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    Retribution Halloween Event "An tale of terror and fright awaits you all on Halloween night" The event will takes place from Oct 27th to Nov 3rd. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Additions: - Zones of Halloween fun! - New permanent items - New event system - New monsters & NPCS (It's vague and it's gonna stay the way ) Important Information: Any malicious activity towards either trying to ruin or inhibit others from playing the event will be banned for the entire duration of the event. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The map below represents event zones in which players will not have the ability to spawn or place props so plan in the future for base building! Do not try and propblock or build bases around these areas or they will be removed automatically. This event was created through the hard work @Deathie @Crome @Booty Priest and of course yours truly! If any of you experience and bugs or questing issues we will be available to message and should be able to solve any issues that occur! Most of us should be available at any time during the whole event so give us a heads up on anything. We all hope you guys are as excited for this event as we are and hope you all have fun! Don't delve too far into the dark....
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    This is a list of players who have been blacklisted from applying for staff, either for behavioral issues, plagiarism, etc. These users are PERMANENTLY banned from applying for staff. Betawolf - STEAM_0:1:115954507 Voxin/Tyler - STEAM_0:0:59470750 zProxy - STEAM_0:1:79754342 Tkco - STEAM_0:1:99332559 DoubleTrouble - STEAM_0:0:80403356 Thor - STEAM_0:1:47170063 FuriousKKG - STEAM_0:1:196663487 Cassandra - STEAM_0:0:49658709 Oming218 - STEAM_0:1:157009979 can - No SteamID listed. nibba hours - STEAM_0:1:50058562 Real Zairen - No SteamID Listed
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    Failure to follow these rules will result in your immediate denial. BE PROFESSIONAL Requirements Must NOT hold a staff position on any other GMOD server. Must have AT LEAST 60 hours in-game. Applying before 60 hours is reached will result in INSTANT DENIAL, even if you acquire 60 hours while your application is still standing. You must maintain a healthy level of in-game activity, being inactive in-game will lead to an INSTANT DENIAL. You must receive positive feedback from at least 2 admins+ to be approved. If you don't meet this requirement in 7 days, your application will be denied. Super Admins+ always have the final say. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules Rare exceptions may be made for some of these rules, but you must have permission from a Senior Admin or higher, unless otherwise stated. Your application will be locked one week after posting. Advertising your application in-game or asking people to "check out" your application can result in an INSTANT DENIAL and a 7 DAY WAIT to reapply. Negative feedback on an application is normal. Excessively arguing or complaining about it can result in an INSTANT DENIAL and a 7 DAY WAIT to reapply. Plagiarism is not tolerated. If your application is found to be plagiarized, it will result in an INSTANT DENIAL and a PERMANENT BLACKLIST from reapplying. You may ask to have your application closed or denied, but you'll still have to go through a 7 DAY WAIT to reapply. While you're free to resign at any time, you will still be subject to a 30 DAY WAIT to reapply (from the resignation date). If you are demoted, you must receive the direct permission from a Super Admin or above to re-apply. If your application is denied you will be subject to a 7 DAY WAIT to reapply. Whether this is your first time applying, retired, or demoted, you must still reapply. VERY RARE exceptions may be made for former staff who would like to apply directly for Admin, but must get permission from a Super Admin or above first. Responses on applications must display a positive, neutral, or negative rating followed by a brief explanation for the rating. If you do not give a reason for your rating, or just post emotes and memes then you may be issued warning points on the forum. (Regular forum rules still apply!) If you are an Admin posting positive feedback, be thorough in your reasoning. Give reasons why you think the player would make an exceptional staff member. (Your vote has weight! Don't throw out +1's carelessly!) The moderator application template is posted below. You may alter the style, colors, or format as long as the information within the application is preserved. Moderator applications must use the title format of <Name>'s Moderator Application: MM/DD/YY Example: Deathie's Moderator Application: 01/01/17 You can preview an example application here. DON'T COPY AND PASTE ANSWERS! BE ORIGINAL! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Name]'s Moderator Application In-Game Name: [Your username] Age: [Your age] Timezone: [Or your state/province and country] Steam ID: [You can find this by typing status in your in-game console or from HERE] Steam Profile (Link): Hours on the server: [Use your in-game ID card to find your hours.] Times Active: [How many hours a day, and which days are you active?] Why I want/should be a moderator: [You don't have to put yourself on a pedestal, but give us an idea of what you think your best qualities are, and why you'd be a good moderator.] Have you read the rules fully, understand them and are wanting to enforce them as correctly as possible?: [Yes/No] Are you willing to listen to any Staff member chosen to mentor and guide you as a Staff, even if you feel you don't need to?: [Yes/No] Are you able to Staff actively on the server for several hours a week?: [Yes/No] SITUATIONS: The server begins to lag and players are complaining about prop spam: [How can you find the source of the prop spam? How do you determine what is or isn't prop spam?] People begin to complain about an "illegal base": [What process do you take to make sure the player fixes the issue(s) with their base? What if the player refuses or ignores you altogether?] You see another staff member abusing his/her powers: [Example of staff abuse? What process do you take to stop it? Do you get higher ups involved, or would you talk to the staff member yourself? Both? Neither?] A player is extremely uncooperative during a sit: [What do you do if a player doesn't like your judgement of the sit? What do you do if they start downright insulting you?] A player is excessively RDMing/RDAing and breaking NLR: [What is RDM/RDA and NLR? How do you determine if a player is breaking any of these?] (Additional Comments): [Anything else you want us to know about you? You can remove this part from the application if you don't want to include anything.]
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    Welcome to Retribution's 2017 Halloween Event Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen, Voices whispers in the trees, 'Tonight is Halloween!' Brought to you by @Deathie, @Booty Priest, @Flustered Pigeon , & @Crome <-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Foreword We welcome you all to 2017's Halloween event. After a month in the making, we present to you a sprawling world that will bite a chunk out of you. Through this thread, you'll get a general breakdown of the content of this year's event. Brief Lore Following the events of last year Halloween, the town yet again descends into chaos. Creatures begin appearing through portals around the lively town of Retribution, causing disarray and abandonment of certain areas. Citizens flee into the inner city from the suburbs and the slums, the chaos grabbing the full attention of a corporate faction named the O.R.E. They move a massive presence into the area to provide aid to the scared citizens, as well as investigate the anomalous on goings of the normally docile town. As the O.R.E move in, shady activity also spurs from the famous Bloodworks Bar. Now you, the player, are stuck in the middle of this mess. Features - An immense and custom questing system. - Main story quest with additional side quests that can change the flow. - Hundreds of lines of dialogue. - 4 new perm weapons, one of which with 4 variants. - 9 new cosmetics. - Special PvE zones, so no worries about friendly fire. - New enemies that scale to the number of players on the server. - An effective revive system to keep you in the fight. - Detailed zones to re-explore and get drawn into the atmosphere. The New Perm Weapons King Cobra Revolver Silenced TMP Winchester Rifle (Picture coming soon) Plasma Swords The Zones Residential Slums O.R.E Occupations Bloodworks Bar <-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Final Notes We really hope you guys enjoy this event. Any questions or comments can be posted down below, and the team will answer them as soon as we can.
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    RetributionRP Halloween Event +Content Update --------------------------- Through this fog they came along Dark creatures singing a terrible song The rest of the bar laughed at him Only I felt my hope grow dim They found him dead the very next day "No more stories from him," I heard them say We blamed bad luck for his fate Only I felt terror so great --------------------------- The event will run from Thursday, October 27'th until Tuesday, November 1'st to give everyone enough time to get the seasonal items. A thick mist has overtaken our town of rp_downtown_v4c. People who have gone out at night are never to be seen again. Sightings of horrible monsters are growing, and a new cemetery has appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Returning the hearts to the urns, and the smiling god will reward you with untold treasures. Don't fret though, citizens. We've recruited our good friend from Ravenholm to guide you through these dark times. Each night, our good friend Klaus Fitzgerald will keep you company through these dark times by announcing when the monsters rise... --------------------------- --- Seasonal Content --- Objective: Hunt monsters that spawn at NIGHT (10PM - 4AM). Return the hearts they drop into the urns at the cemetery for prizes. The type of monster changes each in-game night. Monsters have a 20% chance of spawning as an ADVANCED variant which are MUCH stronger. Only one monster can be in the map at any given time, and won't spawn near players. Hunt and search for them! SUICIDERS - Driven mad by the smiling god, these once-human monsters want to extend their suffering to you. (Ranged, Strong) EMISSARY - The messenger that is here for only one purpose. To deliver your soul to the smiling god. (Weak, Fast) WRITHERS - Their mangled corpses won't stop chasing you until they've devoured you whole. (Slow, Strong) THREASHER - Fast. Powerful. Ruthless. This horrifying beast will grind your body into a bloody pulp with just one swing. (Very Fast, Very Strong) (CAUTION ADVISED) --------------------------- Seasonal items can only be obtained during the event. You won't be able to get them anywhere else! NEW - 3 Festive Trails you can obtain (Rewarded from defeating monsters and returning their heart to the correct urn) NEW - 3 Masks you can obtain (Rewarded from defeating ADVANCED monsters and returning their heart to the correct urn) NEW - Winchester Select (Permanent Shotgun) (Rewarded from defeating a ADVANCED THRESHER and returning his heart to the correct urn) NEW - Pumpkin Helmet (Hat) (Rewarded from defeating a THRESHER and returning his heart to the correct urn) --- Other New Content --- NEW - Permanent Items SWEP You can now equip Hats, Trails, and even SWEPs like the "Dab" SWEP. No more losing a $10 million investment because you got RDM'd! Permanent items can still be "dropped" for trading. You'll just lose the ability to use that specific item. Halloween event items will be CONSUMABLE, but not POCKETABLE until after the event! NEW - Permanent Dab, Facepunch, Middle Finger, Surrender, and Flip SWEPs added Currently unobtainable. To be given out during SA+ hosted events as prizes. NEW - Hat Shop Hats are now sold near the downtown fountain. You can only buy one hat at a time. Hats are on a rotation, and change every few hours or server reset. Hats are kept permanently! Unless you want to trade them. 4 Initial hats added to the hat shop! FIX - Suspect/Wanted System Prioritizing SUSPECT rewards over WANTED rewards You used to be credited with the SUSPECT bounty when you arrested a WANTED criminal. MINOR - Custom HUD elements (Time counter, laws on screen, debug info box) now hidden while using camera tool.
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    DarkRP: Discord: https://discord.gg/UNcPmw2
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    (A poll from over a year ago) A new host for the server has been requested for as long as I can remember, but it's finally happening and the upgrade should be very noticeable. We'll be transitioning the server from our current host to our new host Saturday at 5pm EST, everything is ready to go but we just want to go over and triple check so there's as little inconveniences as possible for players. For those of you worried about what you're going to lose, you shouldn't be worried as everything will carry over smoothly and automatically; this includes perm items, hours, ranks, etc. The server location is being moved with the host change which means a ping difference for most of you, depending on where you live this will either be positive or negative; the current host is located at Chicago and our new host is located at Dallas. With this host change majority of bans are being wiped and we'll be using a new ban tracking system which allows everyone to view and keep track of bans online so it's easier for us to know how/when/why someone got banned without needing to be in-game and banned players can know how/when/why they're banned/unbanned. If a ban was issued on the Forums or if the ban reason was for malicious reasons the ban will not be removed. For just over a week from 02/09/2019 5pm EST until 02/18/2019 5pm EST RTD tokens will be spawning around the map for those of you that are wanting to farm up the S.T.A.R. Pistol & co. If you want to keep track of when the server goes live and be one of the first to join add the IP to your favorites! -
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    Thank you for reporting this thread. I will be handing out warning points for click baiting. Cheers.
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    Need help? Contact a staff member in-game by typing @ and a short message! Staff members have the final say and their decisions are final even if not stated in the rules. If a player feels any outcomes/punishment(s) delivered were unsatisfactory they have the right to ask for a different staff member. Players may also contact a higher up or make an appeal/complaint following the proper layout on the forums! Join our Discord!: https://discord.gg/UNcPmw2 Join Our Steam Group!: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/retributiondarkrp or by typing !steam in-game General Rules No Politics, NSFW content, or malicious behavior towards and community members. No advertising other servers, websites, or communities. No hacking, manipulation of the client, or exploiting. No leaving/fleeing to avoid staff situations. No inappropriate names. Names require at least 3 English characters. No scamming or gambling. Do NOT force uncomfortable situations on anyone. Do not wrongfully disrupt others’ RP. Admin-land is off limits to all non-staff members unless given permission by a staff member. Do NOT enter staff sits unless you are directly brought. No flags/symbols from any culture/religion/country etc. The only exception to this are staff-approved RP environments. Basic Rules Players may not perform random deathmatch/arrest (RDM/RDA). Warns must be clear, given in local chat, and give 10 seconds before the victim is shot. EX: A player is following another player. The player being followed must give one warning in local chat, wait 10 seconds, and if the follower persists, they may shoot. After a player dies, they must wait five minutes before returning to the situation/location that the player died at. (NLR) A victim of a hit may return to where they died. Players may not interact with the situation/players that killed them. Players may not abuse props/entities. EX: Using entities to kill players. EX: Propsurf, propblock, propspam. Players may not use mass RP binds, all binds must specify one action. EX: A player uses advert and says "RAID/PD RAID/COUNTER RAID/KIDNAPPING/MUG" Wanted Players may only kill police in self-defense. Players may steal the money from and destroy bitminers, but CANNOT take the entity itself. Players with job model shoulders smaller than a 1x1 plate while holding keys cannot raid, mug, kidnap, or defend a base. FailRP is not roleplaying properly. A player's character should always obey their limits, and not do something that obviously could not realistically happen. EX: Police officer is basing with a gang of thieves and is printing money in their base EX: Gun dealer is raiding the police department The cinema and the island always RP-only. Hits, Kidnap, and Mugs. Hit Rules: Players/parties may not repeatedly target players. Players may complete hits in RP-only bases if they don’t have to break down any world/fading doors to reach their target. Kidnapping Rules: Victims must follow the kidnapper's demands, and do what they say; players may escape captivity by means of reasonable RP. Kidnappers may not force their victims to spawn items. Players may only be held hostage for 15 minutes. Kidnapped players may not kill themselves while kidnapped. Mugging Rules: Parties/players must give a local chat message that a victim is being mugged, with a maximum amount of $20,000. You can mug one victim once per 5 minutes, and once per 10 mins for the same player. The victim has 10 seconds to comply. The victim must be let go if they comply with their mugger's demands. Party Rules If players are within a party together, they must base together. Only the members of a party may protect each other in all RP scenarios. Players may not party abuse. Party members cannot steal, raid, mug, kidnap, or place hits on other party members. Joining a party --> Gaining access --> Leaving party --> Raiding Basing Rules * Applicable to RP-Only * Not Applicable to RP-Only General Rules: Individuals or groups may own one building and must own every door in that building.* if a situation occurs where more than one person owns doors in a building, whoever owns the "front-doors" gains ownership of the building. No roof bases unless there is direct access built into the building. (Example: Hotel, Building next to PD) * Players/parties may not mega-base or have bases that extend unnecessarily upwards or outwards. * Players may have a KOS line + sign outside the entrance of their base. It must be noticeable. No tiny letters or hard to see colors.* You may not KOS people who are on public property (sidewalk, street, etc.) Sewer system bases may not base-in/block-off passageways.* Apartments/hotels may only have one player/party per suite. Hotel Managers may own entire hotels to sell suites to their customers. * Raidable Base requirements: (Bases must be clear and concise) Fading Door Rules: Shooting Window Rules: RP-Only Rules Players may add an RP-Only text screen on their base if they wish to roleplay. This disallows having raidables. Players may have a KOS sign but it has to be reasonable. Acceptable KOS sign (KOS behind counter) Unacceptable KOS sign (KOS on sidewalk) Gun dealers, Club Owners, Black Market Dealers and any other merchant-like jobs can have RP-only signs/bases preventing them from being raided as long as they have no raidables and if they are selling products, their product is strictly only spawned in to be sold and not kept in their base. You may not initiate mugs in RP only Zones. RP Building owners/party members do not follow NLR when the death occurred inside their RP-Only base. If the Owner of the RP-Only building asks you to leave with a valid reason, you must oblige. Building Signs Players may add Building signs to their base to keep players from raiding whilst building. You CAN prop-block your entrances. You CAN have a KOS sign. You CANNOT have ANY form of raidables. You CANNOT put a building sign up with or without propblock to avoid RP situations such as escaping police. You CANNOT place a building sign if a player is currently initiating a raid. Wait until at least 5 minutes after the raid has ended. Raiding Rules Defender Rules: Attacker Rules: Raidables: Here is a list of what is considered a 'raidable' Police Department Police may not do any illegal activities or corruption. Police may own a building but only for the RP effect. Police may ONLY break NLR for PD raids. PD may have 1 defense or 1 roadblock that consists of 2 fading doors which may be double stacked. Police defenses must abide by the basing rules. Police defenses do not have to be wide enough for two people to stand side by side. Police can build a roadblock. Roadblocks must be approved by an Admin. During a lockdown, police must give players one warning in local chat with 10 seconds to get inside a building. Police may not KOS for being outside during a lockdown. They may AOS only. The front door to PD may NOT be locked unless a PD Raid or Lockdown is in progress. The back-entrance which leads to jail cells may not be prop-blocked but can have 2 fading doors to protect it which do not count towards other max-fading doors in the PD. Along with this, being inside or tampering with the tunnel that leads to the cells is AOS/KOS. Police cannot use vents as their only entrance to the PD. PD lobby is considered public property and may not contain defenses. Police may only AOS/KOS after one warning unless their life is in immediate danger. This only applies to in-game laws, base-laws that are on the MOTD can be AOS without warning. Base Laws All laws stated below are in action with or without a mayor. The mayor cannot change any of these laws excluding rule #4. Mayor Law Rules The mayor may not discriminate against a specific job (Ex. Making Hobos KOS). The mayor may not make laws that restrict a player’s right to speech, movement, or their abilities to use cosmetics. No J-walking, crouching/walking/running, etc laws. No bans on player cosmetics such as hats, trails, or emotes. The mayor may not allow random weapon checks unless in PD. The mayor MUST advert/broadcast/announce the reason for a lockdown as well as warn players to return to their homes (Excessive shooting, life in danger, PD raid. etc) The Mayor may approve the construction of ONE toll booth for police (Counts as a roadblock). The roadblock must be approved by an Administrator. Lockdowns/Curfews may go on for a max of 10 minutes. Mayor Commands: Warrant Rules The reasons for warrants can include: The police officer saw illegals/illegal activities. A player is wanted inside the base the officer is warranting. The police officer was notified that a player was being held hostage inside the base. The contraband scanner issued a warrant for a player. Real-world Trading Real-world trading for any items on RetributionRP will result in a permanent ban for both players involved. Any items players sell for out of game currencies will be flagged as “Illegal Goods” and removed from the game. Players CAN: Trade in-game items for other in-game items, even if those in-game items are purchased off of the store. Give other players free in-game items. Players CANNOT: Advertise selling/buying in-game items for out of game currency and vice-versa. Trade in-game items for out of game currencies and vice-versa. Encourage others to break this rule. Trading In-game Items When trading in-game weapons, it will be assumed that the weapon you're discussing is a permanent weapon unless specified otherwise. (E.g: 'Selling a ocelot shotgun' = 'Selling a permanent ocelot shotgun') If you want to sell singles of temporary weapons you must specify they are temporary/non permanent, failing to do this will be taken as scamming and is punishable. It is suggested to wait until a Staff member is available to monitor a trade for the most safety when trading, if no Staff member is on remember you can always hold-off the trade! Trading in-game items is a completely out of RP experience, where you're no longer in Downtown - you are two people trading virtual items. With this in mind you need to remember the following: You CAN: Prop-block off an area to complete your trade. Ask for a Staff's assistance to monitor the trade (They're not obliged to, however). Trade cash for items and vice-versa using tip-jars, cheque (it is not suggested to use Cash, however you are not disallowed to). Back out of a trade UNTIL someone has picked up the others item, once you've picked up any item of the other users you have locked in the deal and must complete the trade fully. You CANNOT: Have raidables in the propblocked area. (Permanent items dropped for a trade do not count as raidables). Prop-block the area for any longer than 10 minutes. Prop-block an area that interrupts others RP experience. Steal from and/or scam the other users interacting in the trade, if caught stealing/scamming the items will be taken back from you plus compensation and a possible ban. (If you're caught dispensing the stolen items/money into a mule account you will be permanently banned no questions asked.) Job Rules Read more about the current job rules in game, on the F4 menu!
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    We have recently promoted Marki to Super Administrator and Colours to Senior Administrator. Please congratulate them when you see them! We really appreciate what they've done for the community.
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    As more and more players seem to be reaching the hard cap of money which is $2,147,483,647 I've added some bars to the game so you can store your money in other methods, or even if you haven't hit the cap you can trade these bars with other players and they will be just as valuable as money. These bars work by purchasing them off Bill (Another vendor is in the works), for example the Silver Bar is $10,000,000 once purchased it will go to your inventory (I HIGHLY suggest moving these to your permanent item inventory) and then that bar will give you $10,000,000 to your wallet when you press E on it. Think of it as another way to store your money without the money being in your wallet whilst still being trade-able. Bars Available: Silver Bar: $10,000,000 Platinum Bar: $50,000,000 Gold Bar: $100,000,000
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    Hey guys, so as most people may have realised - the past month or even few months I haven't been active on the server or the Forums. I've been spending time with my girlfriend who lives in America (I live in Europe, so this was a very important thing to me), sadly that trip is coming to an end this Saturday which means I'll be back to a Computer that can run Garry's Mod. I will put my up-most effort to try get some updates out for you guys once I get back, you can expect changes for the better from Sunday - this doesn't only mean game-play changes, but everything overall. And on my next visit I'll definitely be better prepared so something like this doesn't happen again. Thanks for reading.
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    If you're having the issue with Stripe which rejects your card and you get the message "Stripe" with a blank-blue page after attempting to purchase; this is an alternative for you. (This error simply means that you failed Stripe's verification process which can be pretty strict to avoid fraud). Easiest Method, Requires PayPal: This method is by far the simplest method and amounts to the least waiting time, all that's required is for you to have a PayPal account and then add me on Steam and I can explain the next steps. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Jouaram/ Paypal/Credit card/Prepaid card Method: For this method you'll be purchasing Steam gift-cards that are sent straight to your email, you will then email or PM me the Steam code. You can do the method below, OR purchase a Steam card from your local Walmart/Meijers etc [It does not matter where you get the card from.] To do this method, CLICK ME. You'll end up on G2A's website which has sellers for $20 steam cards. You can try look around on the site for lower/higher cards, just makes sure the seller has good reputation. You can pay with whatever method you'd like on their website, make sure you use a valid email so they can give you the code. After you've received the code you can either email the code to my email "Jouaramo@gmail.com" along with what packages you're wanting for the code, or add me on Steam and discuss it there. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Jouaram/ Make sure that however much cards you purchase = the amount of the packages you're purchasing on the Store. After you've sent me the code and what package you're wanting, I will apply your packages ASAP. Steam Trading Method: This method is for if you don't have access to any of the above and want to make a trade with your skins through Steam. This method is very simple, just make sure you have a mobile authenticator to confirm the trade to make it instant or you'll have to wait until the trade hold is over before receiving your packages. To receive your package(s) using this method, do the following: 1.) Go to my trade-url here: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=49803801&token=rOQ07akX 2.) Select the skins you're wanting to trade (make sure these equal the amount of the packages you're purchasing) 3.) In the comments box type your STEAM ID and the package(s) you want applied 4.) Comment below that you've sent a trade and you should receive your packages as soon as possible.
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    Trick or Treat 2018 is Retribution's Halloween mini-event. From now until 5th November 2018 Trick-Or-Treat pumpkins will spawn across the map every 90 minutes. These pumpkins will have a chance to give you either a trick or a treat (RTD tokens, a new perma item). These Halloween-ified RTD tokens will give EVERYONE 2 RTD tokens no matter their rank, if a treat is received. Every pumpkin looted gives you a chance at one of the 5 new permanent weapons. If a trick is received however, you might not be having a good time. This mini-event introduces 4 new Melee weapons and 1 new Gun. During the event, night and day have been switched; with it being night-time majority of the time, along with some other spooks added. Whilst the event is running you will also be able to purchase some spooky entities from the F4 menu such as candy, fireworks and spiderweb that you can spawn as a method of base-defense (slowing attackers). I don't want to post pictures of the rewards yet as I want players to find them out for themselves. Good luck!
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    Just to inform everybody here, @yelsew352 has been promoted to Super Administrator. We feel he is a perfect fit for this role and has demonstrated to us everything we feel a Super Administrator should have. Congratulations again Yelsew, hope you enjoy your new role.
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    Nah I'm kidding, but it made you click the post. SO, it does seem that the crashes were caused by someone using the Duplicator tool; this means that I am going to have to add restrictions to Advanced Duplicator 2 as it's all client-sided and cannot be restricted very well like Advanced Duplicator 1. If you'd like to know what I have to back it up with dupe causing the crashes -2 days ago we had 12 crashes out of nowhere, unexplained and almost as much the day before (ever since the pink/black screen dupe started happening - this is what gave me the idea that it was dupes) - and yesterday when I removed dupe for the day we had 1 crash from prop-spam and 2 crashes from steam servers going down which is much more playable than 12 crashes. I've added Advanced Duplicator 1 to the server and removed parts of it that enable uploading so player's cannot upload malicious dupes that crash the server (Or make your screen all pink/black etc). This Duplicator will be available to every user as Adv Dupe 2 was before. I've also re-added Advanced Duplicator 2 but this will only be usable by Supporters +. I might add that, in the rare case that this is a Supporter doing this - and we still get crashes then I will have to remove Advanced Duplicator 2 completely and the title will be true - but I hope that isn't what's happening here. A big suggestion is to paste your Adv Dupe 2 bases > Copy them with Adv Dupe 1 and save them so that if Adv Dupe 2 is ever removed you'll have your bases and such still in Adv Dupe 1. Well, here's to hopefully less crashes. Cheers.
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    When using RetributionRP's Forums you agree to the following rules, not following these rules may result in you receiving warning points and/or being removed from the Forums and/or Server as a whole: Forum Rules No sexism, racism, discrimination, bigotry, etc. No disrespect towards anyone in the community. No advertising other servers, websites, or communities. No malicious activity (Doxing, DDoS, threats, spamming, witch-hunting.) No inappropriate names. No necroposting. No ear-rape on your profile. Do not call out another player to cause drama/issues unless it's done correctly in a player or staff complaint. Your post(s) may be removed if they do not benefit discussion on the given subject, depending on the severity warning points may follow. All Forums rules apply to any post made on the Forums or Chatbox. Do: Use proper grammar and punctuation to the best of your ability. Limit use of multi color, size, and emotes in a post. Post in a way that benefits discussion. Be respectful and kind. Do Not: Abuse the reputation system: farming/requesting/etc reputation Publicly post information with others unless given expressed permission to do so. Flame or insult other members. Bump threads. Create alternative accounts. Post porn, gore, or any NSFW content. Post in the incorrect section. Post warez/pirated content.
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    If anyone sends you a link that beings with "steamreward", it's not trustworthy. Don't click it, and don't sent it to anyone.
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    New In-game Store With Permanent Items. A reason to have money, finally! (If you like cosmetics, that is) I've added an in-game store and added some of our Vape SWEPs as permanent items that you can purchase in-game for a costly amount; however these Vapes are only limited-time until I can find some more suitable permanent SWEPs to add to it; so purchase them whilst you can! (You will keep them if they get removed from being purchasable in the store - making them even more valuable) I will be sure to announce a few days before I'm removing them from the store so that you can have enough time to grab'em. Not all types of Vapes have been added yet, there are 11 Vapes total and 6 in-game. I may or may not add the last 5 as purchasable later down the road. You'll find Bill, The Black Market Dealer by the fountain. Don't worry about purchasing when near players - I've made it so purchased items go straight to your itemstore inventory! Prop-Limits. I have been looking over lag-wise what changed when I lowered prop limits AND removed the large props from being spawned - not much honestly, definitely not enough to want me to restrict players this much. This is a mistake on my part thinking this would change lag for the better, but at least I know now. I have reverted all prop limit changes back to the previous amount and unrestricted some of the larger props. USER: OLD prop limit = 30 / NEW prop limit = 45 VIP: OLD prop limit = 35 / NEW prop limit = 50 VIPELITE: OLD prop limit = 55 / NEW prop limit = 65 SUPPORTER: OLD prop limit = 100 / NEW prop limit = 120 MODERATOR: OLD prop limit = 50 / NEW prop limit = 65 STAFF ABOVE MODERATOR: All are set to 120. Printer Holder. The Printer Holder that I added a week or so ago got removed due to crashing problems related to itself and Custom Printers. I've disallowed it to pick up Custom Printer's until we get a fix on this; but you can once again purchase Printer Holders in the F4 menu for your raiding needs. That's all folks And that's just about everything I've added today. I'm looking out for more ways to make money more valuable and adding some more ways to make it. I've got my eye on a good weed making addon that could fit with what we do here, but we'll see. Thanks for reading!