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  1. What he thought he looked like What he Actually looked like ingame
  2. tig ole bitties


    Thinking the same thing lmao
  3. That’s what I’m saying I can’t fuck up schedule, I go to bed around 11-12 and don’t wake up till after noon
  4. Early Mornings/Late af Nights are tue roughest like you said, can’t really get a staff on those times.
  5. So you lied about being 9, in the App that was posted by Dave? Why would you think being younger would be cuter?
  6. +1 +Active on Server and Forums. +/- I Dont have many interactions with you, due to me being inactive. But the few I have and seen you around the community, you seem like a good guy.
  7. +1 +Active, and known around the community. +You have gotten way better over the last couple months. -It seems that you can still be a little toxic at times. I Think in due time, all the toxicity will be worn off and he will be able to be great part of the Team!
  8. I 100% agree with this statement. With all the new rules for basing coming out or ones implemented within the last couple month, the only ones actually being hurt are the ones that don’t like joining huge parties. It’s like your forced to join the largest party in the server or your going to get fucked over. I’ve tried basing by myself or with just a few ppl(1-2ppl) when the server is full and it’s nearly impossible to defend it by yourself against a whole party. The rules are becoming so strict, that I’m losing interest in building which was the only thing I really do when I’m not staffing. I guess I’ll wait and see what the new rules have to bring to the table!
  9. -/+ eh I think it’s fine the way it is eh I think it needs changed
  10. Your face When she tells you go put it in, but your already balls deep.
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