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    whats good ret its your boy jimmy nut im 23 and i play retribution now bro help i kinda need to make money
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    Careful ladies. @Owner @Super Administrator Edit: Believe this is only for discord.
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    no you wrong discord is wrong im hacker man and i take ur discord account lolu
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    BLABLABLA: While I love Ret and it has been apart of my life for a long time it is time for me to leave... I have built many friendships and am looking forward to actually playing other games with you... My only request is for nobody to be toxic/post stupid shit... (and to be unbanned from discord) @Informer While I give you shit all the time I really did look up to you... I wish I had the patience to stay and become friends... I honestly think you should be superadmin... @Dean You are one of the most chill Admins I have ever met and I look forward to blasting American Boy in PB 1 Later... @Sullyツ I think you gave me my first Ocelot shotty when I first joined and got me addicted... I really wish we could have sorted our shit out... @333AKUMA I don't even know where to start... I haven't known you for very long but you have helped me deal with many absolute fucking retards the past couple months... I wish we could have staffed together... @Jared B Lol... @Modem You better keep that Infiltrator... @Jouaram Im pretty sure you think I'm annoying so i guess this is a good thing... @Skullmohawk Haven't seen you in a fat minuit... I hope your doing well... I don't think anybody's ever given me so many chances regarding RDM @Canned mayo "yippi ki ya okay" AIMBOT: I would like to say something regarding my 'Malicious Activity' Ban... When Thog first showed me that video my heart sank... the truth is... I did have scripts... But the scripts I was using didn't have working aimbot... So fuck all of yall that kept trying to get me to admit to aimbot... almost gave me an aneurysm... I didn't want to incriminate myself even more though because I was scared of a Perm Ban for admitting to it Vs The Month Ban I was Gonna get... Lonely Yippi: As I looked over all my @'s I realised I don't have very many friends anymore... I don't know what i did to drive them away tbh... If i ever caused you any inconvenience ingame than I'm sorry... (except for a select few) More @'s: JARED ZIMMERMAN, BLING BLING BOY, AND GREENHOUSE RDM HAVE BEEN THERE FROM THE START BTW! (I just couldn't find there @'s) How Ret HAs changed: I remember before Montay and Bino when having more than 15 custom printers was crazy... And when there was no trading system... and when there was literally no way to make decent money without trading... and when grapples were better... and when everybody had like 300 health... ASDASDASDASD: Yeah It's a pretty bad goodbye post but it is what it is... Also I permbanned myself soooooooo... @Sullyツ I swear to god if you ban me from Forums again I will fist you... FOLLOW ME I WANNA FEEL FAMOUS!!!
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    Servers dead map doesnt matter
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    you got banned pussy just die already (In game)
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    i did nothing of the sort i liked hanging out who i hung out with until they started hating me for no reason and then i dipped i faked nothing
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    Don't be mean lol I know I am ugly (picture was from a couple months ago best picture I could find)
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    @333AKUMA Uh oh, this isn't going to go well.
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    The bass was so hard I shit my pants, thanks alot asshole
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    Do one of Jouaram please
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    Time and date this occured: Just now Staff member's in-game name: Vladthe something useless Reason for complaint: moved my staff app then moved to dumpster, treated wrong and should be punished Proof: None, probably gonna be denied because bias staff lol w @Owner @Super Administrator @Senior Administrator
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    stfu you sound like you get bullied in school (He is actually smart built a rocket in robotics)
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    you can use the app as a reference and just like add onto it
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    you could still use a bit of activity in my opinion plus idk who u are
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    you could have just not posted anything....
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    that was me i tried to scam you
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    Hay everyone, I was bored so I made this spreadsheet of information and profits for Bitcoin miner racks. If you want to improve my data or add to it everyone is allowed to comment to the spreadsheet, and I'll look at your recommendations. Bitcoin Miner Spreadsheet
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    Denied Jimmy nut man you have super little forum activity, also you are quite honestly a minge in game and in discord. I would recommend trying to change your community outlook and getting forum activity before applying again. although you may reapply in 7 days.
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    In-Game Name: Paul Blart Mall Cop Age: 18, 19 in March Timezone: Central Standard Time Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:98584993 Steam Profile (a link): https://steamcommunity.com/id/HideThePainHarold Hours on the server: 347 Times you're most active: Depends on work schedule Why I want/should be a moderator: Why not I've already invested enough time and money why not help with the server moderation to make sure my investments last I also like helping new players this would be one way to do that within an official capacity Have you read the rules fully, understand and feel comfortable enforcing them as correctly as possible?: Yes Are you willing to listen to any Staff member chosen to mentor and guide you as a Staff, even if you feel you don't need to?: Yes Are you certain you will be able to staff for several hours a week?: Yes Situations: The server begins to lag and players are complaining about prop spam: First, check ping to make sure it's not my client that's lagging, after that freeze all props on the server if it gets bad then check logs to look for suspicious prop spam than kick or freeze said player in question to stop depending on the severity of lag do a sit You're involved in a sit where a player has said the base he's raiding is illegal: Determine if the base in question complies and is up to date with the current MOTD building rules, after that, I would discuss and dictate to the owner of the base in question witch parts of the base violated the rules after which I would a lot a reasonable amount of time to make the changes necessary after which I would either approve the base and if the owner doesn't comply I would remove the base and then possibly warn depending on previous warns You see another staff member abusing their power: depending on the context and whether the abuse in question is malicious I would go to the abuser in questions superior with evidence A player is extremely uncooperative during a sit and is throwing insults at you: ask the uncooperative player why he, ... after that ask the accuser why... look at logs make sure things line up then give the uncooperative player to defend themselves then act accordingly A player is excessively RDMing/RDAing and breaking NLR: [Random arrest, random deathmatch, new life rule check logs for evidence of RDM or RDA, check NLR for the player in question then act accordingly]
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    Denied Paul you have no forum activity and you have answers that are quite vague as well, also you can't just go around telling people you applied. Fix these issues and i'm sure we would see you as trial mod next time you apply. you may reapply in 7 days.
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    Signed it @333AKUMA (lowkey drop a link to ur soundcloud real quick)
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    +1 Good app. Good player Hell yea.
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    +1 +/- Bad past but has improved a lot + good activity + chill player + old player with good knowledge of rules
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    Csgo hell yeah hit me up when im in game tho cause im still in school and i play during my last 2 periods
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    Cya bro, still think you have been hacking recently but whatever.
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    its been a year, but im back in business baby
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    Hard to elaborate upon because it is more of an inside controversy between friend groups, but I've know him for long enough. Even in past applications anyone can view, he has kissed up a lot. Nothing new to be honest, every higher up post-2016 has faked it to make it, and I don't wish to see him be rewarded for it again.
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    i am totally not force to say hey free smile man he is a good guy. HELP ME HE HAS A GUN TO MY AHJIboid YUWQGDFP78
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    +1 Even though he's a fucking nerd I believe he is a cool guy even at 12 years old. He is able to type a paragraph, that's better than most 5th graders.
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    Ban Guide This is the Retribution ban guide for you to use as a reference whenever you need it. Remember, punishments are often very situational, so this is just to give you a general idea of how to handle punishments. Not everything is black and white. Sits do not need to end in a punishment. Explaining how to handle situations better should always come with a punishment. ALWAYS check warns before giving out punishments, repeat offenders are susceptible to harsher punishments. RDM/RDA: Explanation: Random Deathmatch is the act of randomly killing another player without valid reasons. Random Arrest is the act of randomly arresting another player without valid reasons. Both of these situations are sensitive subjects in DarkRP and MUST be investigated with great detail. You need to count how many people they actually kill before you ban them. If a player accidentally damages/kills someone or multiple people (aka crossfire) assess the situation and be more lenient with the punishment; never ban for accidental RDM. An obvious Mass RDM/RDA-ers are easy to punish. If they kill/arrest a lot of people within seconds of each other, their punishment should be based off how many players the RDM/RDA-er killed/arrested (see below). RDM/RDA Punishment(s): 1 Intentional RDM/RDA → Verbal Warning or jail (60 seconds) 2 Intentional RDM/RDA → Jail (120 seconds) 3 Intentional RDM/RDA → Jail (300 seconds) 4-6 Intentional RDM/RDA→ 1 Day Ban 7+ Intentional RDM/RDA → 3 Day Ban (1 week if repeating offense) Breaking NLR Explanation: Retribution’s New Life Rule timer is 5 minutes. A player may not return to his or her point of death for 5 minutes. If a player decided to return, breaking NLR, they must be brought away from that area and explained what they are breaking. If they comply and understand, they should not be punished. If they fail to listen, a punishment may be in order. NLR Punishment(s): NLR x1 → Verbal warning and explanation or Jail (60 seconds) NLR x2 → Jail (120 seconds) NLR x3-6 → Jail (300 seconds) NLR x7+ → 6 hour ban FailRP Explanation: FailRP is not role playing properly. Your characters should always follow the guidelines provided and act within their limitations. FailRP Punishment(s): 1st time → Verbal warning and explanation 2nd time → 300 second jail 3rd time → 600 second jail NOTE: Personally, we are always very lenient when it comes to FailRP. People often don’t understand these rules. Explain them to them and let them off the first time. If it continues to occur, once you have given them a clear explanation, then you may be stiffer with your punishments. Prop Abuse and Exploiting Explanation: Prop abuse/exploiting is the use of props for unnecessary reasons such as prop-slamming/prop climbing/prop-minging/ using props to enter Admin land, bases, etc. Prop Abuse/Exploiting Punishment(s): 1st time → Verbal warning and explanation 2nd time → 300 second jail 3rd time → 6 hour ban Disrespect/Harassment Explanation: Disrespect is the act of using strong words aimed at anyone on Retribution on all platforms. People are allowed to speak their mind, we are not here to limit players’ freedom of speech. If they are including Malicious Behavior or NSFW content, then it becomes punishable. Harassment is the act of following a player and attempting to intimidate or bother them using aggressive behavior. Players should give warning to the harasser prior to staff intervention. If they refuse to stop, the harasser should be dealt with accordingly. Disrespect/Harassment Punishment(s): Again, this applies only to severe forms of disrespect such as racism, sexism, etc. 1st Time → Explanation and Warning 2nd Time → Gag and/or Mute 3rd Time → Contact a higher up/forum complaint *Depending on how severe the situation is, it may require a ban. Speak with a higher up Urgent Bans Urgent bans are bans that need to be applied as quickly as possible for the health of the server, and potentially without a sit. The reason for these bans include anything that would cause harm to the server. Reasons are listed below. Permanent Ban Reasons: Leaving to Avoid Punishment (L2AP) Explanation: Leaving to Avoid Punishment (otherwise known as L2AP) is when a player purposely leaves to avoid being punished for an offense. Punishment: Keep in mind that when a person disconnects from the server, it says in the chat log whether they timed out (Internet issues or crash) or disconnected. If they time out, do not punish. Wait for them to come back and give an explanation. → If the person purposely leaves, make the punishment they would have received before they left more strict. If the punishment was minimal consider leaving the player with a warn.
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    +69 I want to kiss your kangaroo on his yes yes spot
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    probably @tig ole bitties , @Informer, @goomy some true homies
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