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  1. Child with a gun

    class chavngnesd cvhanges changes

    add me if ur a homie
  2. why make it bigger when only 70% of the map is used
  3. Child with a gun

    Milk Mans Custom Job Name Req

    /job is a simpler solution
  4. and they wouldnt go in the temp inv area anyway because they werent made to
  5. im sure he wouldnt give you unlimited temps
  6. nice song ? 

    classic synth

    very nice

  7. like if you agree 

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    2. MrGeekabit


      What if you possibly agree but possibly don't.

    3. Child with a gun
    4. Noodle ~

      Noodle ~

      idk man this seems sketch 

  8. Child with a gun

    Removal Of ItemStore

    this was months ago the old temp inv was removed not the perm inv
  9. Child with a gun

    Removal Of ItemStore

    old inventory
  10. my dad said i have to go to bed see you gamers later ?

  11. this isnt like you jerry, you are supposed to have it on the store for 3 months for maximum profit
  12. i have 1 min on fortnite whers my money
  13. no add one for my homie that has 1 ?
  14. Shogun4122
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