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  1. Good way to drive away new players
  2. And here we see the wild home of the ewoks, Also known as monkey niggas.
  3. Denied. The way you posted this is scaring me also you have no forum activity the app needs work (especially in the formatting of it). You can reapply in 7days.
  4. Fresh stock of lemon juice has arrived
  5. Uh oh @Flustered Pigeonhad a child, The pigeons are taking over
  6. You didn't put this in the right forum section and you don't meet requirements so i'm gonna deny this and move it over to denied staff applications, You can reapply in 7days.
  7. Denied. You have no forum activity at all along with this your app needs some work in its answers. You may reapply in 7days.
  8. You just got denied you must wait 7days before reapplying.
  9. Denied. I did say if you didn't use the layout listed below you would get denied, You can reapply in 7days.
  10. You can copy and paste the template then create a new topic under the staff applications section and paste it in, Then you need to fill it out but beware if you do not meet the requirements or the application is plagiarized you can be denied.
  11. Hey! If you do wish to apply for staff please use the layout that I listed below and make sure to post it in the staff applications section. Also make sure you do meet requirements before applying because if you don't you can get denied. (Side note, The person replying to you earlier was not a staff member, He did use actual questions from the layout tho.)
  12. Denied. You have no forum activity along with this your app has many wrong answers and is extremely slim, You may reapply in 7day's.
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