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  1. Child with a gun

    PopeTart's Moderator Application

    +1 Known this nigga for awhile and he knows the rules and is mature fit for staff good friend hasn't broken almost any rules for the times i played with him
  2. Child with a gun

    class chavngnesd cvhanges changes

    add me if ur a homie
  3. why make it bigger when only 70% of the map is used
  4. and they wouldnt go in the temp inv area anyway because they werent made to
  5. im sure he wouldnt give you unlimited temps
  6. nice song ? 

    classic synth

    very nice

  7. like if you agree 

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    2. MrGeekabit


      What if you possibly agree but possibly don't.

    3. Child with a gun
    4. Noodle ~

      Noodle ~

      idk man this seems sketch