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    Whats new? The economy has been squished! Every income generator has been scaled down by a factor of 1000, we have also re-balanced EVERY income method. Everybody's wallet, gold bars and any other form of money will be affected. This allows us to make economy tweaks much easier, smaller numbers are a blessing to work with. A credit system has been added, this allows players to spend their credits earned through gameplay on things such as plushies, emoji cosmetics, the Time-Lost Toybox and more! The credit currency should hopefully fill the gap in the server where players found themselves wondering what they're actually farming for. Rope and Light are now usable by Supporters and above. User and Member prop limit increased to 70. Waitress has been re-added. Weapon Dealers can now buy "Gun Labs" that can manufacture weapon parts. (Gun Labs cost $100 with a max of two. You can buy "Broken Weapon Parts" for $50 that can be recycled for 3-5 weapon parts. Weapon Parts take 90 seconds to recycle.) Lone Ranger has been added, a job with strong weapons, a grapple hook but cursed with the inability to join parties. It's a solo's life for you. *Can currently join parties, will be fixed later on!* All red-tier RTD permanent weapons have been added to a /buyperms shop, here you can purchase any perms from RTD for $1,000,000 each. Pressing INFO on the weapons will show the correct model and their stats. The Loyalty pass has been added, with over 40 tiers unlockable all FOR FREE! This pass is not monetized in anyway and is purely an addition to gameplay. You can find the Loyalty Pass in your C menu, or by typing !pass The Loyalty pass will be your main source of Credits, whilst also rewarding you with things such as RTD tokens, drug packs, cosmetics and eventually the brand new WA-2000 sniper rifle! Tiers are unlocked through challenges, there are more than enough challenges to finish out the pass so if you're not wanting to PvP you are able to skip them, however players who PvP may get ahead of you. Challenges consist of: Receiving Salary Searching Dumpsters Raiding the Armory Selling Precious Materials Capturing Conquest Zones Distance Traveled Deaths And many more being added overtime! Custom Printers can now be purchased with in-game credits. Custom Printers have been removed from the store and are no longer monetization but a game mechanic. 300 Custom Printers will be the equivalent of an extra set of printers (Tier 1, Tier 2, VIP, Ultimate, Loyalty). Custom Printers can only be purchased with in-game credits through the /customprinters menu. If you already have Custom Printers, you will start off from where you left at. A Time-Lost Toybox has been added, this will be purchasable with in-game credits which can be obtained through playing. This toybox will reach into the past to bring you 1 permanent old limited time perm/toy. The idea behind this is to keep trading alive and *MOST* items flowing in the market, this will keep these perms rare/high value whilst giving players the ability to try get that perm they've been wanting without having to add players who have been offline for 3 years. List of possible perms: Toy Hammer Popcorn Swep NES Zapper Scythe 1 Scythe 2 Scythe 3 Scythe 4 Ebon Bow Ebon Dagger Ebon Sword Ebon Warhammer Ebon Axe Minecraft Torch Catgun Carving Stone Jihad Mystery Heart Noose Whitebranch Anime Doll Stealth Box Cat Doll CP Doll Baby Doll Super Revolver Smartpen Red Plasma Saber Green Plasma Saber Blue Plasma Saber White Plasma Saber Crossguard Red Plasma Saber Dual Yellow Plasma Saber Purple Plasma Saber Spooky Plasma Saber Widow Blaster (Lightning) Widows Twins (Pink) Widows Twins (Lightning) Shorty Winchester Rifle Winchester Select Striker Caduceus Blaster Silenced TMP Winchester Rifle Akimbo Virus Akimbo Blaster Icarus Pistol Widows Twins Widow Blasters Western Revolver Mosin Rifle Marksman Rifle Banshee Shotgun Banshee Revolver King Cobra Loads of money Kiss SWEP Confetti Blaster KFC Bucket Dab Swep QoL/Framework Changes: Edited Upgrade Unit Colors to reflect the Tier they upgrade. Grade 1 upgrade units are now green, Grade 2 Blue, etc. Conquest Timer reduced from 75m for a rull rotation to 45m for a full rotation. Loot rolls have not been modified. Econo Squash on DB end. !bank, wallet, tradeco listings, and tradeco banks scaled down by a factor of 1k. Body Perms temporarily disabled - will come back as modifiable body perms just like regular cosmetics. New F4 Menu - Fixes a few bugs relating to item entities like shipments, weapons, and ammo not appearing in the correct categories. Gameplay/Balance Changes: Iron to Weapon Parts efficiency increased by 25%. (80 bars > 60 bars) Gold (100k) Bar renamed to "Stack of Gold Bars", Platinum (50k) bars renamed to "Bundle of Gold Bars", Silver (10k) bars renamed to "Single Gold Bar". All Bars can now be crafted with Gold Nuggets/bars from mining. Exchange rate is 100 nuggets > 10k, 450 nuggets > 50k, 700 nuggets > 100k. Shotgun Global Range REDUCED by 25% (Base range of 2 decreased to 1.5) DB Pellets reduced from 12 < 9 (Sawn Off) and 10 < 7 (Normal) [Reduces total damage output] Icarus SMG range reduced (0.9 < 0.7) and Accuracy increased (0.8 > 1) Silenced TMP range reduced (1.3 < 0.9) and Speed increased (0.8 > 1.2) --Global Damage values rescaled *Base damage increased, upgrade damage ceilings lowered. Damage upgrade rates linearlized. (0 - 1, 1 - 1.05, 2 - 1.08, 3 - 1.14, 4 - 1.23, 5 - 1.35) (First 12% damage boost (Grade 3) costs 210k. Last 15% comes from grade 4-5 for 4m) Grade 3 module market price reduced from 750k to 600k and crafting recipe is now 4x Grade 2 modules. (Scraps for 3x now.) Grade 4 module market price reduced from 2.75m to 1.8m and crafting recipe is now 3x Grade 3 modules. (Scraps for 2x now.) Certain jobs now spawn with fully upgraded MK2 weapons. Fixed RTD token drops now spawning, along with moving them out of the ground. Scanner Jammers and Drug Lab mufflers removed from RTD. Existing claims in your mailbox will be converted into bundles of weapon parts. Scanner Jammers and Drug Lab mufflers are now purchasable in the F4 menu. Gameplay/Balance Changes. Global Damage values rescaled: Base damage increased, upgrade damage ceilings lowered. Damage upgrade rates linearlized. (0 - 1, 1 - 1.05, 2 - 1.08, 3 - 1.14, 4 - 1.23, 5 - 1.35) (First 12% damage boost (Grade 3) costs 210k. Last 15% comes from grade 4-5 for 4m) Grade 3 module market price reduced from 750k to 600k and crafting recipe is now 4x Grade 2 modules. (Scraps for 3x now.) Grade 4 module market price reduced from 2.75m to 1.8m and crafting recipe is now 3x Grade 3 modules. (Scraps for 2x now.) "Bundle of Weapon Parts" now replaces greens in RTD. A bundle of weapon parts has a chance to unbox 8-15 weapon parts.
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    This is what I meant to say
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    To celebrate the release of our new update we're giving away 1,000 Credits to 3 lucky players! To enter, reply below with your favorite part about the update and what you'll spend the credits on. Good Luck! Entries Close/Winners Chosen 11th July 2020
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    the rep police stopped you in your tracks for speeding through the forums. to be let go without a ticket, you must plus rep this post
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    It happens when you don't listen to your player base. Also a lot of key players left....
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    We had some bumps with the Community, lost a lot of players along the way. We definitely made mistakes and it sucks to have low player-count right now, but hopefully with the steady increase of players and content we've been having we'll be okay soon.
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    -1 i gotta go with what franke said i rarely see you ingame and ive only seen you a small handful of times on the discord/forums
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    I like the TVs! Now I can spread my degeneracy even more! I will spend my credits on the toybox and hopefully get a cool toy!
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    19 days, 11 hours, 11 minutes, 21 seconds, and a giant ass dent in my gold got me this mount.
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    he banned so he wants me to say that he got perm'ed by jouaram cuz he said ret was so fucking dead (kinda true you add shitass updates) but eh no one likes him but i do so ye idk if he liked ppl or nah i think he hated most of u i don't fucking know eeeeeeeeeeeee
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    please post your favorite pictures of lemons, It's kinda important. Heres one of my favorite its a self portrait Also be sure to + Rep this because I'm a better rep farmer than dean!!!!!!
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    I leave around early February, and the game is always above 50 players during peak hours, and now its below 20 during peak hours. WTF happened?!
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    Just glad to see you back tbh now we just need the others Demopann where you at g
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    all of you are retarded, the world doesn't even fucking exist. STFU AND EAT A BURGER!!!
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    We all left until Marki comes back
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    I shit my pants if you must know
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    it is! Except it's not allowed to follow them around and continue to RDM the same person, even if they're not breaking nlr
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    i used to have one for a while but i don't anymore, they are the best vibe partners
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    -1 I haven’t had the best interactions with you, considering you RDM’d me today
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    +/- Seems like you've only been posting so you could apply for staff Good app though, good luck
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    I accept your terms and hereby agree to no longer confused react on sight.
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    -1 Never heard of you Little to no Form activity Never seen you in the discord or in game
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    safe i like the new loyalty pass gives some new challenges and that even tho 13 year olds just abuse the walking ting w macros if i win tho i'll prolly splash on a toy box cah i'm tryna get them sabers you kno
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    my favorite part is not having to spend 6b to buy a db off someone i can just buy it myself, everything else is really awesome. I just want Simp Trail
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    cool update i guess, but yall ever heard of the bible?
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    i like the f4 menu i buy toy crate
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    heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy his looks familiar?!?!?!?!
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    The Current event will be rescheduled for July 3, 2020 due to complications. I do sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.
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    what a snazzy name, I like it
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    Now this is epic! Forums at its best.
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    Your rep farming is just really bad, even I could do better
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    DarkRP: Discord: https://discord.gg/retributionrp
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    In this treaty, myself, Dean, hereby presents a treaty between me and @Dildozer♔ that will end the unneeded and horrific confused reaction war. Do you accept of this treaty?
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    Didn't expect to see this at all, seed to see you go man you were a great senior good luck with whatever you decide to do
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    When he even puts domination for modern warfare but not gunfight, a competitive 2v2 game mode that would fit the event perfectly
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    The reason deathie told me in the past (I don’t wanna speak on behalf of him but this is what he had told me) is that the reason the community isn’t updated on a lot of things is because nothings ever set in stone. He doesn’t wanna promise people things and then not be able to do them, or we end up changing our mind on them. That’s why he announces them after he completes them. in the beginning of dev club I offered to set up a category on the forums where it’s basically a roadmap / list of all of the smaller updates or hotfixes that don’t deserve an entire announcement. It’d be a roadmap where all players could see things we have done, are doing, and plan on doing in the future. But people didn’t like that idea because they said it wasn’t necessary as well as what I said earlier in this reply
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    I understand that may be your mentality but your actions are speaking otherwise when you're constantly negative. The only idea I gave in dev club was buffing doctor and swat medic considering their entire purpose is to heal yet they get out healed by EVERYTHING. And obviously, this idea never even got implemented.
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