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  1. +1 -friendly -great app Believe you would be a great addition to staff team
  2. +1 While your app has some mistakes I do believe you have potential You are really active Your intentions I believe are indeed pure and the interactions ive had with you are good
  3. Yea kar is better it looks nd sounds cooler
  4. I have the iPhone X and XS max and had the xr I wanted the new android but I hate the OS of android. I do not believe I can make the switch lol, I saw that the huawei phone can zoom super far so I might have to check it out. The galaxy fold was something I was really interested in except for when folded it was a small screen and now I learned that it is breaking really easy. So I will probably till they make a 2nd gen version of it before I ever get into the fold. For the iPhone X I got when it came out and I liked it the battery still lasts really long and its not as slow despite what others say 'apple kills phones when new ones come out" I got the iPhone XS max because I liked the bigger screen the battery one this one actually goes quicker than my X but not by much. I got the XR because I liked the colour red but that one broke on me I dropped it a few times.
  5. +1 I dont know if we have many interactions but -you appear mature -Know rules well -been here a long time Im glad to see even though you had something come up in the past you are still coming back I hope you are doing well now and I think you would be a great fit for staff
  6. Hello, I hope you are enjoying playing on the server and if you play siege if you pm me maybe we can play sometime!
  7. Goodbye shalom I shall miss you :'( I remember when you turned us all into blobs and you were huge it was good fun
  8. Your a big poopy butthole
  9. Just a quick update letting you guys know there is no new cosmetics and april is almost over
  10. Changing to a +1 We had discussed a lot of what I felt was wrong and cleared almost all of it up - mature and friendly -really active -good app
  11. I have more if anyone would Like to see I just do not know how to put all of them in one post, These are from like a little more than a year ago I do not draw as much as I used to
  12. Thank you for rephrasing it made me understand what he was trying to say.
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