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    Neutral. +My recent experiences with you have been very good. +Your app is alright despite you missing half a question. +/-Previous staffing experience, However you were previously demoted for reaching the 3 strikes. +/-You were extremely toxic in the past but from what I've seen you are trying to change and I like that. -On your own you are a very fun and nice guy to talk to but when you are engaged with your group you do tend to be toxic towards others in an attempt to be funny, Usually harmless but this has caused issues. -Your temper, You do tend to lose your cool often and I think you need to improve on that. Well, Goodluck Informer. Let's see what happens now.
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    Hey guys its me Cattos (Previous name on the server was balloons), I usually play a lot of Jailbreak on Gmod but lately ive been trying to get back into DarkRP. I found this server yesterday and saw one of my old friends @TasteTheRainbow playing so i was like "ah hell yeah ill stay on this server and play around". see you guys on the server!
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    look im going to allow this, what i do suggest though is building forum activity though, you may get all the +1's you want but nothing will happen without it okay
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    this is going to lead to cheaters then it will die again even with detection
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    Akuma's Application In-Game Name: akuma Age: 16 Timezone: EST Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:64819830 Steam Profile (a link): https://steamcommunity.com/id/realakumahaizi/ Hours on the server: 258 Times you're most active: Weekends, but probably during the week as well. Why I want/should be a moderator: I'm very patient with other people, I always try to be as kind as possible, I'm very fair and enforce the rules strictly. Have you read the rules fully, understand and feel comfortable enforcing them as correctly as possible?: Yes. Are you willing to listen to any Staff member chosen to mentor and guide you as a Staff, even if you feel you don't need to?: Of course. Are you certain you will be able to staff for several hours a week?: Yes. Situations: The server begins to lag and players are complaining about prop spam: First I check the prop logs and see if any particular prop was being spawned in repeatedly, if I find exactly that, I will freeze the player spawning the props in. Then I would go to him and ask why was he spawning props in, then most likely ban him. You're involved in a sit where a player has said the base he's raiding is illegal: First I would ask the player what about the base is illegal, then I would go to it, check if there is only 4 fading props, make sure the windows are 075x075, and check if the hallways fit two players side by side. If the base doesn't meet one or any of the requirements, I will ask him to fix it. If the player ignores me, and tries to go against me, I will simply delete the base and warn him for having an illegal base. You see another staff member abusing their power: If I see a staff abusing, I start recording and try to catch them in the act of doing so. After possibly getting my evidence together, I would report it to a higher-up and display my evidence. I also will make a forum post about it, displaying my evidence there as well. Afterwards I would mind my own business and let the higher-ups take care of it. A player is extremely uncooperative during a sit and is throwing insults at you: First I try to calm them down by trying to talk to them about it. If it isn't working, and the player is still being rude towards me, I will mute/gag him and try to solve the case with the opposing player and look through logs to settle the punishment for the gagged player. A player is excessively RDMing/RDAing and breaking NLR: RDM stands for random death match, meaning you can't kill or shoot a player with no right intention. RDA stands for random arrest, you cannot arrest a player unless they are wanted or have been seen breaking the law. NLR stands for new life rule, meaning you can't return to the place that you died for 5 minutes. Firstly I would check the player's active warnings, and see if they are excessive and ban worthy all together. If the player does have a lot of active warnings, I would give the appropriate ban length. (Additional Comments): I genuinely want help the retribution community. You guys have given a second home for me, and you make my days so much brighter. I'm very confident that I can staff sternly, while giving off good energy for the players. If you accept me, I won't waste your time.
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    Ban Guide This is the Retribution ban guide for you to use as a reference whenever you need it. Remember, punishments are often very situational, so this is just to give you a general idea of how to handle punishments. Not everything is black and white. Sits do not need to end in a punishment. Explaining how to handle situations better should always come with a punishment. ALWAYS check warns before giving out punishments, repeat offenders are susceptible to harsher punishments. RDM/RDA: Explanation: Random Deathmatch is the act of randomly killing another player without valid reasons. Random Arrest is the act of randomly arresting another player without valid reasons. Both of these situations are sensitive subjects in DarkRP and MUST be investigated with great detail. You need to count how many people they actually kill before you ban them. If a player accidentally damages/kills someone or multiple people (aka crossfire) assess the situation and be more lenient with the punishment; never ban for accidental RDM. An obvious Mass RDM/RDA-ers are easy to punish. If they kill/arrest a lot of people within seconds of each other, their punishment should be based off how many players the RDM/RDA-er killed/arrested (see below). RDM/RDA Punishment(s): 1 Intentional RDM/RDA → Verbal Warning or jail (60 seconds) 2 Intentional RDM/RDA → Jail (120 seconds) 3 Intentional RDM/RDA → Jail (300 seconds) 4-6 Intentional RDM/RDA→ 1 Day Ban 7+ Intentional RDM/RDA → 3 Day Ban (1 week if repeating offense) Breaking NLR Explanation: Retribution’s New Life Rule timer is 5 minutes. A player may not return to his or her point of death for 5 minutes. If a player decided to return, breaking NLR, they must be brought away from that area and explained what they are breaking. If they comply and understand, they should not be punished. If they fail to listen, a punishment may be in order. NLR Punishment(s): NLR x1 → Verbal warning and explanation or Jail (60 seconds) NLR x2 → Jail (120 seconds) NLR x3-6 → Jail (300 seconds) NLR x7+ → 6 hour ban FailRP Explanation: FailRP is not role playing properly. Your characters should always follow the guidelines provided and act within their limitations. FailRP Punishment(s): 1st time → Verbal warning and explanation 2nd time → 300 second jail 3rd time → 600 second jail NOTE: Personally, we are always very lenient when it comes to FailRP. People often don’t understand these rules. Explain them to them and let them off the first time. If it continues to occur, once you have given them a clear explanation, then you may be stiffer with your punishments. Prop Abuse and Exploiting Explanation: Prop abuse/exploiting is the use of props for unnecessary reasons such as prop-slamming/prop climbing/prop-minging/ using props to enter Admin land, bases, etc. Prop Abuse/Exploiting Punishment(s): 1st time → Verbal warning and explanation 2nd time → 300 second jail 3rd time → 6 hour ban Disrespect/Harassment Explanation: Disrespect is the act of using strong words aimed at anyone on Retribution on all platforms. People are allowed to speak their mind, we are not here to limit players’ freedom of speech. If they are including Malicious Behavior or NSFW content, then it becomes punishable. Harassment is the act of following a player and attempting to intimidate or bother them using aggressive behavior. Players should give warning to the harasser prior to staff intervention. If they refuse to stop, the harasser should be dealt with accordingly. Disrespect/Harassment Punishment(s): Again, this applies only to severe forms of disrespect such as racism, sexism, etc. 1st Time → Explanation and Warning 2nd Time → Gag and/or Mute 3rd Time → Contact a higher up/forum complaint *Depending on how severe the situation is, it may require a ban. Speak with a higher up Urgent Bans Urgent bans are bans that need to be applied as quickly as possible for the health of the server, and potentially without a sit. The reason for these bans include anything that would cause harm to the server. Reasons are listed below. Permanent Ban Reasons: Leaving to Avoid Punishment (L2AP) Explanation: Leaving to Avoid Punishment (otherwise known as L2AP) is when a player purposely leaves to avoid being punished for an offense. Punishment: Keep in mind that when a person disconnects from the server, it says in the chat log whether they timed out (Internet issues or crash) or disconnected. If they time out, do not punish. Wait for them to come back and give an explanation. → If the person purposely leaves, make the punishment they would have received before they left more strict. If the punishment was minimal consider leaving the player with a warn.
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    Staff Handbook v3 Failure to abide the handbook as a staff member may result in punishment. Retribution higher staff hold the right to remove anyone they deem unfit for staff from the staff team. Introduction If you’re thinking about joining the staff team, you’ll want to first read through and get a good feel of everything that’s written below. The handbook is designed to give all staff a good guideline of ways to staff and handle situations. The Staff Hierarchy All staff members must respect the chain of command. Follow the hierarchy and if a staff member higher than you tells you to fix something or give you tips then follow them. Remember that we are a team that must work together. Trial-Moderator → Moderator → Administrator → Senior Administrator → Super Admin → Owner Jouaram is the owner of the server. He’ll be here to assist and give his input where needed, if you have a question relating staffing/addons/suggestions/custom classes etc. you can contact him directly! (https://steamcommunity.com/id/Jouaram/) Supers are the head of the staff team and will be there whenever needed. Their job is to make sure everything is running smoothly and making sure that everyone is doing what they’re supposed to. Super administrators must have a strong forum/in-game presence, leadership skills, maturity, and the ability to make hard decisions. Permissions Ban: Permanent Demote Privileges: Yes Forums: All Discord: All Senior Administrators are admins who shine exceptionally within Retribution’s staff team and must show signs of leadership and good communication. They are advisers and teachers for the staff you can go to at any time for help or assistance. You must hold a mentor position and have mentored a handful of Moderators to become a senior administrator. Permissions Ban: Permanent for select reasons Demote Privileges: Strikes/Demotions if discussed with Jouaram/Super admins Forums: ModeratorCP Discord: All Administrators are the base tier of moderation on RetributionRP and the back bone of the staff team. Moderators must receive 3 or more recommendations from staff of a higher rank and pass the admin test to become an administrator. Administrators need to show a strong in-game and forum presence. Whenever you answer a player complaint you must tag a Higher Up, tell us how long you are banning the person, and tell us what you are banning them for. You will be held accountable for your bans. Permissions Ban: 1 Weeks Demote Privileges: No Forums: Player Complaints Discord: Kick + Ban (Channel/Server) Moderator is the first position available to those who wish to pursue a role in server moderation. Moderators should use this position as a learning curve by requesting assistance from their superiors; ask questions, ask for help, ask about punishments, etc. Moderators must maintain an active presence on the forums, discord, and server in which they maintain a basic level of control. Permissions Ban: 38 Hours (3 Days) Demote Privileges: No Forums: None Discord: None AWarn Guideline/Tips aWarn is an incredibly helpful tool for Staff members to utilize to hand out the correct punishments. All staff members can access the warn menu by typing !warns. aWarn is used primarily for 3 things: Keeping track of players punishments that you hand out. Keeping track of other staff members punishments that they hand out. Allowing you to make a judgement for your punishment based off the offenders previous warns. When dealing with your sit, check the offenders warns every time. This is to check for warns they have (if any), if they are recent, and what they are for. This will allow you to tell if the offender is a repeat offender or they just had a one-time slip up; you should punish differently depending on this. Recent and relevant warns means you should give a harsher punishment for the offender in question, but for no warns/irrelevant warns be more lenient. When you’re punishing a player, you are adding a !warn on to them for the exact reason you’re punishing them no matter how small the punishment is (even if it’s a verbal warn). For example, if I jail Yimo for RDMx2 with a 300 second jail, I would warn them as follows: Sit Etiquette When you’re taking sits you are representing Retribution. You’ll want to make sure you’re giving off the best impression possible, dealing with the sit in a well-mannered and polite way whilst still getting all punishment necessary handed out. Make sure when you’re handling sits to be cooperative with the players to avoid them getting impatient and hostile. If a player who’s sit your handling is getting hostile, it is your job to handle it as maturely as possible and only gag/mute if 100% necessary. Examples of both good and bad sit etiquette: Punishment Guidelines for Staff Trial-Moderators/Moderators/Administrators are prohibited to use commands on each other as forms of punishment or breaking rules. If seen doing so you will be punished for misrepresenting Retribution as Staff. However, if you do witness another Staff member breaking rules/abusing their powers write a formal complaint on the Forums or contact one of the higher-ups immediately. (In rare cases if a Staff member has gone rogue you can use powers if completely necessary) Not going to sits is reprehensible and will result in severe punishments. Higher staff will assign and base punishments off a strike system, however there is not a max amount of strikes that can be given out at one time. Ignoring sits is defined as failing to initiate the proper help required to satisfy calls. I.E: Not teleporting, punishing, or assisting. If you are found ignoring sits while on duty, you will be given an appropriate strike. If you are found ignoring sits while off duty and not in a role play situation, you will be given an appropriate strike. If you are found abusing in anyway, strikes may be assigned. If you are found not abiding to any rules or guidelines, a warning or strike may be assigned mattering on the situation. Punishment Never punish sight unseen. You must go to the call, investigate, and inform those directly involved the outcome BEFORE administering punishment. Witnesses can lie. We do not recommend involving witnesses in sits unless they were directly involved with the initial problem. Ban is a last resort. Work with the players. Guide them and help them understand their wrongdoings. If they continue to break rules, then a ban may be necessary. Sits If you bring someone to a sit and see they deserve a ban, you must tell them they are being banned for and explain the rules that they have broken. Strike System Strikes are forms of punishment for staff if they are found abusing their powers or breaking rule. There is maximum of 3 strikes: Strike 1: Verbal warning. Strike 2: Further warning, possible temporary demotion depending on situation. Strike 3: Termination of Staff position Forum Rules Staff members are required to interact on all aspects of the forums. Inactivity on the forums will result in the hindrance of any possible promotions. Staff opinions/views on topics are crucial to the advancement of the community. Staff members are expected to help on the forums by: Giving input on moderator/administrator applications Giving input on ban appeals and player complaints Generally helping out players Reporting content that goes against forum rules. Behavior Professionalism You are a representative of Retribution, be professional. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Never disrespect, harass, or manhandle any member of the community. OOC is not for arguing or disrespect, handle it privately. Be courteous to the community and keep your composure. How can I help you? Is there anything else you need? Have a good day. Patience Allow discussions, but no excessive arguing; use the !mute/!gag function if arguing persists. Allow sufficient time for all involved parties to tell their side of the story. Witnesses are not considered an involved party. Take your time in situations; check the rules and don’t hesitate to ask for help! Ensure you make the right decisions. Remain calm and never lose your temper. Attitude As a staff member you're representing Retribution with every comment/action on the platform, keep your attitude about the server as positive as possible. You're working towards keeping all players happy with the outcome of your staffing, your attitude will help reflect this when dealing with situations face to face. Staff Guidelines On Duty: If a staff member has selected their job as Staff on Duty, then they have indicated they are giving their full attention to performing staff duties, not role playing. Do: Go to ALL calls received within your limitations. Minimize noclip and do not noclip into bases unless involved in a sit. Remain professional, fair, and honest. Find a balance within staffing and rping. Set your job to Citizen if you’re going AFK and use the /afk command. Do Not: Ignore calls. Abuse/Use your moderator/administrator powers to give ANYONE an advantage. Use moderator/administrator powers on any ANY staff member, user, or donor UNLESS it is for sit purposes. Noclip at all without reason. Go on an alternative account to spy/test/etc on others. Use noclip to build unless it’s for small tool use. Urgent Bans: Urgent bans are bans that need to be applied as quickly as possible for the health of the server, and potentially without a sit. The reasons for these bans include anything that would cause harm to the server (crashes, lag etc), usually the only reason for this is propspam but sometimes exploits. Senior Administrators are to use ulx permban for these type of bans. Permanent Ban Reasons: DDoS Malicious Activity Propspam Propblocking Spawn Ban Evasion Advertising Scripts/Hacks/Exploiting If you are confused or need help at any time higher-ups are all available to message or talk to for assistance! If you have a question and nobody is available to answer you, feel free to add Jouaram (https://steamcommunity.com/id/Jouaram/) and ask your question there.
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    theres always gonna be that 1 f word who cries about it, i say stick to events that dont involve nazis
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    The group of players hangs out with should not matter. Yes informer has been toxic, just because he hangs out with people that still might be doesn't mean he hasn't changed. Idk if this counts, but I +1 I absolutely hated you when you were previously admin, but I have heard really great things about your recent behavior and I want you to be given another chance with the gauntlet. I know you know the rules and ur active. Gl
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    My word means nothing, but from what I’ve seen/heard of your activity recently, +1. You sure gave the higher ups a great time back when you were staff, but from speaking to you since then I can tell that you’ve matured since those little “issues”. That being said, you don’t seem to hold any grudges with the server after being booted and have come back in full stride, wanting to help the community. I see no reason to give you a second chance. -You’re active, both in game and in the community. -You’ve had many months to cool down and have a break from staffing; hopefully this will give you a different mindset and have you think your actions out before acting on them. -You’re nice to new and old players alike. (Friends you’re toxic with but it’s in a jokey manner.) -kinda cute ngl
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    Shalom shuffle on his body after you one punch man him
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    Fucking hell more reason to hate it. Thanks man
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    I grinded for 334 tokens, Ghoul got 300 tokens, and Ryan 401 tokens and out of my 334 I got no reds. When will you turn my n rig off @Jouaram please i'm always unlucky
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    Need help? Contact a staff member in-game by typing @ followed by a short message! If you disagree with a staff member DO NOT argue with them and instead report it to a higher-up or post a forum complaint. Join our Discord! https://discord.gg/hBbJtkR General Rules No NSFW content or malicious behavior. No advertising other servers/websites/communities. No hacking/manipulation of the client/exploiting. No leaving/fleeing to avoid staff situations. No inappropriate names. Names require at least 3 English characters. No scamming/gambling. Do not force uncomfortable situations on anyone. Do not wrongfully disrupt others' RP. Admin-land is off limits to all non-staff members unless given permission by a staff member. Do not enter staff sits unless you are directly brought. No controversial flags/symbols. Basic Rules Players may not randomly kill/arrest (RDM/RDA). Warns must be clear, given in local chat and with 10 seconds before taking action on the warning. EX: A player is following another player. The player being followed must give one warning in local chat, wait the 10 seconds and if the players continues following you may shoot them. After a player dies they must wait five minutes before returning to the situation/location that the player died at. (NLR) Hits and RDM are excluded from this. Players may not abuse props and/or entities. Players may not use mass RP binds, all binds must specify one action each. Players may steal the money from and destroy bitminers, but CANNOT take the entity itself. Players with job model shoulders smaller than a 1x1 plate while holding keys cannot raid/mug/kidnap/or defend a base. FailRP is roleplaying incorrectly. A player's character should always obey their jobs rules. The Cinema is RP-ONLY. Hits, Kidnaps and Mugs Hit Rules: Players/parties may not repeatedly target players. Players may complete hits in RP-only bases if they don't have to raid to reach their target. Kidnapping Rules: Victims must follow the kidnapper's demands and do what they say; players may escape captivity by means of reasonable RP. Kidnappers may not force their victims to spawn items. Players may only held hostage for 15 minutes. Kidnapped players may not kill themselves to avoid the kidnap. Mugging Rules: Parties/players must give a local chat message that a victim is being mugged, with a maximum mug amount of $20,000. You can mug one victim every 5 minutes and the same victim every 10 minutes. The victim has 10 seconds to comply. The victim must be let go if they comply with their muggers demands. Party Rules Party members must base together. Only the members of a party may protect each other in any RP scenario. Party members cannot raid other party members. EX: Joining a party -> Gaining access -> Leaving Party -> Raiding/Stealing Basing Rules General Rules (Applicable to all bases including RP Only bases): Players/parties may only own one building and must own every door in that building. In a situation where more than one person owns the doors of a building, whoever owns the front door(s) gains ownership. Apartments/hotels may only have one player/party per suite. Hotel managers may own entire hotels to sell suites to their customers. Having a hotel manager in your party/base does not exempt players/parties from this rule. Raidable Base requirements (Not applicable to RP Only bases): All shooting holes/cracks must be at least plate075x075 tall & wide. (models/hunter/plates/plate075x075.mdl) Defenders must be visible from said windows. No non-collided/one-way/glowing/flickering/transparent/blacked-out materials or props. Fence props may not be materialized. Bases may not force/restrict players from jumping/crouching/walking/running. Traps must allow at least 2 players to cross. There must be enough space for two players to fit side by side + back to back in every part of the base the builder has control of. No more than 5 hallway turns in a base. Fake hallways do not count towards this limit. U-Turns count as 2 turns. You may not use world doors (excluding garage doors) as defenses. EX: Locking world doors open, placing props to influence the direction the doors can open/close. Players props for bases cannot extend above/to the sidewalk. You may not store raidables in area that is one by one or requires that you crouch/jump to obtain access to. Fading Prop Rules (Not applicable to RP Only bases): You may only have 4 fading props. No shooting through fading doors. Must be a solid prop that disappears entirely when open. Players may not have fake/hidden keypads/buttons. Keypads/buttons must be placed next to the fading door they open. Players can have one keypad/button to open an entrance fading door and one on the opposite side to get out. Minimum 5 seconds opening time and cannot have a delay. No fading doors directly in front/behind/inside world doors. Types of signs (All signs must be clearly noticeable) KOS Signs: You CANNOT KOS people who are on public property (sidewalk, street, sewer system passageways) KOS Signs CAN be used in RP-Only/Building signs. Building Signs (This disallows raiding/having raidables): You CAN prop-block your entrances. You CANNOT place a building sign if a player is currently initiating a raid. Wait until at least 5 minutes after the raid has ended. RP-ONLY sign (This disallows raiding/having raidables): You CANNOT initiate mugs in RP only areas. RP building owners/party members do not follow NLR when the death occurred inside their RP only base. If the owner of the RP only building asks you to leave, you must oblige. Gun dealers, club owners, black market dealers and any other merchant-like jobs CAN have rp only signs/bases as long as their product is strictly only spawned in to be sold. Raiding Rules Defender Rules: Defenders must be near the property to defend against a raid. Players may not build while being raided. Defenders may not close world doors opened by raiders. Attacker Rules: Raiders must be near the property to initiate a raid. Raiders may only raid with their party or same job groups. Raiders may not counter another raid. Raiders and their party must wait 20 minutes before raiding the same base again. Raiders cannot camp a base, get in and get out; nor may they raid a base which clearly has nothing of value. Raidables: A list of what is considered a 'raidable': Printers. Drugs. Money/entity creators such as drug labs and bitcoin. Token eggs. Stored weapon shipments. Permanent items dropped for a trade DO NOT count as raidables. Base Laws All laws stated below are in action with or without a Mayor. The Mayor cannot change any of these laws excluding law #4. Raiding is illegal. Money printers are illegal unless stored in the bank. Murder is illegal. Drugs and explosives are illegal. Threats are illegal. Kidnapping, theft and mugging is illegal. Advertising hits is illegal. Physical abuse is illegal. Holding a gun out near the Mayor is KOS. Shooting in public is illegal. Bitcoin miners are legal. Mayor Law Rules The Mayor may not discriminate against a specific job (Ex. Making Hobos KOS). The Mayor may not make laws that restrict a players right to speech, movement or their abilities to use cosmetics. No J-walking, crouching/walking/running laws. The Mayor MUST advert/broadcast/announce the reason for a lockdown and warn players to return to their homes. (Excessive shooting, life in danger, PD raid). PD must give 1 warning in local chat with 10 seconds to get inside a building before AOS. Lockdowns/curfews may go on for a maximum of 10 minutes. The Mayor may approve the construction of 1 roadblock total. Police Department Police may not conduct any illegal activities or become corrupt. Police may ONLY break NLR for PD raids. PD may have 1 roadblock that consists of 2 fading props. These fading props do not count towards PD prop count. Police defenses abide by the basing rules. Roadblocks must be approved by the current Mayor. Police may not KOS for being outside during a lockdown. They may AOS after 1 warning only. The back-entrance which leads to jail cells may not be propblocked but can have fading props to protect it. Police cannot use vents as their only entrance to PD. PD lobby is considered public property and may not contain defenses. The front door to PD may NOT be locked. PD must warn in local chat before AOS/KOS for mayor laws. Warrant Rules The reasons for warrants can include: The police officer saw illegals/illegal activities. A player is wanted inside the base the officer is warranting. The police officer was notified that a player is being held hostage inside the base. Contraband scanner picking up illegals. Trading In-Game Items When trading in-game items, it will be assumed that the item you're discussing is a permanent item unless specified otherwise. Trading in-game items is a completely out of RP experience where you're two people trading virtual items. You CAN: Trade in-game items for other in-game items. Trade in-game items for packages purchased off the RetributionRP store. Back out of a trade UNTIL someone has picked up the others item, picking up an item involved in the trade disallows you from backing out. Prop-block off an area to complete your trade. Ask for a Staff members assistance to monitor the trade. You CANNOT: Prop-block the area for any longer than 10 minutes. Steal from and/or scam the other user interacting in the trade. Advertise/trade in-game items for out of game currencies and vice-versa. Read about the job rules in the F4 menu in-game.
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    no its fine nice to hear something good about it
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    @Jouaram both my custom classes still spawning without anything but bugbait and camera~
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    Peace hope when you return its not the same experience for yah Breaks are needed for ret or ur brain will just go numb
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    denied and leaves, classic ret player
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    creativity, well id +1 this M1 garands for the allies, and the mp40 for the "Axis"
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    POG already have diamonds
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    LMAO, funny shit But cant wait for this event
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    +1 Like vlad said my interactions with you have been really nice and had fun. um really active in server. Know the rules and your application is good. Good luck make it out mate Ps. I just want see how u hand sit hand down
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    +1 You are very active on all platforms, are friendly with others in-game and all my interactions with you as of recently have been good. I feel that you would be a good staff member if you are given the chance.
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    +1 + an amazing previous staff that took sits very serious and had 0 tolerance for minges/rulebreakers + app is good + good activity hope it doesn't turn out like last time you became staff was sad when i came back and started to miss your hitler-esque way of being mayor glad you're back you asshole
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    -/+ Alright, I think your not a bad person but the only memory I have of you is that everyone hated you when you were Administer. At the end of they day there would always be a complaint on you on the forums from people trying to get you demoted. I’m the type of person that doesn’t get into drama so I didn’t get involved. I mean you obviously know the rules app is fine currently, you have good activity i do think that the trial mod system would help you and other staff members out. I would not like to see Poyo as your mentor. I would like to see someone like Korean or anonymous rainbow. good luck.
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    +1 -great guy, hes pretty friendly -never had a bad interaction -good app -goodluck man
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    Changing to -1 + You are a great person and player when not with your group of friends - Hangs out with a pretty toxic group and can show some toxicity with said group - Personally don’t think you have proved yourself for staff yet again - I am a little worried you would be bias towards certain players as well. Goodluck.
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    +1 we were both trial mod at the same time and we were both taking in turns handling sits, you know how to staff just didn’t get the end result. Good luck man
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    +1 previous staff Knows the rules Great guy
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    +1 +Well made application +Good amount of activity +Very friendly and fun
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    Denied. Your answers are slim and lack much depth to them that I think most of them would like to see, this application doesn’t really give us enough insight into your knowledge/ability. Try giving us examples or more in-depth explanations next time. Also, your forum activity is non-existent, which is a requirement for applying. Try to give input on posts and get your forum activity up before reapplying. You may reapply in 7 days. (Good luck)
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    you look like the kid i would bully
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    Unbutton your top button on the collar, so you can look extra fly. only do the top button if you have a tie ! That gon make ur fit 10/10
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    +1 +previous staffed +chill dude +helped me with mining
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    +1 +uncracked +took a break to mentally clear his mind from this awesome server +good previous staff knowledge but one reason below vvvvv -barely took sits please take more sits
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    I didn't cut off communications with you and your group because of a gmod rank I did it as an act to protect me and my friend's privacy after what you guys were doing, I'm not gonna discuss it here but we can in dms if you would like.
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    Sports would have to be soccer, basketball (recently), and gaming As for games fallout new vegas, gmod, csgo, r6s,and minecraft to name a few
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