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  1. Shalom

    Phantom Celestial's Moderator Application 01/18.19

    Propspam’s a perma ban
  2. Shalom

    class chavngnesd cvhanges changes

    add me
  3. just dont do anything to get banned next time, instead of bringing it up on every thread.
  4. i deeply wish that one day we can get the shalom trail believe in us
  5. The concern is: Who’s gonna make it? We don’t really have a dedicated dev right now.
  6. what if i started typing like this lol
    its the same color as my old icon
    or should I use
    this color from my new icon?
    or maybe I should just stick with
    the basic color
    maybe i don't even 
    bold it at all
    maybe I don't even
    italicize it
    what do you guys think?

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    2. ghoul


      y o u w i l l  b e c o m e  a  f a g g o t.

    3. Shalom


      @ghoul i already am one wtf

    4. Kodey 🐧
  7. Shalom

    Removal Of ItemStore

    Sorry, forgot the tags. @Janitor @Senior Administrator @Super Administrator @Owner
  8. Shalom

    Removal Of ItemStore

    Can we lock this post? People can just PM Jouaram if they have stuff they need to sort out, and I don’t want to see this post keep getting revived because of people not reading it.
  9. can we get a way to see people that are wanted, similar to the hitman thing but in a shorter radius? (50 units away or so)
  10. Shalom

    Custom Job Pickpocket Fix!

    already put this in here btw name is Smile now
  11. Shalom

    Custom Job Pickpocket Fix!

    gonna add my two other ccs im added to just in case Your Jobs Name (EXACT, INCLUDING ANY PUNCTUATION): Tater Farmer  Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:168430946 Your Jobs Name (EXACT, INCLUDING ANY PUNCTUATION): Coolspike  Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:168430946
  12. Shalom

    Custom Job Pickpocket Fix!

    Your Jobs Name (EXACT, INCLUDING ANY PUNCTUATION): Smile Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:168430946 btw you made it say: and please fix and make it pickpocketing smile
  13. i think its the mayor thing, but im not positive
  14. Shalom

    Custom Job PD Raiding Fix!

    realized mine didnt work Your Jobs Name: Despacito (pending to be changed to Smile) Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:168430946
  15. does this mean cc’s cant sell it or use it