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  1. Heyo! Sorry for all the crazy weird inactivity everyone! IK not many of you nerds care but I was actually on vacation in Hawaii for the last 11 days and couldn't access the forums on my phone... ? Anywho I'm back now ?
  2. +/- leaning toward - - never seen you in game +/- Answers could use some work but aren't incorrect
  3. -1 - is this a serious application? - SHORT ANSWERS / Not thought out / Not concise - I have never seen you - Verbal warnings should be given before punishing
  4. -1 - can be a bit of a minge - bad grammar / short answers +/- mature when he needs to be (most of the time) + I see him on the server alot
  5. -1 - Literally Have NEVER seen you +/- Okay answers - I feel like I need to justify this some more.... Because I haven't ever seen you I can't give you rep for good character/attitude/maturity.
  6. -/+ Leaning towards - - MEGA minge (I say that with love but honesty) -/+ I see you on a lot but not exactly positively interacting with other players + Decent app
  7. -1 - Seen you in game once... maybe twice? - My experience with you has been negative (immature) - Answers could use some more depth/fixing
  8. I think the server is good with 72 Players RN IF PERCHANCE there was an upgrade + there was a larger map implementation I would not be opposed to increasing Player Slots
  9. -/+ -Supa slim app +never had problems w/ him +He is on the server ALOT GLLLLL
  10. -1 -I have not seen you on the server? -Harrasment is very toxic and I really don't think someone who contributes to that should be considered for mod -app is thourough
  11. In-Game Name: CeeZea Age: 18 years Timezone: EST Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:67224586 Steam Profile (Link): https://steamcommunity.com/id/CeeZea/ Hours on the server: 208 https://imgur.com/a/t3j8XG5 Times Active: 2-3 hours a day (almost every day) Why I want/should be a moderator: I'm on this DarkRP server alot and I really enjoy it. I feel like I would be a good addition to the staff team especially in the morning hours when problock/rda/rdm is a consistent annoyance to all players who get on before most mods are on. I take pride in my patience and positive attitude trying to keep DarkRP a fun place for all players. I would love to just in general give back to the community that has welcomed me. SITUATIONS: The server begins to lag and players are complaining about prop spam: The first thing I would do in this situation is open console and check firsthand if the lag is possibly caused by props. If I notice a particular player spawning a ton of the same props or many props in short succession, I would teleport to them and confront them on their actions. If I find that the spam is unintentional I would notify the player to be careful and proceed with staffing. If however the spam is intentional and I see that there is no intention on building anything I would ban him accordingly and remove disconnected props. I would be sure to apply a warn to his/her account to ensure that if the player was to be unbanned then a future occurrence would not be taken lightly. People begin to complain about an "illegal base": If a player complains about an illegal base I would teleport to the player, or teleport them to me if there is alot of noise, and ask them about what they assume is illegal about the base. I would then confront the owner about these accusations and check aspects in question. If parts are found to be illegal according to the MOTD then I would ask the owner to fix them. If I have trouble with a particular aspect then I would consult a higher up to ensure that I wouldn't be allowing something illegal and if no higher up is available I would not allow it in the time being due to insecurity with the rules. If a player still refuses to change the base I would kick the player and remove disconnected props. You see another staff member abusing his/her powers: If I see another staff abusing their powers, for instance no-clipping to view printers within bases or even no-clip raiding. I would first start recording right then and there, and then confront said staff member about their actions to find out if maybe there was an accident or I was mistaken about their actions. If no appropriate reasoning was given or they flat out ignore me I would submit the evidence I had accumulated to the higher ups and explain the situation. I feel like confrontation is a responsibility of myself as an mod and player who is viewed as a professional in the community to stand up against unfair actions. A player is extremely uncooperative during a sit: The first thing I would want to do is find the source of the noncooperation, maybe it's player/rp related or etc. I would try to see if I could be a mediator in the situation of hashing out arguments and negative vibes. If a player doesn't like my judgement I would try to get the second opinion of another mod or possibly an available higher up. I would love to sort out sits without punishments and saltiness so if it came down it I would have to resort to mute or gimping the player while I explain things. A player is excessively RDMing/RDAing and breaking NLR: [What is RDM/RDA and NLR? How do you determine if a player is breaking any of these?] RDM: Random Deathmatch: Randomly killing a player without cause or anything explained through RP. Checking logs/damage reports Mass RDM won't be taken lightly and I will ban for as long as I can and request an extension RDA: Random Arrest: of players without reason within MOTD. RDA Check and seeing within how much time the arrests were and confronting players about the RP being played out NLR: New Life Rule: Everything a player had learned throughout their previous life cannot be remembered or spoken about. The player may not return to the place of their death for 5 minutes and cannot associate or communicate with players who they died near/with for the next 5 minutes after their death. NLR is easily checked with /nlrcheck <name> NLR is on of the most commonly broken rule and is punishable by jail/ban depending on severity. (Additional Comments): [Anything else you want us to know about you? You can remove this part from the application if you don't want to include anything] n/a
  12. In my opinion I have always disliked the vibrant metalic textures. - They are unpleasing to the eye and honestly just fail to engauge me as an RPer. ? I'm sure if the problem is the boxes or the textures. +/- When I was new I always hated the boxed off sidewalks. But as a base builder now I honestly appreciate the ability to utilize it.
  13. -1 - From What I have experienced. Negative attitude in-game -/+ Felt like the answers were too harsh. (However still within reason) - I have only seen you like once or twice in game? + Good attitude towards staffing
  14. -1 -that grammar made reading app SUPER difficult -(not necessarily mingy but quick to upset) -Christ almighty terrible mic
  15. Oh Choco I miss you! I hope you're doing alright.
  16. Oh darnnnnn... I loaf u shalom... You'll be ungrounded in no time! We await your return
  17. +/- +Good deet. app. (Noice.. knows rools well) -Literally have never seen you in the server
  18. +/- +had good moosic. +liked games +young guy -robbed peeps -hurt Preggo grill (allegedly) Didnt know the guy but his moosic is super relatable (that shiiii angsty asf) RIP X
  19. CeeZea


    So I'm not new but it seems like people dont know how to pronounce my name still OwO so... its CeeZea and you know how Sea is pronounced See Boom you get Cee-Zee but spelled CeeZea ty thats all i had to say love all of you toodles
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