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    "All Time low for Minges" are you talking about a different server?
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    You need a forum presence to apply for staff. There’s no set number of posts, but you need the community to get an idea of who you are. Please comment constructively on ban appeals, mod apps, and player complaints. Also, about this: All new mods get a mentor to help you with that, so it’s fine if you don’t know all the commands. You may reapply in a week.
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    Thank you for the criticism, but you are extremely toxic to me and others, so i don’t know how to take this.
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    This wasn't a joke, and if you looked at that post i took back what i said, when i made the first reply I didn't like him. I wasn't entirely mean to him he just honestly gave me a headache. Sorry for giving off that impression.
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    That is why we need Judicator for Super.
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    what i do is i put a picture i want to in my discord click on the picture open original copy the link then paste the link Hope this helps
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    Gravy and biscuits is pretty good, I wouldn't go out of my way to buy it tho. I have never tried the mozzarella and marinara.
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    There still will always be mass rule breakers but I see where your coming from.
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    They just want you to break man just say thanks and be done with it they don't like and and want you to get mad
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    -1 -You're only mature when you have to be -Constantly lose temper over petty things -Starts arguments in OOC
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    posted with a ban appeal up btw
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    Oh, well then how do I joke too much? I don't want to start a conversation on my application, so if you could pm about this I would love to talk about it. I'm wondering if you mean i joke in serious situations, because I think making jokes is a good thing
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    So ever since I've started to pay attention to ret I've realized that it hit an all time low for minges and I've realized that it's actually starting to rebuild what I once saw as a place of no rule breakers and it's nice to see that as it was everyeverydah at one point that there was mass rdm and prop block everywhere and I've noticed a big change in it. Yay right
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    Only server i play on lol
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    Informer said you were toxic in game you then accused him of being toxic too. If what informer says is true doesnt give you the right to also be toxic.


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