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  1. ur shit got moved to dumpster lolololo
  2. I once shot a guy with an arrow
  3. Proper

    whats up

    Congrats ?
  4. thanks boo, hope the janitrs stop cucking u
  5. ha a ah ah ah ah a ha ha ha hah ah ah a a h ah ah ah h ah
  6. hi it me again not here to play or become apart of the community again first and foremost bc fuck that SHIT just wanted to come chill every once in a while, it's been a hot second and i think i was 2 dependent on this place b4 so here I am, in all my disappointment ummmm what else do i put. if i deleted you off steam it's not personal we're still homies probably i just wanted to get rid of ppl i don't talk to or who plays gmod still. i tried to get back into it but man does that game fucking suck. anyway hit me up if u wanna speak or flame me idk. on another note im in a good spot rn, graduating the tuesday after this one (so in a week and 2 days hype) im also generally happier and not so stressed/down all the time. yeeyee thanks uhhhh gonna take this moment to call @Informer ♥ a bitch and um here ya go
  7. I was pretty shocked when I saw it Not bc it’s fucked up, just cuz it has over a million views like wow
  8. Oh my god this is precious Its the LUL emote (posted by Luna) but the mouth is edited to be stretched out, so now it’s OMEGALUL
  9. Ret testing perms before tossing them into the server
  10. this fps physically pains me and i am praying for you
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