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    He is taking shots at people in his goodbye post and on other threads, he obviously isn't leaving if he keeps posting everywhere
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    Heyo heyo let's talk about Lost in Prague. Because I want to. This is Lost in Prague, my next project that I've been talking about for months or whatever. I've made a new album cover, love those guys, it's a modifcation of my painting called "Spectre" Here it is, basic I know but the text is well centred. So that's good. I feel like this image converys a feeling of being lost, which is perfect for the album literally called "Lost in Prague". Of course, the title isn't literal, it's not about being lost in Prague, it's about slowing seeping into madness. Not to get too personal, but the feeling of anxiety can very much feel like getting sucked into a hell. Adrenal stimulents don't help usually. I'll talk more about the individual songs when it's finished, the songs aren't in any particular order at the moment. Thanks!
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    kind of saw the trend happen again. first it starts with trying to be different, then it's farming forum activity, then you make the big decision to make a half-ass mod application, it gets denied as it should and then you jump ship. so bye, wasn't really nice having ya
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    Pretty sure the server hasn't even been up for 5 years.
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    You are not the only one who misses the way things use to be, things are a lot different and many old players left for good reasons.
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    So I came to the conclusion that no one likes me, besides a couple people i call my friends, there are people like informer and judicator who hated me since i came on this server for when i use to play 2 years ago for minging, i have changed but no one has seen that change because i am rarely on. I mostly sleep or am at school. I don't have fun on ret like i use to and i feel like very bad time. Including instances where i gave over 200 dollars to this server. I feel like i could do better in my life then this and i don't half to be a low life on a computer all the time. I feel like i need to accomplish a dream i've been dreaming so long but i haven't done it. So i need to start. Here is my starting place and i hope ret gave you memories like it gave me for 5-6 years. I love ret and i really will miss this server but it's time for me to go. I also thing jouaram should do some cleaning up with the toxicity in this server and its cancer community it has gotten 10x worst then when i played from 2 years ago so yeah. I hope everyone does have a happy time on ret and I will stop by time to time just to play when im bored.
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    Well with the path you are on you won't be around for long
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    Static for super
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    @The Judicator is an obese Bulgarian. You think hes going to move one of his sausage fingers?
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    Stop being a dick to him guys he's leaving and your still coming at him with oh you did this oh you DoD that like damn get off his back he's leaving because of you guys all ready lay off him
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    Since this is gaining traction I'd like to give my two cents, especially about the above. Do you not remember when you would mess with me just because I was a newbie, Fakie? Do you not remember literally admitting to me when I was building that you disliked me solely based on my voice? Because I certainly remember. Here's what I see, someone who has been toxic to anyone who he slightly dislikes finally sees his true self after a denied staff app. Instead of trying to mend relations and being a genuinely nice person, he decides to just quit the server. When you started to be nice to me, I finally started thinking you changed, then you made your staff application and I realized it was just to get another juicy +1. People like you really made me want to stop playing back in the day, and now that you've quit, I can finally say my true feelings about how you always treated me, as well as most other players. Sure, I don't have a good past either, but at least I've tried to mend my relations genuinely, at least I've changed. You never did. Goodbye Fakie.
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    Maybe if you weren’t toxic in the first place then people wouldn’t hate you.
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    Accepted You have great community support, a well written application and have decent activity both forums and server. When ever you're ready, Message one of the higher ups on Discord for the Moderator Test. Be sure to add @CrustyKangaroo @Shalom @Cloud on steam!
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    And does anyone remember way way back when when there was spiderman swep like several years ago?
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    Welcome to the server! If you want to base with someone all you have to do is just ask nicely and they probably will. Have fun and good luck!
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    In-Game Name: Informer and The Judicator Age: Informer: 18 Judicator: 16 Timezone: Central Time Zone Steam ID: Informer: STEAM_0:0:61696892 Judicator: STEAM_0:0:158601031 Steam Profile (Link): https://steamcommunity.com/id/leojudicator/ https://steamcommunity.com/id/Informerr/ Hours on the server: Each over 2,000 hours Times Active: Almost everyday for 2-5 hours Have you read the rules fully, understand them and are wanting to enforce them as correctly as possible?: Yes In all seriousness, Informer and I both running for Super Administrator. Informer shares the same great passion and drive as me. We've been here long enough to see how far the server has fallen under poor leadership. We hope the Community considers us to lead them into greatness.
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    shalom for super judicator for user
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    You can still be a retarded fish
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    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:201892937 Are you sure you want your Master-kit switched out for a trade-able permanent item version?: YES @Jouaram just in case u dont check this anymore
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    I was checking out your music a few minutes before I saw this post actually, it sounds pretty good and it's really cool how passionate you are about it. I really like the album cover too, keep it up man
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    I've never laughed harder at something on these forums.
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    His app wasn't even half asssed.
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    Luv u fakie you were always a good person to me
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    +1 + Cool guy + Pretty active in-game + Never seen them involved in any sits or drama + Allows never players to base with them (has also been a victim of party abuse by said new players) I cannot think of anything off the top of my head that you would need to improve upon to be a "better" candidate for staff. With that said, you should not have a hard time becoming a part of the staffing team and making the server a better place for the community. You seem to be liked by a good majority of the community which is a nice quality that staff members should have. Good luck~
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    +1 Chicago this ain’t no walk over you are a great guy with a good knowledge of the server and rules. However I need you to work on one thing I’ve experienced with you is that you lose your cool when we don’t respond to you and your sits when we are busy, you’ll realise when you get staff. Doing a good job mate good luck brother
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    I was the force before him, and then yes, someone had to take over after my leave, right?
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    I miss how the server was years ago, but i enjoy the improvements made. I even miss making a 8 person party, buying printers and, the server crashed. Time to buy them again, and it crashed again ect. Hard to believe i started playing this server like freshman year or around there now im away in the air force. I play for like 1 month every like 4 months or so.
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    Have you ever heard the story of PotatoGoat the unwise?
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    shut up or i killing you in the fortnite like kaboom you are dead and i is getting the victory and then i start new game see you and then kill you dead but then your dad comes into you room because he hear you yell at the fortnite and then he get sad and then drink the smelly soda and start hit your mom call you an accident then your dog bite him and he shoot it like in the fortnite and im am laugh at you because you dog dead and i win and you are sad because you now have now pizza because i steal and eat ur pizza and i say yum yum and you say wah wah because you is noob and i is the pro like ninj a play jumping music go boom in tower funny and the n i get the og fortnite skull trooper and then i kill blakc night and win the game by shoot with my shot gun boom like wow now fortnite season 4 is out i play the season for and get wins like boom boom pow funny compilation pee emoji mode then thanos fly in go snap then you family i s dead from drone strike and i go wheeeee and eliminate thanos with golden scar and have 1 million win in the fortnite i do rwanda genocide and have fun in the chucky cheese bouncy house like wow i find hard sock i at the chucky cheese win fortnite account play have og skin make me having the sex with m y dog like wow so funy i cant believe that minecraft is thi s fun that i play for 6 hour straight and i piss my pant
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    Finished: Brady's request Pending: Gery's Request
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    I don't know why you always come back for a day or two, repeat the same shit and then leave without actually looking at anything on the server but instead just say whatever is told to you by whoever. Whether its correct or not is a different matter, it just feels petty like you're trying to come back to feel good about yourself by dropping a turd on anything you can and then dipping.
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    Well ima be Cancer like everyone else bc i feel like it


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