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    I will have to go Inactive every weekday until summer break, might not be here on weekends but I might. Anyways, this will go on until summer break. Cya you little defaults :V
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    if his brother is malicious then popetart is too so if you ip ban his brother keep pope ban because genetics
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    Damn bro you had story time for like 2 hours with the last one in the back of my base. & she had plaque buildup on her teeth.
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    Just because they show up on altcheck it doesn't mean they're an alt, altcheck is just a tool to check players who we suspect of being an alt to give us clarification, in cases like this where siblings both play we wouldn't ban them for having the same IP (or if we did we'd most likely have an appeal from popetart, get some proof and a bit of investigating and get him unbanned)
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    @PopeTart IP bans are only handed out on serious, repeat offenders. If your brothers were being extremely malicious and pushed us to a point where we HAD to IP ban then yes, you'd be affected also; however this is a pretty rare case and is highly unlikely to happen. Along with this it's usually kind of easy to see if they're a sibling if you don't use a shared computer and we see you on at the same times etc, if this is the case then we won't suspect you as an alt unless we have reasons to.
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    Wtf you can’t say that ...
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    Boy i would ask them to break the damn glass before i kill bolth their family how are there no other exits when there is glass?
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    +1 Nice guy fun to play with Nice to newer players (letting them base with him/ helping out with some money) overall great guy
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    why does it matter if im toxic, im not the one requesting a position of power. im still allowed to call you toxic
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    what does being a man have to do with not wanting a toxic staff member? are you dense?
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    +/- I did a trade with you about two weeks ago, we both accepted it & were happy. A day later you contacted me wanting to tradeback, I had already spent a bit of the money & was happy on my end of the trade so I refused, you then proceeded to harass me & purposely try to insult me just because you were unhappy with the trade. I feel like this shows a lack of maturity, and a bit of toxicity. Our relationship has been rocky since, and a few days after that you & your friend Harry messaged me just acting extremely immature, and going as far as making me believe Harry was suffering from depression & had suicidal tendencies, while talking to him I let him know I was there to talk if needed, I'm not good friends with him, but I also am working through my own similar issues so I understand sometimes you just need someone to vent to, they then proceeded to fake that Harry killed himself, and harass me while copy pasting my message to him of me letting him know he could talk to me. I don't think a future moderator should be doing this kind of behavior, or joking about such a serious issue. You have started being friendlier to me lately, but I don't think for the right reasons. You apologized to me last night acknowledging what you did was toxic, but you also mentioned that you were applying for staff & understood if I -1 it. I feel like you're only apologizing because you're applying for staff. I'm just gonna say I'm neutral for now, your app looks okay, you have good ingame & forum activity, and others here believe you're a nice person, so hopefully you're changing.
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    you can't load into the server with your shitty laptop
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    Enough devs? Wait, that's probably a lie. If there are "enough devs," then they either are horrible at it, or there aren't many at all.
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    Don't want anything, but just here to say you are neat. @Nendroid
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