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    When Saavik became staff, he resigned after 15 days, not a week and I don’t really see that being a problem unless it were to happen a second time or more. Also, his forum activity looks fine to me.
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    If you can’t find them, why not bring them to you, or go to them? What do you do after you kick them? What proof do you provide? What if they start interrupting the sit? What do you do then? Screenshots and videos take too long to upload and hand it to you, and sometimes the player may have to edit parts out since it could be 30mins long, and what would you look for in logs? You never once brought up the logs. This isn’t something you should say on your staff app. -1 your app needs work, such as how you never brought up logs in your RDM/NLR/RDA question. Also, when you were doing you ‘scam’ You say you tried to call an admin, but since I never came you just went through with it, to me, this shows you’re impatient. Also, when you were contributing to drama involving your ‘scam’ I had to tell you to stop adding to the drama, but after the first time I told you to stop, you continued to cause drama anyway. Take this screenshot for example (you’re Jezza) You also sent a PM to me thanking me for more proof against me, and on the complaint you omitted how I had to tell you twice to stop causing drama. (Only showed a screenshot of how I told you to shut up) As for your forums activity, most of it consists of stuff like the fetish topic “Elbows or Armpits” or “Ban Judicator” the most constructive post you’ve made so far is the complaint against me. I suggest putting your opinions on topics such as Complaints, staff apps, ban appeals and suggestions, etc. You can also try to watch staff sits (if they allow it, I won’t) to see what they do, or ask staff questions in PMs or in the megathread (I did these two things when I first applied). I’ve also got this screenshot of your shitpost of “Ban appin”
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    In-Game Name: Marble Age: 22 Timezone: Wisconsin, USA Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:452446155 Steam Profile (Link): https://steamcommunity.com/id/marblexxx/ Hours on the server: 311 Times Active: 6 AM to 7 PM, the days I'll be most active on are Thursdays and Fridays Why I want/should be a moderator: I want to be a moderator because we need more staff members, plus I'm normally on when staff don't get on, which is early in the morning or afternoon on week days. I've also loved playing every second on the server, there's so many fun and nice people and I just want to make the community way more better and less toxic. Have you read the rules fully, understand them and are wanting to enforce them as correctly as possible?: Yes Are you willing to listen to any Staff member chosen to mentor and guide you as a Staff, even if you feel you don't need to?: Yes To keep your Staffing position you are required at least 7 hours a week of in-game activity, can you meet this?: Yes SITUATIONS: The server begins to lag and players are complaining about prop spam: I'll check in on someone who's making the complaint and ask him who or where the prop spam is, if they tell my I'll freeze all props and then freeze him, then I'd teleport to them and ask to please remove props and if he doesn't listen or continues, I'll ban him and get anextension for a Permanent Ban, but if no one can give me a name, I'll check logs and find him from there. A easy way to tell if there is prop spam without anyone talking about it is FPS and Ping, FPS can start to drop. People begin to complain about an "illegal base": First, I'll find out who owns the illegal base and go to the base to see if there is anything illegal, if there is something (Example: having shooting cracks) I'll show him the part of the base that's illegal and tell him why he can't have that and give him a verbal warning, then I'll check back in 5 minutes and if they haven't fixed it I'll ask them if they need help, if they answer no, I'll leave and check back in 3 minutes, if it has not been fixed, I'll ask them to remove it or fix it immediately, if they still don't listen I'll just kick them for not listening to staff and remove all disconnected players props. Illegal bases give raiders a very unfair advantage and may give them no chance of winning and it even can ruin roleplay. You see another staff member abusing his/her powers: I'll try to get footage of him/her abusing their powers and then confront them saying something like how they're using their powers and abusing and explain why they can't do that, if they stop I won't send the footage to a higher-up staff member but if they continue I will send the footage. A player is extremely uncooperative during a sit: If someone doesn't like how I'm taking this sit, I'll tell him this is just what I do, I follow the Staff Handbook, but if he starts to insult me or another person involved in the sit, I'll gag or mute him and explain whats going on to help him understand. I'll unmute him and ask him if he wants another staff member to take the sit. If he says yes I'll ungag him and ask another staff to take it over. A player is excessively RDMing/RDAing and breaking NLR: RDM = RandomDeathMatch (Killing someone without reason) If someone is RDMing, I explain him why he's not allowed to do that and give him a 60 Second Jail Time, if he does RDM again I'll jail him for 180 seconds and start to spectate him and see if he really is RDMing and if he is, I'll just jail him for 360 seconds and so on. If they Mass RDM (RDM x7) I will ban them and get an extension for a week. RDA = RandomArrest (Arresting someone as a cop with no reason) I'll unarrest him and ask the guy if he has illegals in his base that cops can hear or see, if he was shooting at someone or if he was wanted, if he answers yes to any of things, I'll tell him that's why he was arrested. If he says he did none of these, I'll check Arrest Logs and bring the cop and ask why he arrested him and ask the cop why he arrested someone, if the victim was caught lying I'll warn him and return the cop. If the cop did RDA I'll give him the same punishments as I did in the RDM section. (1x RDA 60 second jail, 2x RDA 180 second jail, 3x RDA 360 second jail, Mass RDA 1 week ban) NLR = New Life Rule (Pretending you have a new life and you don't know anything about your previous life) Someone is complaining about a person breaking NLR in a raid, I'll bring the victim and ask who was the raider, if he doesn't know I'll check Damage Logs and see who shot him, after I get a name I'll NLRCheck the player and if I see he's broken NLR, I'll bring him to the sit and explain to him why hes not allowed to come back in the middle of the raid and give him a Verbal warning. I'll return everyone involved in the sit and spectate NLR breaker for a bit, if I see him do it again, I'll bring him to a sit and explain one more time why he's not allowed to do that and jail him for 300 seconds. I'll continue on my day until I get another call about him and just tell him he's being banned for an hour for not listing to staff and breaking NLR x3. (Additional Comments): The only time I'll use my powers in a non-sit use, is when I have consent with the other player, such as I mess with my friend with the freeze gun or I jail a friend for the fun of it. I won't do something like that on a person I don't know.
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    Yeah I agree, also I have never seen her hot headed and she has gotten better with knowledge she previously didn't know. People act like mentoring doesn't exist. There was a shit ton of things I didn't know when I first became mod and I still turned out fine lmao, its the entire reason mentoring is a thing. Previously denied is also a pretty invalid reason just don't really see why that should be included.
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    I dont think thats even a valid reason, or should be a reason to -1 someone. +1 +active +nice/polite I dont see why you couldnt be a fine staff. You would be a good addition to the team. Goodluck @Snowy Marble 
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    +1 + Good application + Knows and follows the rules. + Never been in any drama within the server. + Is a nice and mature individual when the situation requires it. + Helpful to those that ask questions in ooc chat. I have based with you numerous times, and you have never given me or any other party members any issues. As stated above, you can be mature when it is needed, which is a good quality to have when applying for staff. If you continue to have these good qualities, you should have a very good chance at becoming a part of staff and a good member at that. Good luck.
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    Thank you everyone supporting me!
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    You should check others profiles before making assumptions like that. The activity it displays sometimes speaks for itself.
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    +1 rly nice and helpful to players who need it.
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    Marble actually helped me alot and has never given me any problems the multiple times I've based with her and have never broke any rules in my time of knowing her good app also very active and doesn't eat my teeth like judicator
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    +1 - Good App - Cool guy to hang out with - I’ve never seen a sit called on him or have I seen him break the rules - Sprite Cranberry (Last one meme, plz no ban)
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    -1 + You have become a decent person in game as of late - Your past lack of maturity is questionable - Vague answers that don't answer the questions very well - Lack of activity shows that you could just be applying because you're getting bored:
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    -1 - when he was staff i had a few sits with him they weren't handle very well at all - lack of observation to his sit, doesnt listen very well or respond with any confidence.
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    +1 -Pretty nice in game -Does not break rules -Likes to help fellow players -Very attentive , does not just sit in base. Good luck
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    +1 - Kind. - Always willing to help members of our community. - Very mature and collected. - Handles issues with grace.
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    To Be Honest I have never seen you in game so i cant say anything but good luck.
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    +1 Marble has been very active on the server and forums and has been active in trying to learn everything she can since her last app. She's helpful, nice, and had good intentions and it wouldn't hurt to have another active staff member.
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    +1 Friendly Person Knows the Rules Active Good app
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    +1 - Very friendly person - Good app - Very active ingame and on forums - Never seen Marble get in trouble or break any rules
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    I’m pretty sure he means, he played a long time ago but took a break, then came back more recently then had to take the break you are talking about.
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    No offense taken, I completely understand that and agree, but in total time since I first joined the server is close to a year. So I can see how that would be misleading, thanks for pointing this out, I didn't think about it being possibly misleading.
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    No offense, but if you play the server in for example January and you "take a break" to December you really haven't played the server for a year.
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    +/- +Very active in game and on the forums /Some answers could use some work -You were involved in a very sketchy situations yesterday where I had to personally warn you to discontinue your "giveaway" because it was starting to sound exactly like player gambling/scamming.
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    Ask me to go to your house again Pigeon's calling the cops.