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  1. Until it is stated or a higher up comes and talks with me, I will not be enforcing that rule. Until the new 'rules' come out, you should be fine to base there
  2. +1 + Active and knows rules + Has changed a lot sense I first met you. You have seemed to become more mature in your interactions. - You can be impulsive still. This can be worked on with dedication and time.
  3. Enforcement of this shouldn't happen. You can own the doors so you should be able to base there.
  4. M8 your not late. Some of us took at least a thousand hours on the server before we did a post like this. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Welcome to the Forums!
  5. I got an old IBM KB-7953. I has a nice long keystroke with a nice distinctive clicking sound. The metal backbone allows for little to no flex. Is a small pain to clean. Uses PS/2 input so going to need a tower, and motherboard that accepts it)
  6. Prize will be 20m given to 3 players who ace the exam! Good Luck! * Is Multiplication
  7. ΣStatic


    Hes back!
  8. You mean adverting RDM
  9. Looks fine to me. As long as pedestrians can get into the sewers.
  10. -1 +Knows rules (in general) Can be made a good staff member. You will have a few things to overcome. You are egocentric and do have a bias to friends. - Errors in App You cant punish someone for disagreeing with you. Tell them to take it up on the forums! Good Luck. If you review the MOTD and correct your app, I would happily +1 you. But an error was made and it has the highest importance to me on an app.
  11. I'm sorry but I disagree. People shouldn't joke about this stuff in the first place, and it does piss me quite off a lot, but it is not our job to teach people what they can and cant say. You cant just go ban everything you disagree with no matter how screwed up it is. It is a violation of ones freedom to speak. Not to mention that half of this server would be warned for this on the daily.
  12. -1 Didn't answer the question. Defined Mass RDM but not regular RDM. Some +'s +active +active on forums +Levelheaded +Most of the app is good
  13. A wonderful summary. I hope to see more trial mods joining the team
  14. A man of culture!

  15. +1 Great past staff active Would be good mod/admin
  16. Most staff members don't need much money/don't join for money. Many of us are older players who care about the community and want to see it further developed.
  17. More than likely. China bans anything that promotes capitalism. Or free speech. Or human rights. Or Anti China.
  18. +1 +Old player who knows the rules + Fairly Active +/- Passable App. Could be better
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