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    I decided that I am going to resign, a lot of reasons for it. I will still be going in and out of the server though. See you guys soon
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    First hour-hour thirty minutes are literally not needed
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    I have a lot of time on the server just want to introduce myself fully and let people know more about me.I have 3862 hours in Garry's Mod and at least 3000 of those hours are in Dark Rp i enjoy playing Dark Rp it is my favorite game mode on here and the last server I was on i was there for about a year and this server puts a very cool and fun twist on things with all of these different perm weapon but I enjoy it i am 17 years old my in game name is Harry Death I like to watch some anime. I like to play sports/be active, and i just enjoy video games the most since i was 5 years old playing some World of Warcraft. I hope y'all enjoyed a brief intro of myself a bit better ? -Harry Death
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    Eustace Bagge Mask (Can be made smaller) Clout Goggles/Glasses Bionicle Mask of Light Ben 10 Omnitrix Soul Eater Scythe I can pull any model from Sketchfab if you guys find something on there you like.
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    it was epic style my favorite part was when luke skywalker fights that snake thing from monster inc
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    I’m gonna +1 and I’ll give you my reasoning for that. - Tonka, you are a great guy! Super sociable, friendly, and one of the most fun players to be around in my opinion. - Regardless of your past, I can safely say since my time joining I truly have not seen you be toxic. You mind your business, and you are super cooperative when taken into sits. - You’re decently active, and I know you mentioned your activity recently was a bit slacking due to issues you couldn’t really control. - Your forum activity is decent, I see you more often than a lot of others. I also see you in chatbox frequently. Moving onto my more neutral points: - Your answers could use work in some places. Your propspam answer was almost spot on in my opinion, you’re clearly aware that propspam is a perma, and your illegal base answer was also pretty good. I really recommend having punishments that you’d do for RDM/RDA/NLR, but I made the mistake of not including those punishments on my first app as well. - The app format itself is a LITTLE weird because of the spacing and some grammatical errors, but they aren’t awful. I still comprehended your application fully. Overall, yes this application could use some work, and yeah you may not be perfect (none of us trial mods were.) Truthfully though, I’d love to see you get a shot at staffing. I think with the right mentor and all of the other people there to help you, you’d do just fine. As long as you’re dedicated, I don’t see any major issues that would get in your way.
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    You were a fucking amazing mentor that always believed in me. For that I cannot thank you enough. You taught me everything I know and it sucks to see you go. Everyone has their time but I was hoping you be here a lil longer. Stay in touch with me bro. Gonna kiss you.
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    Maybe share some of the best parts with @JellyThotJinx and work with him on a comp
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    I can't argue with that logic. Surprisingly for me for the very first time, there wasn't much clapping during the movie. You could hear the occasional people near you getting emotional, and the random guy at the end of the movie that yelled out "there are no end credits". This is very true... Also, they broke their own rules with "no interacting with yourself", but nothing happened there. That scene was great lol.
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    +1 I’ve never really had any problems with you in game and you seem like a chill guy Good app a few minor errors You seem mature and like you would be a good staff It seems like you’ve taken the initiative to talk to staff and ask questions so that’s good Good luck!
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    Bored on the forums? Bored in-game? Well i have your solution! Take a look!
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    +/- I never really see you but by the looks of it our schedules don't really match up very well but I am still usually on until 10 PM CST. Answers and grammar could use some work, like Poyo said. I think with a good mentor you could be good staff material. I just can't bring myself to +1 this because I have not seen how you act or have had much experience with you. As always, Good luck!
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    Denied. Bud, you have very very low forum activity. We would like to see you hop on and comment a little more often obviously without shitposting. Your behaviour ingame from what I’ve heard can also improve fix those things and give it another crack! you may reapply in 7 days
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