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    I thought that I could stay as a staff member until I graduated high school and then even after that until I ship off to the Air Force, but I just cant will my self any longer. So as of today I would like to throw in the towel and resign, but this is not just a resignation this is also a farewell, because I don't think I will be seeing a lot Ret. anymore. It has been a great few months staffing on this server, and the server has been a large part of my life from middle school, all the way to now, graduating from high school. I have made many friends and meet many new people, and I love you all, but I don't have the perseverance to stay as a staff member, nor to even play on the server. Of over 3K hours I have on GMOD, over half of it has been spent on this server, and let me say I don't regret a moment of it. from building OP bases that literally teeter totter the edge of being illegal, to events that caused the server to lag for the rest of the day, and even the movie and music nights that we would have and I would fall asleep at my PC. But all great things do come to an end. I thought that by becoming a member of the staff team I would find a new interest in DarkRP, but it is all the same to me and I just don't enjoy getting on any more. One of my last posts was to say sorry about not getting on was due to school, baseball, and work. but that was not entirely true, the truth is that I dreaded being on the server. And its not because of the people, because I always have a fun time talking and interacting with new and old faces. but its the fact that I have done everything and have everything, it makes everything so repetitive, and the only fun I could really have is to sit in my base and watch movies while i make money. I would like to thank some people that have brought me here, and those who have been great friends. If I miss you out I am sorry, there has been a lot of people from the past 4ish years in no order: @yelsew352: I have known you for a while, and I always enjoyed basing with you, and I am sorry for ripping a base idea off of you and making a billion of of it @CTW: an all around great guy, nothing really to say about you but that I always enjoyed your company @ChiefOrb: ahh good ol' Chief, a great guy for any occasion, on and out of Ret. HMU if you ever wanna play anything with me @KingDogeThe3rd: I have known you for a while, but any time I saw you you were always staff and you did not mind me putting you down, so If i put you down again its because you are a friend. @Jewordi: Small misconception is that you are indeed not a jew, but actually a nice person, and you really have matured over the years, and have become a much better player @Zeezy ✪: I remember when you first started I gave you a small loan of 5 million and look at you know, a great player who knows what he is doing. @Vivider: RIP you were a nice guy, sad to see how you left @Rainz: Really the first person I meet on the server and friend, Im sad about what has happened to you, but you are the reason why I stayed on the server @Tyrone Longcock: Great guy once you get to know him, I will say my last goodbyes in your discord; ) @Saad: I did not see you a lot in GMOD, but I did play a lot of other games with you and that is fine ; ) @Boone: sad to see you leave, but when you were a round you were a great guy @MrGeekabit: We kind of grew apart, but still a great person, and we should do another bank sometime @Shogun4122 : Really just a discount Papamid, not to shabby bases, not to shabby PVPer, JK keep up the good work. @VladTheImpaler:The servers resident longest running staff member, keep it up, and keep the server safe for me @SugarMuch: is that the sugar from years ago? @Alpha: BIG RIP, HMU If you still can @B100dyty: with out a doubt you are the reason why I became so good at building @tig ole bitties : and you are the reason why I am/or was so good at raiding @Oz!: A nice friend, I don't have a lot of memories with you, but you were always around Sorry if I forgot you again, but there is a lot of people, If you have any great memories of me and you please feel free to comment it, wouldI like to reminisce about the past. As a final goodbye. I will be giving out all of my items before I leave. I will also give away my sisters stuff since she no longer plays, that means there will be about 16 Bil, 4 new Enigmas, and a butt load of other sweps. <(;~;<) A few last things I would like to say is that the reason why I am resigning is not just because I dislike playing GMOD but because I am leaving for the Air Force soon, and a few people did know about this. I am leaving soon(ish) so I will be on and off the server randomly, but please don't ask for things, that is annoying. But until I do leave If you do want to add me on steam and catch me playing a game I am always down. But for now this is goodbye, and I will miss all of you, and all the great memories that we have made together. Thank you for everything, goodbye. -Papamid "This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." Winston Churchill
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    I resigned from staff for a couple of reasons that I don't really want to explain fully here, I will most likely stay pretty active but at this point idk, I might just fade away and become less active and less active just because there isn't much to do at this point. I just want to add that it was fun being staff and I had a fun time with a majority of the staff and wish you all the best.
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    The new trading system is now being released! I have been working on this for a while has now and I believe it is in a solid enough state to release. This new system is fully automatic and more secure way to trade. All trades will now be logged! How to use: Type /trade [Player Name] to send a trade offer to a player. Type /tradeaccept [Player Name] to accept a trade offer. Type /tradeignore [Player Name] to reject a trade offer. Note: an offer here is more like an inquiry. Make a couple trades with your friends to become familiar with it and feel free to message me on discord (Marki#9191) if you have any questions! Also, please report any bugs you encounter asap. *Important Info for future events* I'm reworking the tradeco system and all items currently on tradeco won't be ported to the new system. PLEASE REMOVE any items you have on the current tradeco if you'd like to keep those items. thank u pigeon for making this look nice
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    I decided that I am going to resign, a lot of reasons for it. I will still be going in and out of the server though. See you guys soon
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    Oferhîeran ûser word−cwide hûru forsacan twêgen nu wandian. Attraction with pron ðe ic hrînan fullan handgrið, lôca in wilnian nese hîenðo wiðufan êow. Attraction with pron ðe ic âwihte willaâlibban hêr oninnan and frymð. ðolian êower sîcle, æfnan êower wund. Attraction with pron ðe ic stêpan hlystanâhelpan êower. Hear our words and have no fear. We come in peace, and wish no harm upon you. We only wish to live here among nature. Bring your sick, bring your wounded. We are hear to help you. We are the Cult of The Forest. We are a peaceful people. We have images of the home we have created in your city.
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    In Loving memory of Despacito2 Nice Dad Joke Cancer* We lost a true Warrior today and the server will never be the same, RIP to the man Despacito2, gone but not forgotten.
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    This why we can't have nice things
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    What he thought he looked like What he Actually looked like ingame
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    How did you go from age 9 to 15 in 3 years?
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    The recently created basing rules are severely restricting how basing can be built, almost to a level of absurdity. Some examples of these rules include: No transparent props in front of shooting windows No bases in CC spawn (garage door building, buildings near the spawn area) No two shooting windows (parralel) in one hallway No more than three right/left turns Raiders must be able to make a complete jump within the base These are just the rules I and others have heard from staff. Please note that while none of these have been added to the MOTD, they have been enforced. It has been hard to get a complete list, since some staff members don't seem to know the whole set either, showing a clear lack of communication between staff and players, and between staff members. This is completely unfair to builders, as it completely negates the effect of many-to-most designs, forcing redesigns or completely new builds. With the rate these rules have been created, it feels like a race trying to keep up with the higher-ups whims. The insane range of Remote Fading Door Bombs and the ability to use multiple of RFDBs/FDBs at a time already restricts base designs to a small fraction of the map, if you don't want all of your entrance fading doors to be openable from the outside. While I get that these rules are meant to make raiding more fair to the raiders, the point of bases is to favor the defenders as much as possible. In conclusion, the new basing rules created by higher staff are unfair to builders, negate many widely-used base designs and strategies, and restrict the building of effective bases to an even smaller list of buildings than before. P.S. To better illustrate my point about RFDBs and FDBs, please watch the following short video, demonstrating their respective ranges.
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    Please don't shitpost I'm not going to warn you again
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    Hey Retribution staff and members, I apologize for my inactivity lately. I know I haven’t been part of this community that much for the last month or so, but I will return after my beach vacation that I will be leaving for tonight around 3am. I’ve had a bunch of things come up recently, that I’ve wanted to do for a long ass time and am able to do them now. Such as join the local (Ricer) car club. Been super busy with all them, but I do miss interacting with all you guys, so I thought I’d give a heads up for when I’ll make my return! Till Then, Keep On Gaming Gamers! Signed, Tig
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    I'll be a good admin im on everyday 4pm to 7pm @Administrator
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    Been meeting a lot of funny players and good people to talk to and its been great but my motivation to play has been going down slowly so I am going to try a break but it might be hard since there are some people I really enjoy playing with. Sorry to the people who had to deal with my crap @Sullyツ, @Flustered Pigeon, @DaveThe2nd, @nonamus, @Shogun4122 , probably more if its annoying you, rdming you, or anything else again im sorry for it And to my friends you know im on discord and can talk to me whenever okay goodbye (I will still be roaming forums C;
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    -1 -You have previous staffing experience, and staffed on here before. -Your application looks pretty solid. -You have a plethora of warns, and although most of them are from 2017-2018 you still continue to rack them up even now. I literally had a sit with you for micspamming ear rape around downtown yesterday, and another staff member had a sit with you for breaking raid timer today. I don't feel a future staff member should be breaking such obvious & simple rules. I haven't had any personal issues with you ingame, or too many bad encounters that I can recall besides the rulebreaking, I feel like you should give the MOTD another read, and try to not get in trouble for a while. Showing you actually can follow the rules you wanna uphold as a future staff member would be nice to see.
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    I have some irl personal problems to do and need a break off this server.. I am glad I met some of you cool kids that I actually enjoy talking to every time I get on the server. I have some problems with certain players rn and find some very annoying, but that's just a personal problem. I honestly don't think I mix well with all these new players, I feel.....just out of place? I guess you could call it. Idk maybe i'm overthinking things but for now I think I need a break. also, I sorta just lost interest in the server, it's just the same routine everyday, I get on base build or base with someone and make money for perms. Nothing eventful or entertaining going on. Although i'm happy that staff is growing and the server is getting reworked visually and I believe in performance as well. I'll pop in the server to see the rework and I'll be on discord if you ever need to hmu or just chat but I guess this is bye for now... Discord: wHan#7613 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/meanbitch
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    Flustered Pigeon Colours SoundPulserino Colours Poyo Colours Polly Colours Byte Colours Marki Colours CTW Colours Xepharia Colours ImmortalxReaper Colours nonamos Colours Dave Colours Korbin Colours Shogun4122™ Colours
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    You're getting upset because people don't want to play with you on a server on a videogame. I get it it sucks to be rejected, and you're unsure why, but you continuing to cry about it on the forums & OOC is probably also putting them off. If you really are having such a hard time on the server ATM I suggest taking a break, or just trying to make friends with new people, harassing one group of players only makes you look like you're in the wrong. I suggest getting actual proof of Xcede spreading rumors about you before you try & slander people btw.
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    Denied - You did not receive permission to reapply
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    I really enjoyed the chance to play ret and it felt alot like old times again.... other than the way the staff treat you now. I felt like i fit on the server again and i was excited to see all the old buddies i used to hangout with. I liked the bases i made with all the new players inside, and even liked defending the bases with the max of 10 fps that u get when their are 20 people in ur party. Im glad i got to build a dupe or two while i was on and have a chance to test out the old ones i often used. I got to collect some illegal dupes i can probably use on other servers but i dunno. I had fully completed my door busting perm collection, my 2k17 cosmetic collection, and had obtained every single 500m monthly toy item to come out on the server. I feel like i made a nice little dent in the server while i was their and u can take that as u like, but it was still fun while it lasted. My only regret is not destroying the economy before i left because you all know i could've. I have played this server since 2016 and havnt stoped but two or three time and only for a few month at most... i begain this server when i was 12 and made alot of friends while i was here. I gone through puberty on ret and iv gone through serious life changing experiences on ret. I used this server as an escape for tough times and it probably ruined my life playing this much video games but it seems like a much better idea than the trouble im getting into now. I guess im going to go get a job or something... hope i see you guys again! Noodle ~ If u wanna play a game with me to tell me im a faggot u can message me on discord: Noodle ~#8683
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    Dave forced me to. Bye guys.
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    For me ret is getting kind of out of hand, and i just dont see it fun anymore. The best reason why im leaving ret is because people in this server are kinda toxic, and thats why im a bit toxic too. Cuz people on this server are either smart asses or people just dont look at the friggin motd and they are making the game for me less fun, and i cant handle this madness. I don't completely hate ret but i hate the people on the server (except for a couple people). And no im not giving away all my perms cuz i might come back. So bye i guess, for a while. You also might have noticed that im not as active as i used to be. So this is a goodbye for now andddd thats it.
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    I go in for a nasal reconstruction surgery tomorrow morning. I have to be in a bed for about a week after the surgery, it all depends on how my body recovers from this. Following that, I won't be able to hop on the server, let alone my PC. Just thought I would give everyone including my fellow staff a heads up in case anyone wonders where I disappeared to. Thanks everyone!
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    Denied You literally just posted a ban appeal and lied out your ass, you may reapply in a month.
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    I see people are giving +/- and Neutral votes again as if it's back in style. Stop doing that unless you make an actual bullet point list of the good and the bad of something that would actually help higher ups decide the outcome of something such as a list like this (example is a proper neutral vote on a ban appeal) I'm giving a +/- for the reasons below: A long time player who's had a good standing with the community and staff until now Seems to be legitimately sorry for what they did Was only a spur of the moment thing where they were goofing around with friends Almost crashed the server due to bad judgement Has been hanging around worse and worse people recently leading to more mingy behavior recently Seeing as how people haven't been doing lists like above, these neutral votes aren't helping anyone and only serve to clutter the replies with useless statements such as the classic "+/- Good app, but I don't know you well enough" on staff apps and the "+/- You did some bad things but you've improving" on ban appeals. There's really no place for neutral votes as they don't help. Oh, and I would also like to say that people should also be putting in more effort into their +1/-1s as some of ya'll do the bare minimum.
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    Actually, that rule literally means that you cannot keep them from doing those things or force them to either. Here's some examples: - You cannot prevent a player from jumping - You cannot force a player to crouch - You cannot place blocks on the floor that make the player bounce while walking - You cannot prevent a player from being able to move The definition of inhibit is "hinder, restrain, or prevent (an action or process)." Just throwing that out there to hopefully better help that specific rule be understood.
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    I'm going away for a bit cause of drama and people. Trust me I'll be back in a month once I'm bored with this game I'm playing I'll miss you @palmer @Zeus @Sarrus? Can't find Tha Boys @ but @Byte and I forget anyone I think your banned @montay never traded with me and he scammed me in lottos. Binoo is cool. Y'all might not miss me but whatever. I'll be back and I might get on before a month if I'm hella bored. This will get drama away from me so I can have fun. @Hurricane Harvey love you @Shalom my mentor who was with me and made me a good staff member. I miss staffing and how fun it was. I got tons of people banned >:). But I'll talk to you outside of ret maybe.
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    Denied Please use the layout next time, and make sure you meet all of the requirements. You may reapply in 7 days.
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    Every video gets worse and worse.
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    wuh wuh wuh wammy Accepted It may seem soon but I got a keen eye for the right guys which us you. Your app looks great, I know you will get a solid amount of +1's on the app, and your activity on all platforms also meet all requirements. Congwaguwations fwend! In the Jurassic era there were might beasts such a the RDMasour and the NLRidon! These might minges rules the earth long ago destroying all rp builds in their path. But then on fateful day a meteor hit the server called "hey that's not allowed". Almost all the toxic kings were defeated when the impact of the perm ban wiped their parties but some remained to regrow. But soon man arose amongst the muck of monkeys and a leader of the neanderthals progressed them towards a better future. That neanderthal was Xcede!! Be sure to add @DaveThe2nd @King of Rats @nonamus @The Anonymous Rainbow @ImmortalxReaper on steam!
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    I found this video again. Ayy lmao
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    http://imgur.com/6RCdGFO boutta flex
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    I also +1 this. Basing rules are getting out of hand and enforcing them is horrible. Let's go back to the simple basing rules like it used to be.
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    New basing rules are ass just saying +1 for the revert
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    I myself must say that lotto money just must hate citrus fruits as whenever I try to win a lotto I've had the worst luck. But anyways nothing against the lottos lol. I'm just having fun on the server but noticed how many times I haven't won a lotto. I'm an unlucky Lemon... Anyways I hope everyone else has fun on the server! ~ Lèmon
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    Thank you very much for your time I will talk to the Owner and my fellow Head admins for a decision
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    If they're personally targeting you, then that needs to be stopped. But in terms of them ignoring you, there's nothing we can do about that really. Players have every right to play with whoever they feel like, and if they don't feel like hanging around you, then they aren't required to. This post probably isn't going to make things any better, as good as your intentions may be. Without proof that also makes things a little bit tricky in general. It's best to resolve these matters privately in the future, or getting a couple of staff members involved if need-be. Unless you're going to make a staff complaint, in which case you're gonna need the proper evidence for anything to happen.
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    Hi, you probably know me as the deranged guy who plays piano near spawn all the time (making fat stacks from it too). That's all there is to know, really.
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    In-Game Name: The one and only Hurricane Harvey B) Age: god Timezone: North American Steam ID: (739479w378:2893) Steam Profile (Link): love is love Hours on the server: 7000 Times Active: 24/7 B) Why I want/should be a moderator: I am better than these admins Have you read the rules fully, understand them and are wanting to enforce them as correctly as possible?: A little Are you willing to listen to any Staff member chosen to mentor and guide you as a Staff, even if you feel you don't need to?: I guess Are you able to Staff actively on the server for several hours a week?: I think so SITUATIONS: The server begins to lag and players are complaining about prop spam: delete everyones props and say sorry People begin to complain about an "illegal base": delete the base You see another staff member abusing his/her powers: Staff would never do this morons A player is extremely uncooperative during a sit: ban that moron A player is excessively RDMing/RDAing and breaking NLR: give him a op weapon (Additional Comments): I am obviously better than any of these staff just give me super already B) B) I will die for this server.
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    @A1pha for the love of god please take the shit talking away from the staff app. it isn’t hard to make a staff complaint if you’re that upset about the situation, there’s no need to bring it up on someone elses application
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    I have a razer blackwidow, it's a pretty standard mechanical keyboard but super easy to clean.
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    rip the best staff member on the team
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    First hour-hour thirty minutes are literally not needed
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    I have finals in like every class and work every damn day and I need to not fail anything so I can't really be on. I cant be on till at least Friday and cant most of the summer.... Sorry for shit typing I'm at church


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