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  1. Logical®

    Traps staff app

    You can address multiple things within one post, almost half of your app is you replying at this point because of that
  2. Logical®

    Traps staff app

    You say this but then do it again? You could have combined this post with this post- Are you just disregarding what he said and just acting like you acknowledge it? Also I might have a video of the whole thing and can upload it when I'm home (If I still have it) if you want more detail on it.
  3. Logical®

    Traps staff app

    I don't understand why you are spam posting old posts, usually doesn't go well for people who do that.
  4. Logical®

    Traps staff app

    -1 You revenge rdmed me like a day or two ago, you hit me with a crowbar for no reason, I killed you, 2 mins later you come back and kill me.
  5. Logical®

    Update Blog - 02/06/2019

    I would rather have it equal chance for everyone, but usually when I suggest things they don't ever happen so I just gave up at this point. I would much rather have longer battles instead of the rush meta we have currently where its 2 shots and dead with max health.
  6. Logical®

    Update Blog - 02/06/2019

    That's the only problem I have other than the fact that most people break nlr and they get a slap on the wrist when they know they shouldn't do it.
  7. Logical®

    Update Blog - 02/06/2019

    Only hard aspect of raiding is when 11 people are in a base and 7 sit outside but you can't do anything about them.
  8. Logical®

    [ARCHIVED] Server Update Blog

    I stole your egg tho so you still can ?
  9. Logical®

    [ARCHIVED] Server Update Blog

    I put down 13 at a time and have 32 in my inv rn so far it works great ?