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  1. +1 -friendly -great app Believe you would be a great addition to staff team
  2. +1 While your app has some mistakes I do believe you have potential You are really active Your intentions I believe are indeed pure and the interactions ive had with you are good
  3. Yea kar is better it looks nd sounds cooler
  4. I have the iPhone X and XS max and had the xr I wanted the new android but I hate the OS of android. I do not believe I can make the switch lol, I saw that the huawei phone can zoom super far so I might have to check it out. The galaxy fold was something I was really interested in except for when folded it was a small screen and now I learned that it is breaking really easy. So I will probably till they make a 2nd gen version of it before I ever get into the fold. For the iPhone X I got when it came out and I liked it the battery still lasts really long and its not as slow despite what others say 'apple kills phones when new ones come out" I got the iPhone XS max because I liked the bigger screen the battery one this one actually goes quicker than my X but not by much. I got the XR because I liked the colour red but that one broke on me I dropped it a few times.
  5. +1 I dont know if we have many interactions but -you appear mature -Know rules well -been here a long time Im glad to see even though you had something come up in the past you are still coming back I hope you are doing well now and I think you would be a great fit for staff
  6. Hello, I hope you are enjoying playing on the server and if you play siege if you pm me maybe we can play sometime!
  7. Goodbye shalom I shall miss you :'( I remember when you turned us all into blobs and you were huge it was good fun
  8. Just a quick update letting you guys know there is no new cosmetics and april is almost over
  9. Changing to a +1 We had discussed a lot of what I felt was wrong and cleared almost all of it up - mature and friendly -really active -good app
  10. I have more if anyone would Like to see I just do not know how to put all of them in one post, These are from like a little more than a year ago I do not draw as much as I used to
  11. Thank you for rephrasing it made me understand what he was trying to say.
  12. +1 - Very friendly person - knows rules well - decent app - really good activity in-game
  13. -1 for basically what baby said.
  14. Personally I think it is a source of cheating because you are basically looking at other women/men for sexual desire.
  15. Name: Emily or madi Age: 13 Shoe Size (very important): 18 Admin Bias rate (1-10): all of them Freestyling Ability (1-10): all
  16. Sorry for your loss my guy losing someone is the hardest thing. If you need someone to talk to you can always message me on discord, my discord is bae#1000
  17. Rather be deaf because if i lost my hearing now I know this one lady she still speaks very well you wouldnt know shes deaf and she partially signs so i could get through life like that since she can read lips.
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