thing, but it proves the validity.
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    +1 +Very friendly in game +Very active +Knows the rules very well +I think he'd be a great addition to the team -Could use some more forum activity -Could work on maturity slightly but it's nothing too bad at all, just something to improve if you were looking to improve something
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    Haven’t you been perm banned multiple times? Also lying about age
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    It what Informer said is true, hell no. There's no reason people who want staff or even are staff should be saying that type of shit, to anyone.
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    I better be the star of season 1 ?
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    That would be very cool and interesting do you have a link?
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    Jowwyramm@gmail.com - If you send a payment without notifying me first make sure you list your steamid and package your buying in the notes.
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    *cough* Reset the economy *cough*
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    Agreeing with everyone here, I don't really have a problem with you but you are definitely toxic and mingy. Also along with what Shalom said, you just joined the community, hints you being right at 60 hours, and you've already given yourself not too good of a look, so I'm gonna have to give a -1
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    Playing Garry's Mod/DarkRP for years, not playing on Ret for years man
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    Well, I do not have a guideline for what should be considered a ban or what should be a warn, I am going off of my experience. And in my experience, I usually permabanned prop spammers with no intention to rp and attempt to disrupt and crash the server. I cannot give an exact punishment. So, if that is what you wanted to hear, then there it is. But if the guidelines state only warn, or anything else, then I would do that.
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    How does saying “keep crying” help you defend yourself at all? it just makes you look childish. I’m not sure if i commented on this, but if I have, I’m changing to +/- Your answers are good, but you can have a bit of an attitude in game from what I’ve seen. i haven’t been active as of late, so i can’t really have a say. good luck
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    -1, running around calling some star wars people faggots, cunts, kept breaking NLR and runs back to the group, he gets mugged, dies, calls them faggots, repeat. He can't keep a leveled head in tough situations, very rude to just about anybody he speaks too, people have personally pm'd me before asking if you were always "This much of a dick". NOT saying you're a bad person, just saying what you can improve on. Be careful how you respond too as they heavily judge that. • You do however have a decent and detailed staff application. • Its good to know you're already familiar with ULX and its commands. • Just work on your attitude and how you handle situations and I think once you overcome that then you'll make an excellent addition to the staff team.
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    Keep crying and for starters we didn't bring CP into this, they joined us. Don't be mad because you got killed in an online game. The actions of others are not controlled by him. Grow up, it's an online game, who cares if you died in it. Dil had zero control over them as CP weren't under his control so what they do is up to them, your arguement is invalid. Instead of threatening to make a report then do it and quit crying about it on the forums. If you wanna discuss this more you can PM me about it. Also before somebody comments "hurr durr dont argue on the forums!!!" Its called defending yourself, that's allowed. Good luck as always Dil.
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    I was on for a good amount if this star wars thing that went on. There were a few people who didnt want to participate and wanted left alone. Which they did. But overall around atleast half the server or more were roleplaying with it. I felt like it was a good experience for the players and alot of people really enjoyed it.
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    +/- leaning on + + respectful guy +nice to players -mingy SOMETIMES
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    +1 + Fair App + All good interactions Good luck man
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    ++1 Knows Rules Better Then Me Helpfull And Friendly Good Role model for new members to Ret active more then others well known in community <3
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    I like it, I think having a one on one event is something a lot of players would wanna see. I also think adding more events would be a lot of fun or even making them scheduled things such as every Monday Wednesday and Friday there will be a big and every Tuesday Thursday and Saturday will be a small event that’s not as extreme or not as big of a prize (just an idea/example)


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