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  1. stoxin

    [ARCHIVED] Server Update Blog

    add take the L dance plox
  2. stoxin

    Removal Of ItemStore

    the night time is so cool, wish it'd be longer
  3. stoxin

    Custom Job PD Raiding Fix!

    Your Jobs Name (EXACT, INCLUDING ANY PUNCTUATION): The Dark Lady Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:59470750 (This is sugars custom class idk if you need the owners ID)
  4. stoxin

    RTD, Too Much RNG? [SERIOUS]

    40% increase for better wepons for donators and garbage for users lol
  5. stoxin

    RTD, Too Much RNG? [SERIOUS]

    how about we remove the roll and add challenges to obtain these weapons obviously varying in rarity.
  6. stoxin

    Halloween 2017

    atleast theres new weapons
  7. stoxin

    Halloween 2017

    i hope theres a twist and a bit different from last years
  8. stoxin

    Just a heads up

    yeah these have been a thing since like 2015, super annoying. id just not click on any links on steam tbh unless youre absolutely positive its fine.
  9. Woe

    you promised me good succ


    where is my good succ


  10. stoxin

    Latest Promotions

    fuck that mandus is gay