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    People and MODS stating "good app" yet the dude said prop spam is a verbal warning? Do people even read the answers anymore? You can figure out prop spam being a perma ban if you've been on the server long enough and I think that right there just proves you really don't deserve the position. I don't really have much of a say considering I've been gone for awhile now, but I'm pretty disappointed.
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    I could care less about the prop spam part of the staff application. My main issue revolved around the fact that people went straight to stating "good app" implying to me that nobody really cared enough to read his answers or others responses on the matter. What I said to Phantom just about clears it up, ("I appreciate your response back, but I personally don't have a problem with you at all. I was putting forth my hatred mainly towards the people who made that statement, not because of what you did. It may sound weird, but you should feel offended that people you're supposed to be looking up to are skimming over something as important as this that you spent a lot of time on. If anything, you should actually be looking forward for people to call you out on mistake so you don't make the same ones as a staff member because no offense, it'd make you look stupid").
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    -1 i dont think you are ready to staff, the other day i was in a sit and asked you to stay away as you were interupting and talking over, you then became very mingy and also arrogant. Saying this on top of raid baiting have printers on street in front of spawn and killing people who looked at them. After this occurred u settled down. sorry mate but good luck
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    damn bro im really retarded, i didnt even realize i put this on his app instead of phantoms
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    I believe this was a joke directed towards me.
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    Knowing the rules and then breaking them is worst than not knowing the rules in my opinion. Especially when considering the fact that you want to be a staff member that ENFORCES the rules.
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    You, Revolt, Marble, Zeezy, Rnphillips and Ban state something along the lines of "knows rules" yet he did the invisible model thing recently? Pretty confused here.
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    well his answers where good pertaining to the rules