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  1. Indeed, staffing is really stressful when you are the only one on because then people start yelling in admin chat looking for someone to come and if your already handling something else its very overwhelming and I think is ultimately the reason many staff resign because when they get on they are the only staff to answer the sits and, they can no longer play the server how they want to play because they have to answer all the sits.
  2. urbeh

    Best PS2 Games

    Simpson’s hit and run Tony hawk games crash bandicoot games like tag team racing and twin sanity, I loved tag team racing for the amusement park. I also played socom navy seals
  3. I pissed my pants on a school trip, I had to go back to the camp with my jacket tied around the front of my pants. I only pissed my pants because they wouldnt let me piss on the tree in the forest preserve
  4. You try to get people in trouble by calling a sit every time you die or you instigate, Like back to my encounter a few days ago. You and another player were doing everything in your power to get each other in trouble, you would follow him around and either pickpocket so he killed you or you’d kill him there was at least 5 sits for just you and this other player
  5. -1 I think you are not mature enough to be staff you once bought sarrus doors even though our base was still there and refused to sell them back to sarrus then another encounter you and a player kept doing everything in your power to get one another in trouble. your app is also not the best and forum activity like others are saying are necroposts tl;dr you aren’t a very mature player.
  6. wow absolutely disgusting +1 get outta here
  7. I am probably gonna be working on my '70s chevelle ss pull it out for spring/summer since its been stored all winter
  8. I think gambling is fun. Or player made games it would give us something to spend our money on besides Perms and waiting for there to be a mayor
  9. Get overgrowth it’s on the humble bundle for $10 max and it’s a good fighting game with bunnie rabbits
  10. +1 Good application very genuine and wants to help server active in-game
  11. How much you got in straight cash?
  12. I don't believe that staff should have a schedule due to the fact everyone's day may change very easily and for someone to be punished or be forced to be on at a certain time just wouldn't work. It would not make being a staff member appealing, the reason people apply is because they want to help the community. Not because its a job.
  13. +1 Good app really nice and helpful knows rules +helps me with prices lol
  14. +1 Really friendly guy who wants to help server Knows rules decent app
  15. I feel like the amount of RDM stems from people not caring about dying. People just RDM friends because when they die they do not lose anything since they spawn with their weapons. Then they will just grapple back and either kill their friend and laugh about it with them. Cycle repeats and then monkey see monkey do, "oh if they can RDM so can I" mentality. I am guilty of this to, Even if I get RDM'd I do not report it sometimes because I didn't lose anything. With staff not taking sits and people not reporting RDM as much as on other servers where you lose things it all just builds up. I am not saying to remove perm guns though but maybe some money or something so people actually care about dying.
  16. urbeh


    Hey since you are leaving may I have your perms? lol on a serious note, you were pretty chill and one of the people leaving that I actually know it sucks to see you go. I will actually miss you ? accept my discord friend request
  17. I love you Chicago I’ll miss you ;-;
  18. Digital Thunderstorm instead of digital storm
  19. I didnt know you all that well Ive spoken to you maybe a handful of times. I am glad you are still playing on the server, best wishes
  20. Goodbye while I don’t really remember to many encounters with you it’s sad to see someone go. I wish you well
  21. +/- Have not had enough interactions with you in-game. Decent application ok forum activity I can see you are returning
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