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  1. I’ve been in this situation multiple times and I’ve felt the same way literally multiple times. The best thing you can do is just spend a lot of time with your friends. You tend to forget about it when you are with your friends and over time forget about it even when you are alone because your mind is clouded with happy thoughts and not dark thoughts. You may never forget about it completely but the pain will be gone almost completely
  2. I’ll miss you hope the server you are opening goes well
  3. I don’t find the adverts an issue because some of the things they advert aren’t always in the tradeco so it’s nice to see what others are selling.
  4. I think it helps so the bases aren't literally impossible to raid. So I don't believe building on sidewalks should be change it shouldn't be allowed in order to balance base making
  5. urbeh

    Paul Blart

    +1 Mall cop is good movie
  6. +1 extremely nice to people in game can be very helpful to new people mature and I see him making a good staff member
  7. Static told me I should add the fact that I can understand a bit of french. I cant edit my app so he told me to comment it here. I am taking a class in school so I can understand some of what french people are saying yet I still make mistakes but he said it would have been good to put on my application and I understand some Italian as well since my family speaks it but that is less common language than french but I can get a grasp at what they are talking about as well
  8. Also I figured I explain I wasn’t active on the forums because when I made my account I never used the forums or even played on the server so it’s not me just getting back into forums it’s kinda recently my first time for a long time this past month ish playing it almost every day for 4-5 hours
  9. The prop spam thing I was basing it off of my other servers that I was staff on. I was explained my mistake and I think with the proper chance that I could show you that I can do good
  10. Basically what bagel posted is what I mean, there is a darastic change in who you are in-game and the forums and I try to have fun with my friends but you nothing to the extereme of the comments you are making in public chat
  11. Yes but you see the issue others have with you? Is the fact you act immature in-game if you truly are a mature person which I wanna believe you are at 23 years old, then why is it that you don’t act the same way in-game?
  12. +/- whilst I believe that you are active and I do enjoy basing and talking with you on the server it appears to me that you are trying to be someone you aren’t on the forums. It’s almost like 2 different people. That’s why I am putting what I am putting because it makes it seem like your application is just a facade.
  13. Ya the prop spam one I agree I messed up on. But after being explain I know what to do now as for the insulting one. I believe I’m fairly good at keeping my cool so if a player insulted me it’s not that I wouldn’t punish them but I would be fairly lenient due to the fact it’s the internet and people will say stuff no matter how nice you are. Sometimes they stop if you ask why they are doing what they are doing.
  14. I don’t really raid, especially the pd but I’ve been police before and ya it’s pretty easy to just keep going back and killing 1 person at least it ends the raid quickly I don’t know if I’ve seen a successful raid on the pd
  15. Thank you. I’ve learned my mistakes I believe that the mistakes I did make Was just an error on my part. Now that they are explained I understand and I would definitely change what I said if I could
  16. Yes and I’ve learned that now but I can’t change what I wrote.
  17. I am sorry you say that except I see you in game all the time. Maybe we don’t speak directly but to say never seen me in-game I would have to say is false
  18. Sometimes players are not the smartest and I mean that in the best of ways and you may/may not have to explain to them that what they are doing is lagging the server like putting a bunch of babies in a half dome type thing. That’s why I would say that I would talk to them first
  19. I’ll miss you I only met you once but you were pretty cool
  20. On pervious servers I was staff it’s usuallt a kick unless it happens multiple times or it actually crashes server. I was already explained where I was wrong, I apologize
  21. I indeed have read accepted applications before I made my post, what I saw was some were about the same length and same detail that is why I figured that more than answering the question was not needed. I do not mean to sound like I am arguing with you though how you feel is how you feel.
  22. I mean its a fair response with what people are saying however, When people are saying my responses are not that good I don't see how else I could've answered them without literally stretching out the responses on purpose. I feel that I answered the questions that were asked of me.
  23. 10/10 would grind to get the pass
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