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    Third person only reserved for another pigeon.
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    Ok, so now it’s obvious you’re bullshitting. Good time, guys, everyone can go home now. Don’t know why you put forth the effort to crawl from your nice grave to make drama for about 5 minutes, but it’s whatever.
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    I'm here if you need someone to talk to @Child with a gun. We can talk about our problems and work them out, because I know you are upset your mom found your vape.
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    @Moderator @Senior Administrator I’m not exactly sure where this should be posted so please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. I purchased Supporter PERM- well over a year ago. I was inactive for a while, and upon becoming active on the server I noticed a few things within my purchase. First it says on the supporter Perm Description that’s the prop limit is 120. I can’t remember exactly what mine was but definitely about half that, it should be 120 because I have purchased it. Secondly it says that I should receive 35,000,000$ every 12 months. When I Rejoined the server I only had about 5,000,000. (I went inactive with this money) is there any way to prove I haven’t received the in game currency?https://i.gyazo.com/00c15e8106249f105e9248a36adfb628.png I was also wondering about the access to 2 unique printers as I only see access to the VIP printer after I purchased VIP Elite. I now see that was a waste because in Supporter PERM you should have “Access to EVERYTHING that VIP ELITE gets and more” which I clearly didn’t. https://i.gyazo.com/fb4464d8b2a3008c89552f0281b1e785.png @Administrator @Administrator @Owner @Owner @Super Administrator
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    Not demoted, most of them left because of the large amount of bullshit that gets pulled within the community. Add me back on steam so we can play games :^)
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    Ye Ik you have, I can hook you up when you're ingame next
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    Hello, as most of you may know on November 1st I had decided to leave Ret. It was somewhat my choice but I was also being manipulated at the time as I was in a bad emotional place and was taken advantage of. Coming back to Ret on such an early notice was never my intention but I've decided that I will come back and re-brand myself in a way that I can be proud of. Thank you all for reading this, and I hope to find a way to forgive myself for my actions before this point.
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    Thank y'all. Update: Oh boy, a lot of the staff I remember got demoted. I still remember you, though, Informer. Cloud's name sounds familiar, not too sure though
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    If you PM me with a screenshot of when you purchased Supporter I sort out the appropriate $
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    Informer welcomes you back to Retribution!
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    It leads to your profile when you click it. You're depressing.
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    Only Jouaram can do that so I don’t know why you tagged moderators and other staff. Just pm Jouaram and he should handle it.
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    hey man!!! glad to see new people join! enjoy your stay brady i know youll enjoy it!
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    When mom says you can't have chicken tendies for dinner.
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