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    This is the problem. You don't treat your server with any sort of responsibility toward your player base. It's only about maintaining a revenue stream to support yourself and the server. Telling your players, who PAY YOU HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS A MONTH for you to PROVIDE THEM A SERVICE to just fuck off if they don't like the state of the server is why anyone who has ever tried to help you has walked away from this place. Literally everyone else who has taken a hand in administrating this place has put in more time and effort into actually trying to make this place better, while anything you touch is really just a means to add a revenue stream or is done so haphazardly that you barely look into the greater context of what you're adding. Half of the donation guns have armor penetrating rounds - only because I had already coded an anti-armor damage type, and you were unable to make your own, new unique feature. Most of the new additions have just been more and more permanent items to flood players with. You've added more permanent guns in the last few months than all of the ones I've added over the course of almost two years and most of them are just generic guns from a workshop pack. I guarantee that you didn't even take the effort to compare weapon values in any structured function other than comparing a couple damage values and figuring it's "good enough". Ocelot guns have deflated so much that they're actually worth LESS than the tier below it because everyone has 10 million RTD tokens. Almost every donation store gun that features some sort of gimmick (which isn't even unique - they're just taken off of the workshop) is unbalanced and broken, and sometimes never even get fixed. I see constant threads about how entities break, features get changed, and other problems arise because you update or change something without really thinking of the consequences. You even moved all the databases off server so that you can roll back without having a bunch of complications. You've literally made it easier for you to press a "reset button" anytime something breaks instead of diagnosing problems and fixing them once and for all. I don't think you feel it's necessary to make your own content. You've tried to dabble in scripting, but you never committed enough to actually making a full addon or some new, larger feature. You have no urgency to your community unless your income is jeopardized. Do you remember why I made the Enigma Rifles? It's because you added the Asiimov M4. You were charging $24 for a shitty, broken ass gun from the workshop just because it was an asiimov from csgo and I felt embarrassed for both of us. I wanted to give players something new, cool, and unique, something one of your players could actually be proud of buying. I was really hoping that that it would set the example to you should put unique content on your store, not just random tat you found off of the workshop. I got shit on so much for stuff that you didn't do. People would message me every day about custom jobs that YOU weren't doing because you were playing H1Z1. Even when I asked you to just PAY ME TO DO THEM when people had already been waiting 3 weeks for their custom jobs, you still insisted on doing them yourself. That's why I automated custom printers for you. I felt BAD for the people who paid you that had to wait weeks for what they paid for. What's even more depressing is seeing all these kids as staff, who have only been here for a couple weeks to a few months, actually justify you avoiding your job because they don't realize you've been doing this kind of shit for over two years.
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    Hey guys, this is going to be my resignation/goodbye post. I recently found out that my unit is being mobilized for deployment this year and I'll be leaving soon to do pre-deployment training. I might be on once in awhile for the next few weeks but when I leave I'll be gone for a little over a year, so I figured I'd just do this now so I can spend some time getting my affairs in order, hanging out with family and friends and having copious amounts of booty sex with @Hans. The new Supreme Leader God Emperor Trump will probably send us to Derkaderkastan on a crusade against @OUIIJM GUIITPS's goat fucking brothers to take back the holy land and secure the oil and minerals necessary to build the wall and MAGA. Maybe if @MrHotwings117 hurries up he can come slay some dank ass haji pussy and sling his thicc dicc around like he ain't shit . It's been a good run lads, been with the server for a year now and hopefully when I get back @Jouaram might actually have custom jobs completed. @MeeganTheVegan yo weave nappy as hell gurl @KingDogeThe3rd fuckin weeb tryna kidnap me with your sex dungeon and shit @Timmy Twoshoes Enter the Dragon was my favorite anime @FESTIVE PIGEON it was an honor destroying your stupid pigeon treehouse @Proper you were my favorite e-girl, Tori @Reii ★ PLAYIN AT LAX @Harambe© ur gay @Vex get goosed m80 @Newfie ? mingey cuck @Boone fuck tanks @Oz! figures @Johney Sparklez go yiff yourself dirty furry @KiwiDragon generic resignation mention @Polly hunting season's over @Silvers lord of the cucks @Karma keep doin what you do best, making cropped brony porn avatars If I forgot to mention you it's because I ran out of memes. Bye Felicia~
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    Hey everyone. I've made a decision to leave the Retribution community entirely. I've had a lot of different experiences and I've enjoyed the large majority of it. While I can't say Retribution is the server it should be, it's certainly one that has had a lasting impression on me. You might find me on the DarkRP server or other branches, or pop up when something neat is made. Other than that, I'm taking the train to new places. I'd like to really talk about my personal experiences on Retribution and the impacts it's made on me. If you don't want to read all that shit, leave your post here and go. Past this point, it's really just my experience. TL;DR: I didn't expect to help out as much as I have, and the server has changed me. I miss the "old" Retribution and it's community. I never really expected to make as big an impact on Retribution, the staff team, it's community, or even as a developer. I came into the server to minge and go. I got on with a friend, and he wanted to take a legitimate stab at RP. So we did. My first experience is hiding in a propblocked house from a hit man who wanted to kill me. I was partially scared for my character in-game, I didn't want to die. Then I just let it happen. I realized there wasn't much consequence to dying, contrary to many other experiences on other servers. It was my first "real" experience in a DarkRP server. It wasn't forced, it didn't happen with a specially prepared building. It happened by me being fearful for the outcome of my character. I knew I'd respawn, but I had items and stuff I feared losing. I got more into the server and began playing more often. I played as if anyone would mug me at any point, I was afraid to have a weapon out, I played like I was a normal citizen in a city. Eventually, I tried my turn in basing. At this time, fading door bombs were something I had never experienced, as well as custom jobs, and donator privileges. I had a building sign up, and put a KOS to fend off people who would try to raid. This was my first true experience with staff. A player attempted to raid me, but at the time, KOS and building signs were not allowed to be put together. I came back multiple times to tell him he couldn't raid, getting killed each time. I was banned for a day, by Seodd. He was an older player and an administrator at the time. I was really tempted to leave the server altogether, but also wanted to play more. I got on more often, and played longer after the ban. After a while, I decided to donate and get Supporter Perm. This was the first time I ever donated to a server, and it felt really nice. I was helping a server I enjoyed, and got benefits for doing so. However, the donation process wasn't so easy. I bought the item JUST before a sale, and after refreshing the page, seeing my donation, I saw the price was cut in half. The donation never came through in-game either. We were worried, so my parents and I charged back. I got permanently banned, and I contacted Jouaram. This was the first time I ever contacted staff or an owner of a server directly. We had it solved, and I even got Supporter Perm for half off. I was unbanned, and let back into the server. Slightly shorter story, I went Drug Dealer one day and had the mayor base with me. He was RPing as a drug addict mayor, which is always fun. We even had Deathie come over, and RP as a doctor. It was really exciting seeing someone that did a lot for the server just relax and play it. I never realized that I would learn as much as I have from him. Shortly after this time, I got involved in the forums. I had gotten a little more known in the community, and portrayed myself pretty wholly. I didn't act like a jackass, reserved cursing, and tried to write as maturely as possible. Eventually, I was pushed by a lot of other players to apply for staff. At this time, staff applications were much more lax, but the super administrators at the time (I believe it was Tropath, MeeganTheVegan, and VladTheImpaler) were very vigilant, and watched staff. I made a staff application, and then the forums were reset. I didn't really write a rough draft, so I just rewrote it again. Once again, the forums got reset. I don't know the exact reasoning for what happened those days, but I believe it was a server switch. I wrote it once more, under the title "yelsew352's Staff Application V3". This was the first time I had ever applied for staff, and the first time I ever got accepted. At this time, the forums were a much more close-knit community, full of people who respected each other. I really miss that. The application wasn't really well written, and wasn't really professional. It had a lot of personal jokes in it, like where I mention Jouaram because of the chargeback ban. The application itself was honestly a copy of the old staff handbook. I looked back at it multiple times while writing it, and basically copied it. Incidentally, it wasn't the best application to ever grace these forums, and it certainly wouldn't be accepted in today's staff climate. I still get a laugh out it, looking at the answers and replies. I started working right away as staff. I had never been staff, and at the time, I was really "innocent" so-to-speak. I had very little knowledge of ULX, logs, or staffing. I always wanted to help out, and improve the lookout for players. It was my first "job" experience, and I enjoyed every second of it. Every sit, I knew I was helping people. I knew I could make people's day better. Soon, hours and days were passing. A month later, to the date, I applied for "mentoring". At the time, mentors were assigned when requested. Moderator was the learning curve, and mentoring was the barrier between moderator and administrator. It was accepted the same day, with the reason "No need to leave this up, everybody on the staff team knows that you do your job and do it well". I was so excited, it's hard to put into words. After this point, I really began trying to help people, but unfortunately, my young mind had a few different things in mind. At that time, administrators were given permanent bans, but you had to tell a super administrator (or above, considering Hans was around) about it. Eventually, it got to the point where administrators were banning players for Mass RDM and racism (really just saying nigger, the community now has it easy) permanently, without telling supers. Eventually, permanent bans were taken away from administrators. Eventually, after a while, I was extremely burnt out. Helping people wasn't as enjoyable as it was before. People asking for help, turned more into people complaining about nothing. The community was converting into something it wasn't before, and more toxic people started rooting themselves into the server. I was seriously contemplating resignation, even taking a two week hiatus before coming back for a week. Within that time, however, I must've proved something. I was promoted to senior (I don't remember exactly when, I've spent so much goddamn time here) and I was exuberant. Working with @TimmyTwoshoes117 was probably one of the greatest things I ever enjoyed doing on this server. We observed staff, we kept records on performance, and made notes about bad staff. Eventually, I got burnt out of that as well. It must've been the combination of being burnt out already that reduced my interest. On June 28th, 2017, I resigned as senior. I got respected, and eventually, lost it to a ?. I drove myself into a deep spiral of drama, typically posting completely emotionally and unconstructively. I made some shitty suggestions (which I still slightly support, but not in the same level as I did) and tried to justify some stupid shit. After my respected rank being revoked, I realized what I was doing. I knew I wasn't helping by stuffing complaints on @Jig Saw and making bad suggestions, so I tried to improve my portrayal. I was losing myself, and I destroyed myself by doing the same shit that burnt me out - making a big deal out of small shit. My persona, to anyone not looking through the lens of the past, was annoying, destructive, and outright bitchy. Eventually, after Halloween, I applied again. There were extremely valid criticisms, and people again, looking to the past to justify an approval. @Not ST john made a really good point, I wasn't the same person. I really shouldn't have been accepted again. I was certainly not the person who applied in 2016, and not a good candidate if I hadn't had the past I did. So when I was accepted, I wanted to take a different approach to staffing. This different approach involved focusing absolutely on helping players, not punishing them (even though the ones who deserved it, got it good). My last staffing "session" was more focused on getting rid of bad actors, without regard to them really learning rules. I wanted to make it feel like I was staffing for the first time again, but because of my experiences as administrator and senior adminstrator, it was difficult to stay moderator. I applied for administrator after three weeks, and made sure to acknowledge my actions of the summer. I wouldn't have admitted it then, but I know I was an asshat. I was administrator for a while, and attained senior once more. Eventually, I gained the rank of super administrator, and I knew I had to make a difference, somehow, somewhere. We reworked mentoring once again (it was reworked by me and Timmy when we were seniors) and made it a much more open approach. We made it focus on the people who needed help rather than those that did their job fine. Eventually, I wanted to dabble in development (from this point on, you basically know the story, it's on a thread by @DaveThe2nd). Retribution is the near-perfect environment for it. Plenty of people who will use what you make legitimately, and plenty of people to look for ways to break it. While I wasn't able to make the changes to the server I wanted to, I feel that the things we did make were in good nature and made to benefit the server. Not everything that was put in was me though. Geekabit and Marki had wonderful work and ideas and I'm glad I was able to work with them. I'll even hesitantly say it was a good time working with Jouaram, when we actually did do things. He's given me the opportunity to grow as a person and as a player in ways I never thought possible. Retribution, as much as a toxic, in-fighting community it is today, has grown me in not only my personality online, but my personality in real life. I've learned skills here I would've never learned otherwise. I've gained a high level of self-esteem and discussion prowess I didn't have before I was involved in the community. I've met people and players that have taught me a lot. I'd like to personally thank @Jouaram for the opportunity that I've been given here. I absolutely hate the direction that Retribution is going, in respect to it's "origins", but I never would've had the chances that I've had on Retribution without you. It pains me to see where you are taking it, and I really, really want you to fix it. I know my words have rang a thousand times in your ears from the dozens of others voicing the same opinion, but I truly want to see Retribution become something more than a typical DarkRP cash cow. It has the potential, and it's had the people to push it in those directions. I also want to thank @Deathie for giving me the opportunity to learn from him and even look at his code. You are a really deep thinker, and I don't think I would've ever thought of development the way I do without taking tips from you. I really want to keep in touch. You're a great resource. You've given me the chance that I don't think any other developer would have. Thanks. I really thank @Marki and @MrGeekabit for being excellent colleagues and giving great feedback for work and ideas. I don't think I would've ever been able to reach the goals I have with development without having you two checking in on it every so often. You both are going great places, and I really hope we continue to work together even after our departure. Thank you for the experience and help in everything. I want to thank those of you who have read that ugly wall of text. That's the anecdote of my experience on Retribution. I don't think anyone has had such a wild ride of experiences as I have, and I'm glad I've spent my time here. I'd thank more, but there are so many people who have come and go and affected me in so many smaller ways, it'd be difficult to list them out. I'd like to thank the "old" Retribution community, the ones who didn't have a knife at someone's throat every minute. You've given the boost that I needed to push myself in these expansive new directions. And with that, I am gone. I might reply a few more times to a few topics. Thanks for everything, and I hope everyone has a wonderful time. Despite all the shortcomings, I know I have.
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    Update Posts - [7 - 12 - 17] [6 - 9 - 17] [6 - 2 - 17] [5 - 25 - 17] [5 - 20 - 17] [5 - 8 - 17] [5 - 7 - 17] [4 - 18 - 17] [4 - 15 - 17] [4 - 8 - 17] [4 - 1 - 17] [3 - 31- 17] OK BOYS LETS DO THIS (Day 1 Update) NEW - Daily Crate System (!rtd) Can be opened once every 24 hours Access with "!rtd" in chat. Rewards are sent to your permanent inventory (Tokens for extra unboxes soon?) NEW - Ocelot Weapon Series Ocelot weapons are new unique weapons that deal bonus damage to armored opponents. Ocelot Pistol: +25 Bonus damage to armored enemies Obtainable through daily crate system as a permanent weapon. Ocelot Shotgun: +10 Bonus damage (per pellet) to armored enemies Obtainable through daily crate system as a permanent weapon. Ocelot Sniper: +150 Bonus damage to armored enemies Obtainable through daily crate system as a permanent weapon. Ocelot M4 Rifle: +15 Bonus damage to armored enemies New spawn weapon for SWAT and SWAT Medic. Ocelot Dominator: +300 Bonus damage to armored enemies New spawn weapon for Mayor. NEW - Remote Fading Door Bombs Can be thrown and remotely detonated at any time. Additional 5 seconds active duration compared to normal fading door bombs. +200 Radius of standard fading door bombs. Obtainable through daily crate system as a single use weapon. NEW - Stimpack Can be consumed to instantly set your HP to 350 and Armor to 250. Obtainable through daily crate system as single use item. NEW - Contraband Scanner Jammer Can be deployed at any time through the permanent inventory. Hides all entities in a 200 radius bubble (press E to toggle bubble visibility). Lasts for 40 minutes and is indestructible (can only be stolen, or confiscated by police). Obtainable through daily crate system as a single use entity. NEW - Winchester Model Update Model changed to fit uniformity of new weapon base + clear up server space Max rounds increased to 4 bullets. Most other stats left unchanged. FIX - General Drug Changes Speed drugs now lose their effect when the consumer takes damage. SPEED DRUG: prep time decreased from 40 to 30 seconds. SPEED DRUG: duration increased from 60 to 90 seconds. SPEED DRUG: speed decreased from 5x to 4x normal run speed. HEALTH DRUG: prep time increased from 80 to 90 seconds. ARMOR DRUG: prep time increased from 80 to 90 seconds. FADING DOOR BOMB: prep time increased from 5 to 8 minutes. COOLANT: Health/Durability increased from 1000 to 1500. COCAINE: prep time increased from 60 to 75 seconds. COCAINE: duration decreased from 15 seconds to 7 seconds. COCAINE: speed reduced from 7x to 5x speed. FIX - Staying in PD after being released from jail (Sitting is now disabled while arrested.) I also added those pool tables, but they're super buggy. You can try one out in the theater, but I think I'm going to ditch adding them until they're a little more developed. I have other stuff I'm adding/working on, and will be updating again tomorrow. Leave bug reports or feedback in this thread, preferably. And pls don't be too mean to me. Damage, accuracy, and other values for the new guns are subject to change after some feedback and testing. Sorry for the ugly post formatting, it's 6am and I've been at this for several hours now. I NEED MY SLEEP. I'll be coming up with a way for people to roll the crate additional times once I figure out a good plan.
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    This is a list of players who have been blacklisted from applying for staff, either for behavioral issues, plagiarism, etc. These users are PERMANENTLY banned from applying for staff. Betawolf - STEAM_0:1:115954507 Voxin/Tyler - STEAM_0:0:59470750 zProxy - STEAM_0:1:79754342 Tkco - STEAM_0:1:99332559 DoubleTrouble - STEAM_0:0:80403356 Thor - STEAM_0:1:47170063 FuriousKKG - STEAM_0:1:196663487 Cassandra - STEAM_0:0:49658709 Oming218 - STEAM_0:1:157009979 can - No SteamID listed. nibba hours - STEAM_0:1:50058562 Real Zairen - No SteamID Listed Saavik Chekov - STEAM_0:0:144010983 Dogboi - Zeus - STEAM_0:1:89261769
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    Retribution Halloween Event "An tale of terror and fright awaits you all on Halloween night" The event will takes place from Oct 27th to Nov 3rd. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Additions: - Zones of Halloween fun! - New permanent items - New event system - New monsters & NPCS (It's vague and it's gonna stay the way ) Important Information: Any malicious activity towards either trying to ruin or inhibit others from playing the event will be banned for the entire duration of the event. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The map below represents event zones in which players will not have the ability to spawn or place props so plan in the future for base building! Do not try and propblock or build bases around these areas or they will be removed automatically. This event was created through the hard work @Deathie @Crome @Booty Priest and of course yours truly! If any of you experience and bugs or questing issues we will be available to message and should be able to solve any issues that occur! Most of us should be available at any time during the whole event so give us a heads up on anything. We all hope you guys are as excited for this event as we are and hope you all have fun! Don't delve too far into the dark....
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    Goodbye Everyone, I'm going too tell you why I'm leaving. I've been on this server for 751 hours. And enjoyed playing on this server very much. But after what happened today I don't think I'll be coming back anytime soon. I was going around as an Assassin doing Assassin things. And as I was running around I saw a cop killing some Hobo. After he had killed him he ran up too me and killed me. So I knew this kid was trying too mass rdm so I got a mod too handle it but sadly he crashed or something and there was no other staff on. As I was in the sit I could see the kid named "Kool Kidz Klub" Continuously rdming a bunch of other players. So I jumped down and I thought I should try too stop him from rdming by killing him before he could kill anyone else. After a few minutes of me preventing him from doing anything mind you he at least killed over ten people, his friend was punch whoring that entire time and started to punch me every time he saw me. So I started killing him as well because he was punching me. I noticed the mod that recently crashed was joining back and I thought everything was going to be handled but instead nothing got handled at all. Mass rdmer was jailed obviously; He was saying I was the one mass rdming and he was the one trying too stop me. And yes I will admit I killed the kid that was punch whoring in front of the mod three times. He was just saying the same stuff that the mass rdmer was saying. After a couple minutes of arguing the mass rdmer was gagged. Shortly after he was gagged he L2AP. I told the mod the he left but nothing happened too him. I was still yelling at the kid that was previously punch whoring and I was telling the mod too check logs then I got gagged after telling him, but apparently these logs don't go far enough or something so nothing could be done... Now this is where another mod came into play. Both mods said they couldn't do anything about this mass rdmer that killed over ten people because they weren't on the server but they can however warn me for rdm x3 on the kid that was punch whoring and give me a 120 sec jail time. While the kid only gets a 60 sec jail time. I'm fine with my warn and jail time that I got but what I'm not happy with is the fact that the kid that was mass rdming got away with it. He didn't even get banned for L2AP and the mods didn't seem to care... So after this experience I will not be joining back anytime soon. This server used too be great a couple months back, I don't know what happened. It just isn't the same anymore and is not an enjoyable experience. It was fun while it lasted. This isn't how I wanted my last experience too be like. I will however keep in touch with the community because that is mostly the reason why I loved the server.
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    I didn't think this day would come, or at least I didn't want it to come, but I'm leaving. It's been fun, and I would possibly go as far as to even say bliss, while it lasted, and I've cherished all the time I spent with you all. I'm going to tag people, but I don't want anyone to feel bad for not being included because I love you all. It's more-so that I have specific things I want to say. @Flustered Pigeon You're a better builder than me. Build twice as good for me, okay? @Baxtr Sorry I couldn't be a good enough staff for you. I'm a disappointment. I suppose this can be said to the whole community rather than just Baxtr, though. @Alpha @Crome @Wolfy? furries r cute @Mekki My first friend on retribution. How did you put up with me for so long? @Saad @Nova @Bunny @Jewordi @Deathie @Marki @Uphillcupid0 @Flustered Pigeon @Alpha @Karma @yelsew352 @Mr. Cat You're the best friends I could ever ask for. Thank you for sticking around. That's in no order, by the way. @everyone else I didn't tag I didn't get to know you enough to become good friends with you. You probably didn't want to talk to me anyway. I understand. Retribution was an escape for me. It was an escape from the loneliness and bottomless pit of non-existent self esteem. I was lonely for so long, and found so many friends and so much kindness here. But with that comes the feeling that I used you all. I'm sorry, and I'll always blame myself for that. I guess now it's time for me to go back to how I was before. I didn't want to do this so early after becoming admin (or at all in fact) but simply put, I'm not happy being on the server anymore. I've already lost friends, respect and trust that I thought I had. I don't feel wanted here anymore. I don't see any reason to stay anymore. There's a reason for this, but only those that either I consider very close to me or those that got blabbed to know the reason. This is what my GameTracker currently looks like: This was bound to happen. People can't keep secrets. I guess I'm just Guppi 2.0 after all. See you around.
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    Welp, This is my resignation. I'm really sorry that I've been so inactive before resigning but a lot of things came up within the last 3 months. I'm starting school next week and I probably won't have as much time to put into the server as I used to so I'd rather just resign rather than being inactive. cya ? Ps. You're all gay ?
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    If you're considering resigning, please reconsider if it's for one of the following reasons: You're not enjoying the server right now. You have an issue with another staff member. You want to play other games. You don't think you're a good staff member. All of the above reasons can be resolved! You don't have to resign straight away, if you've already tried to fix any issues you have; try talking to a higher-up including myself to see if any issues you're having can be fixed. If it's because you want to play other games/aren't enjoying the server right now you are ENCOURAGED to take a break whilst keeping your staff position, you're not required to be here 24/7, 7 days a week - you can take breaks for good amounts of time; resignations should never be your first choice of action. If you have tried fixing any issues you have / still don't want to be Staff remember that you WILL NOT be given your rank back, you can re-apply for Moderator but will have to work your way up the ranks again (If you leave on good terms). If you haven't already, add me on Steam ( http://steamcommunity.com/id/Jouaram/ ) I'll be more than willing to hear any issues you're encountering. "Resigning is a permanent solution to a temporary problem" - Timmy Twoshoes
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    Fuck off already
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    I thought that I could stay as a staff member until I graduated high school and then even after that until I ship off to the Air Force, but I just cant will my self any longer. So as of today I would like to throw in the towel and resign, but this is not just a resignation this is also a farewell, because I don't think I will be seeing a lot Ret. anymore. It has been a great few months staffing on this server, and the server has been a large part of my life from middle school, all the way to now, graduating from high school. I have made many friends and meet many new people, and I love you all, but I don't have the perseverance to stay as a staff member, nor to even play on the server. Of over 3K hours I have on GMOD, over half of it has been spent on this server, and let me say I don't regret a moment of it. from building OP bases that literally teeter totter the edge of being illegal, to events that caused the server to lag for the rest of the day, and even the movie and music nights that we would have and I would fall asleep at my PC. But all great things do come to an end. I thought that by becoming a member of the staff team I would find a new interest in DarkRP, but it is all the same to me and I just don't enjoy getting on any more. One of my last posts was to say sorry about not getting on was due to school, baseball, and work. but that was not entirely true, the truth is that I dreaded being on the server. And its not because of the people, because I always have a fun time talking and interacting with new and old faces. but its the fact that I have done everything and have everything, it makes everything so repetitive, and the only fun I could really have is to sit in my base and watch movies while i make money. I would like to thank some people that have brought me here, and those who have been great friends. If I miss you out I am sorry, there has been a lot of people from the past 4ish years in no order: @yelsew352: I have known you for a while, and I always enjoyed basing with you, and I am sorry for ripping a base idea off of you and making a billion of of it @CTW: an all around great guy, nothing really to say about you but that I always enjoyed your company @ChiefOrb: ahh good ol' Chief, a great guy for any occasion, on and out of Ret. HMU if you ever wanna play anything with me @KingDogeThe3rd: I have known you for a while, but any time I saw you you were always staff and you did not mind me putting you down, so If i put you down again its because you are a friend. @Jewordi: Small misconception is that you are indeed not a jew, but actually a nice person, and you really have matured over the years, and have become a much better player @Zeezy ✪: I remember when you first started I gave you a small loan of 5 million and look at you know, a great player who knows what he is doing. @Vivider: RIP you were a nice guy, sad to see how you left @Rainz: Really the first person I meet on the server and friend, Im sad about what has happened to you, but you are the reason why I stayed on the server @Tyrone Longcock: Great guy once you get to know him, I will say my last goodbyes in your discord; ) @Saad: I did not see you a lot in GMOD, but I did play a lot of other games with you and that is fine ; ) @Boone: sad to see you leave, but when you were a round you were a great guy @MrGeekabit: We kind of grew apart, but still a great person, and we should do another bank sometime @Shogun4122 : Really just a discount Papamid, not to shabby bases, not to shabby PVPer, JK keep up the good work. @VladTheImpaler:The servers resident longest running staff member, keep it up, and keep the server safe for me @SugarMuch: is that the sugar from years ago? @Alpha: BIG RIP, HMU If you still can @B100dyty: with out a doubt you are the reason why I became so good at building @tig ole bitties : and you are the reason why I am/or was so good at raiding @Oz!: A nice friend, I don't have a lot of memories with you, but you were always around Sorry if I forgot you again, but there is a lot of people, If you have any great memories of me and you please feel free to comment it, wouldI like to reminisce about the past. As a final goodbye. I will be giving out all of my items before I leave. I will also give away my sisters stuff since she no longer plays, that means there will be about 16 Bil, 4 new Enigmas, and a butt load of other sweps. <(;~;<) A few last things I would like to say is that the reason why I am resigning is not just because I dislike playing GMOD but because I am leaving for the Air Force soon, and a few people did know about this. I am leaving soon(ish) so I will be on and off the server randomly, but please don't ask for things, that is annoying. But until I do leave If you do want to add me on steam and catch me playing a game I am always down. But for now this is goodbye, and I will miss all of you, and all the great memories that we have made together. Thank you for everything, goodbye. -Papamid "This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." Winston Churchill
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    This week on RRPs biggest ego we have a prime example of someone that thinks they can say and do almost anything they want just because they have that mula baby! Our contestant today is @Allex, today he has tried to explain his view on life and has confused me to hell and back. ~ Good Meme ~ Ill do about 3.50 ~ Telling me i was a slave for doing work that i enjoy :I @Deathie and @Jouaram I think you might have some business inquires soon.
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    Failure to follow these rules will result in your immediate denial. Requirements Must NOT hold a staff position on any other GMOD server. Must have AT LEAST 60 hours in-game. Applying before 60 hours is reached will result in INSTANT DENIAL, even if you acquire 60 hours while your application is still standing. You must maintain a healthy level of in-game activity, being inactive in-game will lead to an INSTANT DENIAL. You must receive positive feedback to be approved. If you don't meet this requirement in 7 days, your application will be denied. Super Admins+ always have the final say. Rules Rare exceptions may be made for some of these rules, but you must have permission from a Super Admin or higher. Unless otherwise stated, your application will be locked one week after posting. If your application is denied you will be subject to a 7 DAY WAIT to reapply. Advertising your application in-game or asking people to "check out" your application can result in an INSTANT DENIAL. Negative feedback on an application is normal. Excessively arguing or complaining about it can result in an INSTANT DENIAL. If your application is found to be plagiarized, it will result in an INSTANT DENIAL and a PERMANENT BLACKLIST from reapplying. You may ask to have your application closed or denied, but you'll still have to go through a 7 DAY WAIT to re-apply. While you're free to resign at any time, you will still be subject to a 30 DAY WAIT to reapply (from the resignation date). If you are demoted, you must receive the direct permission from a Super Admin+ to re-apply. Whether this is your first time applying, retired, or demoted, you must still reapply. VERY RARE exceptions may be made for former staff who would like to apply directly for Admin, but must get permission from a Super Admin+ first. Responses on applications must display a positive, neutral, or negative rating followed by a brief explanation for the rating. If you do not give a reason for your rating, or just post emotes and memes then you may be issued warning points on the forum. If you are an Admin posting positive feedback, be thorough in your reasoning. Give reasons why you think the player would make an exceptional staff member. (Your vote has weight! Don't throw out +1's carelessly!) The moderator application template is posted below. You may alter the style, colors, or format as long as the information within the application is preserved. Moderator applications must use the title format of <Name>'s Moderator Application: MM/DD/YY Example: Deathie's Moderator Application: 01/01/17 You can preview an example application here. DON'T COPY AND PASTE ANSWERS! BE ORIGINAL! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Name]'s Moderator Application In-Game Name: [Your username] Age: [Your age] Timezone: [Or your state/province and country] Steam ID: [You can find this by typing status in your in-game console or from HERE] Steam Profile (Link): Hours on the server: [Use your in-game ID card to find your hours.] Times Active: [How many hours a day, and which days are you active?] Why I want/should be a moderator: [You don't have to put yourself on a pedestal, but give us an idea of what you think your best qualities are, and why you'd be a good moderator.] Have you read the rules fully, understand them and are wanting to enforce them as correctly as possible?: [Yes/No] Are you willing to listen to any Staff member chosen to mentor and guide you as a Staff, even if you feel you don't need to?: [Yes/No] Are you able to Staff actively on the server for several hours a week?: [Yes/No] SITUATIONS: The server begins to lag and players are complaining about prop spam: [How can you find the source of the prop spam? How do you determine what is or isn't prop spam?] People begin to complain about an "illegal base": [What process do you take to make sure the player fixes the issue(s) with their base? What if the player refuses or ignores you altogether?] You see another staff member abusing his/her powers: [Example of staff abuse? What process do you take to stop it? Do you get higher ups involved, or would you talk to the staff member yourself? Both? Neither?] A player is extremely uncooperative during a sit: [What do you do if a player doesn't like your judgement of the sit? What do you do if they start downright insulting you?] A player is excessively RDMing/RDAing and breaking NLR: [What is RDM/RDA and NLR? How do you determine if a player is breaking any of these?] (Additional Comments): [Anything else you want us to know about you? You can remove this part from the application if you don't want to include anything.]
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    The time has come for me to resign. I really just have been so burnt out on ret that i have to force myself to get on the server and that's not how I want it to be. ill mention some people but I'm probably gonna forget some so rip me. @MrGeekabit@Jouaram@Timmy Twoshoes Thanks for giving the chance to help out the server again. @mephss Your hamster is a fat ass @Marki <3 (full homo) @Crome you the greatest person i fuckin love you. @EvilN3rd My man. @Oz! My man pt2 @Proper Slut. @Sir Vape Greatest son i ever had @Sir Goose 0311 crayon eatin lookin ass @Saad Paki.
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    This is kind of a long message all around so Pigeon hopefully can organize it well for you guys XD. Message from event Creators: @Crome @Deathie @Booty Priest The Halloween event is completed! We all are very grateful and happy that so many of you enjoyed playing our event! We worked hard for the month and had tons of fun creating and doing what we love to do on Garry's mod. This event was our way of seeing the capabilities of content creating on a Darkrp server and you guys were great test subjects! Seeing you run around being immersed playing every little bit of content we added felt awesome and as sincerely as we can say it, thank you. :) Thank you to all the players who joined in with helping/guiding players get through quests it was extremely helpful and wonderful to see you everyone working together. Very rarely have we seen people who did not know each other become friends and have fun like this. You guys were working as a team and as a community and that's whats awesome about this server. The best part of any event like this is not the content we add but how you all interact and play it, a lot of the fun in this event was made by you guys with each other. That being said we all there there were a lot of issues throughout then entirety of the event and it is a shame we had to end it early due to the frequent crashing and performance loss. It also sucks that there was a lot we wanted to add for you guys but with issues plus deadlines in the way they weren't added. (You all will have beans forever ) This was the first time any of us had tried to do anything this large and there is no way for us to get any better at doing it than through experience and improvement. We would love to do something like this again in the future but there is a lot of stuff that needs to be worked on so there won't be anything like this again anytime soon. If we do though we know how to make it even better! This was a Rollercoaster of an event but all in all we hope you guys had fun! Message from Pigeon: This is a personal thank you to Deathie/Jouaram/Crome/Klaus for letting pigeon have to opportunity to even work on this. Being part of this was the most fun Pigeon has had on Garry's mod in a very long time and it made Pigeon a super happy bird. This was a success to Pigeon and revitalized Pigeon's spark in Garry's mod. It's kind of hard to write this but that revitalization is in Pigeon wanting for more in-depth RP and learning how to more large scale built and create. This server and all of you are wonderful but it's not the place Pigeon thinks he needs to be to do that and grow as a builder. Pigeon is leaving and if he does come back it wont be for a long time (def not in this year). He will still be in contact with all of you friends on ret and will still be talking to you guys if you ever need anything but he will not be active on the server and will be trying to drift away from the forums too. Pigeon is glad to leave on a good note and hopes the server does well while he's gone. Pigeon doesn't want to tag anyone or make this fully about him leaving he wants this 100% about that he is happy to leave on a note like this amazing event and the tons of fun while it lasted! Watching you guys have fun was extremely rewarding and it'd be awesome to see if you guys had any screenshots you took during the event below! Farewell everyone from Pigeon and Crackers!
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    I've decided to resign due to personal reasons that won't allow me to get on the server for another 5-6 months. I'll try to be on the forums occasionally if I can. Its been a great experience to be a part of this wonderful community. Bye ~
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    Well I never thought that this day would come but this is goodbye everyone it has been one hell of a ride and I had a lot of fun with all of you. The server is becoming an obsession of mine and I need to stop it or my relationship will be taking a big hit that may not be repaired. I am so very sorry to all of those who will miss me but it is for the best after all. You have all been wonderful friends and I hope with me gone you all will still remain happy. Take care everyone and have a wonder rest of your lives. This is goodbye for Mr. Cat I will miss you all :(
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    It was nice knowing all of you. This time I'm gone for real. My father is sick, my cat disappeared, and my dog died. I deleted everyone from my friends list. I don't want to be apart of the Garry's Mod community anymore. If you want to add me back go for it, but I won't be on garry's mod anymore. I'm sorry I let myself down, and others. I don't want to be an admin anymore, I don't even want to be around others anymore, I actually want to lay down and never wake up. Dreams are the only time I ever feel happiness anymore. Depression is real, and its never going to go away because I'm weak. I chose this for myself, and I'm going to live with my choice; or hell, die with it. Who knows. The people I love, you know who you are. I'm not leaving because of anyone but myself, so don't assume someone caused me to leave. @MrGeekabit You're doing a great job, never stop. @Deathie Thank you for all of the advice you gave me, and for being honest and straight forward. You're a good man. @Proper I'm sorry for whatever happened, and I believe some day you will be a wonderful woman instead of the girl I iamgine you actually to be. @Boone Its not worth it, so just stop, and be the man I know you could be. @VladTheImpaler Don't give up and keep doing the same great job geek does. @Timmy Twoshoes I love you dad, don't ever stop being the Bruce I know you are. @moonset ♥ I love you, and you have a beautiful voice, don't let anyone else ever tell you different. @Dallas You're a cuck of a son and will always be one, but I love you none the less. @Desmond5b You were one of my first friends, I hope you the best. @Flustered Pigeon I love you a lot kid. Never stop being the third person pigeon. @Saad I never really liked you. JK. You shouldnt have resigned, you woulda been senior by now. @Tig™ After everything we've been through, Ima at least tag you when you didn't tag me CRIES. @RaptorActual You're a pretty nice guy, don't lose yourself. @Informer ♥ You were fun as hell to role play with. @Booty Priest Your story is amazing, I'm sorry I won't be around to see klaus return. @Trout Even though you were annoying as hell you were still a good person, and still are. Never stop being you. @yelsew352 Pooly was the name yelsew gave me ;'( @Hans Come back and lead this community. @Jouaram Never stop this server, its amazing. @MeeganTheVegan Gurrll. You cute. Hit me up. @Sly Who? @Caboose Never thought I would live to see the day that you got banned, sad that you can't see this, but you were a good friend while it lasted (sometimes) @Jalen Thanks for all your dupes. @Vivider Thanks for always basing with me bro, you da best. @Mekki You're such a cute little girl :P No but forealz you will totally be the best dovahkin @Baxtr Meine @DoubleTrouble Never stop being the annoying kid that you are, you're amusing. @G.G.G Make a voice recording of your laugh for me, it makes me feel at peace. @KingDogeThe3rd Mother I love you very much, stop being so depressed, you're stronger than me, so I know its possible. @Oz! Oh look its the next senior we have here. <_< No but seriously, thank you for mentoring me. @Sir Goose I miss you bro, I hope you're doing okay. @Marki I hate you, but love you kid. If I didn't add you I apologize, I have a very bad memory, just know that I care about most of you, so even if you aren't on the list, you have a special spot in my heart.
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    I really tried my hardest to stick around, but; I love this server, and honestly, I'm not burnt out from being staff. I'm just burnt out from upsetting people. I'm the type of person who wants to make everyone happy aside from myself. I risk my own happiness for others. But I can't do it if I make other people unhappy. Its just not me. I love all of you, well not all of you. But you know who you are; and who you aren't. I'm not going to put a list and mention people, because that would make it a competition for my friends, which life honestly isn’t worth the hassle. You're all equally safe in my heart. Odds are I'll slowly stop showing up, but I'll probably be on the forums longer than I will on the server, and you all are still on my friends list if you want to send me a message sometime. Don't be scared. I hope that all of you have a great life, even those I hate. I hope you grow up and have an amazing life too.
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    Hello friends, I'm going to make this as short as possible because it hurts to even type this out: I need time away from everything. Maybe some of you have noticed that I haven't been active for about 5 days now. No matter how insignificant this may sound to some of the younger people out there, Ive have had a very devastating week. Tuesday, my 3-year relationship ended with a person that I love very much. It has crushed me and really put a new perspective on the things that i have to do in life. I have a lot of things that I have to improve with myself, and its unfortunate that these circumstances had to make me realize that. The person that I was with, also lived with me. This turns the whole situation into a completely different ball-game. The past few days have been filled with hurt, anger, regret, and depression. She has slowly came to get her belongings, and they aren't all out yet. This has caused a lot of anxiety for me and I'm really trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces as she takes the last few trips here to get her things. Where this all gets just a little worse, my birthday was yesterday. How nice of a Birthday present, huh? I am now 24 years old and I have lost the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. This has thrown me into a type of heartbreak/ lost that I haven't felt since the last funeral I had attended. There are a lot of questions that i feel are urgent and need to be answered. I don't feel like I know who i am anymore and all of these things have put an immediate halt on my Gaming, Hobbies, and even my eating and sleeping. So this is my temporary leave. I hope to be back ASAP, and if this temporary leave turns into more than just that, then you will see a resignation post by me in the future. I will try and be on the forums here and there, but i wouldn't wait for a response if i were you. This is also the first time i have logged into the forums also, as i have finally been able to manage to sit at my computer long enough to do this. I have been dreading it and held off, hoping that I would be able to get back on immediately. This just hasn't been the case. I love you all and thank you guys for the good and bad times. Gmod has just unfortunately lowered on my priority list for now. I hope that few, if any, leave before I return. If it happens, just know that no matter what, whether you were hard to handle, or one of the regular players I loved interacting with, you were a huge part of 550 hours of my life. Goodbye for now. <3
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    One year as staff. Been a fun ride. This does not by any means that my time on Retribution is over, but rather shifting. It is time for me to step down as a staff, though. Senior Admin, while nice, has been really taxing on me and I’d like to shift my focus towards newer things. Most of you guys probably saw the weapon I was working on in the Discord, and animating it and porting it has been a great time. I’ve decided to become a freelancer for Ret! Thank you to the amazing people who made my time as staff memorable. I didn’t have a mentor, lol @MrGeekabit Thank you so much for helping me get to where I am today. Don’t know when you’ll read this, but it’s meant a lot. @Marki Thank you for helping me get into modelling and giving me my first assignment. Glad I’ll be able to help more in the future. Thanks to all the staff I’ve worked for, with, and above this past year; you guys make joining the server less of a chore and I couldn’t ask for a better team to spend this long with. yeah i mean thats the post That’s all the time I’ve got for today. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think its time to finally open up blender again.
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    DENIED fuck off with this erp shit. if this happens you're gonna find a motherfuckin IED in your wedding cake, guaranteed.
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    I joined ret in the summer of 2015 and made a forum account in december of 2016 and got staff at december of 2017 to february in 2018 then got staff again august 20th 2018 and I have stuck around all this time trying to do what i can to help but as of recent I can't even think of ret without being annoyed as I don't wanna get on due to the fact I'm sick of the server I feel out of place, uncomfortable, uneasy and awkward, Also never having anything to do because I can't really hangout with anyone due to the reasons above, And its also just become annoying to get on and try to staff or get yelled at 24/7 for not taking a sit, I'm sick of it and sick of staffing and I've tried taking a break and that was the reason for my inactivity but It didn't really do anything other than further fuel my drive to resign, And I've basically been using ret as a way to get happy and can relate to prawn but now its time I actually try and fix my life issues instead of running from it and trying to avoid it, I thank everyone for allowing me to have this journey on ret its been great until recently and I was hoping to make it to 1 year of staffing but this is it, Farewell. @Flustered Pigeon I thank you for being a great friend and actually being useful as a higherup and doing changes that older higherups like shalom could never do. @DaveThe2nd I've known you for so long and you are such a amazing friend and good higherup, Wish you the best. @Xcede stop fucking killing me, Dickhead @Byte Oh man where to begin with you, You are probably one of the most amazing friends I have EVER had on ret and I cannot thank you enough for the amazing memories you have given me and the time you have spent playing games with me @nonamus Haven't talked to you much as of recently but you are a great guy and fun to play with/talk to. @The Anonymous Rainbow I remember when you first joined the server I gave you you're first permanent items and I can't thank you enough for being a friend. @Stale You are such a amazing and kind guy I can't thank you enough. @Hurricane Harvey Good guy good friend, Message me when you wanna dick around. @iBagelHole Weird but a cool friend. @Demon. My first and only successful mentee and a good friend, Best of luck. @Marki Amazing dev and very kind and polite person, I wish you the best in life. @CTW fix you're damn mic @Cloud I haven't seen/talked to you in a while but you are a very nice and kind person, Thank you. @ImmortalxReaper Play gragas. @Jouaram Read if gay @Chocobo Bit gay but fun guy to talk with/mess around with. @MrHotwings117 My god you are a amazing guy and extremely kind and lemme know when you wish to play the isle again. @Sullyツ Pet dozer. @poyo You are a short baboon. @Colours catcatcat @Zipper™ Haven't talked to you as of recent but wish you the best man. @Zeus don't get perma banned retard @Xepharia You suck at csgo @Kenny ★ Golf? @Kodey Your birds are nuts @SoundPulserino Gay weeb @Johnny Sparklez You suck @JellyThotJinx I'll still find a way to fuck with your builds @Blazen good luck as staff. @thinner goodluck on ret lil guy. @thog thog will care @nurkee Time for maple syrup @SugarMuch Stupid @LilFri3z Stay outta trouble Well this is it, Sorry if I didn't ping you, I'll be on every now again and be in discord every now and again but for now farewell and maybe i'll come back sometime in the future.
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    I'm surprised you didn't plug your music
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    I think it's time for me to resign after almost 1 year of staffing, this wasn't a easy decision for me to make but it's one that I had to make. This is a really great community and while I didn't enjoy playing on server I did enjoy talking to everyone and spending time with them, I appreciate every player and staff member alike. @Timmy Twoshoes @MrGeekabit Thank you Bruce Lee and Chubby white kid, you guys gave me the help that I needed and I'll give it back to ya some day. @Proper My bff and daddy. nut @Boone Visit me already like damn @Nova Ey man, abusing you when you were a mod was really fun. @Lo Mein You abusing me when I was a mod was really fun. @Deathie @Jouaram You two made a really good server/community and I really hope you can keep it up, Jouaram please switch from NFO please have faith in your community. @mow welon @nonamus You two and Timmy are the best asians I've ever met. @Festive Pigeon Thx u, that one time we played civ wasn't fair OK we gotta do a rematch faggot @Jewordi @Sir Vape @yelsew352 May the jews live on. @Mekki @Baxtr I showed you my penis please respond Sorry if I forgot anyone, feel free to message me on steam if you wanna talk. Goodbye everyone!
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    no whiteknighting on mod apps thank you
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    @nonamus & @wow melon - you were both my favorite admins. thank you for being great @MrGeekabit, @Jouaram, @Deathie - thank you all for being there for me and helping me when i needed it. i appreciate you all for your work @Marki - my bff who was my worst mentor, ty for helping me through the tough times <3 @Richard - you're off your rocks but you're nice to talk to and really supportive. thank you. @Zeus - good luck in your staffing career. i know i've been a bit harsh to you in the last month, but you've been a good moderator. stick to it and you'll do well. @Flustered Pigeon - i appreciate your strong opinions and your willingless to be at least a bit civil when we disagreed. you're a respectable person. thank you for the halloween event @Booty Priest & @Crome - love you guys. thank you for your work on the halloween event. it came out perfectly @Ryan - you'll go far as staff if you want to. i respect you immensely @SlenderCat321 - i am very proud of you. keep going man. love you @jalapeño poppy - qt for everyone else unmentioned, i don't really have much to say to you. i may have forgotten one or two people, but that's about it. thanks for everything ret. if i do come back, it won't be for some time, but i've been happy to give what i have been able to give.
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    It seems I need to be more focused on school, every week I have more than 2 exams which sucks and I need to study more often and only have time for the weekend and I feel guilty during the weekdays not helping out as much. When ever I have time to go on the server, I'd much rather have fun RP'ing to be honest then deal with most sits. Maybe when I can have more time and more motivation, I'd love to re-apply for staff and I'll mostly re-apply again sometime, which I am not going to rush into staff. Till then, thank you for the people who helped out on my way!
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    I'm resigning from my post as Senior Admin and mentor from Retribution permanently. It's not due to drama at all or laziness, actually the opposite. My opinion differs from Hans, who thinks it's a good idea to literally not put in the effort to teach people what they do wrong, and instead demote them on the spot. I want to help people learn their mistakes instead of punish them for it, Hans wants to burn them. After a short argument between us, i decided it was best to resign instead of working towards something that someone else will take down because he doesn't have the motivation to build it in the first place, so nobody can. I've put a lot of time into this server and forums, and i hope one of the mentors can carry out the team as it was. My resignation was thought out and isn't premature at all. This isn't going to be some "resign and come back thing" I will only come back if my help is wanted, because i like this community, not it's management.
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    My parents are getting a divorce. Today I woke up, did my usual training and then as I was walking up the stairs to my room, I heard my dad and my mom argue. After a couple of minutes I heard my dad say "We're done." This is absolutely fucked up. I don't want to share more info since this is personal. All you need to know is that my parents are getting a divorce. I'll be gone for a week or so. I wish this never happened but life is a bitch. I'm not resigning, I'm only going away for a bit. I just can't handle everything at the same time. I'll still be on forums and steam every once in a while, and you can talk to me through there. I'll be back, friends. But this is a problem that I can't brush off easily.
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    Hey guys, it's us again. It's been a long ride here at Retribution, and we've all thoroughly enjoyed it. It's been great having you guys as a community here to back us, and we've appreciated every one of you that's played on our server. We've enjoyed the time we had here as Superadmins, and we hope you guys appreciated the things we added to improve the server. Just wanted to thank all current and previous @Moderator's, @Administrator 's, and @Senior Administrator 's. Also want to thank our community who supported us throughout our entire time here. All good things must come to an end, and our presence as superadmins on Retribution has finally come to a halt. We hope all of you will continue to play and enjoy the server, and we'll be sure to stick around somewhat to talk to all of you. Again, we've appreciated every single one of you, and I hope you guys realize how great it was for us to be able to provide Ret to you guys. It was a great experience, and I don't think we regretted any part of it. We hope you guys understand that the time has finally come, but just know we aren't disappearing.
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    In-Game Name: Oz Age: 19 Timezone: PST Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:52427432 Steam Profile (Link): http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198065120592/ Hours on the server: 585-700 Times Active: Anytime in the evening and nights Why I should be a moderator: I've been around for over year so I figure I have a decent handle on the rules. I was Senior Admin back in December until February so I guess i kinda knew what I was doing. I spent probably around 6 months as staff and have been actively trying to improve my communication and speaking skills during and after that time. Why I want to be a moderator: Playing on Ret as a user has made me realize how easily problem causers can slip past the already over worked staff. We need more eyes and hands on duty, and I figure that an ex staff member like myself would more than likely fit the bill to help us out here. SITUATIONS: The server begins to lag and players are complaining about prop spam: I'd check logs to look for anything suspicious, if I spot something out of the ordinary, I'd teleport to the possible spammer. If it looks like propspam( a mess of bath tubs, desks, piles of junk, etc) i would freeze them and screenshot the spam. Then I would ban them as close to permanent as my rank allows me. People begin to complain about an "illegal base": The most important thing is to be sure that what you are saying is aligned with the rules. When a players has an illegal base, its important to follow the basing rules and create a list of what is wrong. The most common cause of illegal base admin disputes is when an admin cannot back up what they are saying with the rules. A staff member who makes up a rule when proven wrong by a player should not be staff. If that player is not cooperating after being shown the exact rules, they should be given a time limit to fix their base, if they still refuse after the time was up, its time to remove the parts of their base that are illegal or have an admin do it for you after showing them what the issue is with the base. If no admin is available I would have to tell the player that they will be banned for a small amount of time, at most a day, in order for the base to not be there. If they do comply and fix their base, it would be good to offer suggestions on how to improve the base while following the rules stated. You see another staff member abusing his/her powers: If a staff member is noclipping around, making false bans, or something of the like, I would ask the staff member why they did the thing they did. If they engage me I will be able to talk to them about what happened and maybe help them learn from it or learn something myself. If they refuse to engage with me and keep messing around, I would report it a higher up and maybe ban the staff member if need be (I've had to do this before, we had a really old staff member come on and mass rdm with noclip so we banned him to contain it.) I would give the higher up any and all evidence that I have and allow them to make a decision based on what they see A player is extremely uncooperative during a sit: If I can ignore what they are saying, like if the sit is over, I will. If they are disrupting a sit, I would mute/gag them for the duration of the sit. They would be ungagged after the sit is over. If they refuse to cooperate they will be jailed(as a timeout) to see if they will cooldown. If they still refuse to cooperate they would be treated as guilty and punished as such. Its best to ignore any petty verbal abuse but a line can be drawn when they are actively disrupting the sit and hindering us from maintaining order. A player is excessively RDMing/RDAing and breaking NLR: RDM: Random Deathmatch: Killing players for no reason. If a player walks up behind another and blasts them, that is RDM. Players whoms't connect and do things like become a gun dealer, self supply guns, and get up on rooftops to scope in on everyone that moves will probably RDM. "Never trust a gundealer without a shop," - @Azzy RDA: Random Arresting: Randomly Arresting players with the arrest baton for no reason. Players who become a police officer could walk around the map and hit every player in sight with their baton and send them to jail. This is against the rules and the offending player will be punished the same as a mass rdmer would. NLR: New Life Rule: This is in effect when you die. Should a player be killed he would need to "forget" his old life. For rule enforcement purposes he/she may not return to their place of death for 5 mins and may not take immediate revenge upon those who killed him. He may not hunt down his killer and kill them back, that would qualify as breaking NLR and revenge RDMing. (Additional Comments): I am aware that my post count as of late has been lacking, I do however check the forums multiple times a day and read most of what is posted.
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    Gotta blacklist that playermodel it's way too large for the map size.....but then again its probably larger than 4mbs
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    I have thought really hard about this decision. I have had the hardest six months of my life, first semester my dad was diagnosed with cancer and it tore me apart cause he is one of two people in this world I could say I loved. He later died 2 weeks before Christmas which made it even worse. Since I was taking it so hard I started ignoring my school work and got really far behind in school and have been depressed. I failed almost all of my classes first semester and that sucked even more. I'm a senior and I need to graduate more then most would want to all my dad wanted was for me to graduate and choose a career I would love. I have had a hard time getting through these past six months I have thought about suicide sadly, I am resigning because it is second semester and I have yet again ignored school and need to focus on it. I can't have distractions. I have met some amazing people on retribution not only the staff but most of the regular players are amazing people. Some of you I have grown close to and am glad to call you friends I will stay in contact with people that want to stay in contact with me. I've had an awesome time on ret and hope I can come back after this shit part of my life is over. Love this server, Love the people of the server. Love , Flickr
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    Saving Private Ryan
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    Uh well, where do I start? I've been on retribution for a very long time (3 years or something) and I've had lots of good experiences and a lot of bad experiences. I've had a lot of fun here with a lot of great people and it's been a good run. I don't know if I'll be back, but you'll probably see me on the server minging at some point like the good ol' days. I'll miss you all even if I didn't tag you. Big Boys @Hans Hey fucker, let's play the forest some time. @nonamus You're pretty bad at brawlhalla and fortnite. - Love you dude, thanks for being here. @MrGeekabit Hey uh, I know you hate professionalism so I'm going to make this as professional as possible. - I appreciate you, Geek, you're a good friend and hope we can play Sea of Thieves or Deep Rock in the future. Thanks for talking to me when I needed someone to talk to. I'll probably miss you the most here, love you dude all homo. @yelsew352 70/50 LOL, 16%, ROFL XD - Thanks for the laughs, you're still pretty gay though - i'll miss the inside jokes @TimmyTwoshoes117 Do it pussy - btw you're pretty fucking gay lol @Marki You're a meme, and I love that. - Thanks for being there when I needed to vent to someone. Boring staff tag list @iBagelHole brb = bagels r baking @TotallyNotMinx I can't tell if I didn't like you or you didn't like me @CrustyKangaroo You're overall a great person @Mr Welshy BLOODY CUNT @Informer ♥ please don't leak my resignation Boring player tag list @Bud 1b final offer @Timmy (: Stop rdming me you fuck @Boi wit a lill macca Thanks for the memes, I'm going to miss you - I'm never playing rust with you ever again - love you macc @Extraordinary stop @HeinzKetchup Stop rdming me thx - You're a chill guy to talk to, cya later fag @Hurricane Harvey Go play some tf2 and stop rdming me like fuck @NoTrial dead @Long Haired Stranger *rdms in my sit* !jail haired 180 "wtf" @Sir Vape Best swat @SlenderCat321 Let's play hand simulator some time. - btw you're welcome for the shekels. @Baxtr Raptor. @mow welon I don't know if you'll ever see this, but you were a really nice guy and you aren't as young as you say you are. Sorry if I didn't tag you, I probably forgot a few and @ was starting to break. I don't know if I'll make a return, but we all know you can never leave ret. P.S I'll miss the memes
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    Since I'm leaving the server im giving away all my money (60 million). Im giving 10 mill each to 6 winners. Ill be choosing winners Friday September 1st. To enter Just like this post and comment your name. DO NOT ENTER THE SAME NAME TWICE Good luck.
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    I decided to check up on the forums for the first time in like 2-3 months to see what was going on and I got to see this Good stuff guys
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    DON'T FUCKING NAMEDROP HERE. DON'T DO IT. THAT'S NOT WHAT THIS IS FOR. I'm sick of this shit. I'm not naming names, putting the blame on anyone, or being biased to one side. There's no rights, no wrongs, just this. STOP FUCKING ARGUING IN LITERALLY EVERYWHERE. I was in the ret dc with a ton of people maybe 10-15m before posting, and all I heard was most of them talking shit about someone. Not saying who was doing the shittalking, or who was the subject, but I'm just done with it. I see flamewars in the chatbox, namedropping on forums, and it's all for nothing than to start shit. Honestly, I'm all for voicing my opinion. I do it all the time, as you all probably know I'm not one to censor myself. That being said. Constantly shit talking someone is pathetic, cowardly, and doesn't get anything solved. I AM NOT CONDONING PERSONAL ATTACKS, WHETHER BEHIND SOMEONE'S BACK OR TO THEIR FACE. DON'T LET THAT BE MISCONSTRUED. Seriously guys. I'm done listening to the constant attacks. Please, stop the drama. It's turning into a place that I don't want to hang around. I can deal with minges, racists, friendly banter, hell I've had my name thrown around the server before like I was the plague. But this is getting to a new level. just stop
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    "A Date Which Will Live in Infamy" - Franklin D. Roosevelt
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    I'm resigning for personal reasons that I'd rather not explain. It's been a great year being staff, there have been ups and downs, and I've enjoyed working with everyone. I'm not gonna make a huge list of people because I'm not leaving, just resigning. http://yeahboi.me/
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    Resignation #1: Resignation #2: Resignation #3: Don't worry guys, I'll be sure to ask for my rank back soon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Nah, just kidding, it's over lads. My time is up. I have a job lined up that my father can get me as a security guard after I get my drivers license and a car. And as you guys also know, I am getting ready to enlist in the USMC, so I need to train myself every day (or at least most days). So between work and training/exercising, I wouldn't be able to be active. And besides, as you guys know, I took a break recently because I lost interest in being staff. Well the break didn't work and it was a matter of time before I resigned. Plus, I'm not even active on the server anymore, why continue being staff when I'm not active? Was this resignation caused by anything I'm not telling? No, pretty much not. I just kinda decided it was time and that I was tired of being staff for RRP. I guess the days of me being too active pushed me pretty close to a burnout of interest. Will I still be on the server? From time to time, sure. But I really need to play the other games I have in my steam library as well now that I actually have something that can actually run all of those games. But hey, maybe not having to take sits and actually be able to RP will renew my interest in making RP only builds and playing again. I wont be doing a mention list as I did that in resignation post #2. So instead, if you want me to give you a personal goodbye message, PM me. I will reply to everyone as I bear no grudges and I still love you all even if we might have had some issues with each other in the past. I will also be sure to answer any questions you memes might have. You guys have been a great community (but also cancerous at times) and I'll be sure to stick around for as long as I can before I have to leave.
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