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  1. Where is that model you were going to make?
  2. Tha Boy

    Ban Weebs

    +1 Kill them all
  3. I have only a little experience with you. I know your a old player and you have been very active for the past weeks. But I would love to see you get the chance for T-mod. Good app Work more on your presentation, you are a honest and friendly guy tho. Good luck bro.
  4. Vlad I know a guy. Only 10k a hit. @VladTheImpaler
  5. Tha Boy


    +1 Real talk, Mikeyy is a cool dude. I think he would have some great ideas for the server. Also Mickeyy changed his friend group to a lot less toxic people, people say you are who you hang out with. REFORMED
  6. +1 Very active Knows the rules Was staff before Only thing I don't like is the text to speech and you mic-spamming as a chicken.
  7. In-game probably the JFK assassination I did during a giveaway. I was crying of laughter when the server was trying to find me. Also all the rp times I had with the boys.
  8. If your talking irl then it would have to be the time that.... I went to a party after prom, Fuck a bunch of 10/10s and had a shit ton of blow.
  9. +1 Cool dude I like your style bro keep being you. Knows the rules and is chill I'll like to see him as t-mod.
  10. +1 Somewhat toxic at times, but everyone is. Active asf Knows the rules Cool dude is chill.
  11. dam rip +1 Just get that activity up brother
  12. I love you tho with homo
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