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  1. this post doesn't argue why it should be lowered, so why should i change my opinion on the matter? 5 minutes is a perfect amount of time because it's long enough for people to do whatever they want in a base and get out without feeling too long.
  2. I think adding an actual bow would be kinda cool but 999 damage is kind of yikes. What we should add is the minecraft bow. Left click is charge, release fires a normal arrow. Right click is an enchanted arrow (slowness or levitation could be cool, disorients opponents.) that has a cooldown of like 3 minutes
  3. you’re a senior, hes not gonna realize ur joking because you’re not
  4. i fucking despise reading your posts
  5. Shalom


    im retared man stop bullying retared people its not nice
  6. haha im funny!!! i post shitpost videos on the forums about funny things like cock and balls!!!!! im the pinnacle of comedy guys!!!!!!!!! now everyone will love me and stop thinking im an imbecile for offering to buy my way to mod rank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. whats wrong with being gay? its pride month, get woke
  8. 1) haven't changed routers, ISPs, or modems 2) I haven't actually tried to connect to any gmod servers. I'll test it soon. i have zero antivirus or antimalware installed as far as i'm aware. I have IObit uninstaller, which is the only thing close to anything you've said, and I think mcafee came with my computer, but is uninstalled as fuck. But I had both of them when I started playing ret as well. (This issue started after I completely wiped my computer, so idk if that has something to do with it. I'm pretty good at remembering to uninstall bloatware after startup, so shouldn't be a huge issue.)
  9. hello friends, shalom here for whoever cares about why i've been gone since resigning, its been a couple reasons 1) i cant connect to the server basically the server is telling me to go fuck myself, i cannot load in even after waiting two and a half hours and having the content pack downloaded. stuck on the same screen about downloading lua files. If anyone has had this issue and knows how to fix it, let me know 2) ive been busy doing other things "hmmm, shalom" you may wonder, "that doesnt mean you can't use forums or discord, right?" you would be accurate in that assumption. I've just been playing different games with irl friends, streaming on twitch, editing videos, and hanging out with friends more (im doing a musical theatre camp with some friends and its been really fun, but pretty difficult so far. i might do a dance from it on tiktok or youtube or something if you guys are interested) idk man its just been nice to do something other than play garrys mod for like 2 or 3 hours a day and have to deal with people getting angry at me for doing my job and having to deal with people who call sits for actually no fucking reason and people who ask me to resize them and people who ask to noclip and physgun and heal and add armor to and base and keep up relations with people and work on shit that i dont want to do and get bullied for being grounded and get bullied for being a squeaker this server's community fucking sucks sometimes but its nice to chill with the homies EDIT: forgot to put this but im going to be resuming my freelancer work after the musical theatre camp!!!!!!!!! its gonna be epic, haven't finished the new hammer yet but hopefully soon)
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