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  1. DaveThe2nd

    [ARCHIVED] Server Update Blog

    I am sure if he caught Jouaram in-game he would have no issue spawning a temporary perm for him to try out, especially if he expressed interest in buying it. Not sure why you think "testing it" would replace owning it.
  2. DaveThe2nd

    [ARCHIVED] Server Update Blog

    As to add on to what Judicator said, whenever you stare at fountain or the front of PD it randomly halves my FPS. Not sure if that helps but I wanted to add on to it.
  3. DaveThe2nd

    [ARCHIVED] Server Update Blog

    Is it possible for me to get access to this since I lost my 1800 hours
  4. DaveThe2nd

    RTD, Too Much RNG? [SERIOUS]

    Not neccesarily a bad idea, but I can see that affecting people that are possibly raiding/defending
  5. DaveThe2nd

    RTD, Too Much RNG? [SERIOUS]

    The issue with this is 80 percent of the tokens are only obtainable with grapple hook or climb swep plus supporters get double tokens
  6. DaveThe2nd

    RTD, Too Much RNG? [SERIOUS]

    I would agree with a price point like that
  7. DaveThe2nd

    RTD, Too Much RNG? [SERIOUS]

    If they are priced super low then no one will have anything to work towards. The economy shouldn't revolve around RTD.
  8. DaveThe2nd

    RTD, Too Much RNG? [SERIOUS]

    There is a shortage on most of these items though, if no one is selling a grapple then people would use the vendor. The point is that it is nearly impossible to roll decent items for many people. Adding a option to purchase them will not hurt anything.
  9. DaveThe2nd

    RTD, Too Much RNG? [SERIOUS]

    It would balance the market though and people would have to compete with eachother to sell them. Players would have an actual reference point to avoid being scammed
  10. DaveThe2nd

    RTD, Too Much RNG? [SERIOUS]

    I mean, a grapple for for 400 mill on the vendor would be sold for about 250-300 mill market. That isn't an awful deal
  11. DaveThe2nd

    RTD, Too Much RNG? [SERIOUS]

    How would the prices rise if the vendor caps the price at say 500 mill? Then anyone trying to sell it at 500 or above is screwed. I think it is a great idea to add them to a vendor, it moves the server towards play to win rather than pay to win.
  12. DaveThe2nd

    [ARCHIVED] Server Update Blog

    So are we not getting the alternate ways of obtaining gunparts?
  13. DaveThe2nd

    [ARCHIVED] Server Update Blog

    >Nerfs the current decent gun to unusable so we buy the new guns
  14. DaveThe2nd

    [ARCHIVED] Server Update Blog

    What if I have supporter twice?
  15. DaveThe2nd

    [ARCHIVED] Server Update Blog

    How would a place to spend money break eco exactly?