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    I'm gonna note down here what I plan to fully release within the next 1-4 months so you guys know what to expect. The simpler stuff will obviously come first and the more complicated systems will come later on. My current focus is on reducing the amount of time staff need to dedicate to stupid sits, optimizing the server, giving players more things to do. Most of this stuff will be worked on in bulk with a few breaks in between, so expect things to come out back to back followed by some bug fixing and then a little bit of rest. Adding: Property system. New features for custom jobs, supporter plus, and nitro boosters on the discord. A screen giving you all the info you need when you die. A few texas holdem and chess tables. (Staff) Cleaner logging tabs. Literally any drug system that isn't Drugz (our current one.) Crafting system. New custom party system. (Staff) Mass rdm flagging. Changes: "Stackable" and optimized printers. Remake of custom job menu and id card ui. Remake of custom job backend. (Staff) Optimizing fspectate. Removing: Drugz. Current party system. *Maybe* mugging. Colours
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    I've had my fair share of time here. Ever since I began playing other games and stopped being on frequently, I had been pondering resignation. No hard feelings for being moved down to senior, I wasn't doing anything at the time. I've been keeping Garry's Mod as my primary game for quite a while so I never really got a chance to play any other games. I'm just diving into my sophomore year in high school, things seem to get a lot busier around this time. There's too many things to use my spare free time on and this is a weight I would love to have off my shoulders. I'm still happy I was able to reach the goal of becoming superadmin. I've personally enjoyed doing other things outside of the server such as contributing to important discussions and revising select documents. Sits became stale over time and I wanted to do something else as a higher up. It was a big responsibility to take on and someone as young as me would have been prone to making volatile decisions. Glad to know I was trustworthy enough to even get the position despite the bumpy road I traveled on back then. I've held a staff position for about one year and a half, and I think I have reached the peak of the burnt out mountain a few other staff members are facing as well. There were many moments I enjoyed on the server as a staff member ranging from 2017 to now. I've had three staff lifetimes on the server and this one was probably the wackiest rollercoaster I have ever rode. @Jouaram I know we don't talk much, but you're a great guy. Keep this gem of a server running. @ImmortalxReaper Thanks for being a friend and keeping me company. Also I'm a better Hogwarts student then you >:) @CTW It's great hanging out with you in discord. You're a fun guy to be around. @Marki You're an amazing developer. Keep up the great work. You think we can watch Ip Man 4? @DaveThe2nd I know you've had to take the blunt force as a higher up when you did the clean sweep. I appreciate you for what you're doing. @King of Rats ⟁ It was nice to see a positive change around here. Thanks for taking lead in what could've been a bad time in the community. @The Anonymous Rainbow You're an amazing aussie. My rocket league skills are far superior than yours. ?️ @Colours ? We need more cat pictures around here. @? Yimo ? No more yiffs allowed! Hope you're enjoying that WoW grind. I need to hear that flute again. @KingDogeThe3rd I will still make fun of your Ford even though I don't know jack shit about cars ? @Mekki Stop making fun of me plz. Enjoy your Fireball in a few days. Wanted to keep this short and sweet, sorry if I missed anyone, there's too many to tag, still love you all ?. This isn't a quitting post, just a resignation one. Even if I decided to quit, I would just end up running back to it. I will still see you guys around on the discord, the forums, and the server. Can't promise to all current staff that I won't minge.
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    Update Blog - 07/08/2019 The following changes are now live on the server: What's New?: The Ocelot M4a1 has been added to the RTD. This is a purple tier weapon. Medkits and armor kits for doctors, crazed doctors and swat medics has been buffed massively. Medkits now heal much faster when healing someone other than yourself. Doctor job slots increased from 2 to 6. Swat medic slots increased from 1 to 3. Lockpicks now pick at 5 seconds. Keypad crackers now crack at 6 seconds. Pro keypad crackers now crack at 4 seconds.
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    Recently I’ve been playing other games with my irl friends and I’ve been enjoying it. Also, I’ve been losing a lot of interest in DarkRP as a whole game mode and gmod is a game that I stopped playing except with my friends and we mess around on different game modes. When I play a different game mode than DarkRP I feel free to play and actually enjoy the game and have something to do after almost about a year of taking sits and doing the same thing, a long break won’t help and I think leaving Ret would be the best option. Since school is starting in a month I think it’s best for me to focus on school and games I enjoy instead of stress of school and stress of staffing. I’m not going to @ ppl because I feel like it’s unnecessary. All I’m gonna day is thanks to the higher ups and jouaram for letting me be apart of the staff team for so long, and for keeping the server running for so long since most of my favorite servers I used to play on have shut down. And jouaram when people say that “Ret is trash” I always thought it really isn’t that bad. Yes there’s pay 2 win stuff but the staff team is good and in my opinion I think the server is unique with its mechanics. And thanks to the people who I would have a chat with or mess around with when I was on the server since they gave me something to do, but I feel like most the people I used to know quit a while ago or were banned. maybe when new things come out I would hop on to see what it’s about and stay for a bit then I would head on out but until then this will be a goodbye.
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    hey guys, it’s shalom again. remember when i said “but that doesn’t mean my time at retribution is over” on my resignation post? well, this does. i can’t connect to the server and modelling brings me no pleasure. this community has been negatively affecting my health for a while, and i think it’s time to take a step back and rethink some of my actions. i would rather hang out with my friends irl than sit in a basement and play Garry’s Mod all day, and something makes me come back each time and I’m not sure what it is. Even when my computer basically said “fuck you” and hasn’t let me reconnect to the server since, i’ve been decently active on forums and on discord, and i’ve always hinted that i was working on something when in reality i haven’t touched that project in many, many weeks. So I’m resigning from freelancer. There’s another whole host of reasons that I don’t really want to get into, but I’m glad the time I spent here was fun and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Not gonna tag anyone because who cares, seriously. If you’ve ever had more than five full conversations with me that weren’t in a sit, i probably don’t hate you and will miss you. I’ll still keep in touch with the people I like. It’s finally time I work on things I’m passionate about. I’d like to get better at singing and dancing and acting and pursue the theatrical arts. I’d like to continue streaming on my twitch and get affiliate or whatever the next step is. I’d like to break out of my shell and not feel awkward as fuck when speaking to anyone new. Who knows, I might come back someday, but it’s unlikely. Thanks for being a pal, pals.
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    well, its another one of these posts. im finally leaving the server that i have spent the past 8 years of my life on. its bittersweet to say goodbye, but the server is in a state that i just cant enjoy anymore. ret used to be so fun, playing with friends and having a good laugh. but now a days it is just grinding and afking. all the good hard working players like tayrone and montay are getting banned, and the nazi superadmins are driving the server harder into the ground every day. please do not ask for my items because im not giving them away. maybe some day when the server is less dogshit ill come back. now its time for the cliche @'s id like to thank the following people for making my time on ret as amazing as it was @Informer all of the gay jokes aside, i really do think you are a strapping young chap. i hope we can play more apex, and get even more wins than we already have. @montay thank you for letting me buy your enigma set with real money. i really didnt wanna grind for it, so you were a real lifesaver @George The Clout God ive always wanted to meet up with bananadude in real life, so you you giving me his addy really helps with that. im booking a flight to his house next week. @goomy i dont like you @Logical® thank you for starting the revolution, you truly are doing gods work. hopefully you get to replace those stupid dumb higher ups. @kanye thanks for releasing jesus is king. changed my life. @Proper you gotta do a makeup tutorial some day. ive seen your work, its incredible. @Child with a gun fuckin bottom fragging 24/7 on rl. kill yourself. literally the biggest simp on this server. and thats a fucking accomplishment with infomer around. @Sullyツ Good friend to me, glad im not dozer though. @Yippi queer @Jouaram aaron casbolt. the amount of good times we've had together, is almost none. your server is steadly declining, and you make deathie (your little bitch) do all the work for you. @thog you thruly are my beth friend, youve helped me frough some touf thimes. @Deathie fuck you @bhoul you truly are rets best player. a shining example of what we all strive to be deep inside. i hope that whatever happens to you, your life turns out good. i also just got off the phone with your mom, and she seems like shes doing just as good as her little man. @Carlos Mendez you may only have an expired green card in america, but in my heart you are a true citizen. @Skullmohawk i could literally write any dumb shit here i wanted, and the stupid fucking idiot wouldn't see it because of how fucking inactive he is. @Marki literally when was was the last time you did anything productive. what the fuck. @keemo hope the stage 4 goes away soon. it takes a real trooper to overcome cancer, and i think a warrior like you has it in you. @Luciifero i dont know if youre indian or some shit, but your accent is pretty fucking stupid. ok staff though, if you would get on once in a while @The Anonymous Rainbow dumbass upside-down underwater on fire peice of shit @KingDogeThe3rd literally threatened to rape me. he said it was ironic though so its ok. @Gery literally a half life fanboy @Atari 2600 wannabe xqc motherfucker. too bad twitch is a dying platform. stream on mixer dumbass motherfucker @pinecone09 brought me to a sit to tell me to add a butthole to a giant worm i made. @JuanDeag Style hittin those one taps on the reg. absolute legend @Harvey youre an actual fucking ape. fuck you. @Shogun4122 im literally an hour drive away from you. keep that in mind id like to thank all of the people above for enhancing my time on ret. really appreciate it
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    DENIED You plagiarized this application resulting in instant denial and being put on blacklist from applying. You may never re-apply
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    In-Game Name: ImmortalxReaper Age: 22 (23 in 6 months) Timezone: EST Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:47253832 Steam Profile (a link): https://steamcommunity.com/id/ImmortalxReaper/ Hours on the server: 1960 Times you're most active: 4:00 - 11:00 P.M. Why I want/should be a moderator: I believe I can be a helpful addition to the staff team with my prior experience staffing on the server. The current staff team is doing well and I wish to aid them so they may continue to staff for the times to come. Have you read the rules fully, understand and feel comfortable enforcing them as correctly as possible?: Yes Are you willing to listen to any Staff member chosen to mentor and guide you as a Staff, even if you feel you don't need to?: Yeah man Are you certain you will be able to staff for several hours a week?: Yes Situations: The server begins to lag and players are complaining about prop spam: I would first refer to the logs and begin to search for evidence of prop spam, such as one player spawning the same prop numerous times within a short amount of time. I would then teleport to the player and investigate the situation, freezing the player if they were maliciously prop spamming. I would inform the player that they will be getting banned for the prop spam and request that the player be banned for the appropriate amount of time based on their previous warns. If the player was not purposely lagging the server I would inform them to not spam props because of the damage it can cause. You're involved in a sit where a player has said the base he's raiding is illegal: I would ask the player what they believe is wrong with the base, relay this information to the base owner and begin checking the base myself. If the base is within line, I would inform both players of this and end the sit. However, if the base had problems I would inform the base owner of them and suggest how they could fix them. If the player refused to comply and adjust their base, I would warn them that they may receive a punishment if they refuse to fix their base. The punishment can vary based on their previous warnings. You see another staff member abusing their power: Examples of staff abuse are: Applying god mode to themselves during a raid, freezing defenders within a base in order to raid easily and unjailing themselves after being arrested for a valid reason. If a fellow staff member was abusing their powers, I would collect evidence of this and forwarded it to the higher ups. If possible, I would interact with the staff member in question and see if I can calm them down to prevent further damage. A player is extremely uncooperative during a sit and is throwing insults at you: I would ask the player to please pay attention to what I am saying so the sit could continue. If the player then starts to insult me, I would continue the sit as well as I can but if the insults began to delay the progression of the sit I would gag/mute the player until their input was required. I would also inform them that they could request a different staff member to handle their sit, as long as one was available. A player is excessively RDMing/RDAing and breaking NLR: RDM - Random Deathmatch: This is when a player kills another player without a reason within role-play. An example of this is when Battler kills Maria because Maria wrote "uu-uu-uu!" in chat. RDA - Random Arrest: This is when a Police Department member arrests another player without a valid reason. An example of this would be Joe arresting Mark for walking in the road. NLR - New Life Rule: This states that when a player is killed, they are not allowed to return to their point of death for 5 minutes and may not interact with their killer. An example of this would be someone dying in a raid and returning to that base before 5 minutes have expired. In all of these cases, the amount of times these offenses were committed and the existence of previous warnings would determine the form/severity of punishment. They can range from a verbal warning, jail time and bans. (Additional Comments): Hello friends, thanks for reading my application. All I ask is that your replies be as unbiased as possible.
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    I'm sure all my friends and others saw it coming, but it's time for me to take my break. I haven't been on this server very long, but I really hope my time as staff did something good for anyone, even if it's just a little. I joined the server mid/late 2018, being one of the first servers I ever played on gmod. From then on gmod meant ret to me, nothing else, I loved it. I wasn't always intrigued with the idea of staffing, but here I am. My only actual break was around 1 week and somewhat inactivity before that week. I originally was going to take this break just because I have nothing to do for the server anymore. As much as I want to do something, there really is nothing for me. I greatly appreciate all the help I have been given recently, but I can't think of anything to do at this point. I also have SO much going on for me out in the real world. I have big dreams to chase, music to play, irl friends to be with, and rehearsals to go to. Finally, I don't really like the direction the server is going right now. Tons of good updates, also tons I don't enjoy so much. There is a lot of things I'm looking forward to that is planned, but until it comes I'm tired of the server being bland. That is just for me though. This is not a resignation post. This is not a leaving post. I don't know when I will return (hopefully not anytime soon). I will still be on the server here and there, but no where near as often. I will also be lurking the forums ? I thank all fellow staff for the work they put into the server, even if it's not a lot, I appreciate it. Time to hop on the trend of @ ing the homies @korbin THE PLUG, I'm so glad I met you man. I don't have much to say other than that you mean a lot to me, love u no homo. @poyo Holy shit we hated eachother so much ? Look at us now, one of my best friends I would have never met without ret, cya around ? @Demon. Nice balls. just know I appreciate you man, cya around as well ! @Zeus You are a fuckin idiot indeed. Go game gamer and stay out of trouble. Try not to flex on us too hard ^ @ImmortalxReaper what a guy, I'll be playing gragas ? @The Anonymous Rainbow I couldn't have asked for a better mentor. You are such a nice and funny guy, if there is a person out there that doesn't like you they can fuq off. Thank you for all the help and keep doin ur thing man @HeinzKetchup Pack in the mail, it's gone (Uh) She like how I smell, cologne (Yeah) I just signed a deal, I'm on Yeah, yeah I go where I want Good, good Play if you want, let's do it (Ha) I'm a young CEO, Suge (Yeah) Yeah, yeah) Try not to get banned bro, xd @yimo toe pics?? (idk how to fuqin @ you) @iBagelHole Poopoo diaper stupid face head @NiceGuyOffside Milk is good for the bones don’t diss milk mother fucker I’ll hurt you @KingDogeThe3rd Big pp or nah? tty soon @Flustered Pigeon You have done so much for the server, whether I disagree with it or like it I want to appreciate the work you have put into this shit man. You have helped me and others so much. Im going to run it down in ARAM >:) cya around @DaveThe2nd what a bully, same for you tho I really appreciate the help you have given me and work put into this stuff ! ! ! ! @SoundPulserino hmu for your lessons my son ? @Sullyツ dont beat dozer too hard ? Now for people that will never see this! @chicago & @classy Probably the best people I have come across on the internet, and to think we met over a gmod server Stay strong yall, much love I'll never forget yall @nendroid Uh oh @logical You are brain dead ngl ? I forsure forgot people, but see ya'll around.
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    Do you aimbot on this too ?
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    Balancing the economy one step at a time
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    suck these fat fuckin' nuts bro!!!!!!!!!!
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    I know some of you might be wondering why I'm no longer a Trial moderator, well I couldn't pass the first stage, I didn't get banned or got a strike, but I only failed my Trial moderator stage. -Does that mean I'm going to leave the server?: No, not in a long time at least. -Does that mean that I'm going to stop being active in the forums? No, of course not. I want to thank you all for helping me through my Trial moderator stage the past 3 weeks, this doesn't mean that I won't stop my goal of being admin, I will try harder next time to become an admin, also thanks for letting me be in the Trial moderator stage and experience what it feels like being a staff member. I will still play the server, hang out with the people I base with, and just do what I did before, be a miner, cop, or a thief. Also, I want to thank the people who have believed in me for these two weeks. Sadly, I will no longer be able to take sits, but the good thing is that I will be able to help you in things like the content pack, map missing, and more. -Info: This is not required after you finish the Trial moderator stage, this is just a quick note I wanted to make if you might be asking in-game to what happened to me. I want to thank a lot of people - @Sarrus?: Hamburger Cheese Burger BigMac Whooper - @Sullyツ Sully08/24/2019 u my dirty bitch hell yea - @ImmortalxReaper Give me the patriot and Super Shotty, or the enigma - @poyo : nice work with trails - @Xepharia : Although you don't play anymore you should come and visit the server at least one time. - @Flustered Pigeon: Y you retire? - @korbin: what type of bread are you? - @Korean: The Lotto Rig machine. - @Lemon©n: The friendliest citrus, the most charismatic person in the server. - @Yimo: Your garden is not cool. - @Static My third Mentor, thanks for the help chief. - @thog Thanks for banning me that day g - @SugarMuch : You play too much Fortnite - @Harry Death : Thanks for believing in me - @KingDogeThe3rd: Go work and stop texting. -@Trem0r : Keep helping out people in the server. - @Akatsuki : lets go raid someone - @Skill Gambino : good luck in your tmod app - @The Anonymous Rainbow : teach your bro everything - @DaveThe2nd : thanks for letting me be a tmod - @TasteTheRainbow good luck in your tmod stage - @Hey i remember the day i met you and @Jaymelow one of the best moments ive had in ret - @CTW nice in being a superadmin. - @nonamus your pfp is a frenchfries box? - @poyo congrats on senior admin - @Carlos : ?
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    Good Evening Retribution, Please accept this post as a notice of my long-time break. Effective no later than August 15, 2019, I will go on a long time break from Retribution. I mean… I was gonna write a long worded explanation on why I’m taking a break, but I honestly don’t share my personal life like that. However, during my break, I may show up here and then but it is very unlikely. My activity through STEAM and discord will also be very reduced. See ya!
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    Please don't shitpost I'm not going to warn you again
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    suck these fat fuckin' nuts bro!!!!!!!!!!
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    So if you remember me, epic. I am resigning. If you are new... you missed quite the days of Ret. I am just going to name of a few of ya'll. So many of you have impacted my life, in some way or another. Maybe if I make a leaving post I will take the time to ping everyone. Yelsew, informer, poyo, yimo, shalom, gery, kevin, stranger, cloud, korbin... - the epic peeps from the staff team bbot- best base buddy lewz- haven't seen you in forever Kodey- birdman Jouaram- sorry, but I haven't spend a dime here. Keep up the good work. Thanks for all the fun times and enigma duping. Peace, Static
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    A Christmas Nightmare 12/22/19 - 1-6-20 Brought to you by @Deathie, @Jouaram, @KingDogeThe3rd, @Informer, @pinecone09 and... Poyo. Event Lore The toy maker made his trip into town like he does every year, intending to bring joy and cheer to the residents with his handmade toys. Santa himself made the request of this unknown toy maker, and what was thought to have been a success, turned into a massive failure. The creations the toy maker poured his heart into, were now wreaking havoc in the streets of Retribution. With no one to turn to, and the holidays being in danger, you've been called to defeat the rogue toys and save Christmas! Make sure to keep your eye out for special friends along the way. Event Features - Main story quest and side quests! - Unlock access to new and limited permanent weapons by completing quest chains - PVE zones - safe havens for player enjoyment - A revive system to help you stay in the fight - 6 New Toy SWEPS - 2 New Permanent Weapons - New Cosmetics! New SWEPS: Jihad Bomb Noose Mysterious Heart Carving Stone Gesture SWEP Young White Branch Permanent Weapons: - Mosin Nagant - Icarus Pistol
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    When is the community ever happy
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    Hi, I just found Retribution after browsing the DarkRP section ? Everything seems so fun ? I met a lot of cool people and got free money and guns ? I got RDMed and RDAed a lot, but it was still fun ? I look forward to playing more with you all, and maybe one day I can become staff ?
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    Imagine not having RetributionRP.org as your homepage and bookmarked
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    the face of death. Thou shall have sex Everyday , every night , all the time niggalation 14:2
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    Added: Police Department Minimum bail is 100,000. Letting prisoners out of jail for anything less than 100k is FailRP.
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    Correct me if I’m wrong but I know I’m right but uh didn’t you warn Lilly for rdm yesterday and she said “I know what I did just warn me idc” Joined in game and posted a bunch of fake addresses as a joke literally had nothing to do with anyone (I checked and made sure they were both fake) Lilly tried to get me banned by saying “That’s funny because I actually live on one of those streets” 1. Thought she lived in Japan 2. None of those street exist in the state they are listed in. 3. I once again got them off a randomized website You also like to say dumb stuff like “Keep harassing me so I can get you banned” and but your job name to “CEO of being Targeted” which is just hilarious. I believe that as a moderator you would not be able to control your bias against people who are “utterly disrespectful” towards you and your “hardass-ness” to follow the rules is just a complete lie lmao. (Also no players are going to come back because a staff gets on late, no one gets on at those times) Also I’m permanently banned from your hideouts or whatever WTF!!! -1
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    I'm kinda just done with this place.The amount of infighting is insane and the economy is just bad. Used to be active, but I just don't see a reason to be here anymore. Combined with my worsening mental state, I just don't want to be around here.
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    Congratulations, you did figure out the motive: these seniors need to go. When you are in a high position in anything anywhere, you will be judged. I understand you are one of those people who stay out of the loop or drama because you don't care, and I respect that. However, I don't understand your motive in coming into this thread and requesting it be locked. Are we impeding your ability to make other threads, or are you being forced to read any of this? Are you trying to defend the higher ups? Well, if you're going to do the latter, then at least stand up and defend them outright rather than be a coward.
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    its been a year, but im back in business baby
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    I don't care if you have lied or not. The stuff you write is pretty entertaining, and that's the only thing that matters. I encourage you to keep writing.
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    Not sure who all has seen it yet, but I have resigned. I plan on sticking around and snooping through forums and discord still but I have 0 motivation to play ingame. Figured there is no reason to keep the rank if i'm not really going to use it. Not going to make a big long post and take 100 people and make this all sad. But @tig ole bitties you a real one for saying i was in your top 3.
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    Added: New keypad that only party members can activate to open fading doors. ("Party Door" in Construction Tools) Block command. /block [name] to block, and /unblock [name] to unblock. This mutes voice and text chat. Party protection for custom printers. Enable this in the Suitzoom+Use menu. It'll prevent party members from taking money out of your printers. Removing soon: Mugs. You'll have until noon tomorrow (22/10) to keep mugging. They're going to be completely removed tomorrow. I'm gonna also be changing the hud around a little to add some of the better features from the old one while maintaining this style.
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    +\- It’s so hard to believe when you’re actually going to stay and when you aren’t. you had a staff app up and you left. you had staff for a while and you left again. now you’re back and once again applying for staff. you are a great staff member, don’t get me wrong but please for the love of god make up your mind
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    GMO.'s Moderator Application In-Game Name: GMO. Age: 15 Timezone: CST Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:184684150 Steam Profile (Link): https://steamcommunity.com/id/gmolinamendez/ Hours on the server: 205 Times Active: Due to vacations, I'm all day long from 10 AM CST till 12 AM CST all days, but due to school coming, I will have 3 hours on weekdays, and all day on weekends. Why I want/should be a moderator: [You don't have to put yourself on a pedestal, but give us an idea of what you think your best qualities are, and why you'd be a good moderator.] I feel like I would be a good moderator because I want to help the people of Retribution with their issues in game. Also I want to apply for staff to prove that I have changed since my last ban, and prove myself a better person. Also I like helping people with their situations like illegal bases, RDM, NLR break, and guiding them through rules and more. I also feel that having more staff members wouldn't be bad for this server due to sometimes staff members may leave the game, disconnect, or take a break, and when a staff member is needed there is no one on the job. Have you read the rules fully, understand them and are wanting to enforce them as correctly as possible?: Yes I have red all of the rules and I understand each and one of the rules. Are you willing to listen to any Staff member chosen to mentor and guide you as a Staff, even if you feel you don't need to?: Yes, I will listen to my mentor, listen to all of his/her recommendations and will take into consideration what my mentor tells me for future situations. Are you able to Staff actively on the server for several hours a week?: Yes, in weekends I'm willing to be active several hours, and during weeksays I'm going to try my best to be more active due to school. SITUATIONS: The server begins to lag and players are complaining about prop spam: I can find the source of the prop by checking the prop logs, if I find in the logs that someone is spamming props out of control in the intent to crash the server and/or disturb the gameplay of other players, I would teleport to the player that is prop spamming, inspect his actions and if his/her actions intent to crash the server then I would freeze the player, delete the props spammed in the area and later I would interview the player and ask the player why he is dong it. After interviewing the person and checking his/her previous warns, I would give the proper punishment to the player. If the prop spam is a minor prop spam, then the player must be verbal warned, or may be jailed for a reasonable amount of time. If the player proceeds with the same intents I would do the same actions to give him a warning and proceed with a ban and if the necessity of an extent is needed, I would call my mentor or another staff member. If the prop spam is big, such as spawning crates, and huge plastic blocks, then the player will be permanently banned. People begin to complain about an "illegal base": If a player complains about an illegal base, I would interview the person who claims to have found an illegal base, ask the player the problem about the base, and who is the base owner. After he provides me with the information needed to check the base, I would teleport to the person who owns the illegal base, inspect the base and it's content, and if necessary teleport the person who is complaining about the base to show me what was the problem, if the problem is identified then I will ask the owner of the base to remove/fix the problem of the base. If he fixes the problem, then i will thank the person and to not do it again, and if the base owner doesn't know the rules of basing, I would help him by supplying a link to the rules of the MOTD, and also helping him by making his base better. If the base owner doesn't fix the problem, if he/she persists to ignore staff members, players, and even me, I would have to remove the problem myself, and if the base owner still has the same problem I would have to warn him, and kick him. If there is the same problem then banning the player for a reasonable amount of time, further extents may be taken if the player has more warnings that including the same or similar warns. You see another staff member abusing his/her powers: If I see another staff member abusing his power to other players by performing such actions such as jailing, muting, gagging, warning, setting model scale, giving other people weapons, and even dragging players with the physics gun with no justification at all, I would talk to him first, and tell him to stop doing it, unless he has a justified reason. If the staff member still abuses his power, then I must gather evidence of everything I should report him for and show it to super admins, and the head admin for further inspection, if necessary, I can consult with trial moderators, moderators, admins, and senior admins for more investigation on the topic. After I have done all of these actions, I will post the complaint along with all of the evidence on the forums, and further actions will be taken with the head admin if to ban, warn, or demote the accused staff member. A player is extremely uncooperative during a sit: If a player is uncooperative in a sit to the extent that the player is harrasing, being toxic, micspamming, and even being offensive, I would gag/mute the player and let the player that filed the complaint tell me everything that happened, if the player being uncooperative during the sit would rdm, running away, or killing himself in the sit, I would have the player jailed during the sit, and proceed with further actions and extend the punishment if needed due to being uncooperative in a sit. If the player leaves the server during a sit due to him/her leaving the game, then I will complete the complaint that he was accused of and later ask my mentor or an admin to extend the ban time on the uncooperative player. A player is excessively RDMing/RDAing and breaking NLR: RDM: Stands for Random Death Match, punishment may vary as there are many factors included with RDM, such as first time warn, one RDM made, Mass RDM, and more. If the player is committing MRDM for the first time, then the player should be punished with a 12 hour ban first, and later call my mentor or a staff member to extend the ban time on the player. There is also RRDM, which stands for Revenge Random Death Match, if the player who does MRRDM keeps killing the same player just because they got killed once by them, then they may also receive a 12 hour ban first and later ask my mentor or any staff member to extend the ban time, if necessary, it can also be a permanent ban. RDA: Stands for Random Arrest punishments may be similar as for RDM, RDA may be with few jobs, and those jobs are the police, police trainee, police chief, swat, swat juggernaut, and the swat medic. These 6 classes are able to arrest any class except law enforcements, and they may arrest classes that are not law enforcements to enforce the laws. RDA is not counted if the authorities have a reason to arrest you. Ex. Police chief may arrest thief who is shooting in public, even if the person is testing the weapon, they may still be AOS. An example of RDA would be someone who is a policeman and start arresting people for not doing something, or for to ruin the experience of other players. If a player is MRDA the person would be placed into a sit, if it is the first time the person is accused of MRDA, then the player would banned for 12 hours, and later tell my mentor or another staff member to extend the ban time of the player. NLR: Stands for New Life Rule, a person may not come to the same place where he was killed for five minutes, except if it was a hit. If you come to the same place before the 5 minutes then you may be killed by the same player in the same area and also other players in the area. Punishment for breaking NLR has been reduced, now if one person has broken NLR once, then they are verbal warned, if they keep breaking NLR, then they are warned and depending the amount of times NLR has been broken by a player, the more severe the punishment may be. If a new player breaks NLR about 2 times maximum, then I will explain the player what is NLR and how to avoid breaking it, for to not commit the error, and also give him a Verbal Warning. (Additional Comments): I want to clarify the reason why this is white is because I did all of this on a notepad on my phone, and later sent it on an email, I copied and pasted it because I wouldn't write the whole thing again. Also I want to thank my friend @TheArcadeFox for introducing me to this server, helping me train for Trial Moderator, and showing me the rules as well. Also I want to thanks all of the staff members who have helped me learn rules, also to let me be in sits to learn punishments, and more, and they are @Sarrus? @ImmortalxReaper @Demon. @Blazen @Lemon©Yimo, @SugarMuchand @korbin. Thanks to the people who have motivated me to be an admin and also those who have cheered me to be an admin. Also thanks to @thogwho banned me for a day for party abuse because he was the person who made me stop doing warnings, and also taught me to be a better player overall.
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    Well aren't you just a rebel.... First thing i want to start with is my Congratulations to the to the administration for keeping this server up for so long! Be proud of your accomplishments. My Name is Arius, But my online Alias is Skyy.Tiger. I'm an avid fan of DarkRP and even more so of servers that last! I've been playing Garry's Mod since before it was Standalone. Back when Garry's Mod was just that, a mod. Trust me when I say, I've seen servers come and go. Some do well and fall off the fence for the wrong reasons and others slide under the radar ever to be noticed in the first place. It takes a lot of work, dedication, communication, and most importantly, A DAMN GOOD TEAM OF PERSISTENT STAFF AND ADMINISTRATORS! I'm happy to inform you all that indeed, you check all of those boxes in my personal opinion. I was the lead Administrator for Zoorik when he first launched HighVoltageRP many years ago. It was a stretch for the first few weeks but we got it off the ground. So if you've been playing DarkRP for as long as i have, more thank likely you know who Zoorik is and how awesome HighVoltage was all those years ago! However, when i first played RetributionRp. I was Skeptical! It seemed Hit and Miss for me. Not just because of the level of competence of a couple of staff members, but mostly because of the general lack of control staff really had on players. Chaos was always looming for this server. But that never made me loose sight of the servers potential. Now here they are! Having made an Excelent Come-back. They've really risen from the proverbial ashes and became a great community with a great Administration and Staff. I am proud and pleased to say that I am a satisfied new member of the community starting now! My hat is off to each and every one of you who have persevered and come out on top along side the server its self! Makes me very proud to see such organization and patients pay off for you all! NEVER GET COMFORTABLE! AND STAY ON YOUR TOES! and surely you will stay within the path of success! I wish you further fortune and most importantly, the fortitude in all of your endeavors. -Arius Arivali
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    The Bombing of Tokyo was a series of firebombing air raids by the United States Army Air Forces during the Pacific campaigns of World War II. Operation Meetinghouse, which was conducted on the night of 9–10 March 1945, is the single most destructive bombing raid in human history. Of central Tokyo 16 square miles (41 km2; 10,000 acres) were destroyed, leaving an estimated 100,000 civilians dead and over one million homeless. The US first mounted a seaborne, small-scale air raid on Tokyo in April 1942. Strategic bombing and urban area bombing began in 1944 after the long-range B-29 Super fortress bomber entered service, first deployed from China and thereafter the Mariana Islands. B-29 raids from those islands began on 17 November 1944, and lasted until 15 August 1945, the day of Japanese surrender. Over 50% of Tokyo's industry was spread out among residential and commercial neighborhoods; firebombing cut the whole city's output in half. Some post-war analysts have called the raid a war crime due to the targeting of civilian infrastructure and the ensuing mass loss of civilian life.
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    In-Game Name: [Your Username] : Yung Listerine Age: [Your age] : 16 Timezone: [Your timezone]: EST Steam ID: [Your SteamID, found in-game with the ID Card swep]: STEAM_0:1:185939739 Steam Profile (a link): [Your steam profile]: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198332145207/ Hours on the server: [Total hours on the server as shown on your ID card]: 665 hours Times you're most active: [The rough times you are able to be most active]: I am most active between the times of 6 am-10 pm Why I want/should be a moderator: [Give us an idea of what you think your best qualities are and why you would be a good moderator]: I would like to be a moderator because I have enjoyed the time I have spent on this server and I enjoy talking and spending time with the community and look forward to making Retribution great and a fun server to spend time on the server and make good friends throughout the time they spend on the server. Have you read the rules fully, understand, and feel comfortable enforcing them as correctly as possible?: [Yes/No]: Yes Are you willing to listen to any Staff member chosen to mentor and guide you as a Staff, even if you feel you don't need to?: [Yes/No]: Yes Are you certain you will be able to staff for several hours a week?: [Yes/No]: Yes Situations: The server begins to lag and players are complaining about prop spam: [How do you find the source of the prop spam? How do you determine if it is or isn't prop spam?]: After I get the reports of the prop spam I would check the logs for the prop spam and then talk to them about what they are doing, if the player knows what they are doing and trying to make the server lag I would ban them for 12 hours and ask for it to be extended to 1 week and warn them for the prop spam. You're involved in a sit where a player has said the base he's raiding is illegal: [What process do you take to make sure the player fixes the issues with their base? What if the player refuses or ignores you altogether?]: I would explain to the player that their base is illegal and that they need to fix it. I would explain what is illegal and tell them that it needs to be changed to a certain amount of doors/shooting windows. If they refuse to I will You see another staff member abusing their power: [Give an example of a staff abuse and how you would handle it/who you would contact]: I would record the staff member abusing their power and immediately send the video to Vlad, AnonymousRainbow, Jouaram and tell them the background of what the situation was and how the staff member was abusing their power. For example, the staff member has banned a player for no reason and has no context for the ban. A player is extremely uncooperative during a sit and is throwing insults at you: [What do you do if a player isn't listening to what you're saying? What do you do if they are insulting you?]: I would tell the player that the best thing to do is to just calm down and to just take the punishment if they are receiving one. After the sit I would talk to them and ask them what the problem is and if there is anything I can do to help them with and ask them to have fun. A player is excessively RDMing/RDAing and breaking NLR: [What is RDM/RDA and NLR? How do you determine if a player is breaking any of these?]: If a player is RDMing (Random Death Match) that means they would find someone on the street and just blast them without having a hit or fighting the player. If that is a first-time offense I would give them a verbal warning. If a player is RDAing (Random Arrest) and is when the player is role-playing as a cop and has arrested a player that was not wanted. I would give them a verbal warning for the RDA. If a player is breaking NLR (New Life Rule) which is when you return to the location of your death before 5 minutes and are interacting with the player that has killed them. I would give them a verbal warning for the NLR and explain that they can’t react with the player that killed them or return to the location of their death.
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    In-Game Name: [EEoo] Age: [ 15 ] Timezone: [PST] Steam ID: [STEAM_0:1:444334805] Steam Profile (a link): https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198848935339 Hours on the server: [1300] Times you're most active: [10 pm - 9 am] Why I want/should be a moderator: [My best qualities are being active as hell. Why I want be trail mod is to take sits. Help out the server and the staff team I have a good grip on most of the rules on the server] Have you read the rules fully, understand and feel comfortable enforcing them as correctly as possible?: [Yes/No]Yes Are you willing to listen to any Staff member chosen to mentor and guide you as a Staff, even if you feel you don't need to?: [Yes/No]Yes Are you certain you will be able to staff for several hours a week?: [Yes/No]Yes Situations: The server begins to lag and players are complaining about prop spam: If I see ooc and staff chat getting filled with people saying "LAGGGG" I would freeze props, Find out in logs were the source of prop spam is coming from. then I would teleport to the player and I would see what they are up to If it's clear that they are intending to crash or lag the server I would instantly freeze the victim, then I would ban the victim for an appropriate amount of time depending on their warns. If it's a new player I would inform them to stop spamming props cause its causing lag. You're involved in a sit where a player has said the base he's raiding is illegal: If someone is saying a base is illegal, I would tp to the person who said it was illegal about the base, I would ask him what's so illegal about the base, hear how it's illegal, then I'll inspect in the "illegal base". If it's actually an illegal base I would teleport the owner of the base to me and I'll explain to him what needs to be fixed about their base to make it non-illegal, I would come back a couple minutes later to check if the base is fine. But if they refuse to fix the base I would simply ask them a couple more times and If they still do not change it I would warn them for a reasonable amount of time depending on their warns and kick the player You see another staff member abusing their power: A example of staff abuse is like flying through bases to see if they have anything to raid, or god mode during them raiding. The process I do to show proof that they are abusing their powers is recording sending it to higher-ups to get involved with this if the staff is denying to abusing their powers. I would try to ask why they tone them down to stop the abusing his powers. A player is extremely uncooperative during a sit and is throwing insults at you: If a player is not listening to what I'm saying I would tell them to pay attention for they could learn from the mistake they have done. If they are insulting me I would not be angry or offended I'll still be the same as how I was when I started the sit. If they are constantly interfering/Interrupting me in a sit where it can not go on longer I will mute/gag them until the sit is done. A player is excessively RDMing/RDAing and breaking NLR: RDM: Random Murder: RDM is killing someone without a valid reason or no reason. An example of RDM is Joe killing someone because EEoo said "aaa" RDA: RDA Random Arrest: RDA is arresting someone without or no reason. Example of this is Joe arrested EEoo because he is typing NLR: New Life Rule: NLR is returning to a point or interacting with their killer less than 5 minutes All these cases I would warn them for an appropriate amount of time depending on their warns, How I would determined that they broke these I would check logs. (Additional Comments): Hello thank you for reading this if you are. I have been trying to apply for staff for a while and I wouldn't do it because I think no one thinks Im fit for staff at all. I've have been trying to change being mingy or toxic. I am really sorry If I was toxic towards you. Hope you forgive me Thank you
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    We all know why she wasn't insta-denied like any other person who has applied with no forum activity.
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    Hard to elaborate upon because it is more of an inside controversy between friend groups, but I've know him for long enough. Even in past applications anyone can view, he has kissed up a lot. Nothing new to be honest, every higher up post-2016 has faked it to make it, and I don't wish to see him be rewarded for it again.
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    changin to a +1 smile has been banned long enough, he has never even been toxic or doxxed anyone i believe him. he deserves another chance especially this early
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    To be honest because of your recent behavior I would like to know who actually wants you to appeal and come back, your toxicity finally bit you in the ass. Good luck cleaning this one up bud.
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    So, ive played ret since last summer and it was pretty fun, but to be honest ret has become boring and a shitshow, im not sure exactly why its just after the Halloween event, the fun kinda just vanished. I don't regret playing, im glad that I played on ret and got to meet some neat people. Im not gonna get all emotional and crap about all the people ive met because unlike other people ive only played for like not even a year, while others played since 2016. I haven't COMPLETELY quit, what I mean by that is that I may occasionally come back to mess around or try new stuff, so its not a complete goodbye, more of a you'll rarely see me around kinda quit. I also may come back if I decide to but considering ive been pretty inactive for like the past month or 2 I figured I may aswell make a post to confirm it. So anyways yeah, thanks for letting me have fun on Retribution and meet some neat people to talk to. Also just in case, NO I am not giving away my stuff, my perms die with me. See you guys later, possibly.
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    the day has come that the biggest minge leaves after 4 gay years its been fun after 4 perms but see yall niggas later shout out @tig ole bitties @Sofia @goomy @harvey < cant find his @ but that nigga kinda cute @Informer @keemo @Tha Boy @Young Thug Can't think of anyone else but you guys know who you are well fuck you guys see ya I am fortnite professional dm me on discord for irl trades ItsMikey#7272
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    My golden retriever named Tiger
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    This is it boys. I can say without a doubt that some people were hoping for this. The amount of power that can go to somebody's head is insane and almost incomprehensible. You may call this post laughable and may even shitpost on it. In the community the server has gone down hill from when I first started playing. Bans nowadays seem based more on opinions then the facts (however most bans are reasonable and understood). The progress that has been made on the dev board since it was created is for the most part a joke. I understand that all the staff on here are not required to play/work/put time into the server. I can say without thinking twice that the server is in a worse position then it was in 2016 (atleast for older members/regulars). The server has been sugar coated by most of the higher up team. The activity to the public on there end is non-existent and it feels like they do almost nothing for the integrity for the server. Since there is no person in power looking out for older members (IMO) I think its time to leave this community possibly for good. I'm going to start off by listing some of the issues I have. You may skim/skip over this part if you really don't care. The first problem being, I can not be forgiven for what I have done 2 years+ in the past. I think people should be able to look past somebody's warn count and see what the person is actually like. I'm very thankful that my group of friends that are currently staff members or past staff looked past my warn count and saw me for who I was. Sure you can make assumptions all you want, but I will continue to think otherwise. Sure you may think that people never change but I think that some people can, and I think I did for the most part. Another issue I have is the lack of things to do on the server. I understand that making server events in currently underway, but I see no progress being made on this subject. The server has gotten increasingly boring over the years and there is almost nothing to do at this point. I have everything that I want, I made the friends that I wanted to have, and I loved being able to share my time with all the friends, past and present. The disrespect that some staff members have for players that have dumped there time, effort, lives, and money in really gets to me (cool meme dude) <-- This may have been a joke but It seemed kind of direct. The amount of communication that happens between the higher up team, the other staff members is, again, non-existent. Let alone the communication between the playerbase and the higher up team. I don't think that there is any issue with the people in power. I think the power has gone to there heads in certain cases. yall got clickbaited in the title ez Now for the mentions. @poyo In DMs. @korbin Stop with the gay tendencies. For real though, you were a really cool dude when I played. Ill tell you how much you meant to me in DMs. @Sarrus? trap beats playboy carti on gang on cap dairyqueen gang on dwayne @Byte Long talks and multiple mine craft servers. I loved ever second with you, and you will be regarded as a highly respected friend of mine. Thanks. @Demon. ill destroy you in hvh meet @gametime bruh ill inject ayyware onetap user here @Harry Death You chill bruh. I'm sorry for what I put you through. @Chocobo thanks for your words of encouragement and seeing through what people said about me @Oz! that really figures @Ryan later fellow staff member @Tropath thanks for making my account homeboy @Festive Minx ❄ im sorry for all that I put you through. I think ive bettered myself and I can say you made me a better person. @Kenny ★ You are extremely 2 faced and extremely hypocritical. Take a look in the mirror bud. @BeesCantFly bruh moment @Jalen you dumbfuck got yourself banned bro @MajorSteam are you even banned? @Lo Mein You may not remember me, but I remember. We were really good friends. @Thanos later gamer ? @ImmortalxReaperI loved basing with you and you always made me smile when you were grinding on the old system. @Flustered Pigeon I am truly sorry that I let you down. I hope that you can forgive me for everything that I have done in the past. I really believe that you will fix the server at some point. I am sorry I can not be around for it (for the better or worse). Thank you for believing in me up until the end and I'm sorry for loop-holing past you guys. It was not one of my best moves. @DaveThe2nd I know I have not been the nicest person to you. I think I could have used better judgement when deciding what to do. Even though I tried to make amends with you I could see where you were coming from. I apologize for all the issues that I caused you and the staff problems. @JouaramThank you for giving me the chance to staff. I really had a good time doing it and loved it while it lasted. Thank you for providing me joy for the past 4 years. Ill leave you guys with a goodbye song ? ghoul says: add me on minecraft: ghoulinyourhome im out boys lil whitewashed fr fr ceo of autism out TheBigJuicyOne/Trio/Froggy/Zeus 2k15-16//2k19
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    Actually, that rule literally means that you cannot keep them from doing those things or force them to either. Here's some examples: - You cannot prevent a player from jumping - You cannot force a player to crouch - You cannot place blocks on the floor that make the player bounce while walking - You cannot prevent a player from being able to move The definition of inhibit is "hinder, restrain, or prevent (an action or process)." Just throwing that out there to hopefully better help that specific rule be understood.
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    I'm going away for a bit cause of drama and people. Trust me I'll be back in a month once I'm bored with this game I'm playing I'll miss you @palmer @Zeus @Sarrus? Can't find Tha Boys @ but @Byte and I forget anyone I think your banned @montay never traded with me and he scammed me in lottos. Binoo is cool. Y'all might not miss me but whatever. I'll be back and I might get on before a month if I'm hella bored. This will get drama away from me so I can have fun. @Hurricane Harvey love you @Shalom my mentor who was with me and made me a good staff member. I miss staffing and how fun it was. I got tons of people banned >:). But I'll talk to you outside of ret maybe.
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