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    Demon's Moderator Application In-Game Name: [Your username] Demon. Age: [Your age] 19 Timezone: [Or your state/province and country] Eastern standard time. I live in Maryland ( a state in the US) Steam ID: [You can find this by typing status in your in-game console or from HERE] STEAM_0:0:81339467 Steam Profile (Link): https://steamcommunity.com/id/Demon593/ Hours on the server: [Use your in-game ID card to find your hours.] http://prntscr.com/mlvv9l Times Active: [How many hours a day, and which days are you active?] I am active a few day, I fit whatever time I can in before bed after I get off work in the morning. Why I want/should be a moderator: [You don't have to put yourself on a pedestal, but give us an idea of what you think your best qualities are, and why you'd be a good moderator.] I have plenty staffing experience on Ret aswell as many other servers. I also have odd hours and tend to frequent times when not many staff are on. Have you read the rules fully, understand them and are wanting to enforce them as correctly as possible?: [Yes/No] Yes. Are you willing to listen to any Staff member chosen to mentor and guide you as a Staff, even if you feel you don't need to?: [Yes/No] Yes. To keep your Staffing position you are required at least 7 hours a week of in-game activity, can you meet this?: [Yes/No] Yes. SITUATIONS: The server begins to lag and players are complaining about prop spam: [How can you find the source of the prop spam? How do you determine what is or isn't prop spam?] Before I even bother checking out what is happening, freezing all props is a good starting point to help with fps and potentially stop the server from crashing. However after that step I would check the prop spawn logs and look for a lot of the same prop being spawned by one person, or a bunch of different props being spawned in within a short period of time. After I locate a suspect i would tp to them and look around, because it can be hard to tell just by logs if they are pasting a base dupe or spamming a prop. If the person happens to be prop spamming I would freeze that person (in effort to have them stop, even though if they really wanted to they could) explain to them that I am going to have to ban them for prop spam (Since the staff handbook says prop spam is a reason to get perm banned.) I would then ban them for 720(the mod cap) and put in to have the ban extended, making sure to screenshot the spam of props to have valid proof for extension. People begin to complain about an "illegal base": [What process do you take to make sure the player fixes the issue(s) with their base? What if the player refuses or ignores you altogether?] I would tp to the player complaining about an illegal base, gather from him what he noticed is illegal then no clip to the base to do a second check myself in case they missed anything then confront the owner of the base, most times it's a newer player who just didn't know so i would explain to him what is wrong, why it's wrong and how he can go about fixing it, and maybe even some ideas on what to do instead. Very rarely do you come into contact with someone willingly making an illegal base, so if they know what they are doing wrong I suppose I would warn them for the first time and if the problem continues I would have to kick the player and remove dc'ed props. You see another staff member abusing his/her powers: [Example of staff abuse? What process do you take to stop it? Do you get higher ups involved, or would you talk to the staff member yourself? Both? Neither?] I am going to completely refer to the staff handbook on this one since it answers this question perfectly. As a admin or moderator I am not to punish other staff. I inform higher up staff and let them take care of it as they see fit. While I wait for them to get what they need done I will do my best to get any proof I can being screenshots or my low fps recording I can do. A player is extremely uncooperative during a sit: [What do you do if a player doesn't like your judgement of the sit? What do you do if they start downright insulting you?] 1. If a player is not happy with my work or what I have to offer them I will refer them to the 1st line of the MOTD "If a player feels the original staff member is unsatisfactory, they have the right to ask for another." so i can arrange them to talk with another member of staff, or if they decline that option as well, direct them to the forums to make a complaint about me or try and work with them to make all parties involved happy. 2. If a player starts to insult me I will just do the best i can to defuse the situation and make everyone happy with the end result. If the player becomes to irate and screaming and insulting at a level where nothing can be done and it starts to interrupt progress of the sit I would gag/mute the player accordingly, but nothing more than that due to the the staff handbook saying " Do not punish players for staff disrespect" A player is excessively RDMing/RDAing and breaking NLR: [What is RDM/RDA and NLR? How do you determine if a player is breaking any of these?] I am going to break this into two different points and attach the second part of how to determine if a player is breaking these into the explanation of what it is. 1. What is rdm? Rdm stands for Random death match, which basically means killing someone for no valid RP reason. there is many loopholes in the killing of the game mode that allows someone to be killed for tons of reason and not be rdm, Hits, raids, mugs, warns, kos signs, mayor law, and many more. So the challenge in determining if someone is rdming or following a valid rp scenario is having a way of checking each one of these reasons to kill and be able to associate it with the player, most of the time this is able to be done with the logs via lockpick logs (if anyone ever actually uses these anymore.) as well as hit logs and taking a peek at chat logs can usually clear up if a player said they were mugging the target in chat. To solve this issue it is judged by the amount of deaths, 1 is a verbal warning or 60 seconds In jail, 2 is a 180 second jail, 3 is a 360 second jail 4-6 being a 3day ban and 7+ is a week ban with a perm ban request. 2. What is NLR? NLR stands for New life rule and it is what helps enforce us not having our actual memory wiped when we die in game. It forces the player to not associate with the area of death for 5 minutes and no longer be able to chase the same thing he was before he died. If someone shot his friend and he was chasing that person to kill him but died while he was running after him, he has now forgotten that event happening and is no longer allowed to enforce that. To help solve someone breaking nlr you can go to the scene of the crime and use /nlrcheck little Timmy to check how many times he has died in an area and how close together. If he is found guilty I would give him a verbal warning and an explanation of what little timmy did wrong, second offence is a 300 second jail, and 3rd offence is a 1d ban. (Additional Comments): [Anything else you want us to know about you? You can remove this part from the application if you don't want to include anything.] I understand that this application is mostly copied from my last mod app, however I did read through the entire thing and made changes where I saw fit with my updated knowledge of the server. Also I understand that after resigning I must wait one month before re-applying however I talked to dave and he gave me permission to apply early see this screenshot --> ttp://prntscr.com/mlvlj1 Thank you for taking the time to read this and I love all you beautiful souls.
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    Need help? Contact a staff member in-game by typing @ and a short message! Staff members have the final say and their decisions are final even if not stated in the rules. If a player feels any outcomes/punishment(s) delivered were unsatisfactory they have the right to ask for a different staff member. Players may also contact a higher up or make an appeal/complaint following the proper layout on the forums! Join our Discord!: https://discord.gg/UNcPmw2 Join Our Steam Group!: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/retributiondarkrp or by typing !steam in-game General Rules No politics, NSFW content, or malicious behaviour towards any community member. No advertising other servers, websites, or communities. No hacking, manipulation of the client, or exploiting. No leaving/fleeing to avoid staff situations. No inappropriate names. Names require at least 3 English characters. No scamming or gambling. Do NOT force uncomfortable situations on anyone. Do not wrongfully disrupt others’ RP. Admin-land is off limits to all non-staff members unless given permission by a staff member. Do NOT enter staff sits unless you are directly brought. No flags/symbols from any culture/religion/country etc. The only exception to this are staff-approved RP environments. Basic Rules Players may not perform random deathmatch/arrest (RDM/RDA). Warns must be clear, given in local chat, and give 10 seconds before the victim is shot. EX: A player is following another player. The player being followed must give one warning in local chat, wait 10 seconds, and if the follower persists, they may shoot. After a player dies, they must wait five minutes before returning to the situation/location that the player died at. (NLR) Players may not interact with the situation/players that killed them. A victim of a hit may return to where they died. Players may not abuse props/entities. EX: Using entities to kill players. EX: Propsurf, propblock, propspam. Players may not use mass RP binds, all binds must specify one action. EX: A player uses advert and says "RAID/PD RAID/COUNTER RAID/KIDNAPPING/MUG" Wanted Players may only kill police in self-defense. Players may steal the money from and destroy bitminers, but CANNOT take the entity itself. Players with job model shoulders smaller than a 1x1 plate while holding keys cannot raid, mug, kidnap, or defend a base. FailRP is not roleplaying properly. A player's character should always obey their limits, and not do something that obviously could not realistically happen. EX: Police officer is basing with a gang of thieves and is printing money in their base EX: Gun dealer is raiding the police department The cinema is always RP-only. Hits, Kidnap, and Mugs. Hit Rules: Players/parties may not repeatedly target players. Players may complete hits in RP-only bases if they don’t have to break down any world/fading doors to reach their target. Kidnapping Rules: Victims must follow the kidnapper's demands, and do what they say; players may escape captivity by means of reasonable RP. Kidnappers may not force their victims to spawn items. Players may only be held hostage for 15 minutes. Kidnapped players may not kill themselves while kidnapped. Mugging Rules: Parties/players must give a local chat message that a victim is being mugged, with a maximum amount of $20,000. You can mug one victim once per 5 minutes, and once per 10 mins for the same player. The victim has 10 seconds to comply. The victim must be let go if they comply with their mugger's demands. Party Rules If players are within a party together, they must base together. Only the members of a party may protect each other in all RP scenarios. Players may not party abuse. Party members cannot steal, raid, mug, kidnap, or place hits on other party members. Joining a party --> Gaining access --> Leaving party --> Raiding Raidables A list of what is considered a 'raidable': Printers/Drugs. Money/entity creators such as drug labs and bitcoin. (Excluding club labs.) Token eggs. Stored weapon shipments. Basing Rules * Applicable to RP-Only * Not Applicable to RP-Only Individuals or groups may own one building and must own every door in that building; if a situation occurs where more than one person owns doors in a building, whoever owns the "front-doors" gains ownership of the building.* Bases have to be clear and concise. No non-collided props, invisible props, glow/flickering material. * No shooting through cracks, holes in walls, or fading doors. * The base may not inhibit player movement. (Jumping, Crouching, Walking, etc.) * Players may only shoot out of shooting windows, not one way props. * Only use materials that are easy on the eyes or transparent. * No traps, mazes, or zig-zag bases. This includes designs inhibiting the use of a fading door bomb (Floor falling out from under raiders, ramp only accessible with keypad cracker).* Player props for bases cannot extend to the sidewalk.* Bases can still be built using alleyways. You may not use world doors as defenses.* EX: Locking world doors open, placing props to influence the direction the doors open/close. No roof bases unless there is direct access built into the building. (Example: Hotel, Building next to PD)* Players may have a KOS line + sign outside the entrance of their base. It must be noticeable. No tiny letters or hard to see colors.* You may not KOS people who are on public property (sidewalk, street, etc.) Players may only have three entrance fading doors. Entrance fading doors may not be parallel with the floor.* Players may only double stack each entrance fading door.* Must be a solid prop that disappears completely when open.* Players may not have fake/hidden keypads/buttons. Keypads/buttons must be placed next to the entrance fading door they open.* Players can have one keypad/button to open a entrance fading door and one on the opposing side to get out. Minimum 5 seconds opening time and no delay allowed.* No fading doors directly in front/behind map doors. * There must be enough space for two players to fit side by side and back to back in every part of the base that the builder has control of.* Shooting windows must be on the same level for both parties showing shoulders and above. The window must be controlled by a button or keypad and does not require a minimum time. * Must be a solid prop that has a transparent material which disappears completely when open. One way props are allowed for viewing purposes, however, neither party may shoot through them.* Players may not have fake/hidden keypads/buttons. Keypads/buttons must be placed next to the shooting window they open.* Players may not have a one way window next to a non-one way prop allowing the defenders to see raiders and shoot them. (http://i.imgur.com/WYLb58N.jpg)* Players may not build while being raided.* Players/parties may not mega-base or have bases that extend unnecessarily upwards or outwards.* Bases that contain a passageway to the sewer system are not allowed to block those off, and are also not allowed to base in the passageways.* Players may only build RP ONLY bases on the island.* The apartments and hotels may only have one player/party per suite. Hotel Managers may own entire hotels to sell suites to their customers.* RP-Only Rules Players may add an RP-Only text screen on their base if they wish to roleplay. This disallows having raidables. Players may have a KOS sign but it has to be reasonable. Acceptable KOS sign (KOS behind counter) Unacceptable KOS sign (KOS on sidewalk) Gun dealers, Club Owners, Black Market Dealers and any other merchant-like jobs can have RP-only signs/bases preventing them from being raided as long as they have no raidables and if they are selling products, their product is strictly only spawned in to be sold and not kept in their base. You may not initiate mugs in RP only Zones. RP Building owners/party members do not follow NLR when the death occurred inside their RP-Only base. If the Owner of the RP-Only building asks you to leave with a valid reason, you must oblige. Building Signs Players may add Building signs to their base to keep players from raiding whilst building. You CAN prop-block your entrances. You CAN have a KOS sign. You CANNOT have ANY form of raidables. You CANNOT put a building sign up with or without propblock to avoid RP situations such as escaping police. You CANNOT place a building sign if a player is currently initiating a raid. Wait until at least 5 minutes after the raid has ended. Raiding Rules Defending Defenders may not close world doors opened by raiders. Defenders who died may return to their base after waiting the NLR time (5 minutes). Attacking Raiders must be near the property to initiate a raid. Raiders may only raid with their party or same job groups. Raiders may not counter another raid. Raiders and their party must wait 20 minutes before raiding the same base again. Raiders cannot camp a base, get in and get out; nor may they raid a base which clearly has nothing of value. Raiders must try to only harm those who own the doors to the base. Police Department Police may not do any illegal activities or corruption. Police may own a building but only for the RP effect. Police may ONLY break NLR for PD raids. PD may have 1 defense or 1 roadblock that consists of 2 fading doors which may be double stacked. Police defenses must abide by the basing rules. Police defenses do not have to be wide enough for two people to stand side by side. Police can build a roadblock. Roadblocks must be approved by an Admin. During a lockdown, police must give players one warning in local chat with 10 seconds to get inside a building. Police may not KOS for being outside during a lockdown. They may AOS only. The front door to PD may NOT be locked unless a PD Raid or Lockdown is in progress. The back-entrance which leads to jail cells may not be prop-blocked but can have 2 fading doors to protect it which do not count towards other max-fading doors in the PD. Along with this, being inside or tampering with the tunnel that leads to the cells is AOS/KOS. Police cannot use vents as their only entrance to the PD. PD lobby is considered public property and may not contain defenses. Police may only AOS/KOS after one warning unless their life is in immediate danger. This only applies to in-game laws, base-laws that are on the MOTD can be AOS without warning. Base Laws All laws stated below are in action with or without a mayor. The mayor cannot change any of these laws excluding rule #4. Raiding is illegal. Money printers are illegal unless stored in the bank. Murder is illegal. Drugs and explosives are illegal. (The mayor may legalize drugs or explosives of their choosing.) Threats are illegal. Kidnapping, theft, and Mugging is illegal. Advertising or completing hits are illegal. Physical abuse is illegal. Holding a gun out near the Mayor is KOS. Shooting in public is illegal. Bitcoin miners are LEGAL. Mayor Law Rules The mayor may not discriminate against a specific job (Ex. Making Hobos KOS). The mayor may not make laws that restrict a player’s right to speech, movement, or their abilities to use cosmetics. No J-walking, crouching/walking/running, etc laws. No bans on player cosmetics such as hats, trails, or emotes. The mayor may not allow random weapon checks unless in PD. The mayor MUST advert/broadcast/announce the reason for a lockdown as well as warn players to return to their homes (Excessive shooting, life in danger, PD raid. etc) The Mayor may approve the construction of ONE toll booth for police (Counts as a roadblock). The roadblock must be approved by an Administrator. Lockdowns/Curfews may go on for a max of 10 minutes. Commands: /addlaws (adds laws to the Law Board) /removelaw # /lockdown (initiates a lockdown) /unlockdown(cancels the lockdown) /wanted name reason (arrest warrant) /unwanted name reason (unarrest warrant) /warrant name reason (search warrant) /lottery amount (starts lottery) Warrant Rules The reasons for warrants can include: The police officer saw illegals/illegal activities. A player is wanted inside the base the officer is warranting. The police officer was notified that a player was being held hostage inside the base. The contraband scanner issued a warrant for a player. Real-world Trading Real-world trading for any items on RetributionRP will result in a permanent ban for both players involved. Any items players sell for out of game currencies will be flagged as “Illegal Goods” and removed from the game. Players CAN: Trade in-game items for other in-game items, even if those in-game items are purchased off of the store. Give other players free in-game items. Players CANNOT: Advertise selling/buying in-game items for out of game currency and vice-versa. Trade in-game items for out of game currencies and vice-versa. Encourage others to break this rule. Trading In-game Items When trading in-game weapons, it will be assumed that the weapon you're discussing is a permanent weapon unless specified otherwise. (E.g: 'Selling a ocelot shotgun' = 'Selling a permanent ocelot shotgun') If you want to sell singles of temporary weapons you must specify they are temporary/non permanent, failing to do this will be taken as scamming and is punishable. Trading in-game items is a completely out of RP experience, where you're no longer in Downtown - you are two people trading virtual items. With this in mind you need to remember the following: You CAN: Prop-block off an area to complete your trade. Ask for a Staff's assistance to monitor the trade (They're not obliged to, however). Trade cash for items and vice-versa using tip-jars, cheque (it is not suggested to use Cash, however you are not disallowed to). Back out of a trade UNTIL someone has picked up the others item, once you've picked up any item of the other users you have locked in the deal and must complete the trade fully. You CANNOT: Have raidables in the propblocked area. (Permanent items dropped for a trade do not count as raidables). Prop-block the area for any longer than 10 minutes. Prop-block an area that interrupts others RP experience. Steal from and/or scam the other users interacting in the trade, if caught stealing/scamming the items will be taken back from you plus compensation and a possible ban. (If you're caught dispensing the stolen items/money into a mule account you will be permanently banned no questions asked.) It is suggested to wait until a Staff member is available to monitor a trade for the most safety when trading, if no Staff member is on remember you can always hold-off the trade! Custom Job Rules: [CLICK] Job Rules Read more about the current job rules in game, on the F4 menu!
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    call me out on that, thats it. no foot rubs tonight.
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    -1 A VERY HARD -1 So usa makes a scammer report on me which is false btw and says -1 ban this kid < not very staff like repsonse sees me ingame and types in ooc chat ohhh the scammer is back (his excuse is he was just being a gamer and having fun) ~see you on fornite
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    ah shit, i removed it to fix it, got distracted and didn't put it back in. I'm going to leave a comment of what it would have been.
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    +1 +1 Previous Staff member +1 Nice and calm guy +1 Very helpful to players and staff members alike A good application for the most part, however the description and punishment for RDA was left out. I am glad to see that you are coming back to the staffing team sooner rather than later. You were a good staff member that would answer any questions fellow staff members had when ever you could. Good luck getting accepted friend.
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    +1 +Good App +Previous Admin +Active Give him admin he doesn't need mentoring or to be a mod
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    -1 the shittest cunt out +1 jk love you bb great bloke, prev admin respectfull
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    +1 Past staff Knows rules Never has problems
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    Not here to argue or have a big discussion about anything, but could you elaborate a bit here, or potentially give an example?
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    wait the only reason i rdmed you last night because i was trying to be banned i wasted my time +1 hell yeah previous staff knows rules good friend
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    -/+ leaning towards +1 -cant make any deciscions on his own with out easily being influenced -but knows rules and that kinda stuff
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    +1 past staff Nice asf in game knows rules
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    +1 Knows what he is doing Knows the rules well Good app Prev admin Get this mans his mod bak
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    You have all the experience and knowledge. In short you know how to handle a situation well.
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    +1 Knows rules quite well. Well equipped and experienced Best of intentions/great guy I wish you the best of luck but I don't think you need it.
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    +1 Knows the Rules Great and a friendly person Ex-Admin Noice Application
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    +1 Knows the rules Previous Admin Good guy Just give him it back already
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    Knows rules Active in game and on forums Friendly Great application +1
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    When using RetributionRP's Forums you agree to the following rules, not following these rules may result in you receiving warning points and/or being removed from the Forums and/or Server as a whole: Forum Rules No sexism, racism, discrimination, bigotry, etc. No disrespect towards anyone in the community. No advertising other servers, websites, or communities. No malicious activity (Doxing, DDoS, threats, spamming, witch-hunting.) No inappropriate names. No necroposting. No ear-rape on your profile. Do not call out another player to cause drama/issues unless it's done correctly in a player or staff complaint. Your post(s) may be removed if they do not benefit discussion on the given subject, depending on the severity warning points may follow. All Forums rules apply to any post made on the Forums or Chatbox. Do: Use proper grammar and punctuation to the best of your ability. Limit use of multi color, size, and emotes in a post. Post in a way that benefits discussion. Be respectful and kind. Do Not: Abuse the reputation system: farming/requesting/etc reputation Publicly post information with others unless given expressed permission to do so. Flame or insult other members. Bump threads. Create alternative accounts. Post porn, gore, or any NSFW content. Post in the incorrect section. Post warez/pirated content.
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    This person is a toxic ass hole telling Nova "scammer is back" When he sees him.
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    +1 -Good App -Previous Staff Member -Knows the rules extremely well -Super friendly guy, helped me out (and still does :P) with my stupid questions when I first got mod. -Did resign recently