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  1. nah dude -1 thats quint type shit i'd personally say wait a couple months (if rets around by then) and work on maturity and the shit you say
  2. when he said that happened like 4 months ago and im starting to like playing again idk but these 2 shot perms are i only get on if people tell me to get on though i had my 2 month break so i might get back into it then stop playing again
  3. shut up bitch you cried in voice chat because war hero said i could come in his base dont come back
  4. i swear gay niggas invaded ret send me thigh pics or i make false pictures of you saying bad things and get you perma banned from the server
  5. wait the only reason i rdmed you last night because i was trying to be banned i wasted my time +1 hell yeah previous staff knows rules good friend
  6. the great kissing epidemic ignore the 2d tree i had to turn my graphics down to do something and forgot to turn them back up
  7. me and my friends called it ore island
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