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    Bug Fixes: 'Valentines Dolls' can now play sounds even if another player is using the doll. Modified Files/Content: 'Valentines Dolls' now activate on left click instead of every 5 seconds. I'm going through old, poorly functioning addons that aren't often used and removing them. This is mainly for performance. Removed addons: Weed system Amphetamine system Tasks (An updated version will be added back later) Custom Jobs that paid for the Amphetamine system will now see the classic Meth system on their job instead. Along with this, the removal of certain jobs was necessary: Junkie has been removed. Amphetamine Cook has been removed. Payday's have been changed from occurring every 2.6 minutes to occurring every 10 minutes. All payday's will be modified so that you don't lose any money based on this change, this is purely so it's easier for me to work out the correct values needed when changing them. Police were being harshly underpaid for their job. I've made some changes to this: Police's paydays have been changed from 80k an hour to 300k an hour. Police Chief's paydays have been changed from 115k an hour to 600k an hour. SWAT Jug, SWAT Medic, SWAT's paydays have been changed from 115k an hour to 500k an hour. Mayor's payday has been changed from 350k an hour to 1000k an hour. These amounts have been altered based on putting into perspective that police have no access to any entities that create money. Once a mission system is in place these rates can and will be re-looked at. The amounts sound like A LOT on paper, but try them out in-game before complaining. ty. All jobs paydays have been modified to fit the new '10 minute payday' times. Added Content: After 30 minutes of AFK you will have your job set to 'AFK' and be demoted from your job. (Staff pls dont kick AFK players unless the server is capped)
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    Be careful with the second model as it can be stripped naked and you will be warned for nsfw oof
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    I'm gonna assume that these are the anime and cat dolls and such... So this means I can annoy the fuck out of everyone with my anime doll? +1 Dig this new update.
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    I mean its kinda weird considering its a guy model
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    Ya it was a typo , those are two different steam ids .
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    Typo I believe, but he put two steamids.
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    When you first log into the server you recieve a pop up that asks you to join the discord, steam group, etc. that is no longer there, so fewer pop ups basically
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    Accepted Great application, and you have some great forum support from the community as well. Please review the documents below before taking sits, and don't be afraid to ask other staff questions: Staff Only Forum Section Punishment Guidelines Retribution Handbook Mentoring
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    @hoi ! (✿◠‿◠) Thats gay please stop
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    Template For Ultimate Custom Job [Use This If You Didn't Purchase Any Additions]: Job Name: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Your STEAM ID [https://steamid.io/]: STEAM_1:1:172229264 Proof Of Purchase [Can Be a Screenshot From !donate]: https://gyazo.com/d53b297c21add633e1af1728b404f286 1 Friends STEAM ID You Want Added To The Job[https://steamid.io/]: STEAM_0:0:178034387 , STEAM_0:0:158601031 RGB Job Color [If you do not use RGB your color will be defaulted to red]: #fffb1e , rgb(255, 251, 30) Model To Be Restricted To Your ID [Workshop Link]: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1286716330&searchtext=monkey 4 Free Weapons To Add To Your Job: frag grenade , m249 ,M3 Shotgun , Smoke Grenade Increase Salary To $5k?: Yes Spawn With 150 Armor?: Yes Amphetamine System?: Yes Chef Food?: Yes Hit System?: Yes Bit-Miner?: Yes PD Raidable?: Yes
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    Bug Fixes: N/A Modified Files/Content: N/A Added Content: Added a 'Hit Immunity Token' which is strictly only available to purchase on the Gun Dealer and BMD jobs but can be used by anyone; so if you want an immunity token you'll have to go find yourself a Gun Dealer/BMD. The Immunity Token will disallow players from placing hits on you, 30 minutes at a time. The token timer is stackable up to 2 hours. The token costs $200,000 per. The purpose of this token is to give Gun Dealers/BMD's something to sell that players with perms will want.