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    Pm me those names, I will give them the punishment they deserve.
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    time to get on and make low effort bait on gmod forums
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    We aren't your butlers, a little prop block won't ruin your whole day.
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    There is very little reason to lower it from 5. I don't believe I've seen anyone else complain about it being 5 minutes. Well, except for those who think NLR is bogus in the first place.
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    Oferhîeran ûser word−cwide hûru forsacan twêgen nu wandian. Attraction with pron ðe ic hrînan fullan handgrið, lôca in wilnian nese hîenðo wiðufan êow. Attraction with pron ðe ic âwihte willaâlibban hêr oninnan and frymð. ðolian êower sîcle, æfnan êower wund. Attraction with pron ðe ic stêpan hlystanâhelpan êower. Hear our words and have no fear. We come in peace, and wish no harm upon you. We only wish to live here among nature. Bring your sick, bring your wounded. We are hear to help you. We are the Cult of The Forest. We are a peaceful people. We have images of the home we have created in your city.
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    Failure to follow this template will result in your appeal being denied. My SteamID: unsure My in-game name: HYDR0 Staff member who banned me: Colours Screenshot of ban: What is the reason of your ban?: Mass RDM, propspam Why should you be unbanned?: I was banned for Mass RDM and propspam. However, although it LOOKED like I was trying to spam laundry machines, I was only creating a hobo-only outdoor laundromat in the town square. Hobos don't have laundry machines, so I was trying to help the community. I clearly had a sign that said "KOS if not hobo". Non-hobos kept running into my laundromat, so I naturally killed them. Well, one of them FALSELY cried RDM and Colours teleported to me, froze me, said "bye HYDR0" and permbanned me for "mass rdm and propspam". Also, I had an RP-only sign and people kept trying to raid my printers anyway but no moderators responded to my complaints. The unprofessionalism showed combined with a lack of circumstantial consideration is somewhat disappointing. Proof: [If you have it, it is not necessary] Previous ban appeals: [Link to any previous ban appeals] never had any @Owner @Super Administrator @Senior Administrator


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