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  1. You say you play on a garbage pc? your cool with me.
  2. Your STEAM ID:STEAM_0:0:195381170 Your Steam Name:Helghast Leader What purchases have you made related to what you're missing? e.g "Supporter", "Medic Kit" etc: Med-Kit Proof of purchases (Can be a screenshot from the store or your !donate page): http://pasteboard.co/7qz9WL3OV.png
  3. I'll miss you thealpha and china. good ole memories?
  4. Yeah I got arrested for trying to raid you by pd infront of a cop
  5. http://pasteboard.co/qzAVKNOMT.jpg Me taking money out of 16 custom printers while I have a hit on @Landonianxxx
  6. Does that picture bring up memories?
  7. Its some top quality shatter aka marijuana concentrate it also makes your brain look like the picture also it goes well with my 800$ dab rig called the sublimator
  8. You kept locking him in there and when he first walked in the door it was unowned until you owned the door then started locking him in there before the video I was there I saw it all happen
  9. +1 follows the rules well, is active and stays up late alot and would be a good moderator.
  10. +1 we need more mods at night and he stays up all night alot and I think he would be a good mod and he knows the rules well
  11. I agree I'm one of the guys that got rdmed he shot me and -1 on application not because rdm but its because on the voicechat he sounds like he is 7-10 years old not exaggerating
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