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  1. Nice shitpost, you haven't connected to the server in weeks maybe months
  2. DaveThe2nd


    We aren't your butlers, a little prop block won't ruin your whole day.
  3. Denied You literally just posted a ban appeal and lied out your ass, you may reapply in a month.
  4. I am shocked no one found the 100% off coupon code we hid in the motd
  5. 2551, but I have the most hours on the server not counting Jouaram
  6. What constitutes a zig zag is not 3 turns, it is 3 parallel hallways so if someone is enforcing it wrong we would need to talk to them. All we can do is correct the way staff are handling basing sits, and the way to do that is to make a complaint on them if you feel they are incorrect.
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