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  1. Gambling is pretty fun. I understand the powerball tickets those are pretty addicting
  2. I am changing my +/- to a -1 simply because you play when you apply. no interactions with you whatsoever as stated above Also you have low forum activity
  3. That actually makes more sense, now that I think about it I only really see you on around the time you wanna apply lol
  4. +/- dont have many interactions with you in game as I don’t see you on much good app
  5. ROE is just a Chinese virus Apex is pretty fun but I personally like fortnite.
  6. The way they market it, it appears that it will keep the borderlands charm with a bunch of guns. I don’t really see them falling into the loot box trend. Bl2 has a bunch of dlc but no one really cared and I’m sure they made hella money
  7. Don’t remember you too much but cya later man.?
  8. Mass rdmd after resigning.
  9. Chinchilla got banned ? 100 warns in its some sad boy hours
  10. I am not talking about the transition between Lapis to ms pitiful. I am talking about when you asked your application to be closed due to the amount of hate, you then got on had a staff member change your name and told me and another player to not call your marble as you did not want people knowing.
  11. you did not do it because you thought of a new name. You switched because you wanted others to not know you being marble. also why you told me and someone else I forgot not to tell anyone or use the name marble.
  12. I am trying to say it seems like now you are trying to make an excuse when last time you didnt have any
  13. Thats not what you said when you were speaking to me on why you would not use your mic. Either way you did not state that you were drunk when making the comments when you first made the application and now you have an excuse as to why you did it. Its not really anything to blame on it on alcohol.
  14. You did not say that the first time you applied. Personally I do not agree with the fact you try to hide your identity by changing your name and only using your mic around some. It seems as if you just dont want people to know who you are/ what you've done becuase I think you know you wouldnt get support if they did
  15. +1 Knows rules is fairly active and keeps his cool Ive only had one negative encounter with you but I am putting that past us
  16. They stated you don’t need Xbox live to play online with the windows/steam version
  17. Give to me or giveaway is fake
  18. Yea I snapped my headset cause of anger issues lmao. I miss some days at a time but we get motivation every so often to come on and do sits at least I do
  19. Colors nailed it on the head staffing is hard as I can no longer play the server I used to be able to but I still do enjoy staffing but I can’t play everyday
  20. Yea I have a cracked version addme on discord bae#1000
  21. Idk who she is, but she’s gots lots of reps maybes she’s hacking
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