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    I joined ret in the summer of 2015 and made a forum account in december of 2016 and got staff at december of 2017 to february in 2018 then got staff again august 20th 2018 and I have stuck around all this time trying to do what i can to help but as of recent I can't even think of ret without being annoyed as I don't wanna get on due to the fact I'm sick of the server I feel out of place, uncomfortable, uneasy and awkward, Also never having anything to do because I can't really hangout with anyone due to the reasons above, And its also just become annoying to get on and try to staff or get yelled at 24/7 for not taking a sit, I'm sick of it and sick of staffing and I've tried taking a break and that was the reason for my inactivity but It didn't really do anything other than further fuel my drive to resign, And I've basically been using ret as a way to get happy and can relate to prawn but now its time I actually try and fix my life issues instead of running from it and trying to avoid it, I thank everyone for allowing me to have this journey on ret its been great until recently and I was hoping to make it to 1 year of staffing but this is it, Farewell. @Flustered Pigeon I thank you for being a great friend and actually being useful as a higherup and doing changes that older higherups like shalom could never do. @DaveThe2nd I've known you for so long and you are such a amazing friend and good higherup, Wish you the best. @Xcede stop fucking killing me, Dickhead @Byte Oh man where to begin with you, You are probably one of the most amazing friends I have EVER had on ret and I cannot thank you enough for the amazing memories you have given me and the time you have spent playing games with me @nonamus Haven't talked to you much as of recently but you are a great guy and fun to play with/talk to. @The Anonymous Rainbow I remember when you first joined the server I gave you you're first permanent items and I can't thank you enough for being a friend. @Stale You are such a amazing and kind guy I can't thank you enough. @Hurricane Harvey Good guy good friend, Message me when you wanna dick around. @iBagelHole Weird but a cool friend. @Demon. My first and only successful mentee and a good friend, Best of luck. @Marki Amazing dev and very kind and polite person, I wish you the best in life. @CTW fix you're damn mic @Cloud I haven't seen/talked to you in a while but you are a very nice and kind person, Thank you. @ImmortalxReaper Play gragas. @Jouaram Read if gay @Chocobo Bit gay but fun guy to talk with/mess around with. @MrHotwings117 My god you are a amazing guy and extremely kind and lemme know when you wish to play the isle again. @Sullyツ Pet dozer. @poyo You are a short baboon. @Colours catcatcat @Zipper™ Haven't talked to you as of recent but wish you the best man. @Zeus don't get perma banned retard @Xepharia You suck at csgo @Kenny ★ Golf? @Kodey Your birds are nuts @SoundPulserino Gay weeb @Johnny Sparklez You suck @JellyThotJinx I'll still find a way to fuck with your builds @Blazen good luck as staff. @thinner goodluck on ret lil guy. @thog thog will care @nurkee Time for maple syrup @SugarMuch Stupid @LilFri3z Stay outta trouble Well this is it, Sorry if I didn't ping you, I'll be on every now again and be in discord every now and again but for now farewell and maybe i'll come back sometime in the future.
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    Update Blog - 07/08/2019 The following changes are now live on the server: What's New?: The Ocelot M4a1 has been added to the RTD. This is a purple tier weapon. Medkits and armor kits for doctors, crazed doctors and swat medics has been buffed massively. Medkits now heal much faster when healing someone other than yourself. Doctor job slots increased from 2 to 6. Swat medic slots increased from 1 to 3. Lockpicks now pick at 5 seconds. Keypad crackers now crack at 6 seconds. Pro keypad crackers now crack at 4 seconds.
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    Recently I’ve been playing other games with my irl friends and I’ve been enjoying it. Also, I’ve been losing a lot of interest in DarkRP as a whole game mode and gmod is a game that I stopped playing except with my friends and we mess around on different game modes. When I play a different game mode than DarkRP I feel free to play and actually enjoy the game and have something to do after almost about a year of taking sits and doing the same thing, a long break won’t help and I think leaving Ret would be the best option. Since school is starting in a month I think it’s best for me to focus on school and games I enjoy instead of stress of school and stress of staffing. I’m not going to @ ppl because I feel like it’s unnecessary. All I’m gonna day is thanks to the higher ups and jouaram for letting me be apart of the staff team for so long, and for keeping the server running for so long since most of my favorite servers I used to play on have shut down. And jouaram when people say that “Ret is trash” I always thought it really isn’t that bad. Yes there’s pay 2 win stuff but the staff team is good and in my opinion I think the server is unique with its mechanics. And thanks to the people who I would have a chat with or mess around with when I was on the server since they gave me something to do, but I feel like most the people I used to know quit a while ago or were banned. maybe when new things come out I would hop on to see what it’s about and stay for a bit then I would head on out but until then this will be a goodbye.
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    It should come to no surprise to some on the staff team that lately I'm having rough problems in general. However, the server was once an escape from life for me, but it's boiled down to where the server has left a taste in my mouth full of stress, and the constant toxicity of some. I've met many players over the last couple of months that I've been on, and I've been consistently active almost every night the last two months, however it's gotten to the point lately where I do not want to take sits or even connect anymore, even when I force myself to. The server has a ton of good players too. You can walk out and you will see some fairly chill ones but that's never enough, because the bad ones always stands out. This isn't to say that I'm leaving Retribution. I'm taking a break indefinitely. I don't deal with stress from just the server, I deal with stress from real life. I have a plethora of problems I'd rather not explain in a post, but I will say that with my last year of High School coming, I'll have a lot more to deal with educationally and socially. I'm sorry if I let some of you down. But I'd like to end this post, so I'll leave you all with a goodbye song.
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    Update Blog - 22/07/2019 The following changes are now live on the server: What's New?: A total of 10 brand new cosmetics have been added to the server and are purchasable from the new C3L35T14-02 vendor. Cosmetics from now on will be discontinued after some time and a new batch will be commissioned and then released in a new 'Season' of cosmetics, these seasons will be separate to any RTD/Store releases and will be purely cosmetic. The Season 01 cosmetics are: Gem Crown Blue, Yellow, Gold and Pink. Melon Smirk Mask Krusty Krab Hat Magikarp Hat I'm with Stupid Hat Wizard Hat Motorcycle Cat Helmet Celestia the Cosmetic vendor has been replaced by 'C3L35T14-02, The Cosmetic Vendor'. C3L35T14-02 has the following for sale: 100 RTD Tokens (350m - these will be locked to 1 purchase per person every 24 hours) Cat Gun (500m) Minecraft Torch (500m) Random Season 01 Cosmetic (75m) The M1 Carbine has been added to the RTD. What's To Come? A new method of earning money with an interactive weed growing system. Purchasable in-game ranks from a vendor in exchange for in-game cash. Fixes for the height difference between the Thief/Citizen models so one size fits all.
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    Its been crossing my mind for awhile over the time I havent been on the server, after some thought while ive been off the server + my small unannounced vacation I just got off of, im deciding to go on a break, although I love ret to death do have WAY WAY more important things to do, focusing on my relationship and job searching so I can actually progress in life and get a shit ton of stress off of my shoulders. During this break im rarely going to be on as its one of the lesser important things on my mind as of right now, ill still be around online and talking to people but just not on the server, adios for now, friends. @poyo I love you to death even though im a LITERAL chore sometimes and im genuinely happy that we met when we did cause you make my life so much better, we agreed that if one of us goes that the other has to aswell and im fufilling that so fight me @DaveThe2nd God gamer mentor that loves traps, you best bet when im coming back everything will be back to akko themed and ill fight you to the death over it lil biiiiitch @Sullyツ Is it bad that I enjoy going to you to banter with? Literal shittalk fests are pretty fun together B) @SugarMuch You best not have forgotten me biiitch, the day Reach flighting comes to us were goin iiiiiiiin, love ya my dude @korbin Bruh Momentum Detected: Please evacuate the area IMMEDIATELY @Marki Almost accidentally gave money to the homeless @Sarrus? Hmu when that next banger drops from you chief ill max my headphones for it @Demon. Gratz on senior that shit literally came out of nowhere, ill beat the shit out of you if you keep sending me cursed images in discord hoe @Chocobo LONG BOI fellow tall individual you are the man, as weird as you are I love the shit out of you mang @thog Im glad I was able to hype you up enough to apply for staff, now look at you my staff of the month son im PROUD, keep up that good work and maybe ill pin one of your artworks to the fridge @Flustered Pigeon You along with dave have been so insanely helpful since day one, BOTH of you are amazing people that care not only about the server, but pretty much every single person in the community, please keep doing what you and the rest do. @JellyThotJinx dont expose me while im gone bitch B) ill have sully beat your dog @Lemon© @The Korean @Blazen You 3 hoes, im glad all 3 of you made it to the staff team and I have high hopes for you guys, make em proud and dont hesitate to ask for help, all of us are here for you guys. With that being said, sayonara, for now. EDIT: holy shit I forgot people? pls forgive my brain no worky @Byte Fellow weeb, I wish to see more weeb nights when technical difficulties are fixed, please post hentai in my place @Shogun4122 Monkey Lord rank when? @The Anonymous Rainbow comes from a land down under, my favorite aussie ever dont you ever dissapear @Xepharia Look at this duuuuuuude, this man literally speedran rets ranks WR any% glitchless to senior for good reasons, be good boi I do hope to see you around whenever I decide to peep my head in. @ImmortalxReaper One of the calmest dudes alive, read ret a bedtime story one night so you can put them to sleep, (chi chao wo)
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    Good Evening Retribution, Please accept this post as a notice of my long-time break. Effective no later than August 15, 2019, I will go on a long time break from Retribution. I mean… I was gonna write a long worded explanation on why I’m taking a break, but I honestly don’t share my personal life like that. However, during my break, I may show up here and then but it is very unlikely. My activity through STEAM and discord will also be very reduced. See ya!
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    The event was a huge success today! Me and @Demon. Hosted it and plan to host a lot more this week! (hopefully) Here are a few photos and a video of the Event I hope everyone who participated enjoyed it. And a HUGE Thanks to @ImmortalxReaper For spawning temp scythes making the reaper team look better! Just gonna mention a few who participated @Scarletthefox1114 @thinner @Sarrus? @Boi wit a lill macca @Trem0r @foxygaming1607 @Fiberian Hufky @Galaxy @Thedarkphoenix If I missed anyone sorry!
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    So I wasn’t particularly expecting to write this but it’s something that I’ve been thinking about for a while and I’d like to finally put it out there that my activity has dropped pretty drastically and will continue to be pretty minimal. I love Retribution and I love staffing but I do need to put life first, and for once I finally feel comfortable doing so. I have a job and I’m starting my first semester of college, I highly doubt I’ll just drop Retribution but I won’t be on nearly as much. I won’t say that Ret is perfect or that it hasn’t stressed me out because it absolutely has, but I still appreciate the experiences I’ve had nonetheless. I hope that I’ll still have time to get on every once in a while and have my donut shop again, but we’ll have to see. I don’t want to call this a resignation because I do love my staffing position but as of right now I’m pretty inactive and that will continue to be a thing. If it’s felt that a demotion needs to be made, I am 100% fine with that and understand. i’ll also be gay and tag some people @SoundPulserino this shouldn’t even be explained and you know that ret is the only reason we met and have become so close even though ur a goober @Sarrus? blueface baby. yea yea aight. no but for real you’ve become one of my closest friends on the server which is crazy knowing how negative we started out, you’re a good kid who’s gonna do great things. play the kazoo like a bad bitch @Sullyツ you’ve always been there for me with my weird emotions and habits, a rock if you will. a rock with googly eyes and the word “gay” written on it in sharpie @korbin korby my beby boy from the north he from the canada, we’re still linking up one day and getting trashed @Chocobo i love u bro id fucking crawl thru broken glass for u and don’t you ever roast me in my own twitch chat again @Zeus aaaaa you’re like a baby brother to me even though you do the dumbest shit that i completely disagree with. i really want the best for you and i know you have a good heart @SugarMuch MY FAvoriTE GIRLY BOY sugar you’re an absolute sweetheart don’t let anyone fuck with you i’ll mess them up on god @JellyThotJinx actually one of the funniest people on the server and super easy to talk to, deadass. lay those eggs bruh @The Anonymous Rainbow BEST MENTOR I APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH @Flustered Pigeon/ @DaveThe2nd you guys are both really cool people even tho pigeon yelled at me a couple times,,,,, but i just yell back. on a real note i appreciate the shit you guys have done for me so much, ever since i joined the server. i hope you guys continue to keep this place poppin @Marki i’ll finally admit this to you but i actually love your accent and you were always really fun to hang around even if i intentionally tried to annoy you, it’s nice to talk to someone who has a brain @Byte for super admin btw @Demon. tinder is cursed but the pictures of you arent @thog thog care a little. and i care a lot. thog a good boy, have high hopes for him. anyways you guys can still talk to me and stuff and i wont be disappearing but this is my byebye for the most part, ill be on the server every once in a while serving donuts
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    Just to inform anyone who cares, I have a scummy past on the server sometimes just wanted to let everyone know I'm going to be more positive and helpful from now on.
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    GMO.'s Moderator Application In-Game Name: GMO. Age: 15 Timezone: CST Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:184684150 Steam Profile (Link): https://steamcommunity.com/id/gmolinamendez/ Hours on the server: 205 Times Active: Due to vacations, I'm all day long from 10 AM CST till 12 AM CST all days, but due to school coming, I will have 3 hours on weekdays, and all day on weekends. Why I want/should be a moderator: [You don't have to put yourself on a pedestal, but give us an idea of what you think your best qualities are, and why you'd be a good moderator.] I feel like I would be a good moderator because I want to help the people of Retribution with their issues in game. Also I want to apply for staff to prove that I have changed since my last ban, and prove myself a better person. Also I like helping people with their situations like illegal bases, RDM, NLR break, and guiding them through rules and more. I also feel that having more staff members wouldn't be bad for this server due to sometimes staff members may leave the game, disconnect, or take a break, and when a staff member is needed there is no one on the job. Have you read the rules fully, understand them and are wanting to enforce them as correctly as possible?: Yes I have red all of the rules and I understand each and one of the rules. Are you willing to listen to any Staff member chosen to mentor and guide you as a Staff, even if you feel you don't need to?: Yes, I will listen to my mentor, listen to all of his/her recommendations and will take into consideration what my mentor tells me for future situations. Are you able to Staff actively on the server for several hours a week?: Yes, in weekends I'm willing to be active several hours, and during weeksays I'm going to try my best to be more active due to school. SITUATIONS: The server begins to lag and players are complaining about prop spam: I can find the source of the prop by checking the prop logs, if I find in the logs that someone is spamming props out of control in the intent to crash the server and/or disturb the gameplay of other players, I would teleport to the player that is prop spamming, inspect his actions and if his/her actions intent to crash the server then I would freeze the player, delete the props spammed in the area and later I would interview the player and ask the player why he is dong it. After interviewing the person and checking his/her previous warns, I would give the proper punishment to the player. If the prop spam is a minor prop spam, then the player must be verbal warned, or may be jailed for a reasonable amount of time. If the player proceeds with the same intents I would do the same actions to give him a warning and proceed with a ban and if the necessity of an extent is needed, I would call my mentor or another staff member. If the prop spam is big, such as spawning crates, and huge plastic blocks, then the player will be permanently banned. People begin to complain about an "illegal base": If a player complains about an illegal base, I would interview the person who claims to have found an illegal base, ask the player the problem about the base, and who is the base owner. After he provides me with the information needed to check the base, I would teleport to the person who owns the illegal base, inspect the base and it's content, and if necessary teleport the person who is complaining about the base to show me what was the problem, if the problem is identified then I will ask the owner of the base to remove/fix the problem of the base. If he fixes the problem, then i will thank the person and to not do it again, and if the base owner doesn't know the rules of basing, I would help him by supplying a link to the rules of the MOTD, and also helping him by making his base better. If the base owner doesn't fix the problem, if he/she persists to ignore staff members, players, and even me, I would have to remove the problem myself, and if the base owner still has the same problem I would have to warn him, and kick him. If there is the same problem then banning the player for a reasonable amount of time, further extents may be taken if the player has more warnings that including the same or similar warns. You see another staff member abusing his/her powers: If I see another staff member abusing his power to other players by performing such actions such as jailing, muting, gagging, warning, setting model scale, giving other people weapons, and even dragging players with the physics gun with no justification at all, I would talk to him first, and tell him to stop doing it, unless he has a justified reason. If the staff member still abuses his power, then I must gather evidence of everything I should report him for and show it to super admins, and the head admin for further inspection, if necessary, I can consult with trial moderators, moderators, admins, and senior admins for more investigation on the topic. After I have done all of these actions, I will post the complaint along with all of the evidence on the forums, and further actions will be taken with the head admin if to ban, warn, or demote the accused staff member. A player is extremely uncooperative during a sit: If a player is uncooperative in a sit to the extent that the player is harrasing, being toxic, micspamming, and even being offensive, I would gag/mute the player and let the player that filed the complaint tell me everything that happened, if the player being uncooperative during the sit would rdm, running away, or killing himself in the sit, I would have the player jailed during the sit, and proceed with further actions and extend the punishment if needed due to being uncooperative in a sit. If the player leaves the server during a sit due to him/her leaving the game, then I will complete the complaint that he was accused of and later ask my mentor or an admin to extend the ban time on the uncooperative player. A player is excessively RDMing/RDAing and breaking NLR: RDM: Stands for Random Death Match, punishment may vary as there are many factors included with RDM, such as first time warn, one RDM made, Mass RDM, and more. If the player is committing MRDM for the first time, then the player should be punished with a 12 hour ban first, and later call my mentor or a staff member to extend the ban time on the player. There is also RRDM, which stands for Revenge Random Death Match, if the player who does MRRDM keeps killing the same player just because they got killed once by them, then they may also receive a 12 hour ban first and later ask my mentor or any staff member to extend the ban time, if necessary, it can also be a permanent ban. RDA: Stands for Random Arrest punishments may be similar as for RDM, RDA may be with few jobs, and those jobs are the police, police trainee, police chief, swat, swat juggernaut, and the swat medic. These 6 classes are able to arrest any class except law enforcements, and they may arrest classes that are not law enforcements to enforce the laws. RDA is not counted if the authorities have a reason to arrest you. Ex. Police chief may arrest thief who is shooting in public, even if the person is testing the weapon, they may still be AOS. An example of RDA would be someone who is a policeman and start arresting people for not doing something, or for to ruin the experience of other players. If a player is MRDA the person would be placed into a sit, if it is the first time the person is accused of MRDA, then the player would banned for 12 hours, and later tell my mentor or another staff member to extend the ban time of the player. NLR: Stands for New Life Rule, a person may not come to the same place where he was killed for five minutes, except if it was a hit. If you come to the same place before the 5 minutes then you may be killed by the same player in the same area and also other players in the area. Punishment for breaking NLR has been reduced, now if one person has broken NLR once, then they are verbal warned, if they keep breaking NLR, then they are warned and depending the amount of times NLR has been broken by a player, the more severe the punishment may be. If a new player breaks NLR about 2 times maximum, then I will explain the player what is NLR and how to avoid breaking it, for to not commit the error, and also give him a Verbal Warning. (Additional Comments): I want to clarify the reason why this is white is because I did all of this on a notepad on my phone, and later sent it on an email, I copied and pasted it because I wouldn't write the whole thing again. Also I want to thank my friend @TheArcadeFox for introducing me to this server, helping me train for Trial Moderator, and showing me the rules as well. Also I want to thanks all of the staff members who have helped me learn rules, also to let me be in sits to learn punishments, and more, and they are @Sarrus? @ImmortalxReaper @Demon. @Blazen @Lemon©Yimo, @SugarMuchand @korbin. Thanks to the people who have motivated me to be an admin and also those who have cheered me to be an admin. Also thanks to @thogwho banned me for a day for party abuse because he was the person who made me stop doing warnings, and also taught me to be a better player overall.
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    *** I am doing this name change request for the user named @SoundPulserino he obviously forgot to do it can you do it for me @DaveThe2nd? *** Desired forum name: ClownPulserino @Flustered Pigeon @DaveThe2nd (Just because there is no Head-Admin tag doesn't mean I can't reach you guys!) You may request a name change once every 2 weeks, if you request it early then it will be denied.
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    I honestly like the R8.
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    All of you saying the following... Welcome! Here is the link to the discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/KbH4x4K Hope you enjoy your stay here! Hush it you're not as cool as @Colours. @Sullyツ needs to be more "original" Colours obviously said it first.
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    This is it boys. I can say without a doubt that some people were hoping for this. The amount of power that can go to somebody's head is insane and almost incomprehensible. You may call this post laughable and may even shitpost on it. In the community the server has gone down hill from when I first started playing. Bans nowadays seem based more on opinions then the facts (however most bans are reasonable and understood). The progress that has been made on the dev board since it was created is for the most part a joke. I understand that all the staff on here are not required to play/work/put time into the server. I can say without thinking twice that the server is in a worse position then it was in 2016 (atleast for older members/regulars). The server has been sugar coated by most of the higher up team. The activity to the public on there end is non-existent and it feels like they do almost nothing for the integrity for the server. Since there is no person in power looking out for older members (IMO) I think its time to leave this community possibly for good. I'm going to start off by listing some of the issues I have. You may skim/skip over this part if you really don't care. The first problem being, I can not be forgiven for what I have done 2 years+ in the past. I think people should be able to look past somebody's warn count and see what the person is actually like. I'm very thankful that my group of friends that are currently staff members or past staff looked past my warn count and saw me for who I was. Sure you can make assumptions all you want, but I will continue to think otherwise. Sure you may think that people never change but I think that some people can, and I think I did for the most part. Another issue I have is the lack of things to do on the server. I understand that making server events in currently underway, but I see no progress being made on this subject. The server has gotten increasingly boring over the years and there is almost nothing to do at this point. I have everything that I want, I made the friends that I wanted to have, and I loved being able to share my time with all the friends, past and present. The disrespect that some staff members have for players that have dumped there time, effort, lives, and money in really gets to me (cool meme dude) <-- This may have been a joke but It seemed kind of direct. The amount of communication that happens between the higher up team, the other staff members is, again, non-existent. Let alone the communication between the playerbase and the higher up team. I don't think that there is any issue with the people in power. I think the power has gone to there heads in certain cases. yall got clickbaited in the title ez Now for the mentions. @poyo In DMs. @korbin Stop with the gay tendencies. For real though, you were a really cool dude when I played. Ill tell you how much you meant to me in DMs. @Sarrus? trap beats playboy carti on gang on cap dairyqueen gang on dwayne @Byte Long talks and multiple mine craft servers. I loved ever second with you, and you will be regarded as a highly respected friend of mine. Thanks. @Demon. ill destroy you in hvh meet @gametime bruh ill inject ayyware onetap user here @Harry Death You chill bruh. I'm sorry for what I put you through. @Chocobo thanks for your words of encouragement and seeing through what people said about me @Oz! that really figures @Ryan later fellow staff member @Tropath thanks for making my account homeboy @Festive Minx ❄ im sorry for all that I put you through. I think ive bettered myself and I can say you made me a better person. @Kenny ★ You are extremely 2 faced and extremely hypocritical. Take a look in the mirror bud. @BeesCantFly bruh moment @Jalen you dumbfuck got yourself banned bro @MajorSteam are you even banned? @Lo Mein You may not remember me, but I remember. We were really good friends. @Thanos later gamer @ImmortalxReaperI loved basing with you and you always made me smile when you were grinding on the old system. @Flustered Pigeon I am truly sorry that I let you down. I hope that you can forgive me for everything that I have done in the past. I really believe that you will fix the server at some point. I am sorry I can not be around for it (for the better or worse). Thank you for believing in me up until the end and I'm sorry for loop-holing past you guys. It was not one of my best moves. @DaveThe2nd I know I have not been the nicest person to you. I think I could have used better judgement when deciding what to do. Even though I tried to make amends with you I could see where you were coming from. I apologize for all the issues that I caused you and the staff problems. @JouaramThank you for giving me the chance to staff. I really had a good time doing it and loved it while it lasted. Thank you for providing me joy for the past 4 years. Ill leave you guys with a goodbye song ghoul says: add me on minecraft: ghoulinyourhome im out boys lil whitewashed fr fr ceo of autism out TheBigJuicyOne/Trio/Froggy/Zeus 2k15-16//2k19
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    Me and President N U T were messing around on ret this morning and we made a little short film with static images. I edited it, and rendered it, and now here it is. I'm not the best editor so excuse my mistakes. Anyways here it is THE RAID a short film by Lemon
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    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you... our owner.
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    add a clown reaction , and bring back the monocle reaction
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    Me and @Demon. Have been making little mini-games. We have as of now a parkour and TTT. We need ideas on what to do next! So help us out and send em below! Parkour - TTT -
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    I feel as if the clown reaction will decrease toxicity on the forums, It provides a harm free opportunity to clown on someones fuckery on the forums. It will keep players in check, when someone is being a clown you simply clown reaction them into oblivion, it will show them their clownery is not tolerated. I leave below this post my future projection for toxicity after implementing this reaction.
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    In my opinion: To be completely honest the Nissan GT-R looks like a bug and every time I see it I want to step on it.
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    So this temp-mod named Korean, whom I recently had a couple sits with was an amazing staff member. He did his job quickly and efficiently which impressed me.. I know this server has exceptional staff, but since he's new to the team, I thought a shout out would be nice. Thank you Korean, if you see this post.. I hope you officially make it to the team.
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    ACCEPTED! Okay so, JellyJinx i would like for this to start off in a way where we acknowledge your past and we act on it to fix and repair it. We do have trust in you hence why we are accepting you. Your friendly, Chill, funny and I've had some good experiences with you as well as other staff members. Be sure to add @DaveThe2nd @nonamus @The Anonymous Rainbow @ImmortalxReaper @Flustered Pigeonon steam! Request an Invite to the Staff-Only Channel and message one of us when you are ready for your test.
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    Sorry to throw things a bit off topic here, but yeah, this is probably where you should stop and think, "hey, maybe if I don't have anything to say, I should just not say anything"
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    Accepted This will probably be the first staff app ever accepted with 0 comments. We were going to accept you from the previous point as I stated before and we are glad you decided to hang around longer. Your activity is great in-game and on the forums. You do not cause any trouble on the server and usually have a positive attitude that we love here. While I do think you'll need a good mentor you have the potential to be a great admin! Message one of the higher ups when you're ready to take your mod test (I'd recommend going over the motd one more time.) Be sure to add @DaveThe2nd @nonamus @The Anonymous Rainbow @ImmortalxReaper on steam!
  27. 4 points
    My break now which was supposed to begin on August 15, 2019, will start at this very moment. It is important that I focus in the direction of life I was in before the summer started. If my rank needs to be removed for being gone to long so be it. With the pursuit of power, some people forget their original goal. With staff members who I have closely been in contact with leaving and going away for awhile I’m going to change what I had originally stated. I will not be returning for a few months. Probably not before 2020 (but who knows), and when it’s time to return, I will make a decision if I will remain on the server or not. My time on Retribution has not been just good not just great, not just an all-around amazing experience it’s been a journey. I’ve seen many people, and I honestly want to thank everyone who has contributed to making this experience what it has become. However, as of this moment I will be taking a break. Please note if I show up at any time before making a return post my break has not “ended.” I will make a return post when I return. This time I’m going out of my way to tag some people who have really made this journey enjoyable. @Flustered PigeonThanks for being there and having faith in me it truly means a lot. @ByteThanks for being such a wonderful mentor when I was in my T-Mod time. Byte for super. Spread the word. @Xepharia Thanks for being there through the hard and the easy times. @SoundPulserino You’re a clown, and I'm still waiting on that name change @DaveThe2nd @poyo After all the things that have happened. You've still been there to help people when they need it, and you stick up for your fellow staff members. Something, that is not seen all the time. @Marki Get your head out of Python 2.7 because before you know it there will be a Python 4.0 and that's not even a joke. @Colours Go away! or I will replace you with a very simple shell script. @ Yimo I will RDM you next time I see you. There’s no point in running away I am inevitable. @Sarrus? < ----- This guy… a mad man take him out! @Harry DeathIt’s been a wonderful journey, thanks for being a big part in it! @Lemon© I mean you’re still a citrus @Pinkk Where have you gone? @Pretty Boy Kaden & @Cobra The first two people I interacted with on this server... Cheers!!! @Shogun4122 My good sir, are very interesting. I've been trying to figure you out, however, I can't... Well... I guess we will never know. @Johnny Sparklez It's been fun hanging out. I'll definitely look into Rust, and I'll let you know! @King Tonka It was nice seeing you on again today. Well hope we can play again in the future. It's been fun, but I'm out... At least for now.
  28. 4 points
    We've updated our current map to the new version. This will be more of a trial run to see how it goes. The updated version is just a more optimized and expanded version of the old map, which means most old dupes should also work on the new map. Message on discord (Marki#9191) if you have any issues or questions.
  29. 4 points
    Alright shitheads this time I’m officially back. If you know me you know me, if not oh well. I look forward to playing with old friends and making new ones.
  30. 4 points
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    Denied While we don't require forum activity, we do want to see overall community activity. I feel you are just getting back into the server and still need to get your name out some more on the forums as well as on the server. You may reapply in 7 days.
  32. 4 points
    honestly you’re being such a hypocrite in your app. you’re constantly defending yourself. if many players are calling you toxic, take the hint that you’re toxic. you keep trying to counter the -1’s people are giving you, and that shows your toxicity.
  33. 4 points
    join the army today
  34. 4 points
    Blazen keeps picking up with is psy gun and its getting annoying like a smack him with my stuck stick cause im tabbing back in and he drags me out of my own base like tell this guy to chill its not funny or nice just let me playyyyyyyyyyyyyy./
  35. 4 points
  36. 4 points
    People still think you're immature because you are still imature. Look at your age. Of course you are. You're not immature because you're an immature person, you're immature because thats the normal way for someone your age to be. That's probably not going to change anytime soon, and you shouldn't be trying to make it. Just be yourself and enjoy it while you can. Being mature is shit.
  37. 4 points
    ACCEPTED! Alright, Blazen you have exceptional community feedback and what can i say you are a very respectful player. You are a past staff from what i am told and we are happy to in that case have you back. Be sure to add @DaveThe2nd @nonamus @The Anonymous Rainbow @ImmortalxReaper @Flustered Pigeonon steam! Request an Invite to the Staff-Only Channel and message one of us when you are ready for your test.
  38. 4 points
    My name's Daniel, I'm 19 and from New York, currently in my second year of college. I'm a computer science major and music minor, after switching from geography and digital media production. I like producing music, from electronic to cinematic scores. I'm also a drummer who's been playing for more than seven years (Pearl FTW). I mainly play Garry's Mod, CSGO, GTA5, and a bit of modded Minecraft, as well as osu!, since I'm a big rhythm game fan. I have staffing experience on two past DarkRP servers (now defunct) (additional info can be found on 'about me', if curious). It feels great to join back on a DarkRP server that I've heard of for years but haven't tried out yet (well, I was staffing on other, now-dead servers). I look forward to meeting active players in the community, and doing all sorts of things and spending countless hours on the server, and possibly joining the staff team.
  39. 3 points
    Denied You seem like a great kid Thinner, I would love to give you a shot at staff, but I just don't think you are ready yet. Staff have to deal with a magnitude of bad situations and toxic people and that is not something someone of your age should have to deal with. I think this is for the best, maybe someday you will be ready but not yet. You may reapply in a week if you really wish to.
  40. 3 points
    In-Game Name: unsure Age: 15 Timezone: MST Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:88243269 Steam Profile (Link): Hours on the server: 386 Times Active: when im bored Why I want/should be a moderator: im bored Have you read the rules fully, understand them and are wanting to enforce them as correctly as possible?: likely Are you willing to listen to any Staff member chosen to mentor and guide you as a Staff, even if you feel you don't need to?: only @Xepharia Are you able to Staff actively on the server for several hours a week?: is this even applicable anymore SITUATIONS: The server begins to lag and players are complaining about prop spam: freeze shit and check the leggos and goto the meany head People begin to complain about an "illegal base": talk and kick if they dont comply ez 100%%% You see another staff member abusing his/her powers: get proof and talk to them and talk to @Super Administrator A player is extremely uncooperative during a sit: [What do you do if a player doesn't like your judgement of the sit? What do you do if they start downright insulting you?] A player is excessively RDMing/RDAing and breaking NLR: warn on first offense ez 100%% and punish on rest (Additional Comments): I have too much spare time that my friends do weed also if this isnt accepted i will be sad edit was after but idgaf. also rep boost me
  41. 3 points
    Jesus fuck why did you highlight it like that?
  42. 3 points
    Hey guys, I'm asro. I've already been here awhile but I don't know if I've actually introduced myself yet. If I have, oh well, I have 2 introductions now. If not, then neat. You guys don't know me personally, but I'd like you to know me as a person. I'm fucking retarded. I don't mean that in a negative way, I just mean I'm a goof. I like playing games, if it wasn't already obvious. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.
  43. 3 points
    You're not important enough to be the biggest minge
  44. 3 points
  45. 3 points
    I was legally obligated to shit post for my 1000th post. So hah. You clicked on my shit post. Loser Enjoy this video I found from a good while ago
  46. 3 points
  47. 3 points
    Welcome to Retribution! We welcome you with open arms and hope you enjoy the server as much as everyone else does. Hope to see you stick around!
  48. 3 points
    The cat gun and M1 Carbine are body perms, there was a bug that stopped the cat gun from being a body perm but it is now fixed.
  49. 3 points
    Probably the most common mouse recommended to people but it is for a reason. If you want a cheap good mouse the logitech g403 has always been pretty great and I've used it for years. Its $40's off on amazon rn too. It's not the greatest mouse in the world but its high quality for a low price. https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-G403-Prodigy-Gaming-Mouse/dp/B01KUAMCV4/ref=asc_df_B01KUAMCV4/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=242012519199&hvpos=1o4&hvnetw=g&hvrand=7280815800053483584&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9030070&hvtargid=pla-343408345652&psc=1
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    Hello, So @Flustered Pigeon and @DaveThe2nd don't like my profile picture amongst a few others on the staff team. Although I have no intention in changing it any time soon I want your opinion on it. Here's some quick backstory. This picture is the GitHub mascot it is an octopus cat otherwise known as the Octocat. Some people such as Flustered says "It looks like it's up to something..." others say they just don't like how it looks. Now keep in mind different people have different opinions, and it's okay to respect all of them. However, now I and @Marki have this as our profile picture on discord. I believe we should get some community opinion. Best Regards, Xcede
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