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    welcome back mr shield commander
  2. Rip man, hope you come back
  3. Even if so the way you left was probably one of the worst ways someone can leave. You're no longer trusted or liked, if you're going to stay you have a long road ahead of you. I used to like you and its sad you turned out this way.
  4. Wait A1pha and Tha Boy got pbanned?
  5. Unfortunately you already ruined your reputation and nobody trusts you anymore. Its best you leave for good, you aren't really accepted here anymore and I genually don't know if you're trying to say the truth or you're lying.
  6. seeing a staff member make masturbation stops etc... who remembers this bitch @Quint
  7. rip, cya man hopefully you come back.
  8. I wonder why people these days protect the guilty.
  9. can't destroy the economy when it's already been long destroyed.
  10. I WILL HIT YOU UP! Ill miss you dad ;-;
  11. POssibly the face punch logo cus you love Rust Uh possibly a Rust facemask Uhhhhhhhhhhh air pods uhhhhhhhh ya
  12. does he have a ret account, I'm curious
  13. Whos Dog again Also either Blazen or Dallas.
  14. At odds with Blazen and Dallas, Chocobo summed it up.
  15. +1 A real OG back in the day, was a really good staff member and was pretty chill. we the only og alphas
  16. I am having regrets now thinking you were a cool guy... Seriously I thought after your first staff application you changed but did all of this.
  17. I didn't check my height in months, I need to check it. fuck ill always be taller then u in spirit
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