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    We have recently promoted Marki to Super Administrator and Colours to Senior Administrator. Please congratulate them when you see them! We really appreciate what they've done for the community.
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    As more and more players seem to be reaching the hard cap of money which is $2,147,483,647 I've added some bars to the game so you can store your money in other methods, or even if you haven't hit the cap you can trade these bars with other players and they will be just as valuable as money. These bars work by purchasing them off Bill (Another vendor is in the works), for example the Silver Bar is $10,000,000 once purchased it will go to your inventory (I HIGHLY suggest moving these to your permanent item inventory) and then that bar will give you $10,000,000 to your wallet when you press E on it. Think of it as another way to store your money without the money being in your wallet whilst still being trade-able. Bars Available: Silver Bar: $10,000,000 Platinum Bar: $50,000,000 Gold Bar: $100,000,000
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    Just to inform everybody here, @yelsew352 has been promoted to Super Administrator. We feel he is a perfect fit for this role and has demonstrated to us everything we feel a Super Administrator should have. Congratulations again Yelsew, hope you enjoy your new role.
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    Failure to follow these rules will result in your immediate denial. BE PROFESSIONAL Requirements Must NOT hold a staff position on any other GMOD server. Must have AT LEAST 60 hours in-game. Applying before 60 hours is reached will result in INSTANT DENIAL, even if you acquire 60 hours while your application is still standing. You must maintain a healthy level of in-game activity and forum activity, being inactive in-game will lead to an INSTANT DENIAL. You must receive positive feedback from at least 2 admins+ to be approved. If you don't meet this requirement in 7 days, your application will be denied. Super Admins+ always have the final say. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules Rare exceptions may be made for some of these rules, but you must have permission from a Senior Admin or higher, unless otherwise stated. Your application will be locked one week after posting. Advertising your application in-game or asking people to "check out" your application can result in an INSTANT DENIAL and a 7 DAY WAIT to reapply. Negative feedback on an application is normal. Excessively arguing or complaining about it can result in an INSTANT DENIAL and a 7 DAY WAIT to reapply. Plagiarism is not tolerated. If your application is found to be plagiarized, it will result in an INSTANT DENIAL and a PERMANENT BLACKLIST from reapplying. You may ask to have your application closed or denied, but you'll still have to go through a 7 DAY WAIT to reapply. While you're free to resign at any time, you will still be subject to a 30 DAY WAIT to reapply (from the resignation date). If you are demoted, you must receive the direct permission from a Super Admin or above to re-apply. If your application is denied you will be subject to a 7 DAY WAIT to reapply. Whether this is your first time applying, retired, or demoted, you must still reapply. VERY RARE exceptions may be made for former staff who would like to apply directly for Admin, but must get permission from a Super Admin or above first. Responses on applications must display a positive, neutral, or negative rating followed by a brief explanation for the rating. If you do not give a reason for your rating, or just post emotes and memes then you may be issued warning points on the forum. (Regular forum rules still apply!) If you are an Admin posting positive feedback, be thorough in your reasoning. Give reasons why you think the player would make an exceptional staff member. (Your vote has weight! Don't throw out +1's carelessly!) The moderator application template is posted below. You may alter the style, colors, or format as long as the information within the application is preserved. Moderator applications must use the title format of <Name>'s Moderator Application: MM/DD/YY Example: Deathie's Moderator Application: 01/01/17 You can preview an example application here. DON'T COPY AND PASTE ANSWERS! BE ORIGINAL! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Name]'s Moderator Application In-Game Name: [Your username] Age: [Your age] Timezone: [Or your state/province and country] Steam ID: [You can find this by typing status in your in-game console or from HERE] Steam Profile (Link): Hours on the server: [Use your in-game ID card to find your hours.] Times Active: [How many hours a day, and which days are you active?] Why I want/should be a moderator: [You don't have to put yourself on a pedestal, but give us an idea of what you think your best qualities are, and why you'd be a good moderator.] Have you read the rules fully, understand them and are wanting to enforce them as correctly as possible?: [Yes/No] Are you willing to listen to any Staff member chosen to mentor and guide you as a Staff, even if you feel you don't need to?: [Yes/No] To keep your Staffing position you are required at least 7 hours a week of in-game activity, can you meet this?: [Yes/No] SITUATIONS: The server begins to lag and players are complaining about prop spam: [How can you find the source of the prop spam? How do you determine what is or isn't prop spam?] People begin to complain about an "illegal base": [What process do you take to make sure the player fixes the issue(s) with their base? What if the player refuses or ignores you altogether?] You see another staff member abusing his/her powers: [Example of staff abuse? What process do you take to stop it? Do you get higher ups involved, or would you talk to the staff member yourself? Both? Neither?] A player is extremely uncooperative during a sit: [What do you do if a player doesn't like your judgement of the sit? What do you do if they start downright insulting you?] A player is excessively RDMing/RDAing and breaking NLR: [What is RDM/RDA and NLR? How do you determine if a player is breaking any of these?] (Additional Comments): [Anything else you want us to know about you? You can remove this part from the application if you don't want to include anything.]
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    I personally would disagree with adding RTD things to a vendor. Here are the reasons: It is so much more satisfying when you land on a high priced item versus just going and buying it If you did add a vendor then the market would eventually influx, ultimately there would be almost no point of rtd other then getting stuff like Stimpacks. Yes you may overpriced them but in the long run if most of the people have a grapple hook for example, it'll decrease it's value exponentially and in the long run when people start selling those things on tradeco then the price overall of them will be lower because they are common items. If you think the RNG isn't right, then change the percentages of gaining something rather then just buying it, it's a lot more fun getting it off chance rather then grinding for it and would develop competition within the community. I personally have gotten an RU-556 off RTD and it was EXTREMELY satisfying. Last thing i'll say is if you do anything, add new weapons that are vendor specific and unique. If your going to overprice something, make it so the items you incorperate are the only thing you can get from that vendor, yes there are some vendors like that but to tell the truth. I don't see and vendors that sell amazing or just great guns that are unique to that vendor. Only one I know about is the basic guns that you can buy for low price and even then people can buy and ocelot shotgun for 10 mill on tradeco vs a rustic for 15 mill at the vendor. Ultimately, I'd ask you add variety but don't allow people to just buy things that are specific to RNG, those are the things that make it worthwhile when you win them in RTD. I will say though that the RNG is a bit unbalanced. It's extremely hard to get a rare or even a super rare. Even getting something such as an ocelot is not a common occurrence.
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    Server Update 01/04/2018: Bug Fixes: N/A Modified Files/Content: Supporters now deal 2x damage to non-supporters. Supporters now take 2x less damage from non-supporters. Added Content: Added all Enigma Rifles to the Store at $9.99 each. Supporters will now be able to type !orbme for sticky situations where you might be close to dying from a non-paying player, where you will spawn 10 plasma cannon orbs from within you that will target players around you, targeting non-supporters first. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Everyones moved past it, you should too. He's matured up.
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    This is a list of players who have been blacklisted from applying for staff, either for behavioral issues, plagiarism, etc. These users are PERMANENTLY banned from applying for staff. Betawolf - STEAM_0:1:115954507 Voxin/Tyler - STEAM_0:0:59470750 zProxy - STEAM_0:1:79754342 Tkco - STEAM_0:1:99332559 DoubleTrouble - STEAM_0:0:80403356 Thor - STEAM_0:1:47170063 FuriousKKG - STEAM_0:1:196663487 Cassandra - STEAM_0:0:49658709 Oming218 - STEAM_0:1:157009979 can - No SteamID listed. nibba hours - STEAM_0:1:50058562
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    ItemStore is going to be removed in the coming Weeks. This means, EMPTY YOUR INVENTORYS and place them into your Permanent Inventory. The permanent inventory will also likely be changed into "Inventory SWEP" to avoid confusion for new players. This also includes ItemStore banks, anything Item-Store related will be removed permanently. After removal you can expect a good amount of performance increase along with a new Permanent Items vendor that sells the permanent items straight into your perm inv instead of itemstore. Post your concerns/issues you have with the permanent item SWEP so I can look into resolving them.
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    I don't have the motivation or effort to write a full reply so I'm just going to quote Geek because he's 100% correct., This is probably the advice you should follow unless you want to start triggering price wars over the value of items. @Jouaram If you just want to get more perms out into the system - or make them easier for new players to obtain, I really suggest taking advantage of Geek, Yelsew, and even Marki for strategic game-development efforts, you have really smart talent here willing to help you brainstorm and work on the server but they won't be able to work effectively if you're on different pages. To add onto this, this is EXTREMELY important that it's controlled by RNG. If you don't, the "giving away" of a perm is weighted towards some other factor. If you have people pay for them, you're deliberately making it so people with more money have an easier time obtaining them. Any other method other than RNG will utilize game time, player money, supporter/user affinity, or some similar method to exclude or make it more difficult for other people to obtain them. It's SUUUUUUUPER important these items remain 100% random, because then it secures the fact that ANYONE, regardless of time played, money earned, or whether or not they donated, having the exact same odds as anyone else on their roll. Right now, RTD doesn't discriminate. If you make them buy-able by a vendor, you're setting a floor for the items as well as making certain demographics have an easier time obtaining them. It's not like we haven't done this in the past, we've added store weapons that were also available on RTD, but you're talking about essentially dismantling the purpose of RTD in a way that affects every perm on that item table. ok im done
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    Server Update 12/03/2018: Bug Fixes: Fixed wardrobe models not changing on job change, begone anime SWAT. Modified Files/Content: N/A Added Content: N/A -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Here's an example of them in a permanent inventory - This is not a major update, just a quality of life thing for those that want to use it or have too much money for their pockets.
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    Bug Fixes: Fixed being able to pick up perm items from an unlimited distance (you have to be relatively close to pick it up now). Modified Files/Content: Battering ram speed reduced from a 3 second delay to a 0.3 second delay to allow police to get through doors before they close on them. Added Content: N/A
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    Bug Fixes: 'Valentines Dolls' can now play sounds even if another player is using the doll. Modified Files/Content: 'Valentines Dolls' now activate on left click instead of every 5 seconds. I'm going through old, poorly functioning addons that aren't often used and removing them. This is mainly for performance. Removed addons: Weed system Amphetamine system Tasks (An updated version will be added back later) Custom Jobs that paid for the Amphetamine system will now see the classic Meth system on their job instead. Along with this, the removal of certain jobs was necessary: Junkie has been removed. Amphetamine Cook has been removed. Payday's have been changed from occurring every 2.6 minutes to occurring every 10 minutes. All payday's will be modified so that you don't lose any money based on this change, this is purely so it's easier for me to work out the correct values needed when changing them. Police were being harshly underpaid for their job. I've made some changes to this: Police's paydays have been changed from 80k an hour to 300k an hour. Police Chief's paydays have been changed from 115k an hour to 600k an hour. SWAT Jug, SWAT Medic, SWAT's paydays have been changed from 115k an hour to 500k an hour. Mayor's payday has been changed from 350k an hour to 1000k an hour. These amounts have been altered based on putting into perspective that police have no access to any entities that create money. Once a mission system is in place these rates can and will be re-looked at. The amounts sound like A LOT on paper, but try them out in-game before complaining. ty. All jobs paydays have been modified to fit the new '10 minute payday' times. Added Content: After 30 minutes of AFK you will have your job set to 'AFK' and be demoted from your job. (Staff pls dont kick AFK players unless the server is capped)
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    A lot of of them are really obvious who they are from, or even have their name in them. I want to keep it anonymous to avoid any issues. I've read through all of them though. Here's a good one though: https://gyazo.com/3e448cf3447b44b983520c1089de62e8 https://gyazo.com/023be4a113098370d8d671121bc1103d
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    >Nerfs the current decent gun to unusable so we buy the new guns
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    Server Update 28/03/2018: Bug Fixes: N/A Modified Files/Content: Changed Token Capsules a tad - Tokens now spawn once every 2 hours. They despawn after 15 minutes if nobody picks them up. Tokens now spawn in sets of 20 with a chance to spawn at any of the 50 spawn points (Random Spawning). Supporters will now receive 2 Tokens per capsule and users will still receive the 1. Kiss SWEP is now removed along with the Vendor. Added Content: This month will have a Token-based event. Every time that Tokens spawn a Gunpart will spawn with them, in a random location. This gunpart can be picked up with a 'Gunpart Bag' SWEP, which everyone will now spawn with. You can redeem these Gunparts for new permanent weapons at the new Gunpart vendor. Picking up a Gunpart gives you anywhere from 1 to 5 Gunparts. To start the event off, there will be an increase in Token Spawn rates for the first week - Tokens will spawn once every hour. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Ima just give you shit if I see anything longer than a week of inactivity, unless you post that you're gonna be gone. Doesn't mean you can have geeks activity of a couple hours with a week inbetween EDIT: also I was gonna start on nonamus, but then I saw he was taking a break on steam No staff in general should just be on the forums and have shit activity in game
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    Where the fuck is my swat leader Promotion
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    Nothing wrong with a little icing
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    Fantastic solution — I’ve been wanting to implement an alternate currency for a while to resolve the 2b limit issue, but never could figure out a good way to. These bars utilizing the permanent inventory is smart as hell. 10/10