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    Just to inform anyone who cares, I have a scummy past on the server sometimes just wanted to let everyone know I'm going to be more positive and helpful from now on.
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    My break now which was supposed to begin on August 15, 2019, will start at this very moment. It is important that I focus in the direction of life I was in before the summer started. If my rank needs to be removed for being gone to long so be it. With the pursuit of power, some people forget their original goal. With staff members who I have closely been in contact with leaving and going away for awhile I’m going to change what I had originally stated. I will not be returning for a few months. Probably not before 2020 (but who knows), and when it’s time to return, I will make a decision if I will remain on the server or not. My time on Retribution has not been just good not just great, not just an all-around amazing experience it’s been a journey. I’ve seen many people, and I honestly want to thank everyone who has contributed to making this experience what it has become. However, as of this moment I will be taking a break. Please note if I show up at any time before making a return post my break has not “ended.” I will make a return post when I return. This time I’m going out of my way to tag some people who have really made this journey enjoyable. @Flustered PigeonThanks for being there and having faith in me it truly means a lot. @ByteThanks for being such a wonderful mentor when I was in my T-Mod time. Byte for super. Spread the word. @Xepharia Thanks for being there through the hard and the easy times. @SoundPulserino You’re a clown, and I'm still waiting on that name change @DaveThe2nd @poyo After all the things that have happened. You've still been there to help people when they need it, and you stick up for your fellow staff members. Something, that is not seen all the time. @Marki Get your head out of Python 2.7 because before you know it there will be a Python 4.0 and that's not even a joke. @Colours Go away! or I will replace you with a very simple shell script. @ Yimo I will RDM you next time I see you. There’s no point in running away I am inevitable. @Sarrus? < ----- This guy… a mad man take him out! @Harry DeathIt’s been a wonderful journey, thanks for being a big part in it! @Lemon© I mean you’re still a citrus @Pinkk Where have you gone? @Pretty Boy Kaden & @Cobra The first two people I interacted with on this server... Cheers!!! @Shogun4122 My good sir, are very interesting. I've been trying to figure you out, however, I can't... Well... I guess we will never know. @Johnny Sparklez It's been fun hanging out. I'll definitely look into Rust, and I'll let you know! @King Tonka It was nice seeing you on again today. Well hope we can play again in the future. It's been fun, but I'm out... At least for now.
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    We've updated our current map to the new version. This will be more of a trial run to see how it goes. The updated version is just a more optimized and expanded version of the old map, which means most old dupes should also work on the new map. Message on discord (Marki#9191) if you have any issues or questions.
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    Alright shitheads this time I’m officially back. If you know me you know me, if not oh well. I look forward to playing with old friends and making new ones.
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    Denied While we don't require forum activity, we do want to see overall community activity. I feel you are just getting back into the server and still need to get your name out some more on the forums as well as on the server. You may reapply in 7 days.
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    Denied You seem like a great kid Thinner, I would love to give you a shot at staff, but I just don't think you are ready yet. Staff have to deal with a magnitude of bad situations and toxic people and that is not something someone of your age should have to deal with. I think this is for the best, maybe someday you will be ready but not yet. You may reapply in a week if you really wish to.
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    From what I'd seen you and your group were chill, any issues you have with Staff can be fixed if you are vocal about it even if it's to me directly; I hope you can come back around at some point
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    Please stop flirting with me it is making me uncomfortable. If this continues I will not be sharing my 1.6 million african dollars once that african prince sends the money.
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    I'm not going to type some long-ass post I'm just going to say it how it is. I don't like the direction the server is going staff-wise so I think it's time I take my leave. This server was and probably is the only good GMOD server I've played. I waited out a month to come back and it only took less than 2 weeks to make me want to leave again. The fact that most of the people I used to love playing with daily are leaving or already gone is kind of obvious that something is wrong. @KORZO - I miss you. @Zeus - I miss you too. @Xepharia - First friend I had on the server and glad you have made it so far. @Ape @✪RED✪ @SugarMuch @Yeet @montay @PapiRaccoon @palmer
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    Just kidding about the title Honestly, the server is kind of a mess right now, people have been saying its getting better toxicity wise and stuff but that's probably because of the lack of players on. Literally the server is always 25-45/72 of people, consisting mostly of new players, which of course is not a bad thing, but literally most old players have been leaving and it's probably just going to go downhill from here. I literally hop on the server, join someone's party then print. There's barely anything else to do, the printer update has been announced a long time ago and nothing since has ever happened with that update. Gambling was also touched upon and nothing ever happened either. Ret was super fun back then and I have tried to actually RP on the server, it is definitely not my thing. The grind was fun but there's nothing to grind for anymore, maybe I just gotta wait for the economy to be fixed somehow but literally @binoo's and I's printers just keep making it worse every time. I hope you guys figure out a way to fix it. Lastly, it just sucks to be in close watch to the staff. I know it isn't their faults and it's mine, I take all the blame. But to not be able to change my name is super unreasonable because everyone else can change their name, even other scammers could do it too. If I ever changed my name to scam someone, then I could just be banned right? I don't even change my name to anything random anymore anyway, but I just thought I would state this. And not even that, the communication within the staff team is very disorganized, some staff didn't even know the reason to why I couldn't change my name and someone had to state 2 different reasons. k bye not gonna mention anyone because everyone is mean
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    Hey there. I'm a sponge. I like to absorb stuff. Hahah, okay. I'm named Mr Mac Tonight ingame, veteran members will probably remember me as Sponge the great in forums and in game. and say, oh no..That mingey kid. I used to be a bitch, because I was young, and I was retarded. And I feel bad for the people witnessing my childish side. That's done. I promise. I'm sorry to everyone. Have a good night/day.
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    steering wheel on the wrong side, sorry
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    Yeah, I make every decision by myself 100% of the time. That is definitely how that works.
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    ur right us admins are very stupid and we need to fix our shit thank you for your input this is how we fix our shit btw admins
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    follow up on op. just as the others, i'm leaving today, it's up to the higher-ups if they'd like to remove me from the position i don't see myself coming back until at least christmas. it seems too much of a chore and a burden mentally to deal with some of the sits the server gives me. i also have a lot of school work. i'll miss you guys. see you
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    I built a Color Roulette game that has been pretty successful so far. 8 people plus a host to play, but it can start with not all of the rooms taken. The host spins the wheel and then hits a button to stop the spinner and lock it in place. The color that is landed on is out and leaves the room. This keeps going until the last color is left and they get a prize. I’ve been giving out 2M per round as the prize though I had a few people donate their own cash/perms as prizes. The players are not charged to play so it isn’t gambling.
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    I love you zipper you'll get more people some day !
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    So i dont really know how to start this, but i wanted to say thanks for giving me this second chance to be a better person than i used to be to the community. i definently don't deserve this second chance, but i am very thankful to have it. I have done and said a lot of things that i'm very embarrassed and ashamed to bring up, and i wish i could take it all back. i'm sorry for causing a ton of trouble to the community. i'm sorry to the people i've hurt or offended. i will treat the community better. I don't expect to be forgiven, but i hope in time you will. this community has given me my best (and worst) memories of gmod. even if the server hasn't been at it's peak recently, ive still had a ton of fun just goofing off and messing around in it. I won't waste this second chance or make the same mistakes i did before. For anyone who doesn't know who i am, i'd like to keep it that way and start fresh. I hope to see you all in-game. I didn't know what other topic to put this under, so it's going under introductions
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    battle royale was fun -admin land -2 minutes to build whatever -use basically any gun -someone bhops around the edge 10 minutes in and slowly goes closer and closer and kills people that they pass (symbolizes the storm) -winner gets something funky
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    Just want to leave this here http://prntscr.com/orf5d8
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    *eats burger* sorry guys i’m hungry
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    Denied Okay my fellow Aussie, I would like to really break this down. You have a really short fuse when dealing with minges and even when something doesn’t go your way. However I have seen how you have been getting better behaviour wise, I still think it’s best to wait a bit longer really control your emotions. I would also like to add I think if you really show more improvement you would become a decent staff member but time will tell. You may re apply in a week
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    Yeah, we ain't about to have a server mom. This shit happened on a Minecraft server I used to play when I was younger, and it was pretty yikes. Welcome to the server though I guess, as long as you're not an alt at least.
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    Why do I get the feeling you are just an alt since he is banned for repeated use of the n word?
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    Update Blog - 07/08/2019 The following changes are now live on the server: What's New?: The Ocelot M4a1 has been added to the RTD. This is a purple tier weapon. Medkits and armor kits for doctors, crazed doctors and swat medics has been buffed massively. Medkits now heal much faster when healing someone other than yourself. Doctor job slots increased from 2 to 6. Swat medic slots increased from 1 to 3. Lockpicks now pick at 5 seconds. Keypad crackers now crack at 6 seconds. Pro keypad crackers now crack at 4 seconds.
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    I came back to RetributionRP hoping I would be able to mess around in a game familiar with good memories, and maybe if I made some friends it would help with my awful mental health. As I became more a regular again, I figured it would be a decent chance to help with transitioning. Eventually it stopped being a good idea and more a frustrating one. It wasn't really helping like I thought it would. Along with some staff behavior and general disinterest in server going ons, I lost interest in continuing to play. So I'm dipping. I wouldn't have made a post tbh, but I figure some people would wanna know why. so that's for y'all.
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    Car soccer irl and Rocket League. Destroying cars with a soccer ball irl is fun but it's a lot to repair and hurts my pockets but in Rocket League I can show off what my fingers can really do (;.
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    Ayyy guppi, welcome back cutie
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    Dude the way you’ve handled this post actually so good, you’ve been respectful while touching up on what you would’ve enjoyed if they’d been implemented in time. I never had a problem with you or your group, it’s honestly no good to see you go but I do hope you return soon. I myself are learning how to fix the economy so changes will be coming soon, as well as a lot of new things being added/remade enjoy yourself dude
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    Damn sad to see you leave montay you're one of the good friends I made when I came back
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    server is boring: achieved rich player status, but what is there to do after the grind all the fun people are gone, and not just the troublemakers. Literally almost none remain = community i once loved is gone only thing that is bothering me before i go is dave's position as a staff member. i don't care about the name change thing anymore. i just dont want people to be bossed around and just being silenced. but this is an example of his "abuse": he originally name restricted me for this reason https://imgur.com/qJKSDKB then (i think) completely changes the reason and makes it up https://imgur.com/a/4XKm63e. also just flat out denied the post too. he shouldn't have had the choice alone. @everyone that i had fun with Ill miss you, < 3 < 3 i had fun alright bye not a fake screenshot if you want to see what he says there azaza quit too btw
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    Just fix your shit, we don't need any specifics on what needs to be fixed, or how to fix it. We just need to fix our shit.
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    Accepted You have great feedback from the community and staff, I think you would be a great pick for staff. Be sure to add @DaveThe2nd @nonamus @The Anonymous Rainbow @ImmortalxReaper on steam! Request an Invite to the Staff-Only Channel and message one of us when you are ready for your test.
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    It has been a long long time and I am sure anyone that even remembers it is far over it. Hope you enjoy your time back and keep out of trouble. Welcome back.
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    An event where someone goes at the top of the spawn building and drops a bunch of permanent weapons that land below and whoever picks it up gets to keep it. Not too exciting and has been done before, but you can't really go wrong with it because everyone likes perms. Also, an event like storm Area-51 where there are a few people with guns in a fortification and a bunch of unarmed people have to charge at them and get inside. Whoever gets inside first wins the event. This event can have a prize as well.
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    +1 Starting off GMO, your application is solid, every response is written in good detail showing what exactly you would do in these situations while being correct overall, your forum activity is very decent too, no shitposting or negative activity to be seen there. Ingame activity and reputation is pretty good, youre on regularly and you do a good job at following the rules and staying out of trouble, I have only had one sit with you overall and you were very cooperative and respectful overall. I do believe that you will do fine during the T-Mod phase if accepted, with that being said... Goodluck!
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    Gg ez I win
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    +1 Really Nice App Seems so be a good active member Everyone else seems to like you
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    Starting to think maybe I should save up for the AS Val and buy the Ocelot Sniper as well. That be good?
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    +1 GMO will be the best mod he knows the rules and he is soo nice he will be great!
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