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  1. Nice shitpost, you haven't connected to the server in weeks maybe months
  2. DaveThe2nd


    We aren't your butlers, a little prop block won't ruin your whole day.
  3. Denied You literally just posted a ban appeal and lied out your ass, you may reapply in a month.
  4. I am shocked no one found the 100% off coupon code we hid in the motd
  5. 2551, but I have the most hours on the server not counting Jouaram
  6. What constitutes a zig zag is not 3 turns, it is 3 parallel hallways so if someone is enforcing it wrong we would need to talk to them. All we can do is correct the way staff are handling basing sits, and the way to do that is to make a complaint on them if you feel they are incorrect.
  7. None of the rules in the original post are worded in a comprehensible matter. Sorry, but your wording of these said rules isn't understandable at all nor do they have any context.
  8. The only rule that has ever been enforced that is not stated to my knowledge is me telling Bees he cannot access the stimpack vendor from within his base, which would cause an unfair advantage. And any rules within the rough draft that are being worked on do not make basing any less OP, it is to combat new issues we are dealing with.
  9. Any rules that we have said to enforce are already stated in one way or another in the current MOTD
  10. All I made you change was access to the stimpack vendor from your base
  11. The biggest issue with this is some people believe +1's/-1's are a vote of some sort, but their are some apps and ban appeals that we will see upwards of 80% of responses just so generic we get nothing from them. For example, an app could have 9 +1's that just are not good, a neutral that is eh, and a -1 that is a solid response, it would not be unusual for us to deny that person based on the feedback of that single -1. All these are for us are feedback, if it is good we use it, but by no means is it a vote. Anyways that is my tangent, write better responses people.
  12. Thank you for this post that did not help the situation whatsoever.
  13. My favorite thing about the server is how after a fulfilling day of staffing I can log off and go strangle birds in the park
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