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    One year as staff. Been a fun ride. This does not by any means that my time on Retribution is over, but rather shifting. It is time for me to step down as a staff, though. Senior Admin, while nice, has been really taxing on me and I’d like to shift my focus towards newer things. Most of you guys probably saw the weapon I was working on in the Discord, and animating it and porting it has been a great time. I’ve decided to become a freelancer for Ret! Thank you to the amazing people who made my time as staff memorable. I didn’t have a mentor, lol @MrGeekabit Thank you so much for helping me get to where I am today. Don’t know when you’ll read this, but it’s meant a lot. @Marki Thank you for helping me get into modelling and giving me my first assignment. Glad I’ll be able to help more in the future. Thanks to all the staff I’ve worked for, with, and above this past year; you guys make joining the server less of a chore and I couldn’t ask for a better team to spend this long with. yeah i mean thats the post That’s all the time I’ve got for today. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think its time to finally open up blender again.
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    I want to address something that we really haven't taken the time to just fully talk to everyone about and that is how we have been handling community issues between players and toxicity. With this I want to tell you guys a few important things we really want you to think on when playing on the server. Toxicity vs Harassment I want to make it clear now that stating all toxicity is bad would be hypocritical of us as higher ups and we feel that a little spice in the soup is good. We do not punish players based off of toxicity unless it solely ruins people experience when playing on the server. Too much toxicity drives away players who don't wish to be surrounded by it 24/7 and lowers the amount of players we can have joining the community. If one person it making it so 20 people are not enjoying their time on the server it is better deal with the one person than it is to allow them to drive away 20 players. To prevent you from being this type of player I wrote a list of principles we base punishments on. I personally do not wish to have rules such as these but it has been apparent that rules over these situations has been needed. Do not make any beef with a player personal. Not all players are going to get along with how big our player-base is. If anything rival groups make rping more fun and make raids and gangs more meaningful on the server. Going after a person outside of the game though is completely un-called for and does not belong on this server. If found doing so you will be punished for it. Examples of this: Going after them outside of game on other platforms Blackmail spreading false malicious information about this player Doxxing their information/Using their personal info against them What you say outside of the server does reflect our opinion on you. (especially for staffing) If you wish to apply for staff but are found to be extremely toxic or out of control outside of the server we will not feel comfortable giving you staffing privileges. If you are found to be extremely toxic out of game and begin to on the server harsher punishments may be given. If you are involved in a problem you will be punished even if you did not fully understand the situation. Recent events + previous ones have had groups of people solely going after one player and while there always is a ring leader causing most of it there are always people surrounding them making it worse. Whenever we talk to these players they say "they didn't notice" or "they were not playing attention." Like it or not even if non-intentional you will not receive the same level of punishment as a ringleader but one will still be given. You guys have to pay attention to your choices and your decisions and yes mistakes are bound to happen but this is made so that they do not happen twice. Do not add personal information about yourself to the server I do not understand what has been with the idea of posting very emotional or personal information on the server but it does not belong on a video game forum. There is not a single positive situation that can reasonably happen from posting something like that. Your personal life is not our responsibility and any posts or situations like that will be hidden and result in a punishment. If you need someone to discuss it to keep it out of the community. Contact higher-ups on issues such as these. Below are a few examples of this: Suicide Notes/Threats Molestation/Rape Domestic abuse stories Child abuse stories Self-Harm stories Deep depression We are trying our hardest to make the server as enjoyable as possible for as many people as possible. No decisions we make are personal attacks towards a player and we try our hardest to stay as un-bias to a situation as possible. Additional Notes: I will be leaving for a short period of time and will only be available on weekends to the next 2 weeks. During that time I will be slower than usual answering any questions or situations regarding the server. That being said I have some content to add at the end of the month for everyone so stay tuned mi amigos!
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    Fuck this shit man you guys want me gone again so I'm gone also jud is banned informer is banned you guys let Dave ban nigga with no reasoning fucking hell this server has gone to shit man The new rules the new perms its pay to win jouaram obviously cares about money Dave is a power hungry cunt and fuck this shit man peace
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    Happy easter from my kangaroo surrie, and my boi HoneyBear earl
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    Thanks Batman, we can always trust on you to let us know when the servers full; keep up the vigilante work.
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    i got banned last weekend ;( but hey, i still found some funny stuff over the week.. ENJOY!! would appreciate a like
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    Nobody: Literally nobody at all: Batman:
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    Verdict: Denied Reasons for verdict: You literally just came back for a few days. Your previous history + negative rep you need to work on improving or showing a change of attitude. (which is impossible in a few days time) Your answers are completely wrong please read the staff handbook on how to handle situations. Propspam is a permanent ban not a verbal warn. Do not just ask other staff to handle your sits they are your responsibility unless you do not know how to handle the situation. Please do not instantly freeze uncooperative players that is how to usually make situations worse. The app in general is short and more thorough answers will help us better understand how you handle your situations. You just spammed activity on the forums and that isn't how we treat activity if anything it makes your chances worse. I do have a few staff members saying you have already been slightly toxic on the server in a few short days, evidence or not with all of these issues we do not feel comfortable accepting you to the staff team. Additional Notes: I instantly denied this to save you from being trashed on by a large group but please take into consideration what is written above and make sure these issues are fixed before applying again. You may re-apply in 7 days.
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    I actually think this is a great example of what we're talking about and how someone can teeter towards being punished. Mikkeyy had previous situations before revolving around the issue of harassment and toxicity. He was never banned for just sole toxicity. None of us wanted to ban him and wished the situation just didn't happen in general but he decided to go after someone for 3 days straight for no rp reason and more just to mess with them. He already had multiple perm bans before and us unbanning him was his last chance. Like I said though we have to follow the guidelines we set and be as un bias to situations as possible. I wish mikeyy the best in the future.
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    Don't 10 hour ban someone for simply breaking NLR. You can't punish for staff disrespect and the fact you said a 2day ban for this is worrying. Yet again you cant punish for staff disrespect and this should not be a ban a kick at most. Propspam Is a serious thing on the server and is almost always a permanent ban. That's not your steamid. No, A good way to deal with this is investigate what their doing ask the staff member why they are doing this and whats the context behind it while collecting proof, If it is indeed staff abuse then you should send it to the higherups answer questions they need then be done with it. Mass RDM IS a 1 week ban not a 1day and RDMing 3 times is not a 5 hour ban. Big -1 -This app is complete garbage. -All of these answers need so much work. -Legit all your forum activity is shitposts.
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    I’d love to see everyones art if they wanna post it or show it off. I’ll post some of mine too, it should be fun.
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    hey uhhhh i havent been on the server since like january idk if i'm coming back but probably
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    >tfw u forgot to disable resampling before rendering >tfw ur bored congrats to TYGE for possessing the shittiest but the best dad joke
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    Hey guys, It has been soooo long since I had last been one the server or the forums. I've said a little in the chatbox since yesterday, but I just wanted to reintroduce myself to the old and new players. A couple of years ago I had put an enormous amount of time in the the community as a player and eventually a staff member for a period of time. With life events leading up to my leaving, I had been away for a long time. Recently, I have had an itch to reach back into Retribution and RP in general. I've made some very good changes in life and I'm back on the path I enjoy. I'm really happy and excited to rejoin for the first time in forever! Just wanted to make this post to say hello to all of the new players, as well as the old friends I had made back then that have stuck around for such a long time. I can't wait to see you guys and to meet the new community! I've heard the server has changed alot since the time that I was around and it should be very interesting So, hello everyone, old and new. I am Landon Bottoms, and I will see you all soon!
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    First thing i noticed is ur rep to post ratio 11 to 608
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    Denied You have lots of negative feedback here. Your app needs work. You shitpost plenty on the forums and just got banned recently due to a complaint on you. Your replies on the complaint show you lack critical thinking skills as well. You may reapply in 7 days.
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    If their leaving message is that they no longer wish to live and that life sucks I'm hiding their post or probably just getting the police involved instead. A lot of deep messages or info people post on here is blatantly fake and for attention from you guys. If someone seriously has to leave the server for personal issues then that's a okay but I want people to fully know that we as higher ups aren't idiots and can tell usually if they're lying or not. Most people that deal with these issues will usually write "one of my family members passed away I'll have to dip for a month or 2" and that is acceptable. What isn't acceptable is saying "My mom was suicidal like me and she off'd herself with a shotgun last night in the bathroom." Toxicity in general you will not punish for only when it becomes out of hand or way beyond normal insults. Like Jinx stated you should ask them to stop and give a gag if necessary. Anytime though that it becomes harassment of if you have an issue with a player just collect evidence and come to us higher ups and we'll handle the situation. We've been punishing like this ever since the beginning of the year I only made this post to more thoroughly explain it to everyone but I do want to state that this isn't going to stop it from happening but it will change the environment on ret. The yawnee situation is a clear example though that old players do wish to come back and many expect things to be the same as before when their harassment issues would go un-checked. We will be continually dealing with problems like this for as long as I can see, making these rules just makes it easier for us on how to handle it.
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    Verdict: Denied Reasons for verdict: This may come as a surprise to a lot of people us denying this app but we just don't feel fully comfortable accepting you at this point in time. A lot of the flack on this app is completely gossip or just people bandwagon but it was apparent that issues were circulating around you. Though you were a victim of said issues not the perpetrator we want to accept apps that have a clean slate. It's hard to fully gain information on someone when so much of it is false or untrue and we just want to wait till the smoke clears. Your app is good and the personal talk had was only positive but a gut feeling is holding me back from accepting you. Sorry we are being so cautious on our decisions Additional Notes: When our new system is in I would feel completely comfortable accepting you and letting the system work out any problems, but it isn't currently in place. When it is implemented do not hesitate to apply again. In that meantime just make sure not to get into any trouble <3. You may re-apply in 7 days.
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    I'd like to edit my -1 to a +/-, just because I don't know you shouldn't mean that I should try to bar you from staff. You're obviously a great candidate for staff since you were a past admin and your amount of hours. I thought I would try to think for myself instead of following a common mentality, but obviously I can trust the word of my peers enough to give you a neutral. Thanks to Colours for the great advice.
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    Sorry, just to clarify, you think that Sully shouldn't be staff because you don't know him well enough to judge him? That doesn't really make sense. If anything that should mean a neutral response, but even better would be to just wait until you've interacted and gotten to know him a little before leaving a response.
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    Oh, I also gave you your member rank. Have a great day
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    I don't really understand this response. I got accepted with only a week and a half under my belt. Isn't one of the senior staff, shalom, 14 or 15? He's very mature for his age. Also, what's wrong with referencing the motd while writing your application? I would want to make sure my information is correct beforehand. Also, with the VAC ban, no one ever asked about my VAC ban. If you want context for mine, my fiancee installed cheats for Unturned like 2 years ago. It's probably just me, but the response you gave seems kinda biased in some way. (After proof reading my post, for some reason it seemed kind of hostile. I'm in no way trying to be mean at all. I'm just kind of confused by your post.)
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    Child’s been sitting on this for 6 months. Might as well share it.
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    Did he leave yet
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    MTV Cribs: Retribution Edition. Today we visit Pigeon’s rooftop home in the wonderful server of Retribution Roleplay; and he has visitors! @Flustered Pigeon Many thanks to the special guests: @lawnmower @JellyThotJinx @Kenny ★ @SoundPulserino @CTW @yelsew352 @TINKERPOOTIS
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    Happy Easter Everyone! Hope the Easter Bunny showed up to your houses!
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    gang shit ft. @SoundPulserino @Xepharia @lawnmower @Pure Lovo @SugarMuch also my friends Noah and Willy who aren’t on forums credit to @JellyThotJinx for the idea i had way too much footage lmfao
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    when quitting once wasn’t enough
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    This is his 4th perm ban in not wasting that much time on a player in hopes they stop being toxic. Also its better to argue points with reasoning rather than blurting them out. A ban like this shows the statement that we as higher ups are not counselors nor parents and would rather put our attention towards larger projects. Toxic players waste valuable time we should be spending on rewarding players who don't cause trouble. In short the answer is a definitive no nor is it up for discussion.
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    -1 - Everything that @Shogun4122 and @poyo said, because I don’t wanna rewrite it all and say the same stuff - You only shitpost on the forums
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    Responding to you guys before I get some sleep since this made me happy. @CTW @VladTheImpaler Thank you guys. I appreciate the +1’s a lot, I’ve really been doing my best to keep up the good work and I’m so glad you guys have had good interactions with me. I won’t let you down! @ItsMikeyyッ @Emily I really appreciate both of you maturely talking to me, I’m extremely happy about it. So much respect was gained and both of you are really chill people, and I’m glad we all got to talk. @Magical Dude, I totally get it. Staying chill is my job! I just didn’t want you to get in trouble for something so avoidable, and I respect you coming forward to talk about it and take responsibility. Hopefully we can talk again and it’ll go better next time, but there are no hard feelings at all.
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    @Shalom your icon gave me this idea so you can have this, i really liked the inspiration uwu
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    aight sugar who gave you the RIGHT to be this damn pretty
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    Damn u actually posted something that’s not toxic, A1pha you’re becoming such a young man
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    https://i.gyazo.com/d581b27f4bbf589d4856fbb6e09204f1.mp4 this is like the most staff ive seen in 2 years but, they arent all active, and the reason we have so many right now is the staff dont need to be active, i get that the highers are trying to sort that out but, i thought the 7 hours? right i think thats the weekly requirment i thought that was pretty good. because atleast that kept our staff team as active members, like when was the last time any of you guys saw yimo xD but i agree with nurkee because the active side of the staff team is low. but the player count does not need to be increased at all in my eyes, because the server is buggy enough with 72 people, imagine all of that being custom jobs, bitcoin miners, and miners, that and all these slots filling up like a 120 slot server, if they were to make the change there would be performance issues, and we would not be able to keep all of the items that players love to use still being in game. like have all 120 people grappling around... (my opinion)
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    shh thats what I said, just don't actually do it. ez scam
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    Denied.... Okay, buddy you have no forum activity at all. So what we would like you to do is have a community presence and maintain a healthy level on here as well as ingame. You also I believe need 60+ hours on the server as a main requirement to apply. You are also now permanently banned from staffing as you have plagiarised this application. You will never be able to post again. neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr *echo affect*
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    A large portion of the posts you make are either completely pointless or just straight up disrespectful. Ok All you post is the most random passive aggressive things towards basically everyone and everything. Most of it is pointless and just starts drama. Your title is "The Voice of Reason" like you are some sort of pastor when the majority of your posts hardly actually say anything. Sorry, some of these don't have context. I'll probably edit it later, you can find the posts yourselves. They have the dates.
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    You cant just increase the cap, its there for a reason and more improvements need to be made before the higher ups even consider increasing it. stop farming rep ;3
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    buy the server and you can make it not full
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    @Logical® I’m taking your advice and doing multiple replies in one! (lol) Anyways, I appreciate you changing your vote to a neutral. I’d also like to say that you’re absolutely right, my humor can be childish and out of hand. I agree that sometimes things I do look weird, but I also know that if I did get staff, I would have to think about those things a lot more often (which is what I’ve already started trying to do now.) I just want everyone to know that nothing I do is ever malicious or with any bad intent. Thank you for your feedback again, and I hope our interactions in the future are positive aswell. @nurkee I’m really happy that you made that comment. I’m so appreciative that people are willing to take deeper looks into this whole thing and really give me a chance, it’s truly something I already love about this server. Handling things like this in the most mature way possible is always my goal, and I hope to not let any of you down. @Jewordi Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jewordi. My conversation with you was extremely civil, and I’m very glad we talked. You also showed great maturity and willingness to take responsibility for your actions, which is something that not everyone can do. I truly look forward to having you as a friend on the server.
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    Thog told me if i didn’t do it that he’d revoke my boof privileges. pass the boof immediately
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    ItsMikeyy's staff application coming soon
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