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  1. USANumberOne

    PopeTart's Moderator Application

    That -1 is for popetart right cause it’s his app (just clarifying cause it might look confusing cause you quoted phantom.)
  2. USANumberOne

    Phantom Celestial's Moderator Application 01/18.19

    To be honest it’s a good app he just needed to correct the propspam which could be learned very easily. But I see what you’re saying.
  3. USANumberOne

    PopeTart's Moderator Application

    -1 -involved in using the invisible model recently -don’t think is fit for staff yet
  4. USANumberOne

    Phantom Celestial's Moderator Application 01/18.19

    +1 -Good app -Pretty active -Has the drive to be a good staff member -Needs more forums presence Good Luck!
  5. Don’t think so, pretty sure it’s the prison wardens job to maintain order in the cells.
  6. USANumberOne

    Change My Master-Kit!

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:80593793 Are you sure you want your Master-kit switched out for a trade-able permanent item version?: YES