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  1. ahaha (False btw noob) Have fun doing whatever else you are going to do
  2. In Loving memory of Despacito2 Nice Dad Joke Cancer* We lost a true Warrior today and the server will never be the same, RIP to the man Despacito2, gone but not forgotten.
  3. I mean almost everyone hated the no building on sidewalk rule (I did as well) but I think that the rules is actually amazing, building on sidewalks was just plain annoying. Listening to the community AFTER rules have been set in place like a week or two after is usually what they do because you guys do the same thing you are doing now, Complain before actually thinking about it because you want your bases to be so overpowered no one can ever raid you. Do you know how dumb it would be if I just filled an Indus base with 17 hallways? Like these rules are here for a reason, people play the game to raid and if you don’t give them a fair chance (Like there was a fair chance anyways with these 12 man parties) people just aren’t going to play. Zig Zag isn’t very vague, a line or course having abrupt alternate right and left turns. If you think your base has abrupt right or left turns and too many of them, it’s probably a zig zag! I mean yes, there are some cases where people try and build mini hallways in between to say it’s not a zig zag but they know what they are doing. You say no other server has rules like this but I have never seen a server that allows you to “fill the base” with hallways, probably because that would be cancer for raiders. I also don’t think the RFDB is an issue at all, you need to be tactical where you place your fading doors so that the RFDB doesn’t blow up your whole base. Not to mention if you do indeed do this and they are at the second door because it didn’t blow up and they try and use a second RFDB they will have no weapon out for like 3-5 seconds for you to shoot at them if you have good shooting windows. I know I’m going against like almost everyone but I honestly don’t see a problem. With them new rules that aren’t “set in place yet” I am more excited to see what they do to nerf basing rather then help it.
  4. Honestly Zeus, -1 +You are active and have a pretty good understanding of the rules but, -You have a tendency to make up a lot of shit and cause a lot of issues as stated by Yimo. I don't think you would be a great staff as I feel you only really want staff for a personal gain, not to actually help other people so much as help yourself whenever you need to deal with someone. Obviously you would have to help people in the beginning but after that I don't think it would really be about helping others. -I have known you for a while now and you often do things irrationally. (I have one example that can probably be proven, I don't have proof of much things as I have very small storage on my pc and delete a lot of my stuff) -If I'm being honest, you are a TERRIBLE friend, I can explain more in pms to higher ups but I don't really want to make this part public. I'm surprised that me being banned and coming back really opened my eyes to this, I had known it before and decided to forgive you but I opened my eyes I guess. A lot of the things I can't really prove since they happened a while ago and without proof it will be definitely hard to believe me on these thing especially with what happened, all I hope is that you hear me out and decide for yourself if I'd really be lying about a thing like this.
  5. Big +1 Never had any bad interactions with you Always nice and friendly in-game Very Active Good App
  6. But this literally has nothing to do with basing rules, it's no ones fault that your group just afks and that shouldn't mean rules should change because of that. Even then you still have the LITERAL BASE to use as defense.
  7. Okay here's my real post: Honestly I think most people want basing to be super easy but it shouldn't, I personally think that basing should be more skill then anything and that the raider shouldn't have the easiest time but should win more than they did (When I was playing). Basers already have their whole base, with the knowledge of the layout and they should have a pretty good time defending. When I played it was just defenders win 24/7 because of massive groups and everything and everyone gets angry now because they actually lose their printers sometimes? I'd rather see raiding have a better advantage than raiding because of how much players abuse that old system.
  8. Denied from being unbanned Accepted to head admin Join the server whenever you are ready to learn how to head admin.
  9. So when we gonna play Garfield Kart bruh
  10. Pickle Juice? 🥶
  11. That ahaha dood Shit idea who promoted you to owner.
  12. Wait @Flustered Pigeon please close as he was already accepted like 12 times
  13. I didn’t take it indirectly and I made that comment sarcastically as if it was, I don’t care if you are Judicator, if you have reason as to why he’s toxic, I’m going to listen.
  14. Ah yes just because I am toxic and say he isn’t fit for staff means that my opinion is invalid? I have my reasons as to why I think this and just because I may be toxic doesn’t make him any less toxic, the only reason I didn’t post my reasoning was it is a situation that I don’t really know if it needs to go public. If you want my reasoning go ahead and dm me on discord.
  15. -1 Toxic & Immature When you say things like, I would hope you wouldn’t get something wrong on your app but then you say things like, Along with the other things stated by korbin.
  16. Jump 3 a bitch on god These are not in the right order but I definitely did these first try :^()
  17. I think so, man literally calls me African 24/7
  18. Another big issue with that is people with a lot of money could easily manipulate prices for items, for example- they buy 10/11 Green Enigmas, they ask to update the price because of how ”hard to get” it is, obviously this could already happen but the system wouldn't even be perfect and could still be manipulated.
  19. It doesn't need to be a single people, for example I know a lot of prices I follow for weapons but don't know too much about trails and hats for the simple reason is they aren't as popular and no one is able to follow them for how many 1/1 trail&hats and more rare things like that occur from those items. To talk about your whole point, no, it shouldn't be enforced but people should at least get an idea and if someone wants to overpay for an item that's fine or if someone wanted to sell it fast that's fine but there's a clear line of taking advantage and just getting a good deal because they can't sell their item. I don't think it would be that hard to really make a guide and I’d love to make one but in order to do that I would have to put up my prices for items, see if people agree/disagree and find all the items on the server. If people wanted that I would be down to make one. Whoever told you this in my opinion is dumb, you can buy as vals as temps and use them that way plus the plasma cannon is rarer, more useful for fun things, and I don't even think the as Val is worth more lmao.
  20. I always wanted to use sort of the tf2 trading community system to find out prices and price them then. If you don't know what that is it’s basically if you buy an item for a price, you submit that as the price and if people agree with it, it's what it is worth. It would take a while to make up rules for everything but I think it would help a lot of people.
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