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    hey you gey
  2. Welcome back, it's been a while
  3. Ima miss you man, the fun times we had were awesome. We gotta play Coh2.
  4. Common sense. I felt like a fucking parent to everyone. Had to deal with absolute BS and nonsense. There was some good things like watching funny arguements between children, and had my fair share of staff reports on me because a staff sit didn't go their way.
  5. And no its not a scam.
  6. Company of Heroes 2 is free to keep atm, if interested here's the link. https://store.steampowered.com/app/231430/
  7. f i'm also getting MW perhaps we can play at some point
  8. Its fun with friends, fustrating when geared players kill nakeds that have no chance of killing them and just do it for fun, can be toxic depending on where you go. Its a mixed bag.
  9. Still tough to forgive you, don't know what else to say other then that I'm still disappointed in you
  10. Alpha

    The Store

    wow police commissioner snarlax o7
  11. Back when the economy wasn't totally fucked and the only perma weapon that existed was the windchester, I miss those days...
  12. Rip man I hope you return to staffing one day! Good luck!
  13. Alpha

    Fuck Dave

    >When you insult the dude that literally saves you
  14. Rip and welcome back, hopefully things work out in life.
  15. Ye cus he got permabanned, but back in the day he was prolly the biggest minge on Ret.
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