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  1. it was pretty garbage, I found one called legends edition too which showed from the start of youtube till now and i thought it was really good and i didnt realize it was fan made until the video finished https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNmRPDx9JFQ
  2. thats gay i didnt get an @
  3. I miss all the fun shit we done. Sucks that your leaving.
  4. Damn that auto correct is really bad sucks that you are resigning
  5. +1 Chill Good answers I haven't seen you cause trouble
  6. its about time you came back
  7. i wonder which one is me.. why was taking those screenshots the hardest thing to do.
  8. i meant it as, If im not in it he has aids take him
  9. sure i just dont have a vr headset just let me borrow yours i swear ill give it back to you ?
  10. Sucks that you resigned, i enjoyed mentoring you and messing around. We had a lot of fun and you are a quick learner. Have fun doing whatever else you do.
  11. +/- I agree with this post I also disagree with this post
  12. alright i change my mind i forgot i already have roblox puss
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