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    This is the problem. You don't treat your server with any sort of responsibility toward your player base. It's only about maintaining a revenue stream to support yourself and the server. Telling your players, who PAY YOU HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS A MONTH for you to PROVIDE THEM A SERVICE to just fuck off if they don't like the state of the server is why anyone who has ever tried to help you has walked away from this place. Literally everyone else who has taken a hand in administrating this place has put in more time and effort into actually trying to make this place better, while anything you touch is really just a means to add a revenue stream or is done so haphazardly that you barely look into the greater context of what you're adding. Half of the donation guns have armor penetrating rounds - only because I had already coded an anti-armor damage type, and you were unable to make your own, new unique feature. Most of the new additions have just been more and more permanent items to flood players with. You've added more permanent guns in the last few months than all of the ones I've added over the course of almost two years and most of them are just generic guns from a workshop pack. I guarantee that you didn't even take the effort to compare weapon values in any structured function other than comparing a couple damage values and figuring it's "good enough". Ocelot guns have deflated so much that they're actually worth LESS than the tier below it because everyone has 10 million RTD tokens. Almost every donation store gun that features some sort of gimmick (which isn't even unique - they're just taken off of the workshop) is unbalanced and broken, and sometimes never even get fixed. I see constant threads about how entities break, features get changed, and other problems arise because you update or change something without really thinking of the consequences. You even moved all the databases off server so that you can roll back without having a bunch of complications. You've literally made it easier for you to press a "reset button" anytime something breaks instead of diagnosing problems and fixing them once and for all. I don't think you feel it's necessary to make your own content. You've tried to dabble in scripting, but you never committed enough to actually making a full addon or some new, larger feature. You have no urgency to your community unless your income is jeopardized. Do you remember why I made the Enigma Rifles? It's because you added the Asiimov M4. You were charging $24 for a shitty, broken ass gun from the workshop just because it was an asiimov from csgo and I felt embarrassed for both of us. I wanted to give players something new, cool, and unique, something one of your players could actually be proud of buying. I was really hoping that that it would set the example to you should put unique content on your store, not just random tat you found off of the workshop. I got shit on so much for stuff that you didn't do. People would message me every day about custom jobs that YOU weren't doing because you were playing H1Z1. Even when I asked you to just PAY ME TO DO THEM when people had already been waiting 3 weeks for their custom jobs, you still insisted on doing them yourself. That's why I automated custom printers for you. I felt BAD for the people who paid you that had to wait weeks for what they paid for. What's even more depressing is seeing all these kids as staff, who have only been here for a couple weeks to a few months, actually justify you avoiding your job because they don't realize you've been doing this kind of shit for over two years.
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    Hey everyone. I've made a decision to leave the Retribution community entirely. I've had a lot of different experiences and I've enjoyed the large majority of it. While I can't say Retribution is the server it should be, it's certainly one that has had a lasting impression on me. You might find me on the DarkRP server or other branches, or pop up when something neat is made. Other than that, I'm taking the train to new places. I'd like to really talk about my personal experiences on Retribution and the impacts it's made on me. If you don't want to read all that shit, leave your post here and go. Past this point, it's really just my experience. TL;DR: I didn't expect to help out as much as I have, and the server has changed me. I miss the "old" Retribution and it's community. I never really expected to make as big an impact on Retribution, the staff team, it's community, or even as a developer. I came into the server to minge and go. I got on with a friend, and he wanted to take a legitimate stab at RP. So we did. My first experience is hiding in a propblocked house from a hit man who wanted to kill me. I was partially scared for my character in-game, I didn't want to die. Then I just let it happen. I realized there wasn't much consequence to dying, contrary to many other experiences on other servers. It was my first "real" experience in a DarkRP server. It wasn't forced, it didn't happen with a specially prepared building. It happened by me being fearful for the outcome of my character. I knew I'd respawn, but I had items and stuff I feared losing. I got more into the server and began playing more often. I played as if anyone would mug me at any point, I was afraid to have a weapon out, I played like I was a normal citizen in a city. Eventually, I tried my turn in basing. At this time, fading door bombs were something I had never experienced, as well as custom jobs, and donator privileges. I had a building sign up, and put a KOS to fend off people who would try to raid. This was my first true experience with staff. A player attempted to raid me, but at the time, KOS and building signs were not allowed to be put together. I came back multiple times to tell him he couldn't raid, getting killed each time. I was banned for a day, by Seodd. He was an older player and an administrator at the time. I was really tempted to leave the server altogether, but also wanted to play more. I got on more often, and played longer after the ban. After a while, I decided to donate and get Supporter Perm. This was the first time I ever donated to a server, and it felt really nice. I was helping a server I enjoyed, and got benefits for doing so. However, the donation process wasn't so easy. I bought the item JUST before a sale, and after refreshing the page, seeing my donation, I saw the price was cut in half. The donation never came through in-game either. We were worried, so my parents and I charged back. I got permanently banned, and I contacted Jouaram. This was the first time I ever contacted staff or an owner of a server directly. We had it solved, and I even got Supporter Perm for half off. I was unbanned, and let back into the server. Slightly shorter story, I went Drug Dealer one day and had the mayor base with me. He was RPing as a drug addict mayor, which is always fun. We even had Deathie come over, and RP as a doctor. It was really exciting seeing someone that did a lot for the server just relax and play it. I never realized that I would learn as much as I have from him. Shortly after this time, I got involved in the forums. I had gotten a little more known in the community, and portrayed myself pretty wholly. I didn't act like a jackass, reserved cursing, and tried to write as maturely as possible. Eventually, I was pushed by a lot of other players to apply for staff. At this time, staff applications were much more lax, but the super administrators at the time (I believe it was Tropath, MeeganTheVegan, and VladTheImpaler) were very vigilant, and watched staff. I made a staff application, and then the forums were reset. I didn't really write a rough draft, so I just rewrote it again. Once again, the forums got reset. I don't know the exact reasoning for what happened those days, but I believe it was a server switch. I wrote it once more, under the title "yelsew352's Staff Application V3". This was the first time I had ever applied for staff, and the first time I ever got accepted. At this time, the forums were a much more close-knit community, full of people who respected each other. I really miss that. The application wasn't really well written, and wasn't really professional. It had a lot of personal jokes in it, like where I mention Jouaram because of the chargeback ban. The application itself was honestly a copy of the old staff handbook. I looked back at it multiple times while writing it, and basically copied it. Incidentally, it wasn't the best application to ever grace these forums, and it certainly wouldn't be accepted in today's staff climate. I still get a laugh out it, looking at the answers and replies. I started working right away as staff. I had never been staff, and at the time, I was really "innocent" so-to-speak. I had very little knowledge of ULX, logs, or staffing. I always wanted to help out, and improve the lookout for players. It was my first "job" experience, and I enjoyed every second of it. Every sit, I knew I was helping people. I knew I could make people's day better. Soon, hours and days were passing. A month later, to the date, I applied for "mentoring". At the time, mentors were assigned when requested. Moderator was the learning curve, and mentoring was the barrier between moderator and administrator. It was accepted the same day, with the reason "No need to leave this up, everybody on the staff team knows that you do your job and do it well". I was so excited, it's hard to put into words. After this point, I really began trying to help people, but unfortunately, my young mind had a few different things in mind. At that time, administrators were given permanent bans, but you had to tell a super administrator (or above, considering Hans was around) about it. Eventually, it got to the point where administrators were banning players for Mass RDM and racism (really just saying nigger, the community now has it easy) permanently, without telling supers. Eventually, permanent bans were taken away from administrators. Eventually, after a while, I was extremely burnt out. Helping people wasn't as enjoyable as it was before. People asking for help, turned more into people complaining about nothing. The community was converting into something it wasn't before, and more toxic people started rooting themselves into the server. I was seriously contemplating resignation, even taking a two week hiatus before coming back for a week. Within that time, however, I must've proved something. I was promoted to senior (I don't remember exactly when, I've spent so much goddamn time here) and I was exuberant. Working with @TimmyTwoshoes117 was probably one of the greatest things I ever enjoyed doing on this server. We observed staff, we kept records on performance, and made notes about bad staff. Eventually, I got burnt out of that as well. It must've been the combination of being burnt out already that reduced my interest. On June 28th, 2017, I resigned as senior. I got respected, and eventually, lost it to a ?. I drove myself into a deep spiral of drama, typically posting completely emotionally and unconstructively. I made some shitty suggestions (which I still slightly support, but not in the same level as I did) and tried to justify some stupid shit. After my respected rank being revoked, I realized what I was doing. I knew I wasn't helping by stuffing complaints on @Jig Saw and making bad suggestions, so I tried to improve my portrayal. I was losing myself, and I destroyed myself by doing the same shit that burnt me out - making a big deal out of small shit. My persona, to anyone not looking through the lens of the past, was annoying, destructive, and outright bitchy. Eventually, after Halloween, I applied again. There were extremely valid criticisms, and people again, looking to the past to justify an approval. @Not ST john made a really good point, I wasn't the same person. I really shouldn't have been accepted again. I was certainly not the person who applied in 2016, and not a good candidate if I hadn't had the past I did. So when I was accepted, I wanted to take a different approach to staffing. This different approach involved focusing absolutely on helping players, not punishing them (even though the ones who deserved it, got it good). My last staffing "session" was more focused on getting rid of bad actors, without regard to them really learning rules. I wanted to make it feel like I was staffing for the first time again, but because of my experiences as administrator and senior adminstrator, it was difficult to stay moderator. I applied for administrator after three weeks, and made sure to acknowledge my actions of the summer. I wouldn't have admitted it then, but I know I was an asshat. I was administrator for a while, and attained senior once more. Eventually, I gained the rank of super administrator, and I knew I had to make a difference, somehow, somewhere. We reworked mentoring once again (it was reworked by me and Timmy when we were seniors) and made it a much more open approach. We made it focus on the people who needed help rather than those that did their job fine. Eventually, I wanted to dabble in development (from this point on, you basically know the story, it's on a thread by @DaveThe2nd). Retribution is the near-perfect environment for it. Plenty of people who will use what you make legitimately, and plenty of people to look for ways to break it. While I wasn't able to make the changes to the server I wanted to, I feel that the things we did make were in good nature and made to benefit the server. Not everything that was put in was me though. Geekabit and Marki had wonderful work and ideas and I'm glad I was able to work with them. I'll even hesitantly say it was a good time working with Jouaram, when we actually did do things. He's given me the opportunity to grow as a person and as a player in ways I never thought possible. Retribution, as much as a toxic, in-fighting community it is today, has grown me in not only my personality online, but my personality in real life. I've learned skills here I would've never learned otherwise. I've gained a high level of self-esteem and discussion prowess I didn't have before I was involved in the community. I've met people and players that have taught me a lot. I'd like to personally thank @Jouaram for the opportunity that I've been given here. I absolutely hate the direction that Retribution is going, in respect to it's "origins", but I never would've had the chances that I've had on Retribution without you. It pains me to see where you are taking it, and I really, really want you to fix it. I know my words have rang a thousand times in your ears from the dozens of others voicing the same opinion, but I truly want to see Retribution become something more than a typical DarkRP cash cow. It has the potential, and it's had the people to push it in those directions. I also want to thank @Deathie for giving me the opportunity to learn from him and even look at his code. You are a really deep thinker, and I don't think I would've ever thought of development the way I do without taking tips from you. I really want to keep in touch. You're a great resource. You've given me the chance that I don't think any other developer would have. Thanks. I really thank @Marki and @MrGeekabit for being excellent colleagues and giving great feedback for work and ideas. I don't think I would've ever been able to reach the goals I have with development without having you two checking in on it every so often. You both are going great places, and I really hope we continue to work together even after our departure. Thank you for the experience and help in everything. I want to thank those of you who have read that ugly wall of text. That's the anecdote of my experience on Retribution. I don't think anyone has had such a wild ride of experiences as I have, and I'm glad I've spent my time here. I'd thank more, but there are so many people who have come and go and affected me in so many smaller ways, it'd be difficult to list them out. I'd like to thank the "old" Retribution community, the ones who didn't have a knife at someone's throat every minute. You've given the boost that I needed to push myself in these expansive new directions. And with that, I am gone. I might reply a few more times to a few topics. Thanks for everything, and I hope everyone has a wonderful time. Despite all the shortcomings, I know I have.
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    One year as staff. Been a fun ride. This does not by any means that my time on Retribution is over, but rather shifting. It is time for me to step down as a staff, though. Senior Admin, while nice, has been really taxing on me and I’d like to shift my focus towards newer things. Most of you guys probably saw the weapon I was working on in the Discord, and animating it and porting it has been a great time. I’ve decided to become a freelancer for Ret! Thank you to the amazing people who made my time as staff memorable. I didn’t have a mentor, lol @MrGeekabit Thank you so much for helping me get to where I am today. Don’t know when you’ll read this, but it’s meant a lot. @Marki Thank you for helping me get into modelling and giving me my first assignment. Glad I’ll be able to help more in the future. Thanks to all the staff I’ve worked for, with, and above this past year; you guys make joining the server less of a chore and I couldn’t ask for a better team to spend this long with. yeah i mean thats the post That’s all the time I’ve got for today. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think its time to finally open up blender again.
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    I thought that I could stay as a staff member until I graduated high school and then even after that until I ship off to the Air Force, but I just cant will my self any longer. So as of today I would like to throw in the towel and resign, but this is not just a resignation this is also a farewell, because I don't think I will be seeing a lot Ret. anymore. It has been a great few months staffing on this server, and the server has been a large part of my life from middle school, all the way to now, graduating from high school. I have made many friends and meet many new people, and I love you all, but I don't have the perseverance to stay as a staff member, nor to even play on the server. Of over 3K hours I have on GMOD, over half of it has been spent on this server, and let me say I don't regret a moment of it. from building OP bases that literally teeter totter the edge of being illegal, to events that caused the server to lag for the rest of the day, and even the movie and music nights that we would have and I would fall asleep at my PC. But all great things do come to an end. I thought that by becoming a member of the staff team I would find a new interest in DarkRP, but it is all the same to me and I just don't enjoy getting on any more. One of my last posts was to say sorry about not getting on was due to school, baseball, and work. but that was not entirely true, the truth is that I dreaded being on the server. And its not because of the people, because I always have a fun time talking and interacting with new and old faces. but its the fact that I have done everything and have everything, it makes everything so repetitive, and the only fun I could really have is to sit in my base and watch movies while i make money. I would like to thank some people that have brought me here, and those who have been great friends. If I miss you out I am sorry, there has been a lot of people from the past 4ish years in no order: @yelsew352: I have known you for a while, and I always enjoyed basing with you, and I am sorry for ripping a base idea off of you and making a billion of of it @CTW: an all around great guy, nothing really to say about you but that I always enjoyed your company @ChiefOrb: ahh good ol' Chief, a great guy for any occasion, on and out of Ret. HMU if you ever wanna play anything with me @KingDogeThe3rd: I have known you for a while, but any time I saw you you were always staff and you did not mind me putting you down, so If i put you down again its because you are a friend. @Jewordi: Small misconception is that you are indeed not a jew, but actually a nice person, and you really have matured over the years, and have become a much better player @Zeezy ✪: I remember when you first started I gave you a small loan of 5 million and look at you know, a great player who knows what he is doing. @Vivider: RIP you were a nice guy, sad to see how you left @Rainz: Really the first person I meet on the server and friend, Im sad about what has happened to you, but you are the reason why I stayed on the server @Tyrone Longcock: Great guy once you get to know him, I will say my last goodbyes in your discord; ) @Saad: I did not see you a lot in GMOD, but I did play a lot of other games with you and that is fine ; ) @Boone: sad to see you leave, but when you were a round you were a great guy @MrGeekabit: We kind of grew apart, but still a great person, and we should do another bank sometime @Shogun4122 : Really just a discount Papamid, not to shabby bases, not to shabby PVPer, JK keep up the good work. @VladTheImpaler:The servers resident longest running staff member, keep it up, and keep the server safe for me @SugarMuch: is that the sugar from years ago? @Alpha: BIG RIP, HMU If you still can @B100dyty: with out a doubt you are the reason why I became so good at building @tig ole bitties : and you are the reason why I am/or was so good at raiding @Oz!: A nice friend, I don't have a lot of memories with you, but you were always around Sorry if I forgot you again, but there is a lot of people, If you have any great memories of me and you please feel free to comment it, wouldI like to reminisce about the past. As a final goodbye. I will be giving out all of my items before I leave. I will also give away my sisters stuff since she no longer plays, that means there will be about 16 Bil, 4 new Enigmas, and a butt load of other sweps. <(;~;<) A few last things I would like to say is that the reason why I am resigning is not just because I dislike playing GMOD but because I am leaving for the Air Force soon, and a few people did know about this. I am leaving soon(ish) so I will be on and off the server randomly, but please don't ask for things, that is annoying. But until I do leave If you do want to add me on steam and catch me playing a game I am always down. But for now this is goodbye, and I will miss all of you, and all the great memories that we have made together. Thank you for everything, goodbye. -Papamid "This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." Winston Churchill
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    I haven't been around in ages (since like January of 2017) and I decided to come back and finally stick around for a while. Wanted to make this introduction post for the newer people who don't know about me. I used to be a Senior Admin (also technically Super Admin at the time, it was a weird and interesting time) before resigning for like the 5th and final time. I was also known as the night shift guy due to a large part of my time online being during the night. It's good to be back with the current community. A little bit about me: I like hot wings I have my own emote I also feel it's mandatory that I should just say this because I know some people will ask me to return to the staff team. The only way I'd make a staff app is if pigeon seriously thinks he needs more staff help, and if I feel like staffing again, which I really don't right now due to a couple reasons.
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    I resigned from staff for a couple of reasons that I don't really want to explain fully here, I will most likely stay pretty active but at this point idk, I might just fade away and become less active and less active just because there isn't much to do at this point. I just want to add that it was fun being staff and I had a fun time with a majority of the staff and wish you all the best.
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    The new trading system is now being released! I have been working on this for a while has now and I believe it is in a solid enough state to release. This new system is fully automatic and more secure way to trade. All trades will now be logged! How to use: Type /trade [Player Name] to send a trade offer to a player. Type /tradeaccept [Player Name] to accept a trade offer. Type /tradeignore [Player Name] to reject a trade offer. Note: an offer here is more like an inquiry. Make a couple trades with your friends to become familiar with it and feel free to message me on discord (Marki#9191) if you have any questions! Also, please report any bugs you encounter asap. *Important Info for future events* I'm reworking the tradeco system and all items currently on tradeco won't be ported to the new system. PLEASE REMOVE any items you have on the current tradeco if you'd like to keep those items. thank u pigeon for making this look nice
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    As of now I will be posting a review of basically all content added for every month to keep a time stamp and transparency with you guys so you can also know what we were up to and what we will be working on in the future! This will also be a q/a discussion area of anything we've added if you had any questions. But with that here is your month in review! April In this month we have worked on and added a lot of cool content for you guys to try out but the main focus of this month was the staff team! We spent the majority of this month making changes to the ranks/layouts/systems that staff use and I will post all changes below. Work Completed Community Staples: Marki did a fantastic job of porting over the custom class system onto the server Propwhitelisting So far around 100 props have been whitelisted and I still need to go and whitelist the chainlink fences and regular gates. Another 100 or more props will be whitelisted soon Discord Revival Still in the works we will be adding and renovating it more so. Rank Changes: As many of you know we added the rank of trial mod! But not only that every other rank has had some form of change with it also. NEW RANK! Trial Moderator Trial mod will be taking the place of the first rank a staff member can receive as a staff member 12 hr ba INCREASED PERMISSIONS Moderator Ban time increased to 3 days INCREASED PERMISSIONS Administrator Ban time increased to 4 weeks/1 month RE-WORK Senior Administrator Senior is no longer going to be considered a higher-up rank and will now be more of a veteran admin instead. In doing this we won't be tracking activity and these members will be the juggernaut advisers of the staff team in-game. They will be the link in communication for the higher-up team and the rest of the staff team. This is the rank all staff should strive to be and earn. With this change and lowering of permissions we can double the size of the rank itself and really let great admins shine a little better. REMOVED Respected/Trusted/Janitor Trusted/Janitor: these ranks were added for the reason of problems with the staff team in general. These staff ranks sadly incentivized the idea of great staff retiring but keep staff privileges. We want staff to stay as staff and for staple ranks on the server but pseudo ranks were something that were sacrificed for that idea. Respected: This rank was removed to the idea that respect is earned and no rank should be shown for someone to have it. This rank has consistently been argued about and just a hassle in general for a meaningless rank. Just because amazing previous players lose this rank does not mean our respect to them will also disappear. New Mentoring System: The Trial-mod period will have 5 STEPS involved with the system what will be over the max time of 20 days. The Gauntlet though will take place only for around 15 days. Pre Trial-Mod Stage 1 (3-5 days) Stage 2 (3-5 days) Stage 3 (5-7 days) Post Mentoring/ Review Stage Pre-Trial Mod Member will apply for staff and will be reviewed by the whole community. If passed they will be given the mod test If failed they will be denied and can re-apply in 7 days. Mod test will be given under higher-up supervision and must have a 75% or higher to pass. If passed they will be asked to give 3 mentors they would like as their mentors with #1 being priority/then 2/then 3. If a staff member who retired within 4 months of apply re-applies and scores an 80% or higher they will be given moderator and no mentor given as an option. (Higher-ups can intervene.) If failed they will be denied and can re-apply in 7 days. The mentor and mentee will be given notification and the gauntlet will begin. The Gauntlet (Stage 1) 3-5 days (80% Structure 20% Social) Mentees will be a given a quick sheet of punishments and commands along with links to the staff handbook and an invitation to the staff-only club channel. The mentor will give a run down of all staff commands and permissions. Binds/Powers/Menu/Awarn/Hyrdologs/Extensions/Staff discord All sits will be conducted with the supervision of the Mentor in which the mentee will watch all sits conducted to learn how to properly collect all logs an evidence during a sit. Mentees should take the time to learn all staff ranks and members. The Gauntlet (Stage 2) 3-5 days (40% Structure 60% Social) Mentee will be conducting their sits alone with a mentor spectating. After the sits are finished the mentor will give a review of how the sit went The mentee will be quizzed on illegal bases and rules created but the mentor to find any weakness. Mentees have the ability to take sits when their mentor is not available but will be responsible for their decisions. The Gauntlet (Stage 3) 5-7 days (10% Structure 90% Social) The mentee will be left completely alone and will be silently spectated by mentors along with higher-ups. This stage is when mentees should be able to prove their ability to staff independently without help. This is the mentees final chance to prove they can be trusted with staffing powers. Post Mentoring/Review Stage Mentees will be given a survey about their mentor and the trial mod system in general. The 3rd stage of mentoring has not ended until the final review from higher ups has been given. Higher-ups will be giving the trial-mod a very detailed assessment of their gauntlet period of their strengths and weaknesses along with whether they passed or failed. If Passed they will be given the rank of moderator and have completed all testing! If Failed they will have their staff power removed and must wait 2 MONTHS before re-applying. Staff and mentor only channels: Now that the final admin apps were completed in the staff only channel it is going to be hidden and removed from sight. With this we will be taking advantage of the new club system to schedule events and staff meetings! Admin applications are now using the recommendation following these requirements: Must have AT LEAST 150 hours in-game. Must have held a Moderator position for minimum 1 week. 3 recommendations before applying. Reworking of moderator and Admin tests Staff Activity: We doubled the staff team size Staff team is now very active and a super strong fantastico group of members! (Proud of em) Though staff inactivity is still in the works we are trying are hardest to continually make staffing as fun as possible! Plans for May Now that staff has been mainly fixed we will now be hard focusing on fully reworking and fixing community issues/look/forum activity! In the coming month expect these updates to be coming soon! New Ret logo and vectors! New loading screens! The addition of the trading club! New menu layouts and advertisement of forums in-game! Placebo buffs to forum activity! Our main plan is to finish up all manual systems before summer starts and the burst of players comes in! I would expect to see a lot of old players + new ones coming in at the end of the month so get excited! Personal Comments: I haven't really said it to everyone but I want to thank all you guys including Jouaram and the other higher-ups for having so much trust in what we're doing. The amount of support and awesome community members over the past 2 months is fantastic and now even amazing old players are coming in to join the new bloods also. It's been a long time since I've seriously enjoyed ret and all you guys are what makes it so enjoyable not only for me but for every player who joins in the future. Thank you
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    I'm making the decision to almost entirely leave Ret. I say almost because I will most likely stop in eventually to see how things are going, but for the time being, you won't be seeing me on the server or the forums. I hate joining just to get bored after 10 minutes of being on the server. Not saying the server is bad or anything, but after playing for so long there just isn't anything to do. I've had a great time over these last couple of years and I'm glad I got to be a part of this community. I know I've said things to people about the server being bad or things along those lines but in reality, I wouldn't have stayed for as long as I have if I thought the server was terrible. I would like to thank @Informer ♥ because if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have even played GMOD. One day we just decided to play some DarkRP and mess around with the end goal to get banned. At that time I never played DarkRP and had no idea what I was doing. I didn't even know what any of the tools did or how to use them. Anyways we joined Ret and decided to make a gun shop. Informer sold the guns, and I was the guard. Once we got finished building we decided to actually try playing instead of getting banned or trolling. After playing for a while and started talking to the other players I really enjoyed it. Now here I am years later with over 1.5k hours wasted on this dumb game. Another thing is I never thought that I would ever be staff. I didn't think I would be good enough because I didn't know any of the commands and was afraid of messing up. After over 700 hours I finally decided to apply. I really wasn't sure if people would support my app and was checking the forums non-stop for over a week. When I got accepted I was both excited and nervous at the same time. I would also like to thank @nonamus for mentoring me and teaching me everything I needed to know. If it wasn't for you I might not have been the staff member I became. Also, it makes me angry that you have a mic and almost never use it. But at least you have talked unlike retard boy @Long Haired Stranger . I wanna thank the "minges" I had a good time with and people I just thought were cool - @Child with a gun @Not ST john @TotallyNotMinx @alice @ghoul @Mekki @MrGeekabit @Tropath @Marki @Sir Vape @yelsew352 and I guess little boy @Shalom (there are probably more but I can't think) Finally, I would like to thank the staff team @Moderator @Administrator @Senior Administrator @Super Administrator for doing what they do and helping out the server. Even though you get a lot of shit from the players (with me being one of them). In reality, without you guys, the server would be chaotic and unplayable 24/7 (even though it may be like that currently with the lack of staff). @Jouaram I take back what I say about you being good at sniping in fortnite. And I guess you were an ok owner. Thanks.
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    @poslepoludnya I'm gonna format this so it's easier for you to read. I like it when you write a lot because it gives me more to throw in the dumpster. "This is my complete last post, this is it" I find that hard to believe The ploy worked. I joined the forums and got us off. It took a couple hours of work, but the glee of getting away with one of the biggest crimes was immeasureable. You think rdming and propspam on a server is an immeasurable crime? I can tell you for a fact nothing you have ever done would have been something of actually importance to what we deal with weekly. I didn't have a lot of friends in Canada. I'm surprised you have any with how you treat other community members. If you want more friends maybe try not to act like an entitled prick. Ret went from a bunch of stuckup rule boys who were gonna grow up to be cops, the pigs of the human race prima donna I felt like an uncle to some of you kids,and I saw a bit of myself in some of you. If you could tell me who those kids were so we can watch them more closely that would be great. And honestly, this will feel like a betrayal, and yeah it totally is, but also, you turned a minge into someone who, uhh, didn't do that anymore. So that's pretty cool. What interesting is most of your post is talking about how this is what you wanted to be and now your upset we made you feel this way. I seriously want you to re-read that post then look back at this statement. Your suggestions: Harsher punishments You ironically hate poeple who press down on punishments but believe we should have harsher punishments at the same time XD Your situation is exactly this where as much as we love people posting things they love you decided to make ret a platform for yourself. As much as you deny it, that and you playing piano are the only 2 things I have ever seen you do. Gun Proliferation You do realize you're on a darkrp server correct? This is a major focal point if it and as much as we're going to be editing this, it is a priority to make them somewhat accessible to people wishing to play thugs. Low staff numbers We literally doubled our staff team and is probably one of the reasons you got in trouble. Take the time to look at the staff trello before writing ill-informed opinions. Staff knowing the tricks that RDMers use to get off As much as this is important it would be better if we could automatically filter these situations through game-play and not sits. If we automate systems people rdm with such as mugging/basing and what used to be fearrp we can lower it to the point that anyone trying to cause issues is extremely identifiable. Yet again you wrote how much you hate this and like that at the same time. You are 100% an oxymoron of yourself. Conclusion In total you have written over 3,000 words the past two days and are clearly showing you have some insecurities about what we did. You call us entitled yet come in here and treat everyone in the community like garbage and as #'s to your soundcloud/spotify. You writing this just makes everything happening to you here karma. This is equivalent to having a breakdown in my eyes and I seriously hope you can find help elsewhere with it. I just hope you realize how hypocritical everything you're writing here is to how you act and what you've done. Can't wait to see you again.
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    We've added a new custom job system! This system will automatically create custom jobs, just like the custom printer system. You'll receive a custom job token in-game that can be used to create a custom job in the /jobmenu ui. The job will be added to the database instantly but you will have to wait for a restart due to how darkrp works. Existing jobs will still work the same way! You'll have to make a post in the custom job section to request a port over to the new system for your job. Changes with the new system are as follows: Custom job additions and ultimate jobs will now also be redeemed in the form of tokens. $1 will equal 1 addition token, which can be used to add several systems to your job (I.E. 8 Addition tokens can buy you the chef system upgrade). Buying the ultimate package will now give you a custom job token and an ultimate token (redeeming the ultimate token on a job will give it all upgrades). With this, you can also now edit your job on the spot. You can add friends and change the name and color of your job, which will also automatically be applied whenever the server restarts. We're also removing some of the old job additions and model restrictions. All the existing additions and model restrictions will stay in-game, you just can't make any new ones. Message either me or Jouaram if you have any questions. I also made a small guide in case you need some help!
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    I hereby resign my post as Administrator. It's been a fun few months but the main reason for me resigning is a complex one. I assume everyone has read Deathie's post, everything he has stated is completely true and I would of loved of been allowed to put my voice out there but the staff team has been completely censored. The staff team is in shambles, even worse than July 2017 and I see no recovery for it. Our only active Senior is @Colours who I would like to add was given Senior only after month and a half of being on the staff team, he is inexperienced and the only one trying to stop the ship from sinking. The whole team is also being less and less active as more and more requirements are put on the staff team and as more and more staff members are being less and less professional in-game. This all ties into the screwed up gameplay. New players have no chance of catching up with players who have played for months now because of the money gap and with the boredom of many of the regulars who raid new players no matter what they have. Perma items used to be somewhat balanced with regular weapon and now are unbalanced, not tested and released for money. Retribution is the biggest money grab, even worse than my old community. In the end of my rant, You have trusted this community with a staff team which is shambles while Jouruam promises and promises things and nothing ever comes of it even going to the extent of isolating his own player base to "stop playing" but is inclined to tell them to "and come back later" so maybe if they come back they will buy something from the store. The server is at a stale mate right now, barely any new players join this community because they realize how fucked the gameplay is, how toxic the community is, how expensive the incentives are and the only new players just mass rdm and propblock. P.S. I don't care if you try and dispute what I have posted, it's my opinion of what I have seen posted on the staff discord and during my time as part of the staff team. @Senior Administrator @Super Administrator (Wait we don't have any supers...) I love the irony of this comment and I am also interested to see the future with retribution but sadly it will have to be without me.
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    I want to address something that we really haven't taken the time to just fully talk to everyone about and that is how we have been handling community issues between players and toxicity. With this I want to tell you guys a few important things we really want you to think on when playing on the server. Toxicity vs Harassment I want to make it clear now that stating all toxicity is bad would be hypocritical of us as higher ups and we feel that a little spice in the soup is good. We do not punish players based off of toxicity unless it solely ruins people experience when playing on the server. Too much toxicity drives away players who don't wish to be surrounded by it 24/7 and lowers the amount of players we can have joining the community. If one person it making it so 20 people are not enjoying their time on the server it is better deal with the one person than it is to allow them to drive away 20 players. To prevent you from being this type of player I wrote a list of principles we base punishments on. I personally do not wish to have rules such as these but it has been apparent that rules over these situations has been needed. Do not make any beef with a player personal. Not all players are going to get along with how big our player-base is. If anything rival groups make rping more fun and make raids and gangs more meaningful on the server. Going after a person outside of the game though is completely un-called for and does not belong on this server. If found doing so you will be punished for it. Examples of this: Going after them outside of game on other platforms Blackmail spreading false malicious information about this player Doxxing their information/Using their personal info against them What you say outside of the server does reflect our opinion on you. (especially for staffing) If you wish to apply for staff but are found to be extremely toxic or out of control outside of the server we will not feel comfortable giving you staffing privileges. If you are found to be extremely toxic out of game and begin to on the server harsher punishments may be given. If you are involved in a problem you will be punished even if you did not fully understand the situation. Recent events + previous ones have had groups of people solely going after one player and while there always is a ring leader causing most of it there are always people surrounding them making it worse. Whenever we talk to these players they say "they didn't notice" or "they were not playing attention." Like it or not even if non-intentional you will not receive the same level of punishment as a ringleader but one will still be given. You guys have to pay attention to your choices and your decisions and yes mistakes are bound to happen but this is made so that they do not happen twice. Do not add personal information about yourself to the server I do not understand what has been with the idea of posting very emotional or personal information on the server but it does not belong on a video game forum. There is not a single positive situation that can reasonably happen from posting something like that. Your personal life is not our responsibility and any posts or situations like that will be hidden and result in a punishment. If you need someone to discuss it to keep it out of the community. Contact higher-ups on issues such as these. Below are a few examples of this: Suicide Notes/Threats Molestation/Rape Domestic abuse stories Child abuse stories Self-Harm stories Deep depression We are trying our hardest to make the server as enjoyable as possible for as many people as possible. No decisions we make are personal attacks towards a player and we try our hardest to stay as un-bias to a situation as possible. Additional Notes: I will be leaving for a short period of time and will only be available on weekends to the next 2 weeks. During that time I will be slower than usual answering any questions or situations regarding the server. That being said I have some content to add at the end of the month for everyone so stay tuned mi amigos!
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    Nobody wants to hear you. You're annoying.
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    I decided that I am going to resign, a lot of reasons for it. I will still be going in and out of the server though. See you guys soon
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    Verdict: Denied for Plagiarism Reasons for verdict: You spent 2 hrs copying someones app and stealing their work. Unlucky for you it only take 5 mins for us to notice it. @SoundPulserino congrats your apps been copied. Additional Notes: You may never re-apply.
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    Denied You may never apply for staff again, congrats. (also have some warning points, you deserve them friend.)
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    Would you like a hug?
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    Hello everyone, I kind of have a few things to say, I've been ruminating on it for a bit. It just feels like it's my time to jump ship. I attempted to do this last year, but I kinda realised that it just wasn't the time yet. Now is the time. I've changed a lot in the three years I've been on Ret. A lot. I've talked to a good few people on this site, and maybe even caused some people to view the world differently. Ret has also changed a lot, for better or for worse? I can't say. It's just my time to go. I was unsure of whether I should include my reasoning, it doesn't matter that much really why I'm leaving because I am in a major minority, I'm not really into Ret for the Gmod server, I was into Ret for the forums. I bought Supporter for the forum rank, as crazy as that sounds. So most of the things I have to say are really more communal issues, and even then most of the communal issue I have aren't communal issues. I guess, to put it simply, I'm just not relevant anymore. Which is fine, my time has passed here. The kind of off-topic discussion that used to be on Ret just isn't as present, which means the server is probably going pretty well, so that's good. A lot of the people I knew on this forum are also gone, including @Child with a gun, who was kind of my biggest fan. Do I think Andy is a great person? No, and him being around would have been a boon on Ret's new leadership. Yelsew's day of Ret is gone, now we're in the age of Dave, which is good. I like Dave, I guess I'll tag him, I love @DaveThe2nd. I'm happy that toxic people are being banned, and I'm happy that people are taking second looks at the actual MOTD of Ret. But Andy was a friend, and he was a person that was very connected with my music. We talked a good bit about his life, and my music and overall "being there" helped him come out of a hard time. And yeah, did he kind of deserve what he got? Yeah, but at the same time, I always said the day he was gone, I was gone, and the place doesn't feel right without him. I can't lie. Also, going back to the change of the self, I don't need Ret as much as I used to. I can't remember who said it, might have been Yelsew though I can't remember, but it was something like "nobody hangs around the Ret forums if everything is okay in their life", and I can't say I 100% agree with that statement, but I'm kinda feeling it right now. When I joined Ret I was a very lonely foreigner, who was still getting over the death of basically my fiance, with the double death of my parents lingering still at the time. I had a lot of grief, and ultimately a lot of vulnerability I needed to share onto Ret that I just don't need anymore. That show of vulnerabilty was what gave me a place on Ret, people liked my stories of the past, and well, Ret and I are both kinda past that. The current posts on Ret just don't facilitate that kind of sentimentality anymore. A shame, but things just go, and Ret's forums serve a different RP server than they used to. I don't have much to say about the current gameplay cycle of Ret, the problems Ret has stems from its perm system, but its perm system is also what makes it Ret, and just because I don't like perms doesn't mean that tons of people love them. I think RP loses a lot when every player is packing an assault rifle under their coat, but it also creates a bit more of a fun kind of Free-For-All death-match with rules kind of thing that I can't deny, has its appeal. I guess as a closing statement, I'm leaving Ret behind not just because Ret has moved on from what it used to be, but also because I'm a very different person now. There's a lot of @Jouaram hate right now that I don't really agree with, a lot of people blame him for their disinterest, and I don't think that's very honest. Considering that most of the people I absolutely hated (aside from Judicator) are either gone or banned, I love everyone here. It's just that it's my time to go. I'll be around for a few more days, to say goodbyes, and also post the last album I'll post on Ret. It is amazing that I've gotten to share so much art and music here, by the way. Out of my 11 albums, the majority (7 out of the 11) have been shared here. It's fun to see people pick up music creation on this forum and share out, and I feel like I had a bit of an impact for that kind of culture here. Anywho, with much love, Goodbye.
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    (A poll from over a year ago) A new host for the server has been requested for as long as I can remember, but it's finally happening and the upgrade should be very noticeable. We'll be transitioning the server from our current host to our new host Saturday at 5pm EST, everything is ready to go but we just want to go over and triple check so there's as little inconveniences as possible for players. For those of you worried about what you're going to lose, you shouldn't be worried as everything will carry over smoothly and automatically; this includes perm items, hours, ranks, etc. The server location is being moved with the host change which means a ping difference for most of you, depending on where you live this will either be positive or negative; the current host is located at Chicago and our new host is located at Dallas. With this host change majority of bans are being wiped and we'll be using a new ban tracking system which allows everyone to view and keep track of bans online so it's easier for us to know how/when/why someone got banned without needing to be in-game and banned players can know how/when/why they're banned/unbanned. If a ban was issued on the Forums or if the ban reason was for malicious reasons the ban will not be removed. For just over a week from 02/09/2019 5pm EST until 02/18/2019 5pm EST RTD tokens will be spawning around the map for those of you that are wanting to farm up the S.T.A.R. Pistol & co. If you want to keep track of when the server goes live and be one of the first to join add the IP to your favorites! -
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    I've decided it's time I finally take my leave as both a staff member and a player. As of lately I haven't had much incentive to come on. I thought taking a break would help solve this issue but it's only made it worse. It has come to the point where I can no longer stand coming on for more than an hour. I was glad to have give staffing a chance and for the most part, it was enjoyable. I broadened my horizons and ended up learning a lot of new things. I won't be making an elongated post about my whole experience but I can safely say that things have definitely changed. Whether for worse or better, it's been a joyride of experiences. I'm glad to have met so many new people and be a part of this community for so long. With that, I'll be giving some shoutouts to the people who played a significant role on me in my time here. I might still come on from time to time so I won't be giving away anything. @alice Not much to say other than you're an amazing and close friend. We've been through some crazy shit and tried out some dumb servers that turned out to be very fun. It was really cool that we got each other to apply, but it sucks things turned out the way it did. @Hurricane Harvey Another good friend of mines. I've known you for a while now but we haven't had much time to talk to each other again. Hope you're doing well. @Zoro I use to disagree with your point of views on the server but I'm finally getting to understand where you were coming from. You've been an old time friend and helped me out a lot. It was a huge shame to see you go so soon but I'm sure you're pursuing better things in life. @Informer ♥ Didn't think I'd be tagging you in here for when I finally decided to quit but here you are. You were my mentor and helped me a ton, even when I wasn't staff. I was very nervous since it was my first time staffing anywhere but you helped me overcome that. I'm glad we got the chance to know each other and talk some more. You're a cool guy and you've got some dedication. I respect you a lot and I hope you continue to help the server. Just don't get another strike @nonamus We've known each other for a long time. You've always been extremely chill and fun guy, even when given the power you have. We've had some crazy moments but I hope you know that it was all in good fun and I really wish you the best of luck. Never change. @Long Haired Stranger You've changed a lot but I'm still going to tag you since we were pretty close friends at some point. I miss having crowbar battles with you, even though I rarely won. I was really surprised how early you got promoted to senior but I can see why now. You take staffing very seriously, which is good. Keep it that way and get that super before ugly nonamus does @Colours & @CrustyKangaroo I remember both of you idiots being little moderators. You've both put a lot of time and dedication into the server and it's crazy to see how far you've both gotten. I've got a lot of good memories with you two and I'm really sorry for letting you down after taking so long to apply. @Sprayngo & @Vivider You both did some bad things but you were good people. Even though you're no longer around I'm glad to have met you both so early on. We had a lot of good times. @Not ST john Hurry up and come back from your vacation. I still got your shit to give you. Thanks for being a good friend, always had fun playing with you on the server, especially when kidnapping people. @iBagelHole I haven't seen you in a long time. I've known you for a very long time now and we had a lot of good memories. I just wish you'd stop playing fortnite so much. Anyways, I think I got mostly everyone. If I forgot someone then please let me know. It's been a pleasure meeting all you people but I think it's time I take my leave. I want to give a huge thanks to the staff team as well. You're all good people and deal with a lot of shit you shouldn't have to deal with. Keep up the amazing work and make sure Retribution stays in tact. Didn't expect the post to be this long; just shows how much this server has changed my life. Goodbye and good luck to everyone!
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    I can not link the post Jouaram himself made after all the Supers resigned, but I want to call out some points he made. In this post Jouaram talked about how the Supers leaving wasn't the end of Ret and how he was going to step up and be on his "A game." He even mentions how he uninstalled Rust to become more active (He immediately installed Ark though.) As we all know Jouaram has been mostly invisible over the last month or so and there is even staff that have yet to receive their rank on the forums. We still have zero supers or anyone with AdminCP to do name changes or rank request. Another point that Jouaram delves into is that he himself will be monitoring the staff activity and spectating them in-game. This is 100 percent false, we have multiple staff with two weeks or longer inactivity and staff that absolutely no idea what they are doing. All this is happening while Jouaram enjoys a good game of ARK and neglecting his duties that he told us all would become priority. But hey, at least we got new donation store weapons. Right @Jouaram?
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    Fuck this shit man you guys want me gone again so I'm gone also jud is banned informer is banned you guys let Dave ban nigga with no reasoning fucking hell this server has gone to shit man The new rules the new perms its pay to win jouaram obviously cares about money Dave is a power hungry cunt and fuck this shit man peace
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    >Goes to >CTRL + C >Goes to Create new topic in: Going Away or Leaving >CTRL + V ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But for real, I don't think I could state anything that Yelsew already hasn't stated about the community. But I really do miss the semi-old Ret, (I joined the server back in November of 2017 after the Halloween update) and it really isn't the same anymore. I watched it slowly evolve from (1/2) actual RP, (1/4) 24/7 raiding, and (1/4) Economy, to 100% Economy. It pains me to say it, and I think a lot of other people may agree with me, some may not. But you "new" Ret Players destroyed the economy, and I say new as in, Joined from February on new. Broken record time. I miss being able to come on the server, paste my RP club dupe, and please people by mic-spamming some quality ass music. I miss the feeling of wanting to stay up and pull an all-nighter to finish building a fucking semi-replica of the golden gate bridge directly over spawn. I miss watching people be amazed at how my dupes had so many features to them. I miss getting perma banned for prop blocking spawn with no collided props (</3 @Informer ♥). I miss the old map. I miss the NaziRP nights I used to create and get punished for. I miss the Christmas Event, and mic-spamming Christmas music by Mariah Carey, I miss making timers so if i was doing something else in another part of my house, I wouldn't miss the present drop (Christmas RTD tokens). I miss the feeling of getting a perma item and actually having it mean something to my character on the server rather that think of it as easy cash. I didn't know I would become top donator, and the fact that I am sickens me, which is another reason why I am leaving. But what I have said in the above is just my thoughts on the server, and obviously what I miss about it. -Now for the real reason I am leaving. I am a 19 year old male, and I was never really good in school (C- Average grades throughout middle school and highschool) but somehow I made it. I graduated highschool by a fucking hair and I took a break from everything to figure myself out and think about what I would want to become. I already had some things in mind, for example: I was really good a pottery, so I thought I would want to become an artist who specialized in clay building/sculpting/throwing. I would do this for a couple years. sharpen my skills so I could make the perfect pot with my eyes closed, then I would gather enough money from selling the pots/sculptures to apply for a college. After college I would attempt to go to a university to try and get my MFA (Master of Fine Arts) and make a living by teaching others how to throw/sculpt with clay. Another idea was to become a pilot. My dad was a flight instructor for a portion of my youth, but left it because he and my mother decided to open a pre-school (which is doing fantastic, they have two centers and are looking to get a third sometime soon). I thought about that for a while, but then came to realize if I became a pilot for a huge company such as Southwest or United, I would never have time to have a family or be there for the most important parts of it. One last idea that I had, was to become a professional photographer. I would double major in photography and journalism to be able to work for an outstanding magazine company to travel the world and take pictures, then write about my experience while doing it. All of these ideas raced through my head until a parent from my mom and dads school, offered me a job at UPS to move boxes. I was really excited to work there for a first job, It offers great benefits both medical and dental, as well as life. I showed up for my first ever interview at the age of 18, and thought I nailed it. And I did. I called them back after a week to see how I was looking to them, and the *manager* of the warehouse, said I did great and they were so very happy to see me start working for them and for me to wait until he calls me for a schedule. I was very excited to start my new job and start making money so I could donate to Jouaram more (jkjk). I waited.... and waited... and waited yet again, until three weeks had gone by with no call. I called them back wanting to know If they had messed something up or if they didn't want me anymore. Nope, they still wanted me, I just had to come in for a ..... second interview. This to me was a little concerning because I hadn't known about what to do for a second interview. They told me they had contacted the person that would be conducting the interview and said that it was to finish me up so I could start working. Great! All I need to do is answer some more questions and get my schedule. When I got there It felt like I was at my first interview again, which I was. It was a group of new people wanting to be hired, I was just the odd one out. When it came time for me to go into my second interview, the person asked the same questions as my first interview, and I answered them accordingly. At the end, because it all felt strange, I asked the Interviewer if they were notified that this was my second interview (probably what fucked me over but hey, I was new and curious), they said no. And that pissed me off. I refrained from contacting UPS because they had lied to me. (probably wasn't a smart move) I had taken a few weeks off after that and soon after, my parents started talking about the Military. I told them to stop wasting their time talking to me about it because I would never do it. I started thinking about it more and more until I finally went up and asked my mom to go see a recruiter for the NAVY. The recruiter was very polite and even talked about his grandpa joining the NAVY for Photojournalism, which blew my mind because I thought they had been listening to my whole life sticking ideas in my head telling my to join using my conscience. It was a good first impression. So i thought about it for a little longer, and decided that's what I wanted to do. I would join the NAVY to become a photojournalist and take pictures of life on an aircraft carrier and at war (which you would be deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan and take pictures there). I went back to the recruiter to schedule a date to take my ASVAB test (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Test). I took the test and got a 68 on it, which isn't bad, and it gave me a lot of job choices that I qualified for. I looked over the list of jobs I had to choose from, and It came down to a TOP 5. ----------------------------------------------- CTI- Cryptological Technician Interpretive CTT- Cryptological Technician Technical IT- Information System Technician AC- Air Traffic Controlman MC- Mass Communications Specialist ----------------------------------------------- The top three were extremely difficult to get into and required multiple stages of testing to be assigned into the Rate (MOS or Job). AC was probably my most favorite one because I like the idea of getting trained as an AC, then coming back to the Civilian life and making 140k a year, directing planes. Then last, the Photojournalism job. I had thought about it for a long time and eventually decided not to try to getting into it. I was scheduled to go to MEPS (where I get tested and get assigned to me Rate during the span of two days) sometime in August. I went, tried out for the CTI, and CTT positions, but the test was too difficult for me, and I did not make it. Fortunately I was allowed into the AC position. Which I was extremely happy about because halfway through the test for CTI and CTT I needed to take a shit and I tried to finish as fast as I could just so I could find out If I passed or not, which didn't work out, So i just decided on AC. But they can try to give you another job and make you leave sooner for some easy money. I stood my ground for the AC position, and luckily they didn't try to hassle me out of my job. I was cleared from MEPS as a soon-to-be AC with a ship date of Oct. 2nd. I am currently in the Delayed Entry Program and my last meeting will be next month. Last Friday my ship date was moved up from Oct. 2nd to Sep 26th. It caused some stress in my household as we were not prepared for me to get my ship date moved. I am nervous to ship out, but I feel that when I am done, I will be a new man. Goodbye RetributionRP. Its been a fun run. - Future Sailor Walker AKA Magical Singing Man
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    Retribution started early 2015 after I closed my other servers GalaxyRP and TGL in 2014. Retribution was made by me, mephss, Hans and a few other friends originally. Retribution started off pretty slow but we stuck at it and it became relatively popular late 2015. When I join the server I usually just make sure it's not shambles and if it's not then I no-clip into a wall and tab out. I would say I follow the role of a manager for Retribution in keeping things running, making sure nothing wrong is going on; however I rely heavily on higher-staff help to make the staff-side of things run smoothly as that's never been something I'm great at (ty @Hans). If you're wondering why I don't play on the server often it's because it's very difficult for me to do so without it being painfully tedious due to players trying to get my attention by ruining whatever I'm doing, I've played on alt accounts and enjoyed the server but playing on my main gets ruined pretty fast by players. I used to play on my own servers pretty much everyday and that's where I got a mass of my Garry's Mod hours from and also where I met Hans/Mephss. I'm also very good at going inactive sporadically but that's a WIP.
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    I enjoyed your company, but I must be departing now. You will still see me on from time to time.
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    Well, I give up. This server was fun for awhile. I soon learned that it was full of mass RDM, sub-par staff, and no distinguishing qualities from the other 500 servers out there. I really had to put up with a lot while I was on here, and I had a motive. I wanted to become staff, to be a part of something. And it was this motive that kept me determined to keep playing. So I played to 60 hours. I had some fun. I recently applied. Now, you know where this was going. The application didn't receive positive feedback. And honestly, I'm not angry at you guys. I'm angry at myself for wasting my time dedicating myself to a community that really didn't need me, and that I didn't enjoy. It was becoming a chore to get on here several hours a day. The truth is, this server is complete garbage. The economy is shit, the community is awful, the staff are unpleasant and not too great (except maybe Lewd Guy and Gery). You can say "oh, you're just mad because you didn't get staff". You'd be right. I devoted myself to something I shouldn't have. I naively held on to the thread of hope that I may be a part of something worthwhile. This server is NOT worthwhile. I love most of you, and appreciate all of you, even if you've been an asshole. If you for some reason still wanna talk to me, my Discord is Riggity_Richard#4404. I'll probably find a new server. And this time, I'll choose more wisely.
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    After being on break for a while and lurking the forums im back. Keeping it short I was very sick lasted about 4 months, recovering. Send me good roblox memes or spongebob memes please thank you
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    Denied While you had this up you decided to propblock printers and AFK farm them. So once again, you must ask permission to reapply if you wish to in the future. Do not ask to reapply for at least 3 months.
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    DENIED! Okay so I’ve had a lot of incounters with you personally and I don’t along with the others think you would take this seriously, as you are quiet a minge and in some cases toxic. I suggest if you do want to change your appearance you will have to try a lot harder and it will take quiet sometime.
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    In all honesty, this thread seems like it was made just to create controversy that isn't needed. If you had any genuine concern about the staff team, wouldn't you have just made a complaint about the bad staff or gone to the seniors or even Jouaram to tell them about the issue at hand? It's beyond me how all of these staff members that you happen to be calling out are doing very well made responses and the most you can shit out is the same copy and paste response (ex: If you don't have time then resign) The audacity required to even say that you don't care about their "excuses" is insane. You expect these babysitters to be on 24/7 to assist you at the snap of a finger? Don't you think they get tired of listening to you cry about someone shooting you once? You need to get over yourself and grow the fuck up, these aren't your personal assistants. These are volunteers. They don't even have to be here in the first place and you're taking them for granted. This is not SlaveRP, this is DarkRP, the staff are not your slaves. I'm not sure if you understand this or not, but they have lives, they have families, they have friends, they have more than just a Garry's Mod server. As for the perma weapons, I don't have much to say. I am here for the community, not for the grind. Anyways, I thought I'd throw my useless opinion around on a useless thread.
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    I don't know why you always come back for a day or two, repeat the same shit and then leave without actually looking at anything on the server but instead just say whatever is told to you by whoever. Whether its correct or not is a different matter, it just feels petty like you're trying to come back to feel good about yourself by dropping a turd on anything you can and then dipping.
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    Trick or Treat 2018 is Retribution's Halloween mini-event. From now until 5th November 2018 Trick-Or-Treat pumpkins will spawn across the map every 90 minutes. These pumpkins will have a chance to give you either a trick or a treat (RTD tokens, a new perma item). These Halloween-ified RTD tokens will give EVERYONE 2 RTD tokens no matter their rank, if a treat is received. Every pumpkin looted gives you a chance at one of the 5 new permanent weapons. If a trick is received however, you might not be having a good time. This mini-event introduces 4 new Melee weapons and 1 new Gun. During the event, night and day have been switched; with it being night-time majority of the time, along with some other spooks added. Whilst the event is running you will also be able to purchase some spooky entities from the F4 menu such as candy, fireworks and spiderweb that you can spawn as a method of base-defense (slowing attackers). I don't want to post pictures of the rewards yet as I want players to find them out for themselves. Good luck!
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    I'm not going to try to drag this post out. The only reason I had applied for staff was because the server was boring for me. I wanted to try something new, also that I got stale to apply. Applying for staff literally just made the server worse for me. That's about it, the server is extremely boring, and staffing where little fucking kids don't listen half the fucking time didn't make it any better. No, don't ask me for my fucking perms or money I ain't giving you shit. It's dying with me. Couple shoutouts. @Stale You're legit the closest friend I've made in a while. we better keep in touch. Nevermind fuck that we are keeping in touch. @nonamus Memes aside, you're also one of my closest friends. I know we're keeping in touch, spam me with bitmojis, I don't care. @Child with a gun I love you @Zoro Wish you gave me the oops bind, too late for that now is it? We used to be closer, when you got admin, our mingefests ended, which was sad. @Mekki Love you too Along with that, don't expect me to see me on the server again. I'm done. I'm only keeping the people I am close with added on steam, don't get offended If you find out I unadded you. @Colours @CrustyKangaroo @Jouaram Set my rank to supporter, thanks.
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    Oferhîeran ûser word−cwide hûru forsacan twêgen nu wandian. Attraction with pron ðe ic hrînan fullan handgrið, lôca in wilnian nese hîenðo wiðufan êow. Attraction with pron ðe ic âwihte willaâlibban hêr oninnan and frymð. ðolian êower sîcle, æfnan êower wund. Attraction with pron ðe ic stêpan hlystanâhelpan êower. Hear our words and have no fear. We come in peace, and wish no harm upon you. We only wish to live here among nature. Bring your sick, bring your wounded. We are hear to help you. We are the Cult of The Forest. We are a peaceful people. We have images of the home we have created in your city.
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    In Loving memory of Despacito2 Nice Dad Joke Cancer* We lost a true Warrior today and the server will never be the same, RIP to the man Despacito2, gone but not forgotten.
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    Long ago one of the seven dwarves Sneezy decided upon him self to move to America and upon entering Ellis island seeing the statue of liberty Sneezy knew one day he was destined for greatness. Upon entry he Sneezy changed his name to Jouaram and went to the nearest pub to find a group of individuals with a particular set of skills to create his own domain. There he met The chainsmokers, Dori from finding neemo, and Hans Gruber. They were forcefully sent to the United States after they were found to be undercover IRA agents in England. He devised a plan with these members that together they could rule the united states if they gained control of the missile silos located across the U.S.. To obtain commands to these silos he knew they had to hack the pentagon and take the country hostage until the President resigned as Mayor. They all decided to get new names besides Hans for some reason and came up with the names @Snarlax (Chainsmoker 1), @Tropath(Chainsmoker 2), @Jouaram (Sneezy), @mephss (Dori), @Hans (Hans). As they drove up to the pentagon they adverted pd raid to cause an alert at the front of the pentagon while they snuck in through the tunnel entrance. Upon getting in Hans placed the fading door bombs to get inside the vault to find the codes but upon doing so was shot in the back by the Chainsmokers. The Chainsmokers betrayed the party not only breaking party rules but also meta gaming by also alerting the pd of the raid beforehand. Mephss and Hans both died to the betrayal but Jouaram was too awesome to be stopped by two super admins. He killed them but realized getting the codes was futile and retreated before being caught and taken to a sit. Exiled to England, Jouaram now alone came up with the idea to create a Garrys mod server and get enough money to try again some day. He now walks and stares into the abyss losing his loved ones in a dark betrayal. Then @Deathie added the rtd system. The End.
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    Rule Update February 19th 2019 The DarkRP rules have been overhauled. Notable changes: PD raids no longer need to be adverted. Bases can no longer be built on sidewalks. Token Eggs are now classed as a raidable instead of a Hobo only raidable.
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    Thank you all for the memories we have all shared on this journey but for me this is the end of the road as I need to focus on my plans in life and have to put the server down for a long while. You all mean a lot to me and I am sorry to break the hearts of those who loved me, I am sorry to those who have hated me for my career and I want to say I love you all This is goodbye but never let the idea of our friendships be the thing that brings you sadness. Look forward to the future everyone and keep your head up. You are all wonderful people and I am glad I got to meet several of you in-game and make a lot of memories for us to keep/ look back to. Goodbye Ret Community you will be missed. *P.S. I didn't tag anyone because I have touch the lives of almost all the community so I don't think I could tag almost everyone to this post *
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    The server was always just people sitting in their bases farming money. I tried to figure out ways to keep money sinks going though, pulling in-game cash out of the economy, and there was a point where I put in a LOT of effort into redirecting the economy by studying how MMO and other online game economies work. People always had more money than they knew what to do with - that was part of the reason behind using perms as the unbox items. It was to create luxury commodities that were worth tens of millions of dollars at a time when the servers most expensive item was a shipment of guns for like 50k. I actively fought against power creep and the economy inflation by basically monitoring the global wealth. I did weekly checks on the total wallet sizes to keep track of the rate of inflation. I was able to bring down the 8% weekly inflation down to 2% by re-balancing a lot of income sources. I bet hardly any of you remember when printers didn't passively upgrade, or when bitcoin miners got a hard nerf and there were a bunch of threads complaining about the slowed rate. Here's a fun story for you. Remember the Icarus Shotgun that was on the store? Part of the reason I made it because Jouaram was strapped for cash, and had put the grapple hooks on the store. The reasons you stated were the reasons I made the shotgun - people always memed about the grapples being put on the store and Jouaram capitalizing on it. I didn't want us to resort to shit like that to keep the server going. I only took a portion of the profits for the first few of the guns sold in that first week. Grapples stayed on the store anyways, and were eventually added into a RNG drop in the care package as well. I did all these things because I hoped that it would set some sort of example, prove to him that these were GOOD things to do, both for him and his consumers. That people LIKED this kind of content. It never happened though. Jouaram has his modus operandi, and it doesn't really matter what you, me, or anyone on the forums say. There's an endless supply of young children willing to spend literally hundreds of hours of their life trying to maintain his server for him by staffing, and whales with big wallets who love expensive OP guns and will fork over $30 for something that was just yoinked off of the workshop.
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    Hi guys, I've been thinking for a while about this, should I resign or not? Ever since I've got my new laptop I've found myself playing more games, and honestly, I've been having a lot more fun than I had on RRP, staffing or not. For example, mainly, I've found RRP to be more chaotic and full of more minges, such as the "god check" bull shit people have come up with to annoy the staff, and even had my first mentee resign on my first day of being their mentor, aside from that I can name a lot of good times I've had on RRP. I've been able to make places like PD Eats, get to a lot of people and make good friends, not to mention to the rare feeling of someone grateful of your help, a lot of fun could come out of server if you know how to play. So, as much as i want to stay, I just can't force myself to, now have some good bye pics of my birbs. Don't worry, I'll still probably be on the forums, feel free to hit me up for some kind of game.
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    Rdming people as a shitty doctor doesn't sound like rp either, pal.
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    I guess you could stop being such a cunt everywhere


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