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    Hey guys, this is going to be my resignation/goodbye post. I recently found out that my unit is being mobilized for deployment this year and I'll be leaving soon to do pre-deployment training. I might be on once in awhile for the next few weeks but when I leave I'll be gone for a little over a year, so I figured I'd just do this now so I can spend some time getting my affairs in order, hanging out with family and friends and having copious amounts of booty sex with @Hans. The new Supreme Leader God Emperor Trump will probably send us to Derkaderkastan on a crusade against @OUIIJM GUIITPS's goat fucking brothers to take back the holy land and secure the oil and minerals necessary to build the wall and MAGA. Maybe if @MrHotwings117 hurries up he can come slay some dank ass haji pussy and sling his thicc dicc around like he ain't shit . It's been a good run lads, been with the server for a year now and hopefully when I get back @Jouaram might actually have custom jobs completed. @MeeganTheVegan yo weave nappy as hell gurl @KingDogeThe3rd fuckin weeb tryna kidnap me with your sex dungeon and shit @Timmy Twoshoes Enter the Dragon was my favorite anime @FESTIVE PIGEON it was an honor destroying your stupid pigeon treehouse @Proper you were my favorite e-girl, Tori @Reii ★ PLAYIN AT LAX @Harambe© ur gay @Vex get goosed m80 @Newfie ? mingey cuck @Boone fuck tanks @Oz! figures @Johney Sparklez go yiff yourself dirty furry @KiwiDragon generic resignation mention @Polly hunting season's over @Silvers lord of the cucks @Karma keep doin what you do best, making cropped brony porn avatars If I forgot to mention you it's because I ran out of memes. Bye Felicia~
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    If you're considering resigning, please reconsider if it's for one of the following reasons: You're not enjoying the server right now. You have an issue with another staff member. You want to play other games. You don't think you're a good staff member. All of the above reasons can be resolved! You don't have to resign straight away, if you've already tried to fix any issues you have; try talking to a higher-up including myself to see if any issues you're having can be fixed. If it's because you want to play other games/aren't enjoying the server right now you are ENCOURAGED to take a break whilst keeping your staff position, you're not required to be here 24/7, 7 days a week - you can take breaks for good amounts of time; resignations should never be your first choice of action. If you have tried fixing any issues you have / still don't want to be Staff remember that you WILL NOT be given your rank back, you can re-apply for Moderator but will have to work your way up the ranks again (If you leave on good terms). If you haven't already, add me on Steam ( http://steamcommunity.com/id/Jouaram/ ) I'll be more than willing to hear any issues you're encountering. "Resigning is a permanent solution to a temporary problem" - Timmy Twoshoes
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    Goodbye Everyone, I'm going too tell you why I'm leaving. I've been on this server for 751 hours. And enjoyed playing on this server very much. But after what happened today I don't think I'll be coming back anytime soon. I was going around as an Assassin doing Assassin things. And as I was running around I saw a cop killing some Hobo. After he had killed him he ran up too me and killed me. So I knew this kid was trying too mass rdm so I got a mod too handle it but sadly he crashed or something and there was no other staff on. As I was in the sit I could see the kid named "Kool Kidz Klub" Continuously rdming a bunch of other players. So I jumped down and I thought I should try too stop him from rdming by killing him before he could kill anyone else. After a few minutes of me preventing him from doing anything mind you he at least killed over ten people, his friend was punch whoring that entire time and started to punch me every time he saw me. So I started killing him as well because he was punching me. I noticed the mod that recently crashed was joining back and I thought everything was going to be handled but instead nothing got handled at all. Mass rdmer was jailed obviously; He was saying I was the one mass rdming and he was the one trying too stop me. And yes I will admit I killed the kid that was punch whoring in front of the mod three times. He was just saying the same stuff that the mass rdmer was saying. After a couple minutes of arguing the mass rdmer was gagged. Shortly after he was gagged he L2AP. I told the mod the he left but nothing happened too him. I was still yelling at the kid that was previously punch whoring and I was telling the mod too check logs then I got gagged after telling him, but apparently these logs don't go far enough or something so nothing could be done... Now this is where another mod came into play. Both mods said they couldn't do anything about this mass rdmer that killed over ten people because they weren't on the server but they can however warn me for rdm x3 on the kid that was punch whoring and give me a 120 sec jail time. While the kid only gets a 60 sec jail time. I'm fine with my warn and jail time that I got but what I'm not happy with is the fact that the kid that was mass rdming got away with it. He didn't even get banned for L2AP and the mods didn't seem to care... So after this experience I will not be joining back anytime soon. This server used too be great a couple months back, I don't know what happened. It just isn't the same anymore and is not an enjoyable experience. It was fun while it lasted. This isn't how I wanted my last experience too be like. I will however keep in touch with the community because that is mostly the reason why I loved the server.
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    Welp, This is my resignation. I'm really sorry that I've been so inactive before resigning but a lot of things came up within the last 3 months. I'm starting school next week and I probably won't have as much time to put into the server as I used to so I'd rather just resign rather than being inactive. cya ? Ps. You're all gay ?
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    It was nice knowing all of you. This time I'm gone for real. My father is sick, my cat disappeared, and my dog died. I deleted everyone from my friends list. I don't want to be apart of the Garry's Mod community anymore. If you want to add me back go for it, but I won't be on garry's mod anymore. I'm sorry I let myself down, and others. I don't want to be an admin anymore, I don't even want to be around others anymore, I actually want to lay down and never wake up. Dreams are the only time I ever feel happiness anymore. Depression is real, and its never going to go away because I'm weak. I chose this for myself, and I'm going to live with my choice; or hell, die with it. Who knows. The people I love, you know who you are. I'm not leaving because of anyone but myself, so don't assume someone caused me to leave. @MrGeekabit You're doing a great job, never stop. @Deathie Thank you for all of the advice you gave me, and for being honest and straight forward. You're a good man. @Proper I'm sorry for whatever happened, and I believe some day you will be a wonderful woman instead of the girl I iamgine you actually to be. @Boone Its not worth it, so just stop, and be the man I know you could be. @VladTheImpaler Don't give up and keep doing the same great job geek does. @Timmy Twoshoes I love you dad, don't ever stop being the Bruce I know you are. @moonset ♥ I love you, and you have a beautiful voice, don't let anyone else ever tell you different. @Dallas You're a cuck of a son and will always be one, but I love you none the less. @Desmond5b You were one of my first friends, I hope you the best. @Flustered Pigeon I love you a lot kid. Never stop being the third person pigeon. @Saad I never really liked you. JK. You shouldnt have resigned, you woulda been senior by now. @Tig™ After everything we've been through, Ima at least tag you when you didn't tag me CRIES. @RaptorActual You're a pretty nice guy, don't lose yourself. @Informer ♥ You were fun as hell to role play with. @Booty Priest Your story is amazing, I'm sorry I won't be around to see klaus return. @Trout Even though you were annoying as hell you were still a good person, and still are. Never stop being you. @yelsew352 Pooly was the name yelsew gave me ;'( @Hans Come back and lead this community. @Jouaram Never stop this server, its amazing. @MeeganTheVegan Gurrll. You cute. Hit me up. @Sly Who? @Caboose Never thought I would live to see the day that you got banned, sad that you can't see this, but you were a good friend while it lasted (sometimes) @Jalen Thanks for all your dupes. @Vivider Thanks for always basing with me bro, you da best. @Mekki You're such a cute little girl :P No but forealz you will totally be the best dovahkin @Baxtr Meine @DoubleTrouble Never stop being the annoying kid that you are, you're amusing. @G.G.G Make a voice recording of your laugh for me, it makes me feel at peace. @KingDogeThe3rd Mother I love you very much, stop being so depressed, you're stronger than me, so I know its possible. @Oz! Oh look its the next senior we have here. <_< No but seriously, thank you for mentoring me. @Sir Goose I miss you bro, I hope you're doing okay. @Marki I hate you, but love you kid. If I didn't add you I apologize, I have a very bad memory, just know that I care about most of you, so even if you aren't on the list, you have a special spot in my heart.
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    One year as staff. Been a fun ride. This does not by any means that my time on Retribution is over, but rather shifting. It is time for me to step down as a staff, though. Senior Admin, while nice, has been really taxing on me and I’d like to shift my focus towards newer things. Most of you guys probably saw the weapon I was working on in the Discord, and animating it and porting it has been a great time. I’ve decided to become a freelancer for Ret! Thank you to the amazing people who made my time as staff memorable. I didn’t have a mentor, lol @MrGeekabit Thank you so much for helping me get to where I am today. Don’t know when you’ll read this, but it’s meant a lot. @Marki Thank you for helping me get into modelling and giving me my first assignment. Glad I’ll be able to help more in the future. Thanks to all the staff I’ve worked for, with, and above this past year; you guys make joining the server less of a chore and I couldn’t ask for a better team to spend this long with. yeah i mean thats the post That’s all the time I’ve got for today. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think its time to finally open up blender again.
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    "A Date Which Will Live in Infamy" - Franklin D. Roosevelt
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    I'm gonna note down here what I plan to fully release within the next 1-4 months so you guys know what to expect. The simpler stuff will obviously come first and the more complicated systems will come later on. My current focus is on reducing the amount of time staff need to dedicate to stupid sits, optimizing the server, giving players more things to do. Most of this stuff will be worked on in bulk with a few breaks in between, so expect things to come out back to back followed by some bug fixing and then a little bit of rest. Adding: Property system. New features for custom jobs, supporter plus, and nitro boosters on the discord. A screen giving you all the info you need when you die. A few texas holdem and chess tables. (Staff) Cleaner logging tabs. Literally any drug system that isn't Drugz (our current one.) Crafting system. New custom party system. (Staff) Mass rdm flagging. Changes: "Stackable" and optimized printers. Remake of custom job menu and id card ui. Remake of custom job backend. (Staff) Optimizing fspectate. Removing: Drugz. Current party system. *Maybe* mugging. Colours
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    I decided to check up on the forums for the first time in like 2-3 months to see what was going on and I got to see this Good stuff guys
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    In-Game Name: moonset Real first name: Serena Location: Mountain Home, Arkansas (unfortunately), United States Age: 16 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:39629884 Steam Profile (LINK): http://steamcommunity.com/id/-moonset-/ How often can you play?: I have online school (flex paced), so I have no schedule as long as I do 8 hours of school a day (weekends excluded unless I decide to work on them). That being said, I can be on at any given time. In-Game Hours: 73 pre-hour counter, 133 post. (Total of 206) Josh is prop spamming how do you punish him?: Depending on how severe of the prop spam, I would go to him, talk to him (or jail him then talk to him), then ask him to stop or kick/shortban him with an extension request if I had evidence. I like dealing with people calmly rather than instantly punishing, but if the situation called for it, I would. You see another staff noclipping through buildings and abusing his/her powers, how do you handle this?: It's really none of my business what they're doing, and it may just be them noclipping to someone that called admin but they weren't that far away to use !goto. But if it persisted and wasn't just a one-time thing that I noticed, then I would ask them what they're doing and/or record them doing it. I like to be humble as I believe I am below others. You go to a sit and an individual is quite frustrated. He/she expresses his/her frustration by saying "You are a bad Moderator" and follows this up with some foul language. How do you handle his/her attitude towards you?: I find telling people not to disrespect staff to be quite arrogant, to be honest. Obviously I would remind them that it is a rule not to disrespect and if it's distracting from the situation at hand then I would put an end to it because I would want to stay on task/topic. I don't get offended easily, but I want to be as nice as I can. I would most likely say something along the lines of, "I'm sorry you feel that way," and continue on as if it didn't happen. If it persisted, though, I would have to gag or mute him until I could finish the sit. In your own words, explain each of the following: RDM (Random Death Match), RDA (Random Arrest), and NLR (New Life Rule): RDM: Explanation: RDM stands for Random Death Match, which is when one kills for no reason/an invalid reason. Example: Steven doesn't like Bob's face. Steven shoots Bob in the face with a shotgun. RDA: Explanation: RDA stands for Random Arrest, which is when one arrests for no reason/an invalid reason. Example: Jim arrests Billy just for being the thief job because he is a thief. NLR: Explanation: NLR stands for New Life Rule, and disallows one to go back to their place of death within 5 minutes of said death. Example: Jenny doesn't like that Alex killed her for stealing food. Afterwards, she comes back to his food store and shoots him in the face and steals all his food. Why do you want to be a Moderator?: I love this community and I would love a chance to either get closer with you all, help you all, or both. You've all already helped me so much (with my self esteem, awkwardness, anxiety, etc.) and I want to repay it any way I can. If being a moderator is a way of doing that, I would like to try. As stated previously due to online school, I have no set schedule and can be on at any given time as long as I get in my daily school. I can stop doing work at any time to get on the server if needed (and messaged), for example. Due to my non-existent sleep and school schedule, I'm on at like 1-5 A.M. a lot of the time. This time, for some reason, is when all the minges seem to attack, almost like an organized assault. There's almost nobody on but the people that are just want to play, but can't because of the mingefest. I want to be able to help during those times when nobody else will. @Nova inspired me to do so myself when I saw him take on the mingefest alone a couple of days ago. (Good job, Nova!) Additional Comment(s): I'm a really down-to-earth person. You'll find me on the neutral side of most arguments or conversations. I have an extremely open mind and love to help people. I have nothing better to do, so (it's about to get really dorky in here) it gives my life purpose. I have all the time in the world to be on the server. My total hours aren't that high, but it's only a matter of time before I gain more by spending more time with you all. I know I most likely won't be accepted because of my low forum activity (because I've mostly been too shy and awkward to put myself out there -- but I'm trying!!) but either way I would just like to let you all know that I appreciate everything you all have done for me (as a support system) whether you realize it or not and I want to repay that help. After all is said and done, all I care about is being able to stay a part of this wonderful community. I love you all. If my forum activity is the reason for my application to be denied, I will make sure I amend it before I apply again. I know it's a bit early after coming back after my very long hiatus (from August, if anyone remembers me!!) to apply for moderator, but I guess I couldn't help myself.
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    when you smoke weed for the first time
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    @poslepoludnya I'm gonna format this so it's easier for you to read. I like it when you write a lot because it gives me more to throw in the dumpster. "This is my complete last post, this is it" I find that hard to believe The ploy worked. I joined the forums and got us off. It took a couple hours of work, but the glee of getting away with one of the biggest crimes was immeasureable. You think rdming and propspam on a server is an immeasurable crime? I can tell you for a fact nothing you have ever done would have been something of actually importance to what we deal with weekly. I didn't have a lot of friends in Canada. I'm surprised you have any with how you treat other community members. If you want more friends maybe try not to act like an entitled prick. Ret went from a bunch of stuckup rule boys who were gonna grow up to be cops, the pigs of the human race prima donna I felt like an uncle to some of you kids,and I saw a bit of myself in some of you. If you could tell me who those kids were so we can watch them more closely that would be great. And honestly, this will feel like a betrayal, and yeah it totally is, but also, you turned a minge into someone who, uhh, didn't do that anymore. So that's pretty cool. What interesting is most of your post is talking about how this is what you wanted to be and now your upset we made you feel this way. I seriously want you to re-read that post then look back at this statement. Your suggestions: Harsher punishments You ironically hate poeple who press down on punishments but believe we should have harsher punishments at the same time XD Your situation is exactly this where as much as we love people posting things they love you decided to make ret a platform for yourself. As much as you deny it, that and you playing piano are the only 2 things I have ever seen you do. Gun Proliferation You do realize you're on a darkrp server correct? This is a major focal point if it and as much as we're going to be editing this, it is a priority to make them somewhat accessible to people wishing to play thugs. Low staff numbers We literally doubled our staff team and is probably one of the reasons you got in trouble. Take the time to look at the staff trello before writing ill-informed opinions. Staff knowing the tricks that RDMers use to get off As much as this is important it would be better if we could automatically filter these situations through game-play and not sits. If we automate systems people rdm with such as mugging/basing and what used to be fearrp we can lower it to the point that anyone trying to cause issues is extremely identifiable. Yet again you wrote how much you hate this and like that at the same time. You are 100% an oxymoron of yourself. Conclusion In total you have written over 3,000 words the past two days and are clearly showing you have some insecurities about what we did. You call us entitled yet come in here and treat everyone in the community like garbage and as #'s to your soundcloud/spotify. You writing this just makes everything happening to you here karma. This is equivalent to having a breakdown in my eyes and I seriously hope you can find help elsewhere with it. I just hope you realize how hypocritical everything you're writing here is to how you act and what you've done. Can't wait to see you again.
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    I know that I have just recently gotten staff, and was extremely lucky that I got it in the first place... But sadly, I have to inform you that I need to resign at this moment... I'm likely to get demoted due to my recent inactivity soon anyway... It's just, this fall I'm gonna be beginning my web development courses once again, and lately I've been focusing all my attention towards producing music, and I also enjoy writing fanfiction projects on the side in my spare time... Besides, every day it feels more and more like my computer can't handle the game... So all things considered, with my aging computer, and busy schedule... Those few times of the day where I do have free time, I'd like to spend doing something stress-free, and more to myself... Come later this winter, I should be getting an upgraded computer, and my schedule should be opening up a bit more... Hopefully then I can rejoin this cancerous(yet wonderful) community that I call home, and possibly reapply... But with current goings-on in my life, I simply do not have the time to dedicate to the server... Thank you deeply for giving me a shot though, and I am looking forward to the day I can join the community once again... This is not goodbye forever, just goodbye for now... Peace! P.S: sorry for the poorly written resignation... I am writing his at approximately 2 am, on a phone... I would've written this tomorrow, but can't get sleep right now, so...
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    I just found out my grandmother has 3 months left so I won't be as active. I will take time to visit her and mourn. Please keep her in your prayers. Her liver stopped working and she is too old for a transplant. I'll be on sometimes but I will mostly take time off to rest and visit her. This is not a resignation.
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    I've had my fair share of time here. Ever since I began playing other games and stopped being on frequently, I had been pondering resignation. No hard feelings for being moved down to senior, I wasn't doing anything at the time. I've been keeping Garry's Mod as my primary game for quite a while so I never really got a chance to play any other games. I'm just diving into my sophomore year in high school, things seem to get a lot busier around this time. There's too many things to use my spare free time on and this is a weight I would love to have off my shoulders. I'm still happy I was able to reach the goal of becoming superadmin. I've personally enjoyed doing other things outside of the server such as contributing to important discussions and revising select documents. Sits became stale over time and I wanted to do something else as a higher up. It was a big responsibility to take on and someone as young as me would have been prone to making volatile decisions. Glad to know I was trustworthy enough to even get the position despite the bumpy road I traveled on back then. I've held a staff position for about one year and a half, and I think I have reached the peak of the burnt out mountain a few other staff members are facing as well. There were many moments I enjoyed on the server as a staff member ranging from 2017 to now. I've had three staff lifetimes on the server and this one was probably the wackiest rollercoaster I have ever rode. @Jouaram I know we don't talk much, but you're a great guy. Keep this gem of a server running. @ImmortalxReaper Thanks for being a friend and keeping me company. Also I'm a better Hogwarts student then you >:) @CTW It's great hanging out with you in discord. You're a fun guy to be around. @Marki You're an amazing developer. Keep up the great work. You think we can watch Ip Man 4? @DaveThe2nd I know you've had to take the blunt force as a higher up when you did the clean sweep. I appreciate you for what you're doing. @King of Rats ⟁ It was nice to see a positive change around here. Thanks for taking lead in what could've been a bad time in the community. @The Anonymous Rainbow You're an amazing aussie. My rocket league skills are far superior than yours. ?️ @Colours ? We need more cat pictures around here. @? Yimo ? No more yiffs allowed! Hope you're enjoying that WoW grind. I need to hear that flute again. @KingDogeThe3rd I will still make fun of your Ford even though I don't know jack shit about cars ? @Mekki Stop making fun of me plz. Enjoy your Fireball in a few days. Wanted to keep this short and sweet, sorry if I missed anyone, there's too many to tag, still love you all ?. This isn't a quitting post, just a resignation one. Even if I decided to quit, I would just end up running back to it. I will still see you guys around on the discord, the forums, and the server. Can't promise to all current staff that I won't minge.
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    Update Blog - 07/08/2019 The following changes are now live on the server: What's New?: The Ocelot M4a1 has been added to the RTD. This is a purple tier weapon. Medkits and armor kits for doctors, crazed doctors and swat medics has been buffed massively. Medkits now heal much faster when healing someone other than yourself. Doctor job slots increased from 2 to 6. Swat medic slots increased from 1 to 3. Lockpicks now pick at 5 seconds. Keypad crackers now crack at 6 seconds. Pro keypad crackers now crack at 4 seconds.
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    I'm leaving in about three hours to go to Calgary in order to be able to get tested for my third degree. I'll be back in a week hopefully with a new title. @MrHotwings117 Hey cuck, I'm one step closer to kickin' your ass.
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    In-Game Name: FLUSTERED PIGEON Age: 3 1/2 in Pigeon years (19) Location: Scottsdale, Arizona Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:24678582 Steam Profile (Link): http://steamcommunity.com/id/queasypigeon/ In-Game Hours: 251 (Proof 4u <3 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=899335649) How often can you play? (Be specific): Currently 6 days a week from 2pm to 2am (Can go later if needed.) Might change later with school and job scheduling. Josh is prop spamming, how do you punish him?: Pigeon would fly over to his booty and freeze him. Pigeon would then take some nice scenery photos of prop logs and actual props as evidence, remove them props, grab his spicy steam ID and ban that offender of the law for 1 hour then ask a higher-up for a ban extension because Josh is a bad boy and Pigeon doesn't like rebels. You see another staff no-clipping through buildings and abusing his/her powers, how do you handle this?: Pigeon would first make sure he is actually abusing his powers and not just flying over to a sit location. If he is abusing Pigeon would first, (while recording for proof) ask him to stop abusing and to use the admin powers accordingly. If they immediately stop and listen to Pigeon he leave it at that. If they do not listen and continue to abuse Pigeon would post a complaint in the staff complaint section of the forums with evidence of abuse. You go to a sit and an individual is quite frustrated. He/she expresses his/her frustration by repeatedly saying “You suck as a Moderator”. How do you handle his/her attitude towards you?: Pigeon would be professional and try to chill out the situation and help them as best Pigeon can. If they continue insulting in a rude manner they will be gagged and Pigeon will continue the sit. If Pigeon cannot resolve the situation for the angry gremlin Pigeon will ask them if they wish for another staff member the handle the situation. In your own words, explain each of the following: RDM (Random Death Match): Definition= This is when a player murders another player for no reason that is valid by role-play standards. Example= Reii runs around and shoots everyone on the map who touches the ground because "The floor is lava." RDA (Random Arrest): Definition= This is when a player uses and arrest baton and arrests people with yet again no reason that is valid by role-play standards. Example= Judicator runs around the fountain area arresting anyone he sees because, "It's'not delivery, it's Digiorno's." NLR (New Life Rule): Definition= Once a player is killed they are not to return to the area they were killed in for 5 minutes. If they do return to the same area on continue to rp or start fighting again they are breaking NLR and that is a no-no. (Ya get a slap in the booty for that.) Why do you want to be a Moderator?: Honestly Pigeon should've done this back in January and waiting this long wasn't a good idea. After losing staff some members Pigeon finds the best time to join would be now to help as much as he can. Pigeon has been with you guys for a while and honestly feels like he needs to give back someway to all the nice people he's made friends with. Pigeon wants to help all the players on the server and make people smile and this is what Pigeon thinks is his best way of doing that during this time. Tell us why you think you would be an exceptional staff member: Pigeon thinks his experience on the server can help many players have the best role-play experience they can get and is motivated to take the time to help a player for as long as they need. Pigeon know he is here to represent the server and make the best he can for everyone. Pigeon understands this is a game and people are here to enjoy and have fun so Pigeon will try his hardest to make that possible. Additional Comment(s): Pigeon understand he has not been active the past week due to vacation but Pigeon will be on much more consistently since he has returned and if you don't know Pigeon you can always say hi ;D tank you for reading! IF U NO +1 A SPOOOOOOOPY PIGEON WILL GO INTO YOUR ROOM AND KEEP YOU AWAK WIT HIS COO'S THANK YOU FOR READING!
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    Well, end of the line. I've been here a really long time and think I've done all I can. After 6 months of staffing, I've gotten to the point where I have to force myself to get on the server where I end up standing around for an hour and then d\c. I guess I lost interest and am moving on. I made a lot of friends on here and plan to stay in contact with most of them. Lata Mentions and stuff @Boone kys. @EvilN3rd I ain't done with you. @Deathie If there is one person I'm glad to have met it's you. I've learned so much about a lot of things from you, thanks. @Timmy Twoshoes Always nice to talk to you. @Polly You have improved so much since you were just a young mod, always improving. @VladTheImpaler The best weeb I ever met. @MrGeekabit Good luck running the show with Vlad. @Reii ★ You meme a lot, but sometimes you do have some real stuff to say, respek. @Booty Priest You give me hope for Garry's mod. @Proper You fascinate me. @Tyrone Longcock Stay woke. Keep spreading the truth in 72 font. @Crome Your mic is loud. Get on the server more, we need more Crome in our lives. @Newfie ? Do people even like you? @Baxtr I like you, your a cool dude. @Jouaram The server is in a strange state. Good luck fixing it. Also don't turn off the TS. @Hans So are you resigning? Bye.
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    Recently I’ve been playing other games with my irl friends and I’ve been enjoying it. Also, I’ve been losing a lot of interest in DarkRP as a whole game mode and gmod is a game that I stopped playing except with my friends and we mess around on different game modes. When I play a different game mode than DarkRP I feel free to play and actually enjoy the game and have something to do after almost about a year of taking sits and doing the same thing, a long break won’t help and I think leaving Ret would be the best option. Since school is starting in a month I think it’s best for me to focus on school and games I enjoy instead of stress of school and stress of staffing. I’m not going to @ ppl because I feel like it’s unnecessary. All I’m gonna day is thanks to the higher ups and jouaram for letting me be apart of the staff team for so long, and for keeping the server running for so long since most of my favorite servers I used to play on have shut down. And jouaram when people say that “Ret is trash” I always thought it really isn’t that bad. Yes there’s pay 2 win stuff but the staff team is good and in my opinion I think the server is unique with its mechanics. And thanks to the people who I would have a chat with or mess around with when I was on the server since they gave me something to do, but I feel like most the people I used to know quit a while ago or were banned. maybe when new things come out I would hop on to see what it’s about and stay for a bit then I would head on out but until then this will be a goodbye.
  23. 15 points
    hey guys, it’s shalom again. remember when i said “but that doesn’t mean my time at retribution is over” on my resignation post? well, this does. i can’t connect to the server and modelling brings me no pleasure. this community has been negatively affecting my health for a while, and i think it’s time to take a step back and rethink some of my actions. i would rather hang out with my friends irl than sit in a basement and play Garry’s Mod all day, and something makes me come back each time and I’m not sure what it is. Even when my computer basically said “fuck you” and hasn’t let me reconnect to the server since, i’ve been decently active on forums and on discord, and i’ve always hinted that i was working on something when in reality i haven’t touched that project in many, many weeks. So I’m resigning from freelancer. There’s another whole host of reasons that I don’t really want to get into, but I’m glad the time I spent here was fun and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Not gonna tag anyone because who cares, seriously. If you’ve ever had more than five full conversations with me that weren’t in a sit, i probably don’t hate you and will miss you. I’ll still keep in touch with the people I like. It’s finally time I work on things I’m passionate about. I’d like to get better at singing and dancing and acting and pursue the theatrical arts. I’d like to continue streaming on my twitch and get affiliate or whatever the next step is. I’d like to break out of my shell and not feel awkward as fuck when speaking to anyone new. Who knows, I might come back someday, but it’s unlikely. Thanks for being a pal, pals.
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    Accepted I'm glad you're interested in staffing the server again, I will let you pass Moderator as I'm well aware that you do not need the training a Moderator needs.
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    I'm done. I've been a part of this community for nearly two years now, and while there were some high points, this server has turned into fucking aids. Playerbase I mean, I know its Gmod, and people are toxic, but come the fuck on, this needs to stop. People who are obviously just mingy cunts need to be banned and stay banned. If you were more heavy-handed with people who were just playing to be cunts, then you would have a MUCH better community. Economy The economy is absolutely fucked over in every sense of the word. When your players can wipe their asses with a million dollars, its a fucking problem. There is no excuse for this. Printers need to be nerfed to the fucking ground, because with the standard printers, you can make several million dollars in about an hour. Player's money should be reduced to about 1/10th of what it is, because when new players have only what, 5k, and people are selling pistols for that much, it becomes a problem. Items would have their prices reduced too, so in a sense, the economy is just scaled down, instead of just cutting out some of people's money. Custom Jobs I imagine Jouaram just ran out of ideas when it came to implementing these, but these motherfucking things are what is killing the server. These fucking things make the server pay to win. For the low low price of fifty fucking dollars, which in reality, is only about 20 due to how much that shit goes on sale, you can have your very own overpowered walking death machine. The ability to add models to it is fucking terrible aswell. Imagine this: A new player joins the server, and no matter where he turns, there are people with fucking half naked anime children models mugging them and other players, and absolutely steamrolling other users. Would he think, "Wow, what a balanced server", NO he fucking wouldn't. He would see it as a server full of weeaboos and weirdos who can buy their way to the top of the food chain. Nerf the fucking classes. Limit how many guns they can have. Limit how many additions they can have, but fucking fix the overpowered bullshit that is the custom jobs. AND FUCKING THIS THIS SHIT IS BASICALLY FUCKING CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. THESE ARE FUCKING ANIME CHILDREN THAT ARE DRAWN LIKE THIS. THIS IS NOT FUCKING OKAY. THIS SHOULDN'T BE CONDONED. "WELL YOU'RE A FURFAG, HYPOCRITE" FUCK YOU. NO. I DON'T SET MY FUCKING AVATAR TO FURRY PORN, OR EVEN SUGGESTIVE SHIT LIKE THIS. THIS IS NOT FUCKING OKAY, ITS DISGUSTING AND BORDERLINE CHILD PORN. STOP. AND THE FACT THAT PEOPLE RUN AROUND IN THE SERVER HALF FUCKING NAKED AS ANIME FUCKING KIDS IS DISGUSTING. I'm also going to be opening a weaboo salt factory after this post.
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    DENIED You plagiarized this application resulting in instant denial and being put on blacklist from applying. You may never re-apply
  28. 14 points
    Retribution started early 2015 after I closed my other servers GalaxyRP and TGL in 2014. Retribution was made by me, mephss, Hans and a few other friends originally. Retribution started off pretty slow but we stuck at it and it became relatively popular late 2015. When I join the server I usually just make sure it's not shambles and if it's not then I no-clip into a wall and tab out. I would say I follow the role of a manager for Retribution in keeping things running, making sure nothing wrong is going on; however I rely heavily on higher-staff help to make the staff-side of things run smoothly as that's never been something I'm great at (ty @Hans). If you're wondering why I don't play on the server often it's because it's very difficult for me to do so without it being painfully tedious due to players trying to get my attention by ruining whatever I'm doing, I've played on alt accounts and enjoyed the server but playing on my main gets ruined pretty fast by players. I used to play on my own servers pretty much everyday and that's where I got a mass of my Garry's Mod hours from and also where I met Hans/Mephss. I'm also very good at going inactive sporadically but that's a WIP.
  29. 14 points
    Hello to you all. It is a Sunday for me, as it may be for you. I'm here from long before, some are knowing of this too. I want to This introduction is to see who you are, Please see you and if who I am looking for is near or far. expand for who Something to do in the meantime, your You are. O 17 lines of a crooked rhyme. O Vocabulary. \\\\\\\\\ Open your eyes, ///////// \\\\\ and read, ///// \\\ for a prize. /// \\ A lantern for you, // A savior of your demise. Let it open your eyes and it will guide you to Sunrise. Bye.
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    -1 -Slim App. -Recently unbanned for prop blocking spawn. -Just hit the required hours. -Mingey, horrible attitude. -Recently joined the server week and a half ago then got banned HER FIRST DAY ON THE SERVER for a perma offence then after being banned constantly shitposted on the forum till she got unbanned a week later. examples, This is NOT how a staff member should act and if you want mod you should improve.
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    ?Halloween Event Prep Giveaway? While Halloween is near, you need weaponry and items to defend yourself from the evil. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st Place Winner will receive: $100,000,000 Cash Prize, x1 Ocelot Shotgun, x1 Medical Vape! 2nd Place Winner will receive: $25,000,000 Cash Prize, x1 Medical Vape! 3rd Place Winner will receive: $5,000,000 Cash Prize! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to Enter For The Giveaway? 1.) State why you're excited for this Halloween event? 2.) Why you will need the weaponry and items for this current event? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Extra Info: Winners will be chosen Oct. 26 (1 day before halloween event) Winners will be chosen at random by this website: https://www.classtools.net/random-name-picker/ GOOD LUCK
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    When new users join RRP....
  34. 13 points
    Well, I give up. This server was fun for awhile. I soon learned that it was full of mass RDM, sub-par staff, and no distinguishing qualities from the other 500 servers out there. I really had to put up with a lot while I was on here, and I had a motive. I wanted to become staff, to be a part of something. And it was this motive that kept me determined to keep playing. So I played to 60 hours. I had some fun. I recently applied. Now, you know where this was going. The application didn't receive positive feedback. And honestly, I'm not angry at you guys. I'm angry at myself for wasting my time dedicating myself to a community that really didn't need me, and that I didn't enjoy. It was becoming a chore to get on here several hours a day. The truth is, this server is complete garbage. The economy is shit, the community is awful, the staff are unpleasant and not too great (except maybe Lewd Guy and Gery). You can say "oh, you're just mad because you didn't get staff". You'd be right. I devoted myself to something I shouldn't have. I naively held on to the thread of hope that I may be a part of something worthwhile. This server is NOT worthwhile. I love most of you, and appreciate all of you, even if you've been an asshole. If you for some reason still wanna talk to me, my Discord is Riggity_Richard#4404. I'll probably find a new server. And this time, I'll choose more wisely.
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    That really figures @Saad. Probably should have let him know what was up @VladTheImpaler. Lame. Rip my nigga Evil.
  36. 13 points
    Beach Resort! Thanks for the suggestion Justin! Here's a beach resort with a YMCA-esque interior. The Pool The pool itself used up about half my props, mostly on the stairs. The door acts as an underwater tunnel from the outdoor pool to the indoor pool! The Interior I didn't have that many props left after finishing the outside, so I had to do something simple. Here's a concession stand and booths... ...a dance floor with a mini stage... (yes each tile is animated) and a gambling table! Thanks to everyone who posed in the screenshots! @Fippy da Hippy @Jewordi @Jυѕтιи and the others I can't @.
  37. 13 points
    @Proper bf <3 you will accept me. @Timmy Twoshoes You're my little tommy, timmy. You always message me and just start small conversations. I appreciate you. @Boone you're literally the worst Nazi ever. @Crome I've only spoken to you a few times but you're hilarious. @Oz! Next senior for sure. @Jouaram do it. @EvilN3rd Your voice makes me moist. @G.G.G foreign fuck who I love. @OUIIJM GUIITPS literal shit. @Mekki and @Reii ★ two brothers who are dumb as dirt. Fucking stupid N @MeeganTheVegan Italian please. @MrGeekabit The only Super Admin I've ever had who actually did what I needed. I love you. @VladTheImpaler The fact you've stuck around this long and haven't done anything to us is amazing. I think you've proven yourself for a higher position. The only weeb I'll ever love. Thank you for everything. See you in a few months my friend. @MrHotwings117 you're everything and more. You dealt with things, handled forum crap, talked to people, you just are an overall asset to anything. You still may never resign. @Johney Sparklez you're a disgusting weeb but you're still alright. I may shoot you in the future but that's your fault. Rape me again and i'll kiss you, queer. @rich you're a dumb cunt @Voxin you're a gay stupid dumb cunt. @LUL I have no idea who you are but you seem like a great admin. @Sir Goose Aw goose. My lover. My everything. I love you so much. God do I enjoy you. text me bby @Polly you're dope. I like you and you're a good mod. Keep in touch polly pocket. @yelsew352 you mean well even though you slip up here and there. Thanks for all your time and dedication, bud. @Atoc off yourself you white knighting cum guzzling fuck. @DanTheRacoon trash pandas are pretty cool. @Drake From State Farm fuck state farm. @Fippy Hi @Nigel Thornberry good name, meem. @Saad Glad to see you're back within the community. I like you. @Snipes thank you, I will sir. @tig_ole_bitties nice name. @Pvt. Raison (ง'̀-'́)ง kiss me. @Karma How could I forget you? You horse loving dumpster. Stop liking horses. go outside. Do something. Stay away from horses. But I'll miss you anyway. You've been here forever. Remember me <3 @Caitlin i didnt forget you. You're just blind. Anyway, ive always liked you. You're mature and don't take any shit. Thanks for the forum tags and other various graphics youve made. Take care of yourself. I forgot some people, sorry.
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    When using RetributionRP's Forums you agree to the following rules, not following these rules may result in you receiving warning points and/or being removed from the Forums and/or Server as a whole: Forum Rules No sexism, racism, discrimination, bigotry, etc. No disrespect towards anyone in the community. No advertising other servers, websites, or communities. No malicious activity (Doxing, DDoS, threats, spamming, witch-hunting.) No inappropriate names. No necroposting. No ear-rape on your profile. Do not call out another player to cause drama/issues unless it's done correctly in a player or staff complaint. Your post(s) may be removed if they do not benefit discussion on the given subject, depending on the severity warning points may follow. All Forums rules apply to any post made on the Forums or Chatbox. Do: Use proper grammar and punctuation to the best of your ability. Limit use of multi color, size, and emotes in a post. Post in a way that benefits discussion. Be respectful and kind. Do Not: Abuse the reputation system: farming/requesting/etc reputation Publicly post information with others unless given expressed permission to do so. Flame or insult other members. Bump threads. Create alternative accounts. Post porn, gore, or any NSFW content. Post in the incorrect section. Post warez/pirated content.
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    @Flustered Pigeon @Oz! @Azzy @Crome @Mekki @Marki @CTW
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    I'm taking a break for awhile, my "poppy" aka my grandfather had 2 strokes a couple days ago and went for surgery, nobody knows he damage and it's tearing apart my whole family. I'll be popping in and out of the server, however. tldr I wanna quit life
  43. 12 points
    Please just let him skip to admin.
  44. 12 points
    I'm back bitches I'm gonna get back on when I'm done with school and meet the new gang! @Alpha Get out of my fucking name
  45. 12 points
    Yeah. I knew it was going to become semi-public knowledge at some point. I'm not going to change the recipe or remove it just because it's being passed around now. I'm just impressed it stayed secret for so long, and that someone had to exploit a camera to find it. Lmao All it does is ignite for 3 seconds, and only works with the winchester shotgun. If it becomes too huge of a problem, I'll tweak the flame duration. Special ammo types were always meant to be a planned feature, but I'd have had to change all the weapons to support them. Currently, only FA:S2 weapons can use the special ammo types. There's a few other ammo types I created, like explosive rounds, slowing/maiming rounds, and electrocution rounds. It'd still be cool to revamp the existing weapons to support the upgrade system I built so long ago. Also, fuck off. All the content I make is accessible to everyone. I've never limited things to supporters/donators or custom jobs, and always made an active effort to even out the power imbalance between normal players and custom jobs. Judifaggot.
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    edit: im not very happy with how this one turned out, probably because the lack of people wanting to act... I NEED ACTORS the frist one was much better which can be found here
  47. 12 points
    I am hosting a giveaway for EA's Battlefield 1! To enter, you simply just have to respond below saying whatever you want. The Battlefield copy will be given in whichever form you want Digital/Physical/PC/Xbox/PS4 etc. - The winner will be chosen completely at random and posting more than once won't get you any extra chance at winning. The Giveaway will end 12th December 2016 OR when we get 50 individual replies. Good luck!
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    In-Game Name: ImmortalxReaper Age: 22 (23 in 6 months) Timezone: EST Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:47253832 Steam Profile (a link): https://steamcommunity.com/id/ImmortalxReaper/ Hours on the server: 1960 Times you're most active: 4:00 - 11:00 P.M. Why I want/should be a moderator: I believe I can be a helpful addition to the staff team with my prior experience staffing on the server. The current staff team is doing well and I wish to aid them so they may continue to staff for the times to come. Have you read the rules fully, understand and feel comfortable enforcing them as correctly as possible?: Yes Are you willing to listen to any Staff member chosen to mentor and guide you as a Staff, even if you feel you don't need to?: Yeah man Are you certain you will be able to staff for several hours a week?: Yes Situations: The server begins to lag and players are complaining about prop spam: I would first refer to the logs and begin to search for evidence of prop spam, such as one player spawning the same prop numerous times within a short amount of time. I would then teleport to the player and investigate the situation, freezing the player if they were maliciously prop spamming. I would inform the player that they will be getting banned for the prop spam and request that the player be banned for the appropriate amount of time based on their previous warns. If the player was not purposely lagging the server I would inform them to not spam props because of the damage it can cause. You're involved in a sit where a player has said the base he's raiding is illegal: I would ask the player what they believe is wrong with the base, relay this information to the base owner and begin checking the base myself. If the base is within line, I would inform both players of this and end the sit. However, if the base had problems I would inform the base owner of them and suggest how they could fix them. If the player refused to comply and adjust their base, I would warn them that they may receive a punishment if they refuse to fix their base. The punishment can vary based on their previous warnings. You see another staff member abusing their power: Examples of staff abuse are: Applying god mode to themselves during a raid, freezing defenders within a base in order to raid easily and unjailing themselves after being arrested for a valid reason. If a fellow staff member was abusing their powers, I would collect evidence of this and forwarded it to the higher ups. If possible, I would interact with the staff member in question and see if I can calm them down to prevent further damage. A player is extremely uncooperative during a sit and is throwing insults at you: I would ask the player to please pay attention to what I am saying so the sit could continue. If the player then starts to insult me, I would continue the sit as well as I can but if the insults began to delay the progression of the sit I would gag/mute the player until their input was required. I would also inform them that they could request a different staff member to handle their sit, as long as one was available. A player is excessively RDMing/RDAing and breaking NLR: RDM - Random Deathmatch: This is when a player kills another player without a reason within role-play. An example of this is when Battler kills Maria because Maria wrote "uu-uu-uu!" in chat. RDA - Random Arrest: This is when a Police Department member arrests another player without a valid reason. An example of this would be Joe arresting Mark for walking in the road. NLR - New Life Rule: This states that when a player is killed, they are not allowed to return to their point of death for 5 minutes and may not interact with their killer. An example of this would be someone dying in a raid and returning to that base before 5 minutes have expired. In all of these cases, the amount of times these offenses were committed and the existence of previous warnings would determine the form/severity of punishment. They can range from a verbal warning, jail time and bans. (Additional Comments): Hello friends, thanks for reading my application. All I ask is that your replies be as unbiased as possible.
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    who needs sex when you have e d u c a t i o n who needs drugs when you have r e s p e c t f o r w o m e n
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