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    -1 you come off as extremely immature and way to on your toes for trying to make complaints, you gotta change this sort of behavior before going for staff, you as well have been making an extreme amount of guides and random forum posts just as you start to apply for staff coincidence?
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    Ok this is where i draw the line i don't like you anymore
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    Weird times man. Lemon is no longer a lemon, offside is an IRL millionaire, Dean is head admin. What’s going to happen next?
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    That's my word! Get up in they face! Talk your shit! Let your nuts drag! Nigga, these niggas just runnin' out they fuckin' mouth, man Follow protocol Blood, get in they fuckin' chest! (Scum Gang!) We the fuckin' M.O.B., nigga These niggas bleed different We don't bleed nigga We make niggas bleed, Blood! TR3YWAY!
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    -1 enjoys going to lengths to get others in trouble who didn't do anything serious
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    Time and date this occured: now Staff member's in-game name: Fakie Reason for complaint: he smells Proof: smell him
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    +1 he literally hand crafts every black enigma
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    people kinda forced to stay home and play the server so ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯
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    Was it luck or was it planned from the beginning monkaS
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    if all star counts as a song im in
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    gimme judge instead of rake, also i will win by rapping eminem EZ
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    Sounds fun, will probably fill server again lol and first
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    my first ever car was this: it's holds up pretty good and it was worth its price Since now I have expanded my car collection and as of now I own 10 different cars but today im gonna show you guys most of my cars because me and @Informer are rich irl but besides that it will be up to him if he wants to show his side of his car collection to you poor people but anyways lets get started. My first car in my collection is this: so i believe it's a lambo and it was made in 1895 when people were like old and shit. That's me btw FACE REVEAL My next car is from 2019 and won a drag race against a cheetah so yea try me: This is my most valuable car and it's worth more money than most of you broke people: It was so expensive it came with a bed Cutting straight to the cake the next 3 pics will be my heavily modified cars and can easily out run your Ford-F150s: That will be it for my car collection if any of you broke/poor people have any questions retaining to my car collection i will not answer you as you are poor irl and I am rich anyways if any of you wanna show off your car collection just post them below or don't yk because you poor and I am rich irl anyways have a good day.
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    i had sex on top of this car what a time
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    teach me spanish master Mendez
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    No one hates you... I think that you are just overlooking things that are normal on the internet. You also do call A LOT which might make people annoyed. Also, don't show soft spots because people will abuse that like there is no tomorrow.
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    Damn, just ask @ImmortalxReaper to teach you the curse words.
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    While the server is down I decided to bring a smile to everyone's faces! Now this time I'm giving away 3 100 RTD Token packages. So after everyone replies I will do another Random Number Generator of the number of replies under this giveaway. Good luck and reply to the post! I forgot to mention that the Give Away Ends Tomorrow at 4PM EST Because not only is it 2AM EST and the server is down.
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    Congrats. You won! Get on to claim your prize!
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    -1. You seem extremely immature and toxic from the likes of other players -- and that extremely petty staff complaint says more than enough. If accepted, you'd probably be the same dude that'd warn another player just for shooting into the air and saying it disrupts your RP. Fix your attitude, and I mean it. That's a serious criticism, you need to be more lenient on people having fun. It's not all serious, it's a game.
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    Don't get into a battle with another staff member because they're more than likely gonna have the same amount of powers you do or more. Just let them do their thing and keep recording it everything can be reversed. Also interacting with the players that they died from. You should prolly tp to them not bring them to you to see what the prop spam is and if it's for legit RP or just random stuff trying to crash the server. What? The grammar on this app is terrible. You have 38 post on the forums but -29 rep already.... So maybe being toxic? I'm pretty sure my interactions with you have been bad in game although I have a shitty memory and just I'm not sure. Nevertheless -1
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    Real men of culture read the manga first. Also, it's not graphic enough to be hentai
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    coolspike was unbanned like 2 years ago but stopped playing or got banned idk no one gossiped it
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    Are you the nortle from the trout days?
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    Ah, I completely forgot about that complaint you made recently and have decided to change my response to -1.
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    +1 Go big or go home
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    Not necessary useful or new information but it’s pretty cool.
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    Anyone know free sites to learn Arabic and Spanish I've always wanted to learn them and now that I have so much time, might as well become quadrilingual by the time I'm done with high school. I also want to flame Carlos Mendez in spanish And read the Quran
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    Just use google translate lol
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    +/- leaning towards +1 i Dont have alot of personal experience but have had enough interactions that i think he would be a good staff. Always seems nice and havent had any problems with him
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