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    Stream it on youtube. Make people pay cash
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    fr man gonna miss your stories lmao.
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    just dont respond? literally responding to him and giving your reason just made this whole thing worse.
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    ok its fight night time palmer fight jouaram for ownership of server on February 29th 2019
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    luckily for me i have a good diet, and i do mma / kickboxing/ krav so i’m fit lol
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    Dont become us. Then you have tpo go through a fitness revolution
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    I mean the uk has a real problem w diabetes so we ain’t that far behind lol
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    Wow, we should ban him for killing the queen
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    My favorite chip is probably any Lays wavy/Rulffles chip flavor. But my favorite snack is probably popcorn, if you can consider it as one.
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    are you mixing this up with budda? I haven't even seen chicago following around girls but I am not sure
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    +/- + One of the most active players I have seen. And one of the few who still has a nice base. + App is good - Like brady, I have a feeling that you will have a bias. This could be a good thing at times, but it could also greatly harm many. - You are a big base defender. You dont get as much interaction with the community. This isnt always a bad thing, butsomeone like me knows little about you outside of these points I have observed.
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    Ima miss your fun builds, hope you still pop in when you can <3.
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    Lmao yoooo i literally was thinking that as i scrolled down to see your comment.
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    +1 Great guy loves to meme around had never had a problem with this guy Swag af
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    +1 +Very active in game and on the forums +Friendly and mature +Never seen him breaking rules or causing issues
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    I mean, I have people that I love, but I’m not poetic or anything. I just say “I love you” to them.
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    You can’t have raidables on a roof at all unless there’s access built into the map, like the base near PD with stairs all the way to the roof. About this post: Do you have any screenshots of the base so we can see how legal/illegal it is? Also, can we hear @Wizard23333 has to say?
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    You can take sits on any job.
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    I never check my e-mail, so I didn’t realize you got alerts. Have you tried linking your account to a throwaway email so your main one doesn’t get spammed? Could be a good temporary fix until this is fixed.
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    necroposting wtf
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    I thought i added my steam link in my app but I just realized i didnt. Link to my steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198202417945/
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    +1 +Active. +Decent App. +Always had friendly encounters with you.
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    +1 +Active. +Decent App. +Has good knowledge of the rules. Good luck!


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