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  1. I cant post or Ill get banned but I can draw it for you ( . )( . )
  2. In the bible it says you can have a big ass with small tits but it doesn't say you can have big tits and no ass
  3. How u gonna get denied then call the server shit
  4. I really liked the original pump shotgun, running and gunning was pretty cool but it was a really buggy gun
  5. You were literally a bigger minge than any member of the staff team combined and still somehow managed to get admin. Why are you surprised ?
  6. -1 Haven't been on the server to see how you act, but calling everyone ungrateful assholes on a general discussion post doesn't seem like something a staff member should do.
  7. I can't edit but changing to a +1 Like dave said, it is pretty dumb to have my opinion completely shifted based on the fact that he has resigned a few times.
  8. +\- You were a good previous staff member but you have been staff like 3 times already
  9. Yeah, but there is a way to express your opinion without being a complete asshole about it. How about pointing out what you thought was wrong with the application and elaborate rather than calling it shit.
  10. It was literally 2 weeks ago -1 You admitted to doxxing someone and acted like an ass on the complaint.
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